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Found 16 results

  1. Ok, so, just like with the numbers only one, our goal is to reach 100,000 or beyond by means of counting by vehicles. Standard Forum Rules Apply. Game Rules: 1. Each player shall add to our count by using a vehicle that has a clearly visible number on it. The visible number on said vehicle must add 1 to the prior entry or be used in combination via 2 or 3 vehicles added or subtracted to achieve the required sum.* 1*. The need to add or subtract should in theory diminish as the count rises and vehicles (ex: trains) have double or triple digit or higher numbers on them. Letters such as N for an aircraft registration such as N915NN a B737-800 in TWA heritage livery with American Airlines are considered for counting purposes to not exist. Only the 915 in this example is considered in the count. 2. Each player may choose what ever vehicle they like. Plane, train, boat, car, motorcycle so long as it meets the above. 3. Players may make multiple posts in a row if so desired if a minimum of 10 minutes has passed between additions.* 3*. If by chance the count is nearing a value that has a special meaning such as an example 1111 or a consecutive sequence, if your next entry is with in a value of 2, you may double tap your entry to achieve it if the following is met: the entry prior to the entry that would require the double tap is a value of 3 off the target value and a period of 8 hours or longer has elapsed since the aforementioned entry value of 3 off said target was posted. Each vehicular addition in said double tap exception must meet the other outlined rules. Any values of 4 or greater or time intervals of 7 hours 59 minutes or less do not merit or permit the double tap exception. 4. Each post should increase the count by 1. This can be done by using multiple vehicles and a combination of adding or subtracting each vehicles representative numbers. This should be limited to a maximum of 3 vehicles per post. It can be difficult to locate a vehicle with a number suitable as a single unit hence additive or subtractive methods my be employedif needed. 5. If you see a chance for a nerdy or perhaps pop reference such in your turns number you are encouraged to try to work said reference into your post. I hope we can reach 100,000 or more! Lets get started! 093708202023 094308202023 adding a further exceptions clarification in 3* added further clarification to rules per an oversight on my part as indicated by @TwoCalories in their post and related question. 112508202023 230809302023 - time interval rule 3 adjusted
  2. Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 713 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.2 Description This sleek streamlined supercar is ready for you to take your next Kerbal for a spin. All Stock (with dlc) Main throttle - Accelerate/Decelerate Fan Engine Use I,K keys up/down to adjust (raise lower) springs Q,E turns Steering Wheel A stock aircraft called Ocelot X7. Built with 713 of the finest parts, its root part is structuralPanel2. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.2. Download here https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Ocelot-X7 also requires flags for the windows Place in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags Save flag and name canopy.png Or Flag Downloads: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcr3ttwgrul5jun/canopy.png?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=sharing
  3. KerbWes


    Anybody tries the grip pads in BG (Breaking Ground) as car bodies? Basically indestructible and cool looking too! I made a car w/ it and rammed it full speed into the VAB, only the front lights broke! And, with BG, you can make convertibles! YAY
  4. Real Cars for KSP! Hey there! FASTCORP is back once again with a brand new mod: the Autogarage! The Autogarage is a compilation of real-life vehicles converted for use in KSP! I don't know if you got the memo, fast_de_la_speed, but it's Kerbal Space Program, not Kerbal Auto Program! Yes, of course. I knew that. However, I felt that it would be excellent if I could have a way to pick up landed Kerbals too close to pick up by plane and too far to walk. Also, it's for speedily tackling those long off- (or on-) Kerbin rover trips in style. So tell me more about this mod. Certainly! First off, none of the vehicles in the first release are originally created. They are converted from to KSP, from GTA format (or others), and used with proper permission. Take a look at the albums to check out the vehicles. Forums wont embed for some stupid reason so just click the links to be taken to the page Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 Most of these vehicles have alternate textures, using FSTextureSwitch from Firespitter. Almost all of the vehicles have an internal model, and most of them have a functional steering wheel, speedometer, fuel meter, and a car key, using RasterPropMonitor. The key is used to turn on the "engine", which works just like the Rovers'N'Roadsters mod. The Jeep Wrangler does not have any internal props at the moment. Most vehicles have toggleable headlights and work great at night. If you have TextureReplacer installed, vehicle side mirrors will have world reflections! What's New: All tires have been moved to the new "ground" category. Mach 5 model looks smoother. Vehicles added: Porsche 944 Turbo, VW Bus, Tesla, KITT, a Crown Victoria, F-1 1949, Corvette '59, BMW GTR, the Ecto 1, and a large Peterbilt truck. Last major update, bug fixes and compatibility updates from now on. Totalling exactly 200mb, this is the largest mod i have created. Nov 23rd update: changed the configs to allow tires to be unlocked at the start Prerequisites (1.1 ONLY!) Download Download RasterPropMonitor for functioning steering wheels, car keys, and dashboards, Firespitter for colour changing, and Texture Replacer for reflective mirrors. Spacedock MEGA MEGA - Singular downloads Anything else? Yes! Please remember to press the 'S' key right after selecting a tire in the SPH, or the tire will be rotated incorrectly and not work. Also, because KSP is not made for vessels such as cars, the tires will have wonky physics in certain situations! Lastly, think being able to drive a Corvette on the Mun is ridiculous? Simply go into the "body.cfg" of the vehicle and remove the '//' from each line in INPUT_RESOURCE: Remove these vv //INPUT_RESOURCE //{ // name = IntakeAir // rate = 0.0005 //} License This mod is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND.
  5. Hello, I have been making cars for sometime now, but they never seem to look perfect or sometimes good. Even my best replica (an AC Cobra) pales in comparison to some cars that others have made. I wanted to ask everyone (who are all probably better than me by a long shot) for any advice and help on how to make the bodywork look better. Most of cars look somewhat boxy. Also, how do you add such fine details with parts like wings, such as very precise offsets and rotations of parts onto your cars. This is because when I try to make the front of the car, I always make it look more like a psychotic duck than a sports car. Thank you
  6. All of our vehicles come with amazing interior (IVA) and stabilising thrust (power it on and your vehicle will try its best to stick to the ground, even at high speed). Vehicles don't come with wheels and I suggest getting Kerbal Foundries wheels after hours of testing. All vehicles are GPLV2 licensed and they are available on my Spacedock account (https://spacedock.info/profile/greenrolf) Please follow me on twitter (https://twitter.com/kerbalauto) or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kerbalauto/) to get the latest information. Smart For Two (GPL V2) https://spacedock.info/mod/2157/Smart For Two Vehicle
  7. Just a montage of driving different vehicles in KSP
  8. Due to my condition called Asperger Syndrome, I'm very interested in technology, especially in space and transportation. I'm from Poland in my country I'm almost 33 years old and as I sad have AS, I did not have a Driver License, because cities in Europe have good mass transit, even though I'm considered going to getting one, I suspect that doctor might by iffy about my due my AS even though I have superb cognitive ability given my condition [snip]As I said I love tech technology I see that many cars are equipped with speed governors, I think it's a good idea if you gave your car to your child or employee. But one thing is bothering me what about overtaking if your child was going to overtake some stupid slob who driving 60 km/h on 100 km/h highway and he would not have enough power to perform manoeuvre? Or escaping some madman? So I think that speed governor should be integrated with obstacle avoidance system and have some safety override built in, the parent or vehicle owner would know that driver used it? and can ask why it was used and does it was justified?
  9. The Kurburgring Lap The objective is to build a car made mostly of wings, ailerons, struts, I-beams, and use Juno engines to propel it to a high speed. Other means of improving maneuverability and speed can be used, but not at the expense of aesthetics. Rules: -No F12 menu. -Only stock game parts. -Only the TR-2L, or RoveMax M1 can be used as a wheel (6 per craft, 4 if using the TR-2L). -The track must be followed, no short cuts. -A screenshot on every corner if possible, or every other corner. -Craft will be based purely on score for the points, but must be aesthetically pleasing (the craft may be mostly made of wings (51+%) but it has to look like a real life sports car / supercar, or have similar aesthetic or it doesn't qualify) -The car must be mostly made out of wings, structural parts, or ailerons, struts, etc. -Only the Juno engines may be used, and up to 12 may be used in the design. *All of them must be used for forward only propulsion. -Only a single 1.25m SAS wheel may be used. Rules for "anything goes": -The rule above apply, but the following is changed. -Any wheel type can be used (up to 8 wheels) -Up to 18 juno's may be used to push the craft FORWARD. -No kerbal is necessary (but there must be a seat, and room for one) -Aesthetics is less of an necessity, crazier designs will be forced into this section, so make them good. (Crazy designs will be seen, and we will have examples at some point.) Any SAS unit may be used, but only one. Rules for "Anything and Everything": -The rules above apply, but the following is changed. -Any amount of wheels -Up to 20 juno's may be used to push the craft FORWARD. -No kerbal is necessary -Aesthetics is NOT an necessity, the craziest designs shall be forced unto this section, so make them the best. Up to three SAS units may be used per craft. The track: Examples of "wing car aesthetic" The Kurburgring Laptimes: (in order from fastest (top) to slowest (bottom) submitted) Name - Car name - Lap time C7-Rejects - G-11 Tricae - 0:47 Colonel Cbplayer - Toyota AE86 - 0:49 EpicSpaceTroll139 - Selenium I II R - 0:56 LABenterprises - G-Force 2.0LM - 0:56 LABenterprises - B19 - 1:10 "ANYTHING GOES" RACERS: Name - Car name - Lap time -no submissions yet- "ANYTHING / EVERYTHING" RACERS: Name - Car name - Lap time -no submissions yet
  10. So, I've been looking around the interwebs for a while now, and I have a simple question about the status of car part mods. Not rovers, but cars. The question is simply, where the are they? Seriously, where are the car mods? I'm not sure there even are any, at least for 1.3 and 4. To put it simply, could someone change that? EDIT: okay I was wrong, there's at least 3. But still.
  11. Future Projects and Ideas This is where I will give updates on future creations I am working on and have yet to upload and work out future plans.
  12. THE HELIUM 1 A car series for those who have a need for speed. Unlike my previous cars, these cars will be built for a specific purpose. That is to go fast around a specified track by LABindustries, a user on KerbalX who I got the idea for this from. He has a similar aesthetic that I copied for his cars, and my goal is to challenge him with my own designs, and we will see who can make the fastest, most maneuverable (while good looking) car. They will be using this aesthetic, which requires us to use wings for almost 90% of the body of the car, and jet engines for propulsion. PREDATOR https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator PREDATOR II https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator-II PREDATOR III https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Helium-1---Predator-III https://imgur.com/a/3Rkmp Lap times: -Predator: 48 seconds -Predator II: 39 seconds -Predator III: 34 seconds Track:
  13. I'm making a mod that will introduce a completely new way to make wheels work. I already have the models and the basic systems working. The mod will add a new resource, torque, that engines make in exchange of fuel. Wheels use torque instead of electric charge. The thing is that it seems KSP, when the wheels are checking for torque, checks the left wheels first and therefore gives more power to them. This makes the car turn slightly to the right. The easy fix is that every player adjusts the traction limiter of the wheels perfectly, which is pretty time consuming and confusing. My idea, in which I need help with, is making it so that the wheels somehow check for the amount (persentage) of torque in the engine and adjust how much they take. This sounds pretty simple but I have ZERO background in coding and these CFG files in general. As of right now, this is how the wheel takes torque, just for clarification: RESOURCE { name = Torque rate = 1000 } And this is the resource conversion part of the engine: INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LiquidFuel Ratio = 0.035 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Torque Ratio = 200 DumpExcess = false } } RESOURCE { name = Torque amount = 20 maxAmount = 20 } Any ideas, help, or feedback are seriously appreciated
  14. I had a thread with a bunch of WW2-era themed craft (Mainly planes) but I never provided any pics for it.... But in this new thread, I'll be posting all the craft I've made that's as close to a replica or a recreation of the real life thing, or something that was inspired by it. Within each link I provided a little backstory/advertisement for my craft, as well as stats, payload, and armament I'll be posting mostly WW2-era themed craft, as I find them easier to make compared to modern-day jets. But I have a few I'll be updating this as I get each craft finished/screenshot. THREAD RULES AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AIRCRAFT: Sorry not sorry for the long post, but it'll only get longer
  15. The Official KSP Racing Season Are you ready to race? Round 1 January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period! If so then welcome to the KSP Racing Season! Myself( @Oliverm001x) and @TheEpicSquared are organising a race every 2 months with the new race tracks and rallies. There will be a leaderboard, and points will be distributed depending on the position of the drivers! How will it work? Every 2-3 months a new track will be created, with different specifications(to keep things intriguing ). The participants will have 2 months to engineer their craft and post their times on the multiple stages (more info below). Points will be awarded to the drivers depending on how fast they are during the events. A leaderboard will be constructed, and will be updated with new points after each race. General Rules and Regulations: The drivers that enter the competition will be administered under 2 main different categories, namely modded and stock. In each main category, there are more specific sub-categories: Electric only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel only (F) The drivers must take a screenshot at the moment of departure, and at the moment of arrival to demonstrate their lap/stage time. Videos are highly encouraged, but screenshots are the bare minimum required to enter. Flying is not permitted under any circumstances. However, jumping is allowed. More specific rules on this will be specified in each racing event, as there will be multiple tracks. Cheating is not permitted, and all screenshots will be scrutinised by the rigorous KSP community >:D. VesselMover is not permitted as a means of competition. Refueling and fixing is allowed, however only after completing a stage. The Points system: In racing, points are the only way to determine which driver is in the lead of the championship. So we have devised a set of point systems: 1st position: 10 points 2nd position: 9 points 3d position: 8 points 4th position:7 points 5th position: 6 points 6th position: 5 points 7th position: 4 points 8th position: 3 points 9th position: 2 points 10th position: 1 point The drivers (regardless of how many points they have) we be listed on a leaderboard, and at the end of the season one of you will be crowned as the champion! Round 1: The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) Info below in the spoiler: Dropbox link for track download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51esn08h184rtrh/AADEj35YVyqXYjqQT7YdDRf5a?dl=0 Click here for the special thread: Specialised Round 1 Thread Round 1 KCCR (The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally ) January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period!
  16. I'm going to perform an experiment, but first I need cars to test it on. So I would like the community to provide their best manned vehicles.
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