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Found 1 result

  1. The Third Great Number War: The Long Haul! I. Important Notice As per instructions from the moderators: there is to be no role play elements to the battle. Simple exclamations that we are getting ahead or falling behind, or saying you need help are fine, but no suggestion that you are part of an army or fantasy faction in some epic confrontation. It is more or less attempting to reach a goal line and passing to another with the same goal, or getting intercepted by someone going the other way. II. Rules A. Definitions Current Number (CN): the number around which the game revolves. At the beginning of each round, it is set to 0. Round (or Battle): between two resets of the CN. Ninja'd: if, while you are typing your post, someone else posts a move, which makes yours invalid, you have been ninja'd. Most of the time, you won't see it until you refresh the page. This then causes you to have to edit your post to correct for the new number. It is then not unheard of for someone to post before you have had a chance to edit your post, and so a cascade effect happens. To make clear your original intent in the hopes of lessening this, see under "Posts". B. Goal The goal is for the Positive Guard to reach ±70. Everytime this happens, the current round ends, a new one is started, and the CN is reset to 0 in the next post. If the CN is 70, it is a Positive victory. If it is -70, it is a Negative victory. C. Posts Every valid post must contain at least a number, the CN (when you made the post, and prefaced by a letter, see below). Additionally, for your post to be valid: You must wait at least five minutes between two posts. This is to minimise spam and ninja posting. Any other player must have posted a valid post between your last post and your new post. In other words, you can't make two posts in a row. The CN in your post must be the one of the previous post, plus or minus 1 (one). No floating-point or decimal (etc.) shenanigans, please. "One" is neither 0.5 nor 32. Your number must have a preface letter before it, which is one of the following. By doing this, a player can see what you intended to put, and post knowing what it would be if you had not been ninja'd. Positive Guard: if you are trying to get the CN to +70 (Positive). Negative Mercenaries: if you are trying to get the CN to -70 (Negative). The Neutralists: if your goal is to get the CN to zero (Neutralist). Note: You do not win if you get the counter to zero; only the positives and negatives can win. Chaotic People: if you are chaotic and just post as you feel, but your post's CN must only be 1 different from the last post's. The addition or the subtraction of the number 1. (Chaotic) III. History of the Third Great Number War Thanks to @Nazalassa, who went through every post in this thread (up to a certain point ago), and wrote down their CN, we have this graph, which shows the evolution of the CN across this thread. The horizontal scale is the CN, and the vertical scale is the post number (since the beginning of the thread). Here's the a Codeberg with Nazalassa's work: https://codeberg.org/Nazalassa/numberwar-graphs Total posts: 21250 (as of page 850.) Battles: 38 Shortest: #35: 19044-19156 [len: 113] -> Positive Longest: #18: 10644-12355 [len: 1712] -> Negative Positive wins: 19 Negative wins: 18 Times zero reached (from ±1): 742 Entire graph below: Old version of the rules below:
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