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  1. It's hard to make it more obvious Benjee. (Also, I'm sure you know, but Estreet is working on SDLVs of their own so coordination would be good)
  2. @CobaltWolfI hate to post this a third time, but a version of the LFV without the chair and with a top node would be incredibly useful for bashing. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Could this shrink to something suitable for the Orion-lite concept? (unfortunately all renditions of it are literally fan-fiction)
  4. Just having a giant lander stage means that there's a lot of new stuff you can do with bases. <warning: a fair few pictures>
  5. 4 SNAP-19s produce 155 W of power. These solar arrays provide 5,000 watts (at 1 AU I think? A skim of the doc doesn't say), and the following table includes their assumptions about power use: So at 5 of these, they'd want 5,200 watts of power -- close enough. It seems to me like 19720021177 could be a later revision of the same general design: (Although box with solar panel wings is certainly the subject of a lot of convergent evolution)
  6. Regardless of the IRL feasibility of the full concept, a mini SM like this for Apollo Jr. would be a lot of fun. Mercury retropack vibes. @CobaltWolf is this possible?
  7. https://github.com/blowfishpro/B9PartSwitch/wiki https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki Looking at what other people do is also a great way to learn.
  8. If this worked in the first place, it works now. No parts have changed in that area. But I’d personally take this kind of patch as an example (along with the great B9PS documentation) to learn for yourself when patches don’t exist/are outdated. It’s not that difficult if you take a stab at it.
  9. Those aren’t up to date at all, of course, and were never finished. You can look at Kiwi Tech Tree and Skyhawk Science System for modern contemporaries, S^3 is still in dev. (also, use they for me, thanks)
  10. So I suspect what the problem is here, but could we first get a picture of what's happened to your spaceplane? If you don't know, you can press F1, then go to your <KSP install directory>/Screenshots.
  11. It is true that there are no official BDB waterfall configs. The ones discussed here (imho, not to diminish the work done in them!) need a LOT of work to meet the RealPlume versions in terms of quality. I have seen some interesting solutions that are hybrids of particles and meshes, but I don’t think they’re quite ready.
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