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    i forgot to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of me in the ksp forums, even though i am no longer really active

    im planning on playing the game again, this time full on stock, no mod (with both dlcs)


    and im still waiting for ksp 2, but it would not be any longer!


    anyways, merry christmas and happy new years who ever is reading this


  2. Hi! My Name is Miguelsgamingch, i am your normal gamer... i think I Am here to talk about myself because weirdly enough people are looking at my profile in kerbal space program Now I'm pretty sure you don't know me, especially in the KSP Community, that's because I don't really chat or comment in the forums anymore, how ever occasionally I still play KSP and sometimes chat in the forums. I Had a previous thread where I answered some questions n stuff and was really vague so let me explain KSP Is really one of the first "real game" i played (Those are filipino pesos lmao, oh did i not tell you im flipino? and also terraria lmao) I Was really addicted to ksp by learning via youtube (of course) and launching rockets, i remember watching the falcon heavy test flight. Over 500 Hours, which for you all might seems like not a lot but for me it seems like so. But i mostly played a lot during the pandemic I Played Both Roblox And KSP By 2019-2020 I Started Playing other games in steam but i still play KSP most of the time until... I Went Hardcore Gaming.. in 2021 The First Hardcore game i probably played was Counter Strike Global Offensive, my dad used to play 1.6 in his days and i wanted to try out counter strike for the first time And well im not going to take about my counter strike days, basically, i was very good at the game and grinded and played more of it, i started not playing KSP that often, i'd still watch mod reviews by kottabatos gaming on yt. I Started playing call of duty (i know i know) i didn't play multiplayer call of duty that much, mostly campaign finishing the Modern Warfare Series. Oh And also i have a content creator on youtube, not self promoting but if you do find my channel, Miguels Gaming Channel, then dont expect KSP Content in my channel. So What Happened? Well Ups and Downs, i sometimes uninstall KSP for storage space, sometimes install it again to play it again for a few hours but uninstall again and again. Overall, I don't play KSP Regularly, just Sometimes. TL;DR - I Moved On Im Still waiting for KSP 2 and still very excited about it but i dont know if my PC can handle KSP 2, i guess i might upgrade my PC If you have any Questions just comment below and ill try to answer all of them.
  3. I Haven't played ksp in a while so i went to spacedock and saw your mod it looks soo interesting.
  4. Well i have a medium gaming rig that can run KSP on 60fps But yeah, see you in KSP 2!
  5. Q: Do you plan on playing again, A: When boredom strikes, yes, currently its uninstalled on my steam library. Q: Why did you leave A: Well to be honest with you, i started playing CSGO & Roblox more than KSP, i didn't left because i didn't like the game, i have over 500 hours of the game. Q: do you know about KSP2? A: Of course i do! in my wishlist, and excited for it. Hope that answer very question you have.
  6. Hello People of KSP Forums, i know you might not know me but as you can see my name I Was active around 2019-2020 but left because i dont play ksp anymore and moved on. Its been a long time since i have gone to the ksp forum, Fun Fact: 1 month till my account is 2 years old!
  7. After 6 month of not playing KSP I Have Decided you start from the start.
  8. This mod is dead, you can countinue it by adding more flags I Haven't even played KSP For a long time I Still have interest in space but not KSP.
  9. Republic Of Kerbal Space City 2: The Milky Empire (W.I.P) The Stories Of Rolan Nikolaev And Leo Murphy. Original: Hello! My Return of playing KSP is back! Allot has changed, new versions of KSP And such but. As you all know i took a break and since finished RKSC, but im not yet done! This is how i return. I Will be using 1.10.1 as i dont want to use 1.11.2. Lore / Backstory: (This continues with the first RKSC) The Year Was 2091, The Republic Was doing well, until the communists declares war on the republic It was here they saw the strong army, the communists were too tough, there leader Rolan Nikolaev had killed there leader Flag of the communists. Red meaning for communism and white meaning for space. The creation of the milky empire was made. and a new army called The Commanders were basically the militia / police of the empire Its 2181, And your name is Leo Murphy and youre part of the rebellion, youre adventure starts there. Flag of the commanders. Other Factions: Rebellion - The rebellion against milky empire. Status: Work In Progress. (Just made this save) I Will be using mods, but for now i wont give out what mods im using.
  10. Long Explaination: Legal Stuff Short Explaination: No, Im pretty sure that would get you into legal stuff.
  11. the idea is very interesting it reminds me of this mod: it will sound funny and definitely download it
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