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  1. I wonder why they keep showing these massive, city-like colonies. I'm excited to start from a really small habitat and build from there. It sounds fun.
  2. "And to your left, you can see our inflatable colony, which-" *WHUMP* "Just collapsed."
  3. In-Runu Resource Utilization: Grabbing food as you run past it.
  4. I'm allowing it, it's part of a name and those are added in one post now.
  5. Granted, but you're too lazy to take them. I wish for the end of the world.
  6. "Hurry and get out there! We've got three more minutes until this decade is over!"
  7. Today (well, yesterday, really) I made a mission badge for my soon-to-be Korolev 11. It's the equivalent of Soyuz 11, the first mission to a space station. I also learned a valuable lesson: Paint 3D is tough to work with. Spend however much you need and download whatever programs you want, just so long as you don't have to make anything more complex than a scribble in Paint 3D. I couldn't be bothered to make the text wrap around the circle. Paint 3D was making text boxes act strangely enough.
  8. Granted. They do so at 99.9999999999999999999% c and obliterate the Earth in an expanding bubble of plasma and fusion. I wish I had remembered to make a wish before I had to edit this comment to add a wish.
  9. Floor 4708: Fractals. Your clothing gets snagged on their infinitely sharp surfaces. It's not that different from a coral reef, actually.
  10. The biggest concern about cybertrucks is whether they can make them look cooler. Temperature-wise too, I guess.
  11. The title "Black Hole Sun" is rather misleading. I figured it meant they were going to add a black hole. Solar eclipses are cool, too!
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