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  1. There was a discussion on Discord with some overlap into the whole feedback vote/poll topic, just passing along my thoughts then: In my personal opinion, Mojang has really hurt its community through those mob votes. It sparks engagement because people are excited and the polls/posts get a ton of visibility with people campaigning for their favorite, but then when 60%+ of their audience ends up disappointed with the result it really undermines the fan<>studio relationship.
  2. oh @Nerdy_Mike Jim definitely needs snacks delivered to his place too - would really help with the creative process.
  3. I think development would go faster if Dakota had 5 monitors at this desk. That would really help with their productivity levels. Thanks for hearing out my suggestion.
  4. The forums are the best place for suggestions because, unlike Discord, threads are evergreen and not as transient as the quick casual conversations on Discord. It also means the added benefit of being able to directly link to the suggestion and its related conversation as opposed to a link to a Discord message or a screenshot.
  5. I'm adding a comment to the reddit thread and asking the moderators to pin it so it gets some amount of visibility. Appreciate ya working to keep people updated
  6. I know I'm immediately going back on my word here, but hopefully for good reason in y'all's eyes: Making the decision to take the direct action to roll everything in that thread back, unhiding all of the comments, and locking the post to avoid those discussion points spinning more out of control.
  7. Heya, just going to share that I made a comment over here addressing the moderation concerns from this thread: I've gone ahead and unhidden all of the previously-hidden comments and undone all of the snipping that was done. I'm going to lock this thread as to not spark this any further. There were rules broken in the above discussion, but there were also a lot of genuine and fair criticisms that were caught in the crossfire. If you have any concerns about this action, a moderator's action, or a community member, my DMs are open on every platform.
  8. It's definitely hard to address misunderstandings like that once they've spread, so I appreciate the apology. Thanks to you (and others) for coming to me with your concerns about the thread.
  9. (in context of the forum responses to last week's dev blog and the resulting moderation actions) I replied to @moeggz over on Discord, but I'll also just say here - I'm talking with the moderation team here. I do not think that thread was handled well, but I also think the moderator(s) were given a very difficult task considering the many concurrent topic points people were discussing. Just remember that the moderators here are all volunteers and actively spend their time day-to-day working to make this community a better place. Just to clear somethings up: 1) the moderation team (here or anywhere else) have never been "instructed" to keep things positive. I would hope that last year is proof of that. 2) The IG Community team does not take any direct moderation actions and only very rarely weighs in to moderation decisions. 3) The moderator(s) did not delete any of my comments in the thread, as some have stated they did. I think everyone involved is feeling a bit uneasy afterwards, so I'll take responsibility. I should have stepped in and handled it, moving discussion to the proper places, and addressing concerns that were brought up by you all. I did not see any of your responses as malicious or trolling - just frustrated - which is completely fair. Everyone who participates here cares about Kerbal - we know that, so we're working to address your frustrations in a very direct way right now. I know that that's not as solid of a guarantee as many of you are looking for, but we've got a lot of plans - and I'll point towards what I said last June when community frustration became a massive discussion point (much of which is still relevant): I think we made a substantial leap with For Science! and we're working to do the same with Coloines - both in-game and out. Appreciate ya all, Dakota
  10. Just going to repeat that taking branch updates as any sort of sign is a bad idea. We're already trying to set expectations correctly, don't get yourself hyped up because Gwen broke something on one of the builds and we had to throw another one up for today's playtest.
  11. we know! we're eager to share all the awesome stuff we're working on too
  12. They actually reached out to us about doing some things related to the eclipse. The nerds over there are just super excited for Monday and love to spread the news with interested communities. CommNet definitely deserves a solid answer from the team, I agree. Chris (Nertea) shared some of his thoughts last year, but it's become a major pain point for a small portion of the community. I'll see what I can do.
  13. Every communication is met with positive and negative responses. The share varies, but there's always going to be contrasting voices. Each platform has its biases, but also remember that the majority of players don't actively engage on the forums/reddit/discord/etc. We have to take that into consideration when judging sentiment response to actions as well. I told Mike earlier today that I guessed that this dev blog's sentiment would have be 40% positive, 30% mixed, and 30% negative - and I think I was right. Definitely agree with this. Would rather there be critical responses to our work than nothing at all. Y'all care about Kerbal and the future of KSP2 and it shows! --- Mike and I are working on it and we think you're going to like the changes we plan to make. But keep telling us what you want - what you want to know about, who from, in what form, etc. It really helps
  14. If you're all hyped up about eclipses, check out our latest Weekly Challenge:
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