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Found 16 results

  1. I don't know if this question's already been asked. If it has, please direct me to the answer. Thank you. And if this is not the right place to ask this question, please take me to whatever is. That being said, would we be able to use our craft files from KSP - or, for that matter, craft we downloaded from KerbalX - in KSP2? Sure, none of my craft are designed to go interstellar , but I figured I can start gathering money and science points quickly by using my already-proven-successful spacecraft to explore Kerbin and then the rest of the Kerbol system immediately afterwards. I already have a solid starter plane in my hangar, for instance, so the mid-air and surface surveys should be a snap. Some planets can be easily reached by my SSTOs as well, so there's a huge money-saver right there. At the very least, I can take my first steps into space exploration (again) without having to endure the headaches and test runs associated with starting from scratch. God knows how much we all hate those. When I do go interstellar, I may end up taking some parts of the old design (e.g. relay antenna, ore survey satellite, mobile base, plane) and slap it on the new spacecraft. After all, if I already have a working end-item, then all I would really need is a way to get said end-item to the target. If nothing else, at least KerbalX would still have some use for both games after KSP2 comes out. It could also host the new interstellar bases, spacecraft, et cetera. I hope we can, or else we're all doomed to severe migraines in the first steps alone. Also, on a related note, would MechJeb be compatible with KSP2 - and would it work in the same way as it did in KSP (embedded in command module)?
  2. Last Update: 23/05/21 This thread is where I will organise and share all of my Naval Vessels, Naval Aircraft and other useful subassemblies. The Catalogue will be split into 3 main sections, Surface/Subsurface vessels, Aircraft and Subassemblies, more will likely be added but for now I will stick to these three - this should hopefully allow for an easy to navigate catalogue of all my craft (And hopefully encourage me to actually release some on a semi regular basis). The TEK Shipyards (Telnya-Karkov) is a fictional company that handles the building of everything from the smallest boats to the largest aircraft carriers and beyond. The TEK designation, e.g. TEK-66-1 denotes the Manufacturer - TEK, the Length in metres rounded to the nearest convenient number - 66, and the suffix denotes the variant which is not always present. All but the 1st generation of Naval vessels at least Breaking ground to function due to the use of electric propellers and the 3rd and 4th generation of vessels use config editing to drastically reduce part count. This is done to make sure that all of my craft can be enjoyed at a reasonable FPS and without your computer reaching the temperature of the sun. The adjoined company to TEK, Karkov Helicopter concern, often contracted to Karkov is the parent Company of TEK handling all sorts of aeronautics. Starting from helicopters, Karkov has gradually Evolved into an aerospace giant handling everything from passenger planes to carrier based SSTOs. The close partnership between TEK and karkov allows them to develop complete naval systems with organically integrated aircraft. For example, the Karkov universal Landing gear system for medium and heavy carrier aircraft allows TEK to create a one-size-fits-all tie down system allowing for the securing of aircraft whilst lacking the complexity and overengineering of a full docking system. "Efficiency, Efficiency By Design" ~ The TEK Motto Surface/Subsurface vessels 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation Aircraft Fixed Wing Rotary Wing Mods that I find essential; Any thoughts, suggestions and requests would be appreciated.
  3. Hello. I was wonder what kind of craft I should make on kerbalx. I use tons of mods so you can give me a suggestion even if it is mod. Thanks
  4. Introduction The Aergia Space Agency is a leading international aeronatuics contractor to the Kerbal Space Program. Our mission is to supply the brave Kerbonauts with reliable vehicles to explore the stars with! Our catalogue includes everything from landers, crew capsules (coming soon), launch vehicles (coming soon), space planes (coming soon) and much more (coming soon)! Vital Info All our crafts so far require ReStock+. Though this may be abandoned in favor of fully stock crafts in the future. All our craft files are hosted to the tremendously useful KerbalX website. No plans currently exist to upload these crafts to the Steam Workshop. Finished crafts are posted directly on this page, while work in progress reports can be found in the reply section. Design Philosophy I've taken a lot of inspiration from the conceptual spacecrafts of the ESA and CNES. Few of the spacecrafts i build are particularly practical, as i lay most of my focus on aesthetics, but they all tend to be able to do their job at the very least. None of these crafts are made with career or science mode in mind. Any and all practical uses of the vehicles manufactured and designed by the Aergia Space Agency Group is purely coincidental. The Shop Landers: Launchers: I'd love to see what kind of adventures you people bring these crafts on. Feel free to share them!
  5. With all the craft-sharing sites out there (especially KerbalX, which tracks the number of times craft files are downloaded), do you ever wonder how often we use our fellow kerbalnauts' creations? If we do, then what for? Tourist runs? Relays? Confidence boosters? I've used @Matt Lowne's Eeloo ring station once, but then terminated it since I started using my own station more (and the lag sucked when I was on the Eeloo ring). I also downloaded a few SSTOs to look inside them so I can get some inspiration for my own designs - and even tested their planes since I was bored (e.g. I flew @fulgur's K Prize entry to test its reliability as a docking-capable self-refueling plane - he and I were DMming about my own design issues at the time) Last night, I downloaded @Lt_Duckweed's Nuclear Grace and modified it to carry a two-man Gilly lander. Call me a dirty cheater/thief for tampering with someone else's creation, but at least I gave the original designer credit. Plus, I've been to Gilly for tourist landings/rescue missions a million times. To me, sending two people to that rock (with a higher return-on-investment, since the carrier's coming back) is nothing more than another chore for money. Now, if I made my own carrier design (the lander is all my own), then that's something I can claim as mine. What about you all? How often do you use other craft files? What for?
  6. The Rockleford E-1 is great at putting it’s payload into kerbin orbit. The first stage pushes it most of the way into orbit, and the second stage with four F3S0 solid fuel boosters finishes the orbit insertion of the payload. It's also my first craft. Below are the stats and some images. Stats: Mass - 24.47t Cost - 19,807 Funds Stages - 8 Part Count - 25 Built in KSP 1.8.0 Download: https://kerbalx.com/TheKSPKerbalGuy/Rockleford-E-1 (KerbalX) Enjoy using this craft! It's also the first in the E-Series of the Rockleford Rockets.
  7. CURRENT ACTIVITIES PERSEUS PROGRAM - METEOR PROGRAM - HORIZON PROGRAM - SUMMIT PROGRAM Company Informations Introduction Operating Facilities Qualification Process Company Profile Kerbonauts Roster The Kerbal Space Center Programs Newsfeed April 8th 2018 April 12th 2018 April 16th 2018 April 20th 2018 April 26th 2018 May 5th 2018 May 7th 2018 May 9th 2018 May 11th 2018 May 16th 2018 Additional Content Current mods and game version Products Space Division (hangar on KerbalX) COMET LAUNCHERS SERIES Jet Laboratories (hangar on KerbalX) A-1 AEROJET F-3 FALCON B-4 RAVEN D-5 WATCHMAN
  8. I'm pretty stoked that my Steerpike passenger jet has just achieved 100 downloads on KerbalX. I only started learning this game a year ago and posted the craft in May. Thanks @katateochi for creating such a great site.
  9. When I submitted craft with Explodium Breathing Engines to Kerbal X for the first time, it didn't recognize my ExV parts. These are Module Manager patches that clone stock parts and change several properties, as originally suggested by DStaal to avoid copy / pasting material owned by Squad. While this works in-game, it doesn't work well for craft sharing apparently. I tried Craft Manager to upload craft from in-game to Kerbal X, which works, but the parts get listed as Squad-owned parts and they don't seem to retain mass or cost values. Which in a logical sense they are, since they are cloned and only have some properties changed. I would just change all of the parts to stand-alone parts, like OhioBob does for his Eve Optimized Engines, but I worry about infringing Squad's copyright by just copy / pasting the majority of the part configs. Should I just do that anyway? Would Take Two have a fit? Or is there a better solution? For instance, some way to tell Module Manager to modify the parentUrl for these parts somehow so the parts look like they're from someplace other than "Squad." It's not just Kerbal X I need concern myself with now, since Steam Workshop now supports craft sharing in KSP 1.4.4.
  10. Is this the right place to ask specific questions about add on Spacecraft. For example ones downloaded from KerbalX?
  11. OTech Track Attack Challenge (Sponsored by OTech Vehicle Company) In the pursuit of new racing technology, OTech has reached out to all the inhabitants of Kerbin. Your challenge? Design and build a racing vehicle capable of wiping out the competition. All cars that qualify will be permitted to come to the OTech Design Facility and compete for fame, glory, and 1,000,000 funds (Taxes non-withstanding) for the winning designer on the OTech Test Track. Vehicles will be tested by experienced OTech Test Drivers, so all you have to do is submit the craft. Sound easy? Good. Let's move over to the classes, and subclasses of the event. Jet Class (Subclasses: Full-size, Light, Offroad): The Jet class is one of immense speed and precision. One wrong move can be the difference between victory and a car totaled in a billion bits on the ground. In the Jet class, you must have at least 1 Juno engine, with 50 units of fuel per engine. You can have more units per engine, in case you want this thing to hit longer distances. You must have at least 4 wheels*1. Also, you have to have a minimum of 100 EC, and 1 brake light that is hooked up to the Brake action group. The light must be RED. Also linked to the Brake action group must be a boost flap system. This is to prevent the engine propelling the vehicle under braking. How effective is braking going to be if the engine's still moving the wheels at 50 m/s into a hairpin? Electric Class (Subclasses: Full-size, Light, Offroad): The Electric class is slower, but still requires precision and talent to master. The cars must be 100% electric. If it has a jet engine to provide power, it will be moved over to the Jet class. In the Electric class, you must have at least 4 wheels*1, with a minimum of 100 EC per wheel. The vehicle must have at least 2 headlights, and 1 RED brake light (Again, connected to the Brake action group). Kart Class (No Subclasses): In the Kart class, speed, maneuverability, and endurance are put to the test in cars smaller than most people. (Okay, exaggeration, I know.) The karts must be all-electric, and have at least 400 Units of EC. ONLY 4 wheels. Not 3, not 6; 4. There can be only 1 driver. Also, at least 1 part must create NEGATIVE lift (Otherwise known as Downforce). You can put a cockpit on it anc control from there, but there is a size regulation. The maximum dimensions are 3.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m (LxWxH). If vehicles exceed these dimensions, they will be placed in the Electric class. *- 3 wheeled vehicles are allowed, but only in the Light sub-class. 1- Must be ELECTRIC rover wheels. Landing gear is strictly off-limits. On to the Subclasses!!! Full-size: The sub-class with potentially the largest cars, the Full-size is meant for vehicles that exceed the size limits of the Light class. Minimum Dimensions: 7.6m x 7.6m x 7.6m (LxWxH). Electric or Jet allowed. 4 Wheels Minimum1. At least 1 driver is allowed, but you can have seats for passengers. You can use a cockpit for this sub-class. Light: The sub-class between Kart and Full-size, the Light category is meant for those possibly road-going cars that double as a racer by night. (Minivan by day, Supercar by night.) Due to it's being in between 2 classes, it has both a minimum and a maximum dimension rule. Min. 3.6m x 3.6m x 3.6m (LxWxH). Maximum: 7.5m x 7.5m x 7.5m Electric of Jet allowed. 3 Wheels Minimum1. Must have at least 1 driver, but it can have seats for passengers as well. Cockpit is allowed. 10 Wheels maximum1. Off-Road: Meant for those who really want to get muddy, the Off-Road category is meant to test speed and suspension around a grueling mix of tarmac and dirt. No size limitations above the kart class (Again, 3.5x3.5x3.5), so as long as you pass that, you're good. Electric or Jet. At least 1 driver, but you can have 1 extra seat for either a buddy or a co-pilot. 2 Headlights minimum, and 1 red brake light (Connected to Brake). YOU CAN ONLY USE THE M1 ROVER WHEEL. This is to help suspension. 6 Wheels max. Now, I'm going to be hosting this in 1.2.2, although I may go to 1.3. Try to keep your craft as stock as possible. Mods like Tweakscale are okay, but anything that adds like OP downforce or engine power is a no-go. You also might want to test your car out on the courses first just to see how your car handles. After all, I'm only gonna give it 3 laps of practice, and then it's off for the 2 lap sprint. I'll make sure to post pics of the courses later, but right now I am dog-tired and need a rest. Also, make sure to post the car to KerbalX. None of that Dropbox stuff. I'll not be around to moniter anything until Tuesday (I get back from vacation late Monday), but I promise I'll check it out as soon as I get back. Good luck as always!!! Leaderboard Kart 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Jet Full-size 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Light 1. 77l- Indycar 2017 by @Azimech. Total Time: 04:43.89. Fastest Lap: 01:28.76 2. 77l- Porsche 917K 1970 V1.1 by @Azimech. Total Time: 04:53.09. Fastest Lap: 01:34.77 3. 77l- LMP1 by @Azimech. Total Time: 05:16.28. Fastest Lap: 01:42.47 4. 77l- Lowell Can-Am 1960 by @Azimech. Total Time: 05:55.57. Fastest Lap: 01:57.48 5. 77l- Lowell Amsterdam GT by @Azimech. Total Time: 06:03.63. Fastest Lap: 01:56.83 Honorable Mentions Off-Road 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Electric Full-size 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Light 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions Off-Road 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Honorable Mentions NOTE: If enough people want, I could set up an air-race category as well. Let me know!
  12. Not sure if this is the right place in Forums to pose this question (moderator - please feel free to move this!) I recently downloaded the X-51 Hyperion III from Kerbal-X. Its truly a beautiful craft and I (barely) managed to fly her into LKO under manual control. Used up quite a bit of fuel along the way mind you. And in the words of Mattingley from Apollo 13 "Sorry Guys, my burn rate was too high...I'd like to run the sim again". Seriously, though, I have oddles of questions on how best to use the X-51, especially the Eve Lander which comes pre-loaded in the cargo bay. Is there a Users Manual somewhere, or at least a set of good advice? Cheers and thank you, Jon (and Fly Safe!)
  13. OK! So I am trying to upload a craft to KerbalX, but I am having trouble. It is saying that I have to include a photo, but there is no prompt to add a picture file (steam screenshots- able to get them in files). I have 3 screenshots showing up in the upload craft prompt, but none are the correct one, out of 100+ screenshots, only 3 show up. Any help?
  14. Hello, I'm planning on downloading this craft from Kerbalx:https://kerbalx.com/callsignblaze/BAE-hawk/ and I was looking through the modlist and found ''MIAD'' I dont know what this mod is,and when i did a quick search nothing came up... any clarifications would be appreciated,along with a download link for it! cheers, Dmav522
  15. Introducing the Hammer family of VTOL Starships: Vertically launched, horizontal landing science and exploration vessels. They are able to fly to Kerbin's moons and refuel and perform science. Tested on Mun, Minmus, and Ike. Each has a puff powered Kube tug/emergency lander, a science rover that can fly ~2.5km on moons or drive on rover wheels, and a detachable ore scanner to be taken to polar orbit by a Kube tug. The two larger Hammers have a full science lab as well. They are able to rove on the surface by using the main engines for thrust. These are the first craft files I have released after playing for a few months and studying other people's ships, please let me know if you have enjoyed them or have any suggestions for improvement. Hammer Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Hammer SledgeHammer Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/SledgeHammer JackHammer Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/JackHammer Kube Tug Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Kube
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