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  1. Then you don't want Kerbal Space Program, but Generic Flight Simulator
  2. Isnt the studio open, it just doesn't have anyone working there? so technically everyone at the studio is working on the game? Might be wrong.
  3. Well, if you look something up you tend to get results that are similar to what you looked up.
  4. Technically not until June, and it isn’t officially confirmed.
  5. 40,000,000 Atm of pressure at the core, so I really doubt that.
  6. I think they may have said that implementing a whole new part diameter would take too much time away from milestones, so they would consider this after 1.0.
  7. in the interview a month ago they stated that many devs wanted proper commnet but they needed to prioritize milestones first.
  8. is TWR set for vacuum? that might make enough difference.
  9. What do you mean? Your previous rockets had their thrust limiters set to half their values?
  10. I recently watched Nate’s interview and it really seemed like the devs are trying to bang out the roadmap stuff quickly, then they will go back and add QoL and requested features. For example, Nate mentioned commnet systems, science archive, and alarm clock all as things that the team wants to add but are prioritizing below roadmap.
  11. I kind of agree. While 2's effects look much higher quality, with more polish, the way you can see the vessel through the plasma makes it look much less intense. On the other hand, 1's effects like much more rough and janky, but they convey the intensity of re entry better. I think the transparency through the plasma really takes away from the effect.
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