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Found 1 result

  1. This game was (obviously) inspired by the actual game, Rock-Paper-Anything. The rules are simple: instead of the standard Rock-Paper-Scissors, you can call out anything. Obviously, since RPS shoots are supposed to be simultaneous, which can't be simulated on the Forums, this will involve a lot of honor system. The first person will put their "shoot" in a spoiler tab, and the next person will too. Remember, no peeking! The third person (if you're judging one of your own posts, no unfair judging) will look at both of the above player's shoots and judge who wins. Then they call out their shoot in a spoiler and the game continues. If that was hard to visualize, here's an example in the spoiler: Oh, and also, when you shoot, you have to first recite "Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you want to do!" per tradition. Let the games begin! *** Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you want to do!
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