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  1. As an addendum for #8, #11, and #20: we believe that these issues may all be interconnected. However until we can confirm that they are related, we are going to leave them as individual reports. The team is investigating and if validated as dupes, we'll merge them and the next two issues (#21 and #22) would be bumped up for the next KERB Report, assuming the order does not change.
  2. Dakota


    <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing or suggesting it to our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions! Bug Fixes Construction Fixed: Center of Thrust, Center of Mass and Center of Pressure markers appear when there's no vessel in the VAB [1] Fixed: the player is unable to change symmetry modes while holding the first part of a strut or fuel line. It is now only locked when holding the second part [1] Fixed: when Alt-copying a subassembly with wings, the copy has one of the wings flipped upside down [1] Fixed: Camera panning orientation does not update when toggling vehicle orientation modes in the VAB Fixed: engine shrouds are generated incorrectly when stack attaching a non-root engine above other parts Fixed: current anchor point and potential anchor points are not differentiated in the VAB Fixed: Fuel bar is sometimes empty when loading a vessel in the VAB Fixed: undo removes the held part Fixed: VAB, anchor points appear when they should not Fixed: Parts Manager shows the pod icon for all categories Reduced delay for disappearance of fairing and wing edit buttons when cursor has moved away from procedural part Fixed: new workspace not resetting history snapshots for the Undo tool Removed duplicate history snapshots for the Undo tool for compound parts Fixed: part of the LY-35 Landing Gear shakes uncontrollably when placed in the Vehicle Assembly Building Fixed: base size of TOOB-375 adjustable tube causes stacked tubes below to generate the wrong size fairing in the VAB Fixed: RF-AD-B 400 doesn't create a copy of the part when node attaching a part EVA Fixed: jetpack cannot be used on previously-EVA'd kerbals when EVAing a new kerbal Flight & Map Added input binding for toggling freecam in flight Added NavBall texture color changes based on velocity state Improved orbits decaying when vessels are not applying any thrust [1] Fixed: airbrakes respond to roll inputs [1] Fixed: camera orientation flips 180 degrees after switching to flight from map [1] Fixed: Normal SAS orientation maneuver burn at periapsis is inaccurate [1] Fixed: Kerbals eject with extra velocity when EVA'd from Grumble Seats while in space flight [1] Fixed: dates don't start on year 1 day 1 Fixed: activate/deactivate action button for engines gets out of sync Fixed: alternators produce power when engines are off Fixed: animated engine gimbal forces are incorrect after reverting Fixed: animated gimbals don't function when offscreen (when in map or offscreen during flight) Fixed: AP and PE markers of inactive vehicle in orbit stay on screen after switching focus to a landed vehicle within the Tracking Station Fixed: active vessel can be controlled while in the Tracking Station" Fixed: camera zooms in and out when scrolling in some flight apps Fixed: cargo bay aero shielding sometimes leaves contained parts out of collider checks Fixed: errors generated when launching a vessel with a fairing Fixed: hibernate In Time Warp doesn't work properly for probes Fixed: Mouse look does not stay active when pressing Tab in flight Fixed: probe cores stop consuming electricity after being decoupled Fixed: RCS blocks don't work in fine control mode Fixed: RCS thrusters remain on when switching away from a vessel Fixed: SAS and throttle sometimes reset when decoupling stages Fixed: SAS mode buttons don't always register clicks Fixed: Timewarp overshoots when crossing SOI boundary, causing orbit to change FX and Audio Adjusted timing of voiceover when reaching a maneuver in the burn timer Fixed: audio stopping under some circumstances Fixed: sounds based on time of day don't play correctly at KSC Fixed: vessel audio is not heard when throttling or staging the vessel while in map mode Localization Integrated: Localized strings for save gameplay menu Modding Fixed: LoadByLabel not properly respecting assets in addressables in mod asset bundles. Labelled addressables should load properly now Optimization Added LODs to some KSC buildings Added LODs to spotlight shadows at KSC Cleaned up code and UI to improve performance of some windows Improved performance when hovering over items in the parts picker UI Improved UI performance when adding or removing stages in the VAB Improved VAB framerate by optimizing part bounds calculations Massively improved speed of PAM deployment/closure Optimized code in the sonic boom system preventing unnecessary calls Optimized terrain shader by removing expensive and infrequently-used features Optimized undo and redo actions in the VAB to reduce update delays Parts and Stock Vessels Adjusted colliders for all landing gear parts so they are more accurately selectable/highlightable Fixed: LY-60 landing gear sometimes flips when extended Fixed: Rovemax M1 twitches back and forth at the suspension when off the ground in Flight. Increased fairing maximum length for AE-FF000, AE-FF125, AE-FF250, AE-FF375 and AE-FF500 parts Updated drag cube for the "HS-I Deluxe Inflatable Heat Shield" so that it properly changes when deployed and retracted Updated the side count of the RF-AD-L 800 fuel tank to better match like-sized parts Updated the side count of the RS-AD 800 fuel tank to better match like-sized parts Saving and Loading Fixed: error generated and failure to load when attempting to load a game with a crash-landed vessel Fixed: error spam while loading a game with a vessel orbiting Kerbol Tutorials Fixed: First Time User Experience confuses map view for tracking station view Fixed: the player loses keyboard and camera control when pausing and resuming a tutorial mission while in map mode in the Training Center Fixed: training center shows artifacts in the background when transitioning from VAB Fixed: tutorial "Deorbiting" does not detect a crash event correctly UI/UX Fixed: Flight UI flickers when using an AMD GPU [1] Adjusted interactable area on scrollbars Improved how loading tips are displayed to show more of them Updated fairing editor icons to improve legibility Fixed a HUD issue that occurred when scaled to 50%. Fixed: holding click and dragging some buttons can cause the wrong visual state to display Fixed: Only one celestial body name can be pinned at a time in the Tracking Station Fixed: part description does not expand when pressing Shift in the part picker Fixed: save window in the VAB can be dragged horizontally Fixed: Tracking Station Load screen remains visible when transitioning from Training Center to Tracking Station Known Issues Orbital Decay Improvements have been made to address the issue and we continue to work on eliminating it completely. Performance Degradation While we have seen improved performance in many ways as noted in the Optimization section above, some players may see issues on GPU bound setups while in orbit around Kerbin or on the surface of other planets. We are working to resolve this issue and if you see any change in your performance, please fill out a bug report through the link below. SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to: KSP Forums Bug Reports
  3. I'll poke some of the networking folk and see if we can figure this out. Thanks for the report!
  4. Little CSS error. Should be fixed, thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Hello friends! Small bit of news from the Engineering Team: We want to give you an early heads-up that KSP2's Unity Version will be changing in Release v0.1.5! We're upgrading from 2020.3.33f1 LTS to 2022.3.5f1 LTS. There are a myriad of reasons for this change on our end, but it will ultimately mean that both the team and modders will be able to take advantage of any new features in 2022.3.5f1. Looking forward to seeing what you all create! The KSP2 Team
  6. No new parts or features. Just bug fixes.
  7. The #dev-tracker is ultimately the best place to go for the latest information - as every important comm (like the delay tweet) or extra information we share - will be pinned there. I know that the embedded version of the #dev-tracker is not ideal for mobile users, and I'd hope I can find the time soon to rethink the way that each of our community hubs are connected - because I agree with you that information keeps falling through the cracks and fans shouldn't have to scour each platform for the latest information.
  8. Last week, our team identified a critical performance issue with our candidate build for Patch v0.1.4.0 for KSP2 that was planned to release today. At that time, we ultimately decided to delay the patch until we could fix said issue. We have implemented a fix and are verifying the changes. We are targeting early next week for the release of v0.1.4.0.
  9. Heya everyone! Below is the transcript to the AMA we did with Chris Adderley on 8/17 live on KSPTV. You can find the VOD here. If you catch an error with the transcript, feel free to @ me in a response! Thanks everyone, Dakota --- Can you introduce yourself and your position in the studio and maybe talk a little bit about what you work on? (skyzip4k) Were you modding before KSP? What made you want to mod (games) and how did you know a game you wanted to mod? (James M.) What is one thing that was different from your expectations and your change from modder to developer? Are there things that we're challenging as a modder that now make more sense from your perspective as a developer? (moeggz) As a fan-favorite modder turned developer, what's one particularly memorable or satisfying moment you've experienced while working on KSP2 that you'd like to share? (Heretic391) Hey Chris, big fan of your mods in ksp1 and i honestly consider them essential. What have you learned from your days as a ksp 1 modder has helped you in your role in ksp2? (6ar6oyle) from being a mod developer to a dev on ksp2 what has been your favorite moment? (the_tunnel) What mistakes did you learn from making your mods in ksp1 that helped you on issues for ksp2? (Spicat) Which milestone update are you most excited to work on? (tycothepug) Is it fun working on KSP2 intercept games? (noobyeeter69) What’s your favorite mod of ksp2 so far? (Spicat) How closely does KSP2's team follow developments in the aerospace industry? Does it help you guys come up with ideas for parts or other features to add in KSP2? (novaraptortv) what is your favorite part that you can talk about that's been made? Also, what's your favorite type of cheese? (afterglow79, Discord) What are things that you can’t make too realistic for gameplay reasons? (Spicat) Is it true you derive sustenance and nutrients from reading white papers and looking at whitebox models? (Kavaeric) What is your favorite mod you made for KSP1? Bonus question: What is your favorite mod for KSP1 you didn’t make? (Tycothepug) What are your hopes for the future of KSP2? (Heretic391) What other games are you guys playing at the moment? (Burntout) What is the biggest challenge in creating a complex heat system like we will see in a future soon in KSP2? (_gonb_) What do you like about the new heat system? Also, blink 3 times quickly if you're being held against your will and forced to answer softball questions in a positive manner. (RocketmanKSP) In the first AMA, Nate mentioned different reentry colors, what will those looks like? (Spicat) With the heat limit of most parts reduced over KSP1, how do you plan to make KSP2 spaceplanes capable of surviving re-entry? Are conformal heatshields in the plans? (hakko__) What are the biggest differences you can highlight between Science in ksp1 and Science in ksp2? (Spicat) What would you say has taken the most time in the upcoming science update? (Tycothepug) was there a particularly difficult science instrument to design and implement? Why or why not? (no2tm) Will modding support come in small waves, like how heating will be expended with every milestone update, or will it be a (mostly) one time update? (Abelinoss) Will Kerbin recieve visual updates to its biomes to give it a more "alive" feeling? (M4D_Mat7) Are there plans for resources/guides to help modders mod within the planned game dynamics vs. “modders gonna mod” and mod without any clear direction/instructions from dev team on the best way to make stable coherent mods? (picospace) What are your favorite tips and tools for new modders? (Socraticat) If I wanted to get started with modding, what route would you suggest I go down? (James M.) Are there any features you modded into KSP 1 that you are bringing into KSP2? What is your favorite? (Pokaia) KSP is a very physics-intensive project. KSP is also a game that needs to be both performant AND fun to play. When these areas are in conflict, how do you decide where to draw the line? (funphaze) What is your favorite part in the game (If you have one)? (datau03) What's your favourite step of developing a new part? What's your least favourite step? (kavaeric) How has your work in [KSP1 modding] translated to the design strategy in KSP2? (Kavaeric) How do you determine how much detail and fidelity goes into a particular part? Rocket engines, in particular, are very complex things laden with tubes and other components. Where does the simplification start while remaining true to the aesthetic of a rocket engine? The same goes for fuel tanks, science parts, and the like. (no2tm) I'm sure the team reviewed and rejected a lot of theoretical engine design concepts over the lifespan of the project - My question is, what was the most absurd/fantastical one that the team reviewed and rejected? (Profugo Barbatus) how will orbital construction work with all the super big parts that cant fit in the VAB was the VAB kept on the smaller side to make this orbital construction feature more important (cooling.1200) How do you go about designing parts for theoretical technologies that have no real-world analogs to use for reference? (Seth) What process do you guys follow when designing, creating, and importing a part? What design guidlines do you follow? (isaquest) How do you decide how parts are made? For example, with the Mammoth II, how did you decide to make one colossal engine, rather than splitting it into four RS-25's? How did you come up with the plumbing? (failspace) How will the "rotational" artificial gravity ring part showcased in the teasers and trailers work? Will we have multiple iterations of varying sizes? (M4D_Mat7) What do you think is the most interesting part in terms of gameplay, so how, when and where to use it. (rick_huijgen) Will we see more than one engine per ‘engine class’ at some point? e.g. multiple Medium Methalox Sustainer engines, gridded and hall effect ion thrusters,… (The Space Peacock) Is there still the option to add the non-dynamic wings from KSP 1? (bygermanknight) what size scale can we expect for intersellar ship parts? (mgb125) How is the colonies stuff going, there's been some recent concern on whether launching rockets will be free in science. If so, will that be an issue for progression? (Pugnuts) In your previous role as a modder, you did modelling AND scripting, do you still do both of those at intercept? (clayel) Do you sometimes have to revise your ideas because of performance constraints? (piotr) What are you guys working on right now? what is the priority list? (Benozkey) For features that divide the community, we often hear the argument to "just make it an option". For you, when should a feature be an option and when this choice should be made by the devs? (Spicat) What have been the biggest or funniest challenges/bugs in the development of Science and Heating? (paradact) Will rover wheels be changed in the future to be better? How do you figure that out? (jaypegiscool) what will interstellar travel look like ? just a burn and a time-warp until destination or an animation (.lord_octave) Earlier on, I got the impression that there was going to be the potential for vessels/stations with truly massive part counts (far greater than KSP1, which would choke really hard on larger craft), but, as it stands right now, optimization is not at the point yet where you can go very far with part counts. Assuming I was not misunderstanding, is this still going to be a thing eventually, at least by 1.0? (GigFiz) Could we see the addition of a linear aerospike as a usable part for SSTOs? (NovaRaptorTV) will we ever be able to use any fuel type with nuclear engines, instead of just hydrogen? (Spicat) How will Metallic Hydrogen engines play into late game interplanetary travel (german4730) Are there plans to add light sail interstellar probes? (lunarmetis) Will there be inflatable modules in KSP2? (gordonlemons) Will there be more loading screens? (M4D_Mat7) Could we see space telescopes like Hubble and James Webb make their way to KSP2? Will they have the ability to be repaired on orbit and also collect science the player can use? (NovaRaptorTV) Are there more plans for environmental effects? Will there be Kerbal footprints/rover tire marks, etc? Will there be dust in the air on duna, etc (jaypegiscool) When colonies are implemented, will heat be required for habitation modules in colder environments? (Pleysu) Has any consideration been given to procedural fuel tanks? Alternatively, reducing the number of fuel tanks in the list and/or providing more variety in shape by implementing a part switcher? (regex) Considering that grid fins are confirmed for KSP2, could we also potentially see Telescoping Landing Legs(like on Falcon 9 and New Glenn(I believe)) in KSP2 as parts we can use for reusable boosters? (NovaRaptorTV) Are there any plans to implement parts that would enable underwater exploration, such as ballast tanks and pumps? Great work on the game so far btw! (DibzNr) If you were to add another class of spaceplane parts, what would they be based off of? I can see something like VentureStar or Star Raker, or a something more like a traditional airliner. (NovaRaptorTV) How do you pronounce “Nertea”? Ner-tea, ner-te-a, nert-e-a? (jimmymcgoochie) Does Nertea come iced, or is it only hot? (corelar) Any unanounced features/parts/systems that we have had no hints of, but are in the works? y/n (gallitagen) What's your favorite type of donut? (gordonlemons)
  10. What's up gamers, We're back again for another Community Highlights! Alongside the normal amazingness, this week we're highlighting some awesome recent submissions to our weekly challenges. If you haven't been checking those out, we post 'em every Friday with 4 different difficulty levels! Our team is always amazed by the creativity and ingenuity KSP-players show, so to celebrate #10, we'd like to personally thank each and every one of you that has been featured thus far and those who contribute to the KSP community every day. You're what makes KSP special Anyways, please enjoy! Dakota The Space Peacock noobyeeter69 sciencedude37 maxvandegraaff blueberry1c2 stellar_yt Infinite.Aerospace mastercheft117 spooderman2711 Geezee Ch1ll Pup Boi Danny megaboomers Imp no1 RealLichHours Mcboglee ValhellaZ Spicat squidplaz Hour_Row_9697.mp4 /u/Hour_Row_9697
  11. Glad to hear it PDCWolf. Honestly, I think there's enough of a story to tell around this particular issue that it could warrant a dev blog from @Darrin H and other members of QA.
  12. Don't have much concrete info to share right now but, there's a really great discussion about this in David's interview, you can look forward to that.
  13. We're hosting another KSP2 AMA! This time we're inviting fan-favorite Chris @Nertea Adderley to answer all of your questions including how parts go from ideation to implementation, how heat will be implemented in KSP2, and his journey from community modder to Intercept Games developer. The stream will be LIVE on KSPTV on August 17th at 10am PDT. Looking forward to seeing you there! Got a question for Chris? Leave it below!
  14. looks like there's an outage on the bot we're using to make that happen. looking into workarounds.
  15. Heyo Kerbonauts, it's time to Build a Rover! Build a replica of a real rover mission and explore another celestial body with it! Primary: Recreate a robotic lunar rover (Lunokhod, Yutu) and land it on the Mun. Secondary: Recreate a Mars rover that was delivered by lander (Sojourner, MER, Zhurong) and land it on Duna. Jeb: Recreate a Mars rover that was delivered by skycrane (Curiosity, Perseverance) and land it on Duna. Val: Skycrane-land a rover replica on Tylo.
  16. You can use the forum's activity feed and notification features to "follow" certain subforums or users, yes.
  17. Hardware issues can be tricky because sometimes a problem can only be replicated on certain pieces of hardware (even within the same product line) - and also could be the result of a specific piece of a hardware, let's say an AMD 6800XT GPU, combined with another specific piece of hardware, let's say an Intel i5-12600k. (this is just an example) The team collects bug reports and telemetry data, and then uses that information to try to replicate the issue internally using hardware available to us. Our QA team has a wide range of test machines, all the way from low-end GPUs to top-of-the-line-omg-why-is-this-so-expensive GPUs - but it's impossible to be able to have every combination of possible components. So we work with external partners, whether it be the manufactures themselves (AMD, Nvidia), or with hardware consulting companies, to investigate further, either by letting us borrow hard-to-find components or using their own testing setups. Once we're able to replicate the issue, that's when we can start to investigate the real cause. And since the issue is rooted in components, we keep our hardware partners up-to-date on progress just in case the issue is caused by something on their end (drivers).
  18. Howdy Kerbonauts! It's been a couple of weeks...oh jeez it's been a bit hasn't it? Well we've been busy - and by the looks of it, so have you! I dug through all of the internet (yes all of it) and am here to present some of my favorite recent KSP2 community content. Did I miss anything awesome? Feel free to add it to the thread below, just make sure to credit the creator! Until next time, Dakota Miss My new Very Safe™ air launch system.mp4 @Matt Lowne .avoidance. @Socraticat JohnnyOneShot BuhBaden man47 .avoidance. mahanako3.14159 Space Peacock gsqwid mrfrknfantastic @DibzNr mushylog h3m3n thunderchild_235711 galaxdragon notwolfie graemcnuggies iseechances Concertym krzysztof0317 @Heretic391 meatyboi1 chaddude Space Peacock @Spicat stellar_raptor blueberry1c2 @S_Coriolis @Madishmike MrEmu floodop axiosdeathknight .ipsEmbeddedVideo { max-width: 900px; }
  19. HTML parlance. <div> is just a section of a webpage, in this case your comment, <p> are paragraphs of text.
  20. I believe this has something to do with the CKEditor (edit box) update that I made recently. It's strange that it only shows up on mobile. But all it's doing is allowing you to select the entire <div> that your comment is contained in, or the individual <p>s. This seems like a DNS caching issue. Can you try flushing your DNS cache and see if that helps?
  21. This craft was featured on our social accounts today:
  22. I addressed the editor styling by just making it white. For some reason the buttons are colored pngs instead of svgs which could easily be stylized. Both the topic background and search background have been addressed.
  23. We decided to take a short break in order to allow us to catch up on work, plan around vacation time, and make sure our next one is great. Appreciate the patience!
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