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  1. The Sky is Not the Limit: A KSP1 Mission Report The Sky is Not the Limit will show the development of the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration (KASA) from a small United States space program striving to beat the Soviet Union to the Mun to (if all goes planned) a large organization, settling the final frontier and pushing the limits of Kerbalkind. This save will be mostly normal difficulty, but with Kerbal G limits, plasma blackout, and no Kerbal respawn. I also have a bunch of mods, but the most important ones are Kerbalism, Outer Planets Mod and Exploration Plus. The full modlist is here: And the full table of contents are here: *** So, without further ado, let's get this started! Volume One: The Race for Space - The USSR has started reaching out into space. Given the competitive nature of Americans, the US space program won't stand for this, and will attempt to land the first Kerbal on the Mun. Chapter One: Big Things Start Small Note: These photos were made in a different save after the originals were lost. I've tried to be as consistent with the originals as possible, but there may be some errors. These missions were done 100% legitimately in the main save.
  2. SIMPLEX Kerbalism A kerbalism profile that is more stock-a-like, and allows kerbalism to be stand-a-lone. Download from Spacedock Installation: Install KerbalismCore https://spacedock.info/mod/1774 Install Harmony https://github.com/KSPModdingLibs/HarmonyKSP/releases which is required by KerbalismCore. You don't need KerbalismConfig, or Community ResourcePack Put the KerbalismSimplex folder into GameData Requires: Module Manager (not included). KerbalismCore (not included). Harmony (not included) Recommended but certainly NOT required: SIMPLEX Resources (to extend the Stock Ore system) TETRIX TechTree License is the Unlicense http://unlicense.org/ Introduction: SIMPLEX Kerbalism ultimately is simplified profile of Kerbalism, maintaining the features of life support, but in a more basic way, with only two life support resources. There no additional gases to worry about, nor balancing food and water. The CommunityResourcePack is not required for Kerbalism to function with Kerbalism Simplex. NEW IN 3.0: Unique Science experiments and also new containers for Consumables and Air. NEW IN 3.5: Telescope based experiments for mod telescopes (Hullcam, KPBS, SSPX), Also, no JNSQ profile, next update will do this better. NEW IN 3.6: Different Day Length Profiles - Use with JNSQ, KSRSS, Sigma changes to day length NEW IN 3.7: Localisation, English and Italian thanks to @leonardfactory The KerbalismSimplex/Profiles folder there are an additional 3 profiles which, if used will alter the mass(density) of Air /BadAir, and Consumables /OrganicSlurry and the rates to which they are used in game. This will keep the standard of 1 unit per day. It will also keep the mass consumed as a standard, as an example in stock, 1.251kg of Air is consumed per day. In stock 6 hour days, this is 1 unit. With the 12 hour day, 1 unit is now 2.502kg. The correct ratio splits have been made for 8 hour and 7.5 hour days. Greenhouses have also been adjusted to still harvest correctly every 72 days. Use the 12 hour day with JNSQ Use the 7.5 hour day with JNSQ resized to stock with Sigma Use the 8 hour day with KSRSS resized to 2.5x with Sigma NEW IN 3.9: Coolant Requirement for ISRU and Nuclear Reactors, and SIMPLEX Resources Nuclear Reactors TinyISRU unit to produce Liquid Fuel. Chemical Reactor no longer does this. Support for Moldavite Machines Support for QUARTIX TechTree NEW IN 3.11: Added bahaEPL drills and ISRU, and scinece drill to collect surface samples! Added RemoteTech Config support, but this reliant on Kebalism itself supporting RemoteTech which may not be the case Life Support: Consumables replace food and water. (OrganicSlurry replaces WasteFood, and WasteWater) Air replaces Oxygen and Nitrogen gases. (BadAir replaces Carbon Dioxide gas) The units for these resources are based on a typical use per kerbal per day. 5 units of Consumables will last 1 kerbal for 5 days. 15 units of Air will last 3 kerbals for 5 days, however Air is also used to maintain pressure due to atmospheric leakage, so you'll need to take more. Kerbals will constantly breathe in the atmosphere around them, which is replaced immediately with bottled Air, but as they breathe out, the BadAir must be removed with scrubbers otherwise the kerbals will die. Greenhouses, can be used to restore BadAir to Air. Kerbals consume half a Consumable unit twice a day. They also produce OrganicSlurry as waste. OrganicSlurry can be converted back to Consumables using a greenhouse. OrganicSlurry can also be converted from Ore. Note: Air and Consumables are balanced to have the same mass as Nitrogen + Oxygen or Food + Water. This means that a craft that is designed in Simplex Kerbalism will have the same delta vee for craft with the same mission profile as in vanilla kerbalism. Configurable Life Support modules: Life Support modules are available to be installed on all crewed parts - only two per part These modules are available on kerbalism’s external life support part as well. Scrubber - used remove BadAir out of the atmosphere Pressure control - used to maintain atmospheric pressure due to leaks Air Pump - used to maintain atmospheric pressure if an external atmosphere is present with Air in it. MonoProp and Air FuelCell Greenhouses: These require only BadAir and OrganicSlurry to produce Consumables. The kerbalism greenhouse (standard) will produce 36 units of Consumables every 72 days, supporting a ½ kerbal per greenhouse. Conversion of BadAir to Air occurs every second of growth, and is the equivalent of ½ kerbal. With two greenhouses and with a supply of Consumables, a closed loop lifesupport is able to be created with a small amount of mining to replace lost Air due to atmospheric leakage. Greenhouses also contain a science experiment (see below), making them more useful for taking on interplanetary missions due to Science! Greenhouses also contain a comfort bonus (plants), making stress increase more slowly. Greenhouses from mods are supported. See inside the spoiler: ISRU returns to Stock resources: Mining and ISRU has been adjusted to replicate stock behaviour, but using the kerbalism modules. This also means that there is no requirement for heat management with drills and in ISRU as kerbalism does not simulate heat. The drills mine Ore as in Stock KSP. The ISRU and mini ISRU converts Ore to LiquidFuel and Oxidizer, to MonoPropellant and BadAir, or to OrganicSlurry and Air. The LiquidFuel and Oxidizer will fill whatever tanks are available, even if one of those resources is full. The Fuel Cells now operate on LiquidFuel & Oxidizer (stock behaviour), or Monopropellant & Air. Fuel Cell modules are available as part of the Life Support modules. Storage: With the Life Support, kerbalism’s containers can be configure to hold their particular resource or counterpart. The Air/ Bad Air containers are a unique kerbalism part. The Consumables/ OrganicSlurry containers are retextured stock KSP inventory containers. Science: The science experiments are different to vanilla kerbalism. These are either probe or crew focused, aside from the stock experiments. The final tier of experiments is only available on extended TechTrees, either TETRIX TechTree or Community TechTree. Mods Supported: Planet Packs: Beyond Home, ExtraSolar, GEP, GPO, GPP, OPM, QSRSS, RSS, SSRSS Fuel Switchers: B9PartSwitch Tech Trees: Community TechTree, QUARTIX TechTree, TETRIX TechTree, SIMPLEX TechTree Note that the following mods have specific patches. Other mods should also work fine. Requests happy to be accepted. BahaEPL Community Category Kit Contract Configurator DeepFreeze Extraplanetary Launchpads HabTech2 HullCameraVDS JX2 Antenna Kerbal Atomics Kopernicus (for solar panel fix) Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (KPBS) Keridan Dynamics Moldavite Machines NearFuture Electric NearFuture Exploration NearFuture Propulsion (with SIMPLEX Resources) NearFuture Spacecraft Planetside Exploration Technologies RemoteTech* may not work due to Kerbalism code ReStockPlus RLA Reborn SCANsat SIMLEXColonies SIMPLEXResources SIMPLEXStationParts StockalikeStationPartsExpansion Redux (SSPX) Stockalike Mining Expansion Thanks: So many people have helped on this. The great people developing Kerbalism including ShotgunNinja, N70, PiezPiedPy, Sir Mortimer, Gotmachine, Arthur, Arkolis who designed the parts that contain Air and Bad Air for Kerbalism. Localization and moving to Github was leonardfacatory. Inspiration from IFILS originally by Stavell, now maintained by LinuxGuruGamer. Blowfish and the MM team too. Changelog 3.15 Kerbalism parts now can be manipulated in EVA, and the smaller parts can be stored in cargo containers Changelog 3.14 Tripled Magnetometer science Previous Changelogs: Peace.
  3. So I started a new Carreer With @CessnaSkyhawk's Skyhawk Science System. It Includes Bluedog Design Bureau, Kerbalism, KSRSS, some other parts mods and realism mods (FAR, kOS, Principia, System Heat). The Skyhawk Science system looks very good and sophisticated and I'm looking forward to it. So we start in 1951 with the first launch and flight into the high atmosphere. The launches went well, we have gained enough science and we are ready to take on some more challenging contracts
  4. Kerbalism Companion Calculator [1.8.x - 1.11.x] About: Kerbalism Companion Calculator (KCC) is a plugin that allows you to plan your antenna connectivity during your mission in Kerbalism. This Calculator auto-adapts its selection options, so support is provided for every planet pack. In addition to that, support for NFeX reflectors and ResearchBodies is also provided. It's fairly simple to use, select the planet you're going to visit, choose your distance (consisting of the minimum to maximum distance to the home world) and get your result: But why?: This fairly small plugin is aimed at Kerbalism players. All already existing antenna planners only calculate the signal strength and not the data rate, which can be crucial to Kerbalism players, since science points are not immediately transferred as it is in Stock. Download: GitHub SpaceDock CKAN Installation: Move all Contents in GameData to your KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData Changelog: v1.3.0 * Name change to Kerbalism Companion Calculator * ResearchBodies support ----- v1.2.0 * Unity UI Overhaul * Add version file ------ v1.1.1. * Add editor undo event * Fix bad antenna strength calculation ------ v1.1.0 * Add 'exclude from planner' button into calculation * Include range modifier from settings ------ v1.0.1 - Hotfix * Fix UIStyles ------ v1.0.0 - Initial Release * K³ implements a Antenna Range Calculator specifically made for Kerbalism. * Support for NFeX Reflectors. * Support for all kind of Planet packs. Source Code Source Code can be found on GitHub (Source Code) Known Issues No Issues are known by now, if you find any please report them to this thread or open a GitHub issue. Special Thanks & Credits @woeller for creating the Header Image, App Icon, testing & feedback @Jacky_Rabbit for testing & feedback Nertea for the UI Sprite Sheet - License This work is licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  5. Mini Sample Return Capsule (MSRC) Two size zero (0.625m) parts that make up an autonomous return capsule to stuff your experiments in for Kerbal Space Program. Adopted by zer0Kerbal, originally by @CobaltWolf and @AlbertKermin adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo Features This mod adds two parts command pod with integrated parachute cargo-bay with integrated heat-shield Preamble by @CobaltWolf See more Cabin notes Localization Help Wanted Installation Directions Most recent releases only available via CurseForge/OverWolf Website/App Dependencies Kerbal Space Program Suggests Adjustable Mod Panel (KAMP) Biomatic (BIO) DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) Dreamer (DREAM) Exception Detector (EXCD) Kaboom! (BOOM) LanderTek (LTK) Mkerb Science Instruments Nuke Tiny Parts (NTP) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) OScience Laboratories (OSL) Papa Kerballini's Pizza (PIZZA) Precise Maneuver (PM) Pteron (MSRV) Simple Cargo Solutions (CARGO) Stack Inline Lights (SIL) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG) SimpleNotes! (NOTE) Solar Science (SOL) WhimChaser (WHIM) Supports Community Category Kit (CCK) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Kerbal Operating System (kOS) Kerbalism ModularManagement (MM) or Module Manager RemoteTech (RT) SCANSat (scan) Tarsier Space Tech (tst) TweakScale (TWK) Tags parts, uncrewed red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @AlbertKermin - Configs, compatibility, balance @CobaltWolf - Models, textures, Unity see Attribution for more Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal Comment, click, like, share, up-vote, subscribe Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List
  6. This is the record of my new career mode game in a JNSQ/Principia world with Kerbalism and SkyhawkScienceSystem. Because of Principia, the Kerbolar system will look slightly different from what would normally be expected in a JNSQ setup. The most obvious change is that Minmus is the inner of Kerbins two moons. I am publishing these mission reports both here and on GitHub (mainly because I need someplace to put the images, and GitHub is convenient), and will link to the GitHub version of each story from the story title here. Dawn of the Space Age A history of the Kerbinian Society for Astronavigation They finally made it. Almost a decade after founding the Kerbinian Society for Astronavigation, after almost endless discussions, research, planning, more discussions, scrabbling for money, lobbying, convincing investors and sponsors, calling in all favors any of them were owed (and now owing quite a lot of favors themselves), they finally had a launch site and research center. A former aircraft test site, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere (but smack on the equator!), complete with runway, hangar (a bit decrepit, admittedly), a small office building and a shed (now serving as mission control and admin office), a barracks building (newly renamed to "Astronaut Complex", and their home for the forseeable future) and a couple of nissen huts clustered around another office building (the "Science Center"). Always optimistic, they changed its old name to "Kerbin Spaceport Complex" (and to be honest, that does sound better than "Aeroplane Research Site Four"), and spent almost all of the societies' remaining funds on a brand new rocket assembly building (planned for a bright future, and way too large for what they could actually build) and a tracking station. And, of course, a launch pad (to be brutally honest this time, really just a patch of roughly graded dirt hopefully far enough away from everything else that accidents could happen without causing too much damage). Who they were? A bunch of eccentrics, convinced that it was possible to use rockets to not only leave Kerbins atmosphere, but to actually "fall around the world" and stay up in the skies forever. And to go even further, to Kerbins moons, to other planets, and even other stars! The "space fool Kermans", they were sometimes called (and yes, even though Kerman is a very common name, there were an unusual number of Kermans in the society). Wernher von Kerman. Jebediah Kerman (no relation to Wernher). Gene and Mortimer Kerman (cousins, but not related to either Wernher or Jeb). Max Kalier. Robert Krussel. And last but by no means least, Valentina Korova. The founding members of the Kerbinian Society for Astronavigation. And as of today — day one of year one of the space age, because of course they had started a new year count for the occasion, in good kerbinian tradition — they were officially in business. The business of guiding Kerbalkind to the stars, as stated in the societies' bylaws.
  7. Hello, I'm kinda new to Kerbalism and have been playing a bit over the last couple weeks, I finally got done with planes because I have GAP installed as well as a couple other mods that make the game more natural for progression, but I've finally started with sending up kerbals and not just probes and noticed that I don't have an option to configure my pods, I press the configure pod button and the window comes up and all that's there is the water recycler at the top and none at the bottom but with no little white arrow to change it, so I can't get a scrubber or pressure in my pods, am I missing something or is there a conflict with another mod
  8. Update: With Kerbalism 3.15 the DataRateDampingExponent value changed, affecting the science rate. See section at the bottom of the post. The following section is based on Kerbalism 3.14, but the math is still correct. I tried to make sense of the data rates shown and used by Kerbalism, see science rate 300kB/s in first picture below. Now, if you are not interested in the formulas, just go to [1.8.x-1.11.x] Kerbalism Companion Calculator (KCC) - An antenna planner for Kerbalism [v1.3.0] [29th November 2020] and use the mod. If you are interested in the underlying math, keep on reading. As a bonus you get my measurements and theory about how relays affect the total data rate. First thing, all credit goes to Valentin Bischof who wrote the mod. I just looked at his code and compared it with what Kerbalism shows. The data rate depends on the signal strength as shown in the upper left corner in map or vessel view. See Mike Aben’s excellent tutorial about signal strength Ranges and Signal Strength | KSP Let's Do The Math. There are two settings that change the data rate. The Antenna Bandwidth factor (Antenna Speed) in the Kerbalism(1) Science settings. Mine is set to 150%, but yours may vary. Secondly there is a DataRateDampingExponent in Kerbalism’s settings.cfg. It seems to be set to 6 by default. Combining Antennas Combining antennas changes the signal strength, see Mike Aben's tutorial, but it also changes the data rate. The combined data rate of the antennas on the vessel is calculated through: With ABf the Antenna Bandwidth factor and AntRate the data rates of the active antennas this is the geometric mean of the data rates of the antennas. Careful, do not combine strong and weak antennas. A Communitron 16 with 2.2kB/s and a Communotron DTS-M1 with 25kB/s combine to 7.42kB/s, or 11.12kB/s with ABf = 1.5. Data Rate The total distance dependent rate can now be calculated by using the following formula: With signal the signal strength and D the DataRateDampingExponent (= 6). This formula lets the data rate quickly deteriorate for signal strengths less than 100%. See plot for the factor that is multiplied with the combined antenna rate. For example, to have more than 0.5 of the maximum transmission rate, one should have at least 90% signal strength. Relays The following is only loosely tested, so please let me know if you get the same results. When going through a relay, the minimum of the total distance dependent rate of the vessel and the total distance dependent rate*ABf of the relay satellites involved is used (ABf = 1.5). I tested this with a relay in Mun orbit with a HG-5 relay antenna at 100% signal strength with 14.49kB/s (including the ABf) data rate and a direct antenna HG-55 with 200kB/s on a vessel. With direct sight, the vessel achieves a data rate of 300kB/s (including the ABf), but in the Mun’s shadow the data rate drops to 21.74kB/s when the relay is used. This looks like a small bug as the ABf factor is applied twice to the relay (9.66*1.5*1.5=21.74). In a second test I had a Communotron 16-S at 96.63% signal strength on the vessel and the same faster HG-5 antenna on the relay, see picture below. The data rate to the relay was 2.69kB/s (agreeing with the formula above). Changes in Kerbalism 3.15 and newer In the newer version the DataRateDampingExponent setting was removed from Kerbalism’s settings.cfg. Now settings.cfg says: Kerbalism will calculate a damping exponent to achieve good data communication rates (see KSP.log, search for DataRateDampingExponent) According to my KSP.log the new damping coefficient is 14.034, but yours might vary. Calculated DataRateDampingExponent: 14.0340 (max. DSN range: 250000000000, strength at 2 AU: 0.967) A damping coefficient of 14 instead of 6 leads to significantly reduced science data range, see pictures below for comparison (left: D = 14.034; right: D = 6). For further comparison here is a data rate vs. signal strength plot for D = 14: For example, to have more than 0.5 of the maximum transmission rate, one should have at least 95% signal strength. Restore behavior from Kerbalism 3.14 To restore the previous science data rate behavior, uncomment and change the following line in Kerbalism’s settings.cfg: DampingExponentOverride = 6 Hope this helps someone to calculate science data transmission rates in Kerbalism.
  9. I've got the Kerbalism mod running, as well as the USI-Kolonization mod. The problem is that Kerbalism modifies the game so that Kerbals require Food and Oxygen as resources to survive, and Kerbals do not produce waste. In the USI-Life Support mod, Kerbals require Supplies, and produce a waste product Mulch. USI greenhouses take Mulch and turn it back into Supplies. I'm looking for a way to modify it into a compromise - Greenhouses produce Food instead of Supplies, and Kerbals still produce Mulch. Were I more confident in my abilities, I'd do a find>replace to turn "Supplies" into "Food" in the USI files, but I really don't want to screw up my savegame.. Any suggestions?
  10. After months of planning, filming, and editing, it's finally here - Project Andoria! Embark on the largest cinematic video I've ever made.
  11. Hi, I have a modded career and just got started with Kerbalism and other mods. I'm early on and wanting to launch a ScanSat satellite that operates all the time without running out of charge (e.g. Not running out of charge while being on the dark side of the Mun). I'm planning to do this via a fuel cell. Some quick reading up online uncovered that (in stock at least) that fuel cells will only operate when the (presumably combined total?) battery charge is less than 95%. So my queries are as follows, in Kerbalism: 1) Does it work the same way with the 95% threshold? 2) if you start the fuel cell when you have more than 95% charge then put the satellite on rails by doing other launches/active vessels or space centre timewarp, will the fuel cell kick in correctly when inevitably the charge drops below 95%? Or do you need the fuel cell to be actively generating (battery charge <95%) before putting the satellite on rails? 3) Say the satellite had solar panels for perpetual charge. The satellite emerges from the darkside of the Mun with the fuel cell generating, but this is still on rails (not the active vessel). While on rails would the solar panels charge and the fuel cell stop generating as it would if it were the active vessel? Any help or additional info you think would be topical is greatly appreciated :)
  12. Everytime i try to launch RSS in 1.10.1 i get stuck on the file KerbalismConfig/Parts/ChemicalPlant/kerbalism-chemicalplant.cfg there are no problems with module manager, its just this file it gets stuck on forever.
  13. Hello, I have kerbalism and another mod (I think it's kerbal acadamy) that wants me to do an eva report at the mission control. But kerbalism removes the ksc science locations making it impossible, how can i get them back? i've seen this post: talking about unity tags but where can i find those, i've already browsed the config files of both kerbalism and squad but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Image of the UI When an engine malfunctions due to Kerbalism, mechjeb Ascent Guidance seems to bug out and the only way to disengage it would be to let it continue running until complete. This is a strange bug and doesn't happen all the time, and thankfully it hasn't been a catosrophic bug for my space agency. However, this isn't the first time one of these UI things have bugged out for me. During a RP-1/RO career playthrough, the Ferram Aerospace Research UI would be broken 9 times out of ten, in a similar way to the way the Mechjeb UI looks. All the buttons dissapear. Anyone know what might be causing this? It can be very annoying sometimes (and like I said, it's not happening all the time). Cheers everyone! EDIT: I'm playing on 1.11.2, all the mods are updated to the most recent releases
  15. Anyone had any luch integrating these two mods? RO is amazing, but there are some key realism features I miss without Kerbalism, like radiation belts, solar flares, crew comfort/sanity, and limited part lifespans with breakdowns/repairs. On first glance, it looks like I can install Kerbalism over an RO install, and I don't get any errors on startup. I'm mainly looking to see if anyone's made an RO profile for Kerbalism, as the default one is only for the Kerbol system, and I had to make up my own rough estimates for my RSS/Stockalike install. Also, I'd love to know if there are any conflicts between the two mod, before I've spent hours on a career. Thanks all!
  16. 1020-273: The Kerbal Space Administration of Cape Town has submitted a formal budget request of the MacKerman parliament for an ambitious plan to follow up on their successful and still ongoing Triton landings on the Mun and Minmus. Says director-general Cernan MacKerman, “The completion of the first round of kerballed landings has allowed the technology to catch up. Using this the plan is to test long-term habitation in space with a visit to Gilly, as well as gather important scientific information to share with the space international group.” Critics of the plan and Cernan’s abandonment of first-generation Triton landings say that the wide reaching plan is trying to do too much, too quickly, and not for enough scientific gain. Amberger Kerman, a science journalist and leading skeptic, claims that the plans involve “both too much legacy hardware and too many new components. They threw out the stuff [Triton first-generation] that was working well, and want to replace it with equipment that have never been tested.” Many also express the opinion that the program cost too much, more than the barely acceptable Triton program, when that money could be used for safer, cheaper, and more investigative unkerballed craft, or just used on Kerbin instead of shot into space. Skeptics of the wide-reaching plan in the parliament that have expressed their opposition do not number enough to strike down the budget request. However, many are wary of Cernan’s decisions after the KSA decided to abandon Triton Munar landings in favor of service to Munar-orbiting space stations which will be supplied by a much-delayed Pegasus lander. Nonetheless, members of the scientific community and KSA are excited about the possibilities of this proposal.
  17. Hello, I have KSP 1.8, with kerbalism and CTT. Trying to get fuel cells to work, but they dont. The fuel cell says running, but there is no electricity generated. Also, the small pressurized containers seem to hold nothing. Any idea how i can fix this? Solar panels are 90 science, I can't get that without working fuel cells.
  18. An episodic account of the next great step. Index: I’m using obscene amounts of mods (my sig has the current number), but only a few should significantly alter how this Sandbox save and these missions play out: Engine Ignitor EVA Fuel FAR Improved Ablator (seriously nerfs heatshields) JNSQ Kerbal Construction Time Kiwi Tech Tree (part upgrades) Kerbalism on hard with my own profile KIS/KAS KoS KRASH Mandatory RCS Rational Resources RealChute Several home-made patches to nerf stuff that's too powerful/not the way I want it to be About a billion parts mods I’ve set a completely artificial deadline of Year 10, Day 0 for a Duna landing, the KCT settings so it takes 15 days to build a rocket, and will do things to the save as if there was political pressure from Kongress, like grounding kerballed flights for years at a time if something goes wrong and a crewmember is lost. That’s enough talking, have the actual introduction:
  19. Are there any mods for kerbalism that removes science time
  20. After deciding to get rid of my last 3 mission report threads I then decided to make a new one! Why do I do this to myself? But this time using Kerbalism! Why do I do this to myself? Kerbal Aerospace Rules: No reverting Quicksaves and quickloads are allowed Full difficulty Kerbalism Career mode Normal mode settings Mod list: Flag: Goals: Not change the mod list (a big problem of mine that leads to major bugs) Land on every planet and moon. Have bases on every planet and moon. Try not to kill the Kerbals. Try not to abandon this thread.
  21. So, I've come across a curious hiccup in the logs of this ... [LOG 20:13:42.805] [ModuleManager] Running post patch callbacks [LOG 20:13:42.836] [ModuleManager] Calling SolverEngines.EngineDatabase.ModuleManagerPostLoad() [LOG 20:13:42.848] [ModuleManager] Calling B9PartSwitch.B9TankSettings.ModuleManagerPostLoad() [LOG 20:13:42.853] Generating field configuration for type B9PartSwitch.TankType [LOG 20:13:42.862] Generating field configuration for type B9PartSwitch.TankResource [LOG 20:13:42.863] B9TankSettings: registered tank type LiquidFuel [LOG 20:13:42.863] B9TankSettings: registered tank type LFO [LOG 20:13:42.863] B9TankSettings: registered tank type MonoPropellant [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Battery [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyOre [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyWater [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyOxygen [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyHydrogen [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyH2O2 [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSupplyMaterialKits [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbLH2 [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbLH2O [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbLFOX [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbBalloon [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbBalloonLH2O [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbMonoProp [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSkylabLH2O [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSkylabLFOX [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type bdbSkylabLab [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPOxidizer [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPLiquidFuel [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPLFO [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPMonoPropellant [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPXenon [LOG 20:13:42.864] B9TankSettings: registered tank type FTPOre [LOG 20:13:42.957] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Food [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Water [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Supplies [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Waste [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type WasteWater [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Sewage [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Oxygen [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Nitrogen [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Hydrogen [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Ammonia [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type CarbonDioxide [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type XenonGas [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Uraninite [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExXenon [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExArgon [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExSupport [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExOre [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExH2Ow [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExLiquidFuel [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExOxidizer [LOG 20:13:42.958] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExLFO [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExMonoPropellant [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExBattery [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type KGExRocketParts [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type Oxidizer [ERR 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: The tank type XenonGas already exists [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type OX [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoA [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoC [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoH [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoHLOX [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoM [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoMLOX [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoN [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CryoO [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Ore [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_MetalOre [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Metal [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Ammonia [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_CarbonDioxide [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Hydrates [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Hydrogen [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Methane [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Nitrogen [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Oxygen [LOG 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Rock [LOG 20:13:42.960] B9TankSettings: registered tank type RR_Water The single error in it is ... [ERR 20:13:42.959] B9TankSettings: The tank type XenonGas already exists I've managed to track it down to a conflict between @Sir Mortimer Kerbalism and @linuxgurugamer OctoSat Continued. If I understand MM correctly, it processes patches alpha-numerically. So, Kerbalism's patch ... \GameData\KerbalismConfig\Support\B9PartSwitch.cfg B9_TANK_TYPE { name = XenonGas tankMass = 0.00010627500 tankCost = 0.25 primaryColor = Manilla RESOURCE { name = XenonGas unitsPerVolume = 85 // see https://www.cobham.com/mission-systems/composite-pressure-solutions/space-systems/xenon-propellant-tank-datasheet/ } } ... is being applied before NSSOcto's patch ... C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\KSPwin64-1.9.1\GameData\NSS\TextureSwitch\B9TankTypes.cfg B9_TANK_TYPE { name = XenonGas title = #autoLOC_501003 //#autoLOC_501003 = Xenon Gas tankMass = 0.0005 tankCost = 0.25 RESOURCE { name = XenonGas unitsPerVolume = 15.7142 } } ... which is subsequently being thrown away. So, the question is who to use and how? Can we add :NEEDS[!####] to one or the other? (I'll be dropping this thread in the respective addon threads.)
  22. Right, let's give this a go, shall we? This mission report will chronicle the (mis)adventures of yours truly, a mediocre KSP player, and the stupid intrepid kerbs of my budding space program. I originally intended this post to be a one-shot Jool-5 with Kerbalism, but I figured I had better become semi-knowledgeable in its workings first, lest I send many kerbonauts to their inglorious deaths. Depending on how far I get I may actually attempt the Jool-5—but who knows. Modlist (1.9.1) can be found here. Self-imposed rules: Reverting and quickloading are only allowed in case of Kraken encounter. HyperEdit is also allowed in such an event, but should be used if absolutely necessary. Any kerbonaut losses due to Kerbalism malfunctions and/or operator error are final. Boo-freakin'-hoo. With all that out of the way, let's get started! Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Project MinMun
  23. Hi guys, what do you think about this design? It's meant to be used Apollo-style with the lander going on the surface and docking back on the mothership. Total dV: 8,233 I would like to aerebrake to save up some fuel entering Duna Orbit. But i never did it before. I'm so bad in making graphics but Kronal Vessel Viewer is so dope. The launch stage brings the payload on LKO pretty easily. Its basically 2 Stages, Solid Boosters and Mamooth. Mamooth firing from the launch too. The lander is meant to be small and light, no science there. Tested: can land with chutes only and get back on Duna orbit around 80km. I'm using Deepfreeze module to..... survive Kerbalism! I have almost 60 days of total life support to do science and manual flight operations. All modules have 100% shielding. The service bay module has a lot of KOS computers (i play multiplayer with a friends who connects thru Kos terminal and play as mission control), life support and science. As Apollo teaches: mothership docks the lander, not viceversa. i'm not totally satisfied of the mothership, i could do better, but this one seems working. it gives me 4000 km/s dv from LKO, seems enough for the travel, isn't it? Thanks!
  24. I am trying to install kerbalism on KSP, however it comes without install instructions. I have downloaded the file, but am unsure as to what I need to do next.
  25. For those who fell in pursuit of science (Tellumo on Kerbalism) A picture heavy story of the voyage to Tellumo on Kerbalism. Lest we not forget those who have fallen in the name of science. Chapter 1: What came before Chapter 2: The Jebediah Chapter 3: Sights and sighs Chapter 4: And so it begins Chapter 5: Breaks and mistakes Chapter 6: Arrivals Chapter 7: Redecorating Chapter 8: Exploring Chapter 9: Local fireworks Chapter 10: The flight of the Eagle Chapter 11: The Jade Diver Chapter 12: Radiation Chapter 13: Going home Chapter 14: Riding the storm
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