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    My name is going to the Moon on the VIPER rover, and to Jupiter on Europa Clipper!
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    He/him, my kerbal persona is Andrew W. Kerman, named after Ender's Game. I play the trumpet. I like, own, and play these games: KSP, Minecraft, Subnautica/ SBZ, Portal 1/2, and Astroneer. I like, want, and wish I could play these games: KSP2, Rain World (just waiting for it to go on sale).


    ¡ʇɔǝɾǝ 'ʎןʇɔǝɹɹoɔ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟI

    "You call them victims. I call them kerbonauts."

    "Those aren't mountains- they're more boosters..."

    "76 engines in the upper stage- 110 boosters in the first!"

    Don't shoot for the Moon, shoot for a free-return trajectory around it. If you miss your orbital insertion burn,  you'll return to Earth for another shot.

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, associates, acquaintances, enemies, miscellaneous citizens, frenemies, people, humans, Frenchmen, lend me your ears!

    I don't always fantastically mess up a mission, but when I do, I always forget to quicksave at a useful point in time.

    Every day's an adventure- full of adventures we want and adventures we don't. It's always the ones we don't that are the best.

    "This quote was taken out of context." -Randall Munroe

    I found Generation 1! (It's on another forum but still.)

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  1. I would play this game but my PC is very stubborn. As in, it stubbornly refuses to be a non-potato PC. It looks very cool and fun, though. It appears to be on sale for Xbox. Is it worth it on console?
  2. @ColdJ, are you using the Dark Textures mod for some of these? Did you make your own textures for the Airplane Plus parts, and if so, how? (I've already had to edit the Dark Textures config because some parts were asking for a non-existent texture) Here's my SR-71: I already had a stock version made (The 71 Thunderbird), but I began working on it again after installing Dark Textures and Restock Plus. I used Dark Textures for the RAM, obviously, and the .6m fairing from Restock Plus for the longer, slanted shock cones (which cover up te regular shock cones.) It has a modded camera so it can capture spy photographs (but at a low altitude and speed, unfortunately) And of course, I landed it perfectly. X-15 as well. Not much to say here, it's just a rocket plane. It's got bolt-on wings for takeoff. Stupid seaplanes Really stupid seaplanes
  3. As @TheKspEngineer said already, it is from Airplane Plus, but specifically it's the Bell X-1 cockpit.
  4. It's worth it to have as accurate an understanding of history as possible. I remember how my understanding of films changed completely after taking an APUSH class. I understood what was happening and why- that's valuable. I wouldn't say that violence-themed video games (FPS, war-themed, etc.) cause people to be more violent. When it comes down to it, it's so hard to actually do any of the things focused on in those games, because of the physical limitations, but also the moral limitations as well. The people who do those violent things they do in video games are pretty unstable to begin with and might have done those things anyway.
  5. I'm sorry, I genuinely missed that. I'll try to remember next time. Players eat rhetorical speeches vivaciously and
  6. IT'S SR-71 TIME, BABY!!!! Both engines have flamed out... does this count as a dual unstart? Approaching the enemy silos now... (the white tail cone is from a bug in the KSP Dark Parts mod, I had to go into the config files and fix it) Success! Images captured in full resolution! I used a camera mod for this, it was fun to recreate a mostly functional mission. A most unusual landing It would not stop pitching up, so it flew up quite a ways, eventually pointing straight up before it stalled. I only barely recovered in time to just scrape off one engine. Looks at the kerbal's faces. They say it all. IT'S ALSO X-15 TIME!!! Why use an entire B-52 when you could bolt some wings on? Also a U-2 but it didn't perform as expected. IT'S ALSO SEAPLANE TIME!!! (apologies I am just excited by planes) I love seaplane time. It gives me a chance to remember KSP's water physics. Yes, those same water physics that make your plane fly into the air at 1500 m/s. But the pilot's OK. I think. He did just get yeeted at Mach 4, so he might need some snacks. Also intensive medical care for the next 5 years. Who knows. Isn't science fun?
  7. No more lists, OK? They're not that interesting to make and they've only led to trouble. Players eat
  8. Brilliant, such an elegant solution to two problems at once: where do I put the air intakes, and how to lower drag.
  9. Probes use electricity. Either pack a lot of batteries or solar panels, but I've spent a lot of time wondering why I can't control my probe when it has full comnet because the battery died. Also, don't forget to deploy your solar panels in the first place.
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