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Found 7 results

  1. Dear KSP 2 Developers (including Creative Director @Nate Simpson), I have a feature suggestion. You should add a craft file converter to the game, so players who created vehicles in KSP 1 would be able to use them in Kerbal Space Program 2. I have previously suggested this feature as a mod for the game, but now I think it might work better if it was a standalone feature included in stock KSP 2. As for how you could implement it, I gave an idea in this post along with some UI concept art: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/214938-idea-ksp-1-craft-file-converter/#comment-4259514. A feature like this would be useful for players coming from KSP 1 who want to use vehicles that they spent a lot of time making or have a high part count in the original game and don't want to waste time trying to recreate the vehicle part for part in KSP 2. From my many hours of experience in KSP 1 (over 600!), I know how tedious it can sometimes be to create a vehicle that works and functions the way that you want it to, so having something like this in the game would be very much appreciated... Thanks, @Johnster_Space_Program
  2. I love that you're able to save multiple vehicles per workshop area. However, one thing I find very...messy and even amateurish-looking, the way that the game simply does a random screencap of the actual viewscreen at the moment of saving a craft file/workshop area. This leads to many unflattering angles and frankly extremely messy UI screengrabs that can make it nearly impossible to discern exactly what vehicle(s) are being saved. Instead, I'd like if the game could pull the craft file(s) and arrange them in some standardized fashion and create an image of the craft file in that standardized fashion, ideally I imagine from a dorsal (top-down) view of an aircraft, or a silhouette view of a rocket, not unlike how it all was in the original KSP. As it stands I can barely tell my craft files apart by appearance alone when half of the screen is taken up by the parts-picker and/or part-manager or similar, to say nothing of random unflattering angles you often get of the craft itself with this technique even when you have a relatively "clean" workshop space. As an example this is the kind of clutter I'm seeing in my craft files with every save. The way things are just looks messy and entirely unprofessional.
  3. So i downloaded this "bluedog" mod QUITE A WHILE AGO and i deleted the files and it was all fine, Now that i have a NEW COMPUTER. <<<<<<< Somehow, the files creeped onto my computer without downloading or cloud save. Can someone tell me how to delete only the modded ones? Some of them are quite tricky to figure out if its stock or not, so i want a good soluteino please! https://imgur.com/a/64qUI77 Update: i went to the wiki and there was a list of all stock crafts, so i just deleted the ones that werent on that list. but wasnt there a stock arine 5?
  4. With all the craft-sharing sites out there (especially KerbalX, which tracks the number of times craft files are downloaded), do you ever wonder how often we use our fellow kerbalnauts' creations? If we do, then what for? Tourist runs? Relays? Confidence boosters? I've used @Matt Lowne's Eeloo ring station once, but then terminated it since I started using my own station more (and the lag sucked when I was on the Eeloo ring). I also downloaded a few SSTOs to look inside them so I can get some inspiration for my own designs - and even tested their planes since I was bored (e.g. I flew @fulgur's K Prize entry to test its reliability as a docking-capable self-refueling plane - he and I were DMming about my own design issues at the time) Last night, I downloaded @Lt_Duckweed's Nuclear Grace and modified it to carry a two-man Gilly lander. Call me a dirty cheater/thief for tampering with someone else's creation, but at least I gave the original designer credit. Plus, I've been to Gilly for tourist landings/rescue missions a million times. To me, sending two people to that rock (with a higher return-on-investment, since the carrier's coming back) is nothing more than another chore for money. Now, if I made my own carrier design (the lander is all my own), then that's something I can claim as mine. What about you all? How often do you use other craft files? What for?
  5. So would downloading a craft file from kerbalX using the ps4 web browser work or would it not know what to do with it
  6. I've been uploading some of my aircraft and rocket designs to Steam, and this one in particular has 120+ downloads/subscribers. How can I tweak the design in the editor and upload it without it creating a whole new workshop file? I have tweaked at least one design in the past (adjusting aileron settings, same as I want to do to this other file) and it uploaded as the same file with a change log in the workshop, keeping the subscriptions and presumably auto-updating the workshop file for all subscribers. No idea how I did this as every time I try to do it now it just creates a new workshop file. Anyone have an insight as to how this works?
  7. Does anyone on these forums know how to upload a craft file? Answers greatly appreciated!!!
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