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  1. I'm still here? How about @Geonovast?
  2. https://spacedock.info/mod/3149/Restock Waterfall Expansion It's always been on SpaceDock. Nope, I fixed that in 3.1.0. Now you can enjoy RSMP or Avalanche at the same time as RWE! Thanks! I'm glad that my Frankenstein of a modpack works well for you No worries! I'm grateful that y'all showed me that RWE wasn't working with the SRBs so I could cut it from RWE and let @Kochi do it better
  3. This has been an amazing place; thanks guys
  4. Thank you! I'll be adding this to RWE 3.1.0! To help y'all out; I'm going to exclude the SRB content to RWE 3.1.0 but keep all of the fixes y'all made.
  5. Thanks for the bug reports guys. I've just gotten busy with other things and found that I have little interest in KSP at the moment after the fiasco that was KSP 2. If anyone is interested in adopting this mod, DM me here in the forums or in Discord. Thanks! I'll be adding this to the RWE 3.1.0!
  6. Ah jeez Poodmund; you're gonna make me go and update Restock Waterfall Expansion Props to everyone on the team!
  7. Yes, this was an awesome piece @ShadowZone! Very well done!
  8. Howdy! This'll probably be my last message for a while; I'm out for summer break! Hello @ColdJ!
  9. It bothers me. It'd be nice if while we still had CMs, that they'd spent time on the forums.
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