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    KSC Test Pilot
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    Cape Kernaveral, Federated States of Vankadia
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    I like to do drawing and writing. I also like to do gaming in KSP, Minecraft, and Ace Combat 7. I write a mission report called The Sky is Not the Limit, and it's my pride and joy on the forums.
    I'm still kind of sad KSP2 is dead.

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  1. @ColdJ, it felt weird having a KSP2 one since that game is now pretty dead, but at the same time I was too lazy to design a new PFP. This is a placeholder until I can get a new PFP.
  2. But there's so much Forum history... We just got 5000 floors on Really, Really, Really Tall Building... I hope there is some kind of alternative to the forums created. It's a difficult task for sure, but at least there'll be an alternative that the future of isn't just up in the air because of uncaring corporate.
  3. I understand. It's so sad that *corporate greed* puts the forum at risk, but there's nothing we can do but hope.
  4. Yeah, I'm fairly sure that most industries use metric in the US. I actually hate the imperic system with all of my soul because it's terrible, inconsistent, and metric is so much easier and everyone else uses it. Not to mention that we have to memorize conversions between the two units because metric is used pretty much anywhere that actually matters.
  5. May the Probe save this forum.
  6. I feel my braincells deteriorating. Oh well, time to join in
  7. Floor 5248: The KSP Doomsday Clock again. The clock was previously at 11:59:25, but the operators of the clock have fled in preparation for a shutdown of the Forums. The clock was left at a later position, 11:59:40. Until new information arrives, the clock will remain at this time.
  8. I'm not sure if you guys have been keeping up with the news about KSP and Take-Two, but as of now, the closure of the forums is a very real possibility. If it does end up happening, I'd just like to thank you all for everything.
  9. No. Three hours of work on a custom KSC down the drain.
  10. We had a health inspection and were forced to take our famous soup temporarily off the menu. The customers complained about finding extremely arbitrary and dangerous items in it. Waiter, I ordered a grilled cheese, but there are onions in it, thereby making it an onion melt.
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