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  1. Note:This is basically like novel except it's more a tv and also it only shows the sport. the sport i'm using is Formula Endurance Cup from KP So yeah. Drive to Survive a Racing Series Content Season 1 (2091) Circuits Owlian Grand Prix Hermish Grand Prix Pecina Grand Prix Kalban Grand Prix Owlian Grand Prix Teams and Driver: Rasolt Formula Motorsport: Car 1: - Henri Ninel-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Élie Ebner-Kerman (Owlian) Car 2: - Kevin Stephenson-Kerman (NKS) - Norman A. Walter-Kerman (Hermish) Flankland Motorsport Team Car 1: - John Doe (Wovian) - Maxine Stevens (NKS) Car 2: - Aria Kerman (NKS) - Newgun Kerman (Grestin) IMVK Motorsport Car 1: - Arstoy Nezyeshi-Kerman (Belanirislav) - David Mancharter-Kerman (Hermish) Car 2: - Bell Kerman (Owlian) - Melfrid Kerman (Grestin) Cemir Racing Car 1: - Luddan Kerman (Grestin) - Nedrick Kerman (Grestin) Car 2: - Elias Wood Kerman (Owlian) - Joseph Henshire-Kerman (Hermish) Krotz Formula Motorsport Team Car 1: - Elizabeth Kornell-Kerman (Hermish) - Albertson Edminston Kerman (Owlian) Car 2: - Fayila Azbyonas-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Yuri Barsukov-Kerman (Belanirislav) Chapter: 1. Season Start Note: I SWEAR I WILL FINISH THIS ONE UNLIKE MY OLD ONE
  2. http:// Welcome, Fellow Kerbonauts, to KALAUDA AIR RACING!!!!!! This is a challenge for Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3, and it is about racing 'drone like' craft through the course at the Black Crags race track as fast as you can to see who the winner is. This challenge is based on the Alauda racing team in Australia that are currently designing a flying car to compete in races. The goal is to design craft similar to their MK 4 Airspeeder capable of going as fast as possible through the course. https://airspeeder.com/about http:// Here are the rules for the challenge! CHALLENGE RULES: No Cheats! You can't use mods or expansion packs other than SXT and Airplane Plus Craft has to be able to fly the course at Black Crags Craft requiers at least one crew member Engine maximum is 16! For engines, please use the heli props from either SXT or Airplane plus Craft needs to vaguely resemble the Airspeeder MK4 You may submit any number of entries Mods required: SXT, Airplane Plus, Kerbal Konstructs, Kerbin Side Air Races Golden Rule: DON"T OBEY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!!! How to Submit: 1: Design a craft within the rules. 2: Record a video of your craft flying through the course as proof. (And not obeying the laws of physics, of course!) 3: Submit your craft before 8/10/2019. Your Entry Should Look Like This : Name of craft: Number of props: Video of the race: (Can just be a lick to a youtube video) Pictures of the craft: Time through the course: How it Works: After you have submitted your craft, I will wait until 8/10/2019, when I compare all of the race times together and see which one is the fastest. Then there will be a 'Top Three' on this post with the winners! GOOD LUCK!!! And may the best kerbal win!
  3. Hi All So I was racing the Ker-Ball Run challenge and it occurred to me that doing it with an actual engine would be cool so, with the help of some friends, Outlaw Racing Inc is what I came up with ... Heavily based off of Azimech's PullnDrag, ORI brings rover racing to the next level and the hope is for it to become a community driven mod since we do have a racing community within the ranks of KSP players and we have all wanted something that is like ORI Let's make ORI all it can be Outlaw Racing Inc Features - 2 stackable engine blocks that have 2 modes, Normal and Supercharged ... Engines use intake air and liquid fuel to produce torque in normal operation and require either a Supercharger or NoS Exhaust Tips and NoS tanks to operate in Supercharged mode (engine toggle mode automatically set to the Gear action group) - 4 types of racing wheels ... RoveMax M1D, RoveMax TR-2LS, RoveMax M1X and the RoveMax M1XR (each have varying top speeds and purposes) - An air intake, NoS, NoS Exhaust tips (required to utilize NoS) and 2 sizes of Superchargers (toggle supercharger is automatically set to the gear action group ... NoS toggle is set to the RCS action group) There is some major balancing still to be done but ORI is now in a somewhat workable state and it is time for the community to have a crack at it More to be filled in at a later date but the general idea is to add the functionality of a competition mode for racing so as to provide for racing 2 craft against each other (I have already accomplished this in a rudimentary way but this feature needs more polishing to be widely usable) ... It is currently possible to set ups such a race, as I have done it, using Smart Parts Continued parts and the MechJeb Rover Autopilot GitHub Releases link: https://github.com/DoctorDavinci/Outlaw-Racing-Inc/releases Thanx to the test team and contributors ... @SpannerMonkey(smce) @Azimech @TheKurgan @Wrench Head @gomker @XOC2008 Outlaw Racing code and parts are released under GPLv3 ... Models and Textures are All Rights Reserved
  4. As Bill's bragging about his triathlon exploits have been getting on Jeb's nerves, so he's decide to show him a real sporting challenge. The Duna Kiathlon This will be a test of engineering, planning, piloting skill and bravado, taking the form of three timed journeys, each of which awards time based points. These timed journeys are as follows. From the surface of Kerbin to Duna orbit. Descent from orbit to Duna's surface. From your Duna landing site to the surface of Ike. All of this based on a single launch from Kerbin. Scoring This is a points based challenge, with the lower the score the better. Scoring is the total of the following. Number of days to reach Duna orbit. Number of seconds to descend to Duna surface. Number of minutes x3 to travel to the surface of Ike. The reason for the x3 on the last item is that this is likely to give the smallest number, so needs to be multiplied to have a proper influence on the score. Example: Time to reach Duna: 200 days Time to descend to Duna surface: 225 seconds Time to the surface of Ike: 70 minutes Score (200+225)+(70x3) = 635 points Classes To allow a bit of variety in how people approach the challenge, the scoring will be split into three classes. Fat Bob: No limit on vehicle mass on launch from Kerbin. Normal Norman: Vehicle to no more than 1000 tons on launch from Kerbin. Slim Charles: Vehicle must weigh less than 100 tons on launch from Kerbin. Rules This is quite a long list, but I'm trying to answer as many of the typical questions that crop up as possible. 1. The mission must be flown from a single launch from Kerbin, so no setting up fuel supplies en-route in convenient places using earlier launches. 2. The mission must be manned, with the trip from Kerbin to Duna done seated inside the vehicle and not in a command seat. However once in orbit of Duna you can fly the kerbal of your choice, "al fresco" in a command seat should you want. 3. You have to fly the whole mission, so leave Mechjeb behind for this challenge. 4. No parts or other mods that improve the performance of your vehicle compared with stock. As for aesthetic (including any stockalike parts that don't affect performance), information (e.g. KER), or convenience (KAC, timewarp etc.)... feel free to go nuts. 5. No cheating... I know that's obvious, but just in case you're thinking of it... don't. This means no Hyperedit, F12 menu shenanigans, or fakery with your timing (the Kraken witll know). However use Hyperedit all you want for testing your design. 6. All times for scoring are the whole applicable unit, so if it takes 213 days and 4 hours to travel to Duna, then the time for scoring purposed is 213. 7. ISRU is allowed, but all gear for it must be on your single launch from Kerbin. 8. Days for scoring purposes are Kerbin, not Earth days. 9. The time to Duna is the elapsed time from launch on Kerbin to when the vehicle establishes an orbit around Duna, with both AP and PE above 50km. 10. The descent to Duna surface time is from the beginning of the descent burn from orbit (the orbit established at the end of the timed trip to Duna) until the vehicle is stationary on the surface. 11. The time for travel to the surface of Ike is from when the vehicle starts it's engines at your Duna landing site, until it is stationary on the surface of Ike. 12. Provide good proof of your flight. Video of your exploits would be great, but screen grabs showing key stages of your progress will be fine. Images or video showing the start and ends of each of the three timed parts of the flight are essential. If you plan to switch between different vehicles in your stack (e.g. if you left a vehicle in Duna orbit to rendezvous with for the trip to Ike) then set the HUD to show UT, to avoid issues with mission timers being reset. 13. Have fun... well, be miserable if you want, but i might deduct (er... maybe that should be add) points I've completed the challenge myself today and will be posting my entry later this evening.
  5. OTech Track Attack Challenge (Sponsored by OTech Vehicle Company) In the pursuit of new racing technology, OTech has reached out to all the inhabitants of Kerbin. Your challenge? Design and build a racing vehicle capable of wiping out the competition. All cars that qualify will be permitted to come to the OTech Design Facility and compete for fame, glory, and 1,000,000 funds (Taxes non-withstanding) for the winning designer on the OTech Test Track. Vehicles will be tested by experienced OTech Test Drivers, so all you have to do is submit the craft. Sound easy? Good. Let's move over to the classes, and subclasses of the event. Jet Class (Subclasses: Full-size, Light, Offroad): The Jet class is one of immense speed and precision. One wrong move can be the difference between victory and a car totaled in a billion bits on the ground. In the Jet class, you must have at least 1 Juno engine, with 50 units of fuel per engine. You can have more units per engine, in case you want this thing to hit longer distances. You must have at least 4 wheels*1. Also, you have to have a minimum of 100 EC, and 1 brake light that is hooked up to the Brake action group. The light must be RED. Also linked to the Brake action group must be a boost flap system. This is to prevent the engine propelling the vehicle under braking. How effective is braking going to be if the engine's still moving the wheels at 50 m/s into a hairpin? Electric Class (Subclasses: Full-size, Light, Offroad): The Electric class is slower, but still requires precision and talent to master. The cars must be 100% electric. If it has a jet engine to provide power, it will be moved over to the Jet class. In the Electric class, you must have at least 4 wheels*1, with a minimum of 100 EC per wheel. The vehicle must have at least 2 headlights, and 1 RED brake light (Again, connected to the Brake action group). Kart Class (No Subclasses): In the Kart class, speed, maneuverability, and endurance are put to the test in cars smaller than most people. (Okay, exaggeration, I know.) The karts must be all-electric, and have at least 400 Units of EC. ONLY 4 wheels. Not 3, not 6; 4. There can be only 1 driver. Also, at least 1 part must create NEGATIVE lift (Otherwise known as Downforce). You can put a cockpit on it anc control from there, but there is a size regulation. The maximum dimensions are 3.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m (LxWxH). If vehicles exceed these dimensions, they will be placed in the Electric class. *- 3 wheeled vehicles are allowed, but only in the Light sub-class. 1- Must be ELECTRIC rover wheels. Landing gear is strictly off-limits. On to the Subclasses!!! Full-size: The sub-class with potentially the largest cars, the Full-size is meant for vehicles that exceed the size limits of the Light class. Minimum Dimensions: 7.6m x 7.6m x 7.6m (LxWxH). Electric or Jet allowed. 4 Wheels Minimum1. At least 1 driver is allowed, but you can have seats for passengers. You can use a cockpit for this sub-class. Light: The sub-class between Kart and Full-size, the Light category is meant for those possibly road-going cars that double as a racer by night. (Minivan by day, Supercar by night.) Due to it's being in between 2 classes, it has both a minimum and a maximum dimension rule. Min. 3.6m x 3.6m x 3.6m (LxWxH). Maximum: 7.5m x 7.5m x 7.5m Electric of Jet allowed. 3 Wheels Minimum1. Must have at least 1 driver, but it can have seats for passengers as well. Cockpit is allowed. 10 Wheels maximum1. Off-Road: Meant for those who really want to get muddy, the Off-Road category is meant to test speed and suspension around a grueling mix of tarmac and dirt. No size limitations above the kart class (Again, 3.5x3.5x3.5), so as long as you pass that, you're good. Electric or Jet. At least 1 driver, but you can have 1 extra seat for either a buddy or a co-pilot. 2 Headlights minimum, and 1 red brake light (Connected to Brake). YOU CAN ONLY USE THE M1 ROVER WHEEL. This is to help suspension. 6 Wheels max. Now, I'm going to be hosting this in 1.2.2, although I may go to 1.3. Try to keep your craft as stock as possible. Mods like Tweakscale are okay, but anything that adds like OP downforce or engine power is a no-go. You also might want to test your car out on the courses first just to see how your car handles. After all, I'm only gonna give it 3 laps of practice, and then it's off for the 2 lap sprint. I'll make sure to post pics of the courses later, but right now I am dog-tired and need a rest. Also, make sure to post the car to KerbalX. None of that Dropbox stuff. I'll not be around to moniter anything until Tuesday (I get back from vacation late Monday), but I promise I'll check it out as soon as I get back. Good luck as always!!! Leaderboard Kart 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Jet Full-size 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Light 1. 77l- Indycar 2017 by @Azimech. Total Time: 04:43.89. Fastest Lap: 01:28.76 2. 77l- Porsche 917K 1970 V1.1 by @Azimech. Total Time: 04:53.09. Fastest Lap: 01:34.77 3. 77l- LMP1 by @Azimech. Total Time: 05:16.28. Fastest Lap: 01:42.47 4. 77l- Lowell Can-Am 1960 by @Azimech. Total Time: 05:55.57. Fastest Lap: 01:57.48 5. 77l- Lowell Amsterdam GT by @Azimech. Total Time: 06:03.63. Fastest Lap: 01:56.83 Honorable Mentions Off-Road 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Electric Full-size 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Light 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Off-Road 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions NOTE: If enough people want, I could set up an air-race category as well. Let me know!
  6. Space Race About 2 1/2 years ago an unusual looking craft by the name of the KSS Points Pirate, touched down on Mun equipped with 8 mini rover as part of its assault on the points based challenge "Mun Landing Endeavor". Although I sent it there simply as an entry to a challenge, I thought it would be fun to set up some "racing action" shots of these (incredibly unstable) rovers. Seeing these images again today gave me an idea for a challenge that should appeal to those special kind of people, who like to make thoroughly pointless, but fun constructions. The Challenge Create as impressive a grid of racing rovers, boats, airplanes etc. and track facilities as you can, on any body other than Kerbin from a vehicle departing from Kerbin orbit, with as many launches as you'd like from the surface to it, in order to refuel or assemble it. No points are awarded for this challenge, instead I'll be ranking entries on the basis of how impressive and fun the images look. Here's some pointers on what would turn the judge's eye. Moar racers - Yes... the more rovers, boats, planes etc. the better Track layout - Obviously marking out the entire track layout isn't possibly, but place a few objects as corners markers and plant some flags to give your track some shape Lighting - Bright lights, coloured lights, how about some start lights Pit lane - Somewhere to repair those racers after their inevitable mishaps Location, location, location - my rover pics were on Mun, but how about a race through the red dust of Duna, or the morning chill on Eeloo, or on the waterfront on Laythe The Rules 1. This is a stock challenge, with a few exceptions listed below Aesthetic mods are allowed, but not those that add parts or significantly alter existing ones Planning and guidance mods such as KER and Mechjeb Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2. All parts shown in any images of your completed track and racing rovers must be delivered in a single launch, but you can refuel en--route, if all refueling uses equipment on the challenge entry vehicle 3. Post some pics - I'll need to see a few images showing how you delivered your race track to its destination. 4. No cheat modes - burn real fuel and electricity, no the F12 menu variety. 5. If in doubt, ask. I'll be submitting my own entry sometime in the near future, so this challenge has at least one
  7. So I'm a racing person. I've got an entire save file dedicated to racing. (I'm thinking about starting a DMP server just for air racing). So I've thought of something, and I've decided to enlist your help. Your challenge: Design a vehicle that has 2 wheels (Or at least looks like it has 2 wheels), looks awesome, and can complete a lap around the test course. (The test course) You will be scored on these things; Functionality (It has to actually work) Looks (You have to have that wow factor) Speed (You can use the runway to test that) Agility (How fast can it turn those sharp hairpin turns?) And finally, time it takes the vehicle to complete 3 laps. So in order for an entry to be official, it must have at least 4 pictures (top-down picture, a picture from the side (I don't care which side), a rear picture, and a picture from the front), a front headlight, a rear brake-light (Colored red for braking), and a command seat. Drone cores are allowed to allow the bike to stop and let the crew on. Rules confusing enough for ya? Good. Happy designing!
  8. The Official KSP Racing Season Are you ready to race? Round 1 January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period! If so then welcome to the KSP Racing Season! Myself( @Oliverm001x) and @TheEpicSquared are organising a race every 2 months with the new race tracks and rallies. There will be a leaderboard, and points will be distributed depending on the position of the drivers! How will it work? Every 2-3 months a new track will be created, with different specifications(to keep things intriguing ). The participants will have 2 months to engineer their craft and post their times on the multiple stages (more info below). Points will be awarded to the drivers depending on how fast they are during the events. A leaderboard will be constructed, and will be updated with new points after each race. General Rules and Regulations: The drivers that enter the competition will be administered under 2 main different categories, namely modded and stock. In each main category, there are more specific sub-categories: Electric only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel only (F) The drivers must take a screenshot at the moment of departure, and at the moment of arrival to demonstrate their lap/stage time. Videos are highly encouraged, but screenshots are the bare minimum required to enter. Flying is not permitted under any circumstances. However, jumping is allowed. More specific rules on this will be specified in each racing event, as there will be multiple tracks. Cheating is not permitted, and all screenshots will be scrutinised by the rigorous KSP community >:D. VesselMover is not permitted as a means of competition. Refueling and fixing is allowed, however only after completing a stage. The Points system: In racing, points are the only way to determine which driver is in the lead of the championship. So we have devised a set of point systems: 1st position: 10 points 2nd position: 9 points 3d position: 8 points 4th position:7 points 5th position: 6 points 6th position: 5 points 7th position: 4 points 8th position: 3 points 9th position: 2 points 10th position: 1 point The drivers (regardless of how many points they have) we be listed on a leaderboard, and at the end of the season one of you will be crowned as the champion! Round 1: The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) Info below in the spoiler: Dropbox link for track download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51esn08h184rtrh/AADEj35YVyqXYjqQT7YdDRf5a?dl=0 Click here for the special thread: Specialised Round 1 Thread Round 1 KCCR (The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally ) January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period!
  9. The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) This is part of the Official Kerbal Racing Season rover race event, organized by myself and @Oliverm001x The KCCR is an off-road cross-continental rally consisting of 8 stages. The race starts off at the Stage 1 flag (next to the KSC runway), and heads north along the continent towards the finish flag. The 8 stages offer every type of terrain, from smooth ground to rocky mountains and sheer cliffs for the racer to navigate on and around. Each stage is roughly 60km, not too short and not too long. THE DURATION OF THIS CHALLENGE IS FROM 1ST JANUARY TO 28TH FEBRUARY. AFTER THAT A NEW RALLY/RACE WILL BE HELD. Save file for the rally: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51esn08h184rtrh/AADEj35YVyqXYjqQT7YdDRf5a?dl=0 Screenshots (behold my amazing MS Paint skills! ) : Full track Stages 1-3 (Stage 1 starts at the KSC runway) Stages 3-4 Stages 4-5 Stages 5-6 Stages 6-8 Rules: Main categories are Modded and Stock, subcategories are Electric only (E), Fuel/Electric (F/E), Fuel only (F) and Hovercraft (H). Only one vehicle is allowed for the entire rally, the vehicle cannot be replaced. However, fixing the vehicle (things like repairing wheels) is allowed. Using KIS/KAS to replace parts of the vehicle is allowed, but will put you in the modded section. Chutes are allowed. Flying is not allowed. Jumping, however, is allowed. A jump is classified as a jump if the craft is in the air but is not being propelled by anything. It should follow a (rough) arc and hit the ground again. If the throttle is active while the craft is in the air (resulting in the engines, if any, producing thrust), this is considered flying. Boost flaps are allowed. These block the thrust of engines instantly, avoiding the dreaded spool-up and spool-down times of jet engines. Junos are the only jet engines this method can be used on effectively. If boost flaps are not being used, then cutting throttle (using the X key) when the craft is in the air is sufficient. Even though the jet engines will still be producing thrust due to their long spool-down time, this can be disregarded as there is really no way to get around this. The method for submitting an entry is as follows: A screenshot of the vehicle inside the SPH/VAB. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage start flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage finish flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. Screenshots while driving the stage are welcome. Videos are highly encouraged, but the screenshots listed above are the bare minimum. A suggested way of keeping track of your time for each stage: When you start the stage, make a note of the mission clock (at the top-left of the screen), for example 01 mins 00 secs. When you finish the stage, make a note of the mission clock again, for example 15 mins 57 secs. And then do the maths: the start time subtracted from the finish time. In this example, the stage was started at 01 mins 00 secs, and finished at 15 mins 57 secs. 15:57 - 01:00 = 14 mins 57 secs, and that’s your time. You will be placed on the leaderboards according to your total time from each stage. Obviously, a lower time is better. Leaderboards: Stock Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) Modded Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) This is part of the Official KSP Racing Season, so any participants will get points, contributing to their season finish position (kind of how the F1 driver championship works). It's a WIP, check out that thread for more info. Good luck! Please tell me if I missed anything, I'm sure I did.
  10. KRL (Kerbal Racing League) Welcome! Here is going to be any news on events regarding the KRL events. Any type of race is allowed, but they must not conflict with any other racing events. Make sure to look here for any info that you need for making your own event. This thread here is mainly to help people wishing to join a series what events are going on at what time, however this can also help with scheduling or anything else like that. Enjoy! January 1st - February 1st Dakar Rally Format: Staged (7 Stages)
  11. This racing series, the KSCRC, is held over 10 races (2 of them are non-points races), and 5 cars are involved. The races are based solely on time. The races are held over a certain number of laps. The time is on the TOTAL time to complete the number of laps (not the fastest lap). The race cars must have 4 wheels, and no cheats are allowed. A maximum of 12 RCS ports are allowed, but they must be the one-way ports that are powered by monopropellant (None of the OX and LF mix). DRS is allowed, and some cars like the AS-1A can have Double DRS (where the front and the rear wing slide down.), to increase speed. This can only be used on the Super-cup and All-star cars. Any setup is allowed (in fact encouraged), but Please share your design tweaks with me to let me know what is up (I'm going up against my friends and I could use the help). Make sure to follow the racing line! Any corner cutting or track extension could make you time disqualified! Make sure to state which type of car it is! That way you can get onto the leaderboard. Here's the cars: Endurance: These cars are meant for ANY type of race (Day, night, whatever), and are used for the first and last race of the season. However, they are MASSIVE and slower than a hippo. Rally: These cars, which look more like a dune buggy than a race car, have a wide wheelbase and great cornering, allowing them to take jumps and corners well. Sports car: These cars are somewhat large, but are good for most everything. The rear is prone to roll, though, and so make sure to be careful on the turns. Supercup: OHMYGODTHISISSOFAST!!!!!!!!! Basically imagine the child of an Indycar, F1, and a hummingbird. And last, but MOST CERTAINLY not least, All-Star: Oh my goodness this beauty... I made this with 2 ideas in mind: Unbelievable speed, and god-like cornering grip. With a maximum (tested) speed of 52 m/s (I was just halfway down the straight with RCS Blazing as well,) this thing has incredible speed and more. Note: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN CARS!!! Just make sure to include what class it is, and setup info. I'll have pics up soon. Pre-season Testing (AS-1A)/ 1 Lap, Day: Race 1 (Endurance) 2 Laps, Night or Day: Race 2 (Rally) 2 Laps, Day: Race 3 (Sports car) 2 Laps, Day: Race 4 (Supercup) 5 Laps, Day: Race 5 (Supercup) 4 Laps, Day: Race 6 (Sports car) 2 Laps, Day: Race 7 (Rally) 2 Laps, Day: Race 8 (Endurance) 2 Laps, Night or Day: All-Star Race (AS-1A) 1 Lap, Day: LEADERBOARD AS-1A 1. DarkOwl57 using the KSCRC AS-1A (Time: 10:21.68) 2. 3. 4. 5. Endurance 1. DarkOwl57 using the KSCRC Endurance Car (Time: 13:11.91)* 2. 3. 4. 5. Rally 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sports car 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Supercup 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *-Flat tire on Lap 2 Good luck!
  12. Racing Rover to get some overspeed tickets arround KSC. Download: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Madonna-M-216
  13. This craft is getting up to 200+ m/s but also gets destroyed, chutes could be added or thrust limits could be set if you prefer. This is mostly a craft show and for fun, I am also not sure if this is something others are ok with or not. I am setting up a poll for this reason. No autographs please! Craft File Version 1.1 The Blue Flame
  14. I had an idea for racing small planes in Kerbin. The race is not plane versus plane; however; it is a speed race; who can get the fastest speed? Rules: Must show a screenshot of the top speed. (Put these images in a spoiler tab if you can) Must use either one J-33 Wheesley jet engine or two J-20 Juno jet engines (you can use one J-20 Juno jet engine if you want) This is version 1.05+. Due to aerodynamics changes, any planes tested before this will produce different results. Don't use mods that specifically alter game mechanics or fly the game for you. Informational mods are fine (i.e. Kerbal Engineer). Don't clip tanks, engines, intakes, wings, command pods, or other objects into your craft. Altitude limit is 5,000 meters to prevent really high altitude diving; inclination on the Navball can't exceed -50 degrees down. Don't edit the files to make the engines more powerful - don't use the cheat panel either (basically no cheating). May the speediest craft win! Fastest airspeed 1. 735 m/s - SeaDart - Kanil 2. 715 m/s - Unnamed craft - Sanic 3. 697 m/s - Unnamed craft - Kanil 4. 674 m/s - XR-1 - Mudkip775 5. 643.5 m/s - Tails Mk.2 - Alphasus 6. 600.7 m/s - Pell-Mell - littlebuddy0 7. 580 m/s - The Orkney Blast - HamnavoePer 8. 573 m/s - Unnamed craft - Friethjoph 9. 380 m/s - K-G23A - MacGamer04 10. 333.8 m/s - G3032 - AeroArchonite_ 11. 274 m/s - Hexaglider 2 - AeroArchonite_ 12. - 13. - 14. - 15. - 16. - 17. - 18. - 19. - 20. - Smallest Plane 1. 5 Parts - Hexaglider 2 - AeroArchonite_ 2. 6 Parts - Unnamed craft - Kanil 3. 8 Parts - XR-1 - Mudkip775 TIE 4. 9 Parts - SeaDart - Kanil TIE 4. 9 Parts - Unnamed craft - Friethjoph 6. 12 Parts - Unnamed craft - Sanic 7. 13 Parts - Tails Mk.2 - Alphasus 8. 15 Parts - K-G23A - MacGamer04 TIE 9. 18 Parts - Pell-Mell - littlebuddy0 TIE 9. 18 Parts - The Orkney Blast - HamnavoePer 10. 21 Parts - G3032 - AeroArchonite_ 11. - 12. - 13. - 14. - 15. - 16. - 17. - 18. - 19. - 20. - And yes, this challenge is based off of the Red Bull races, though since KSP doesn't have propeller plane engines, I substituted jet engines. My plane is the G3032, click the spoiler below for more details: NOTE: This is partially out of date. My second entry is on the second page. Here's my entry to the race: The G3032. Pretty small, uses one Wheesley jet engine. Here's the official signature banner for the thread:
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