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[1.12.x] Artemis Construction Kit | Stockalike Orion & SLS | v1.4.0 | (Lockheed lander!)


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Artemis Construction Kit | V1.4.0 | Stockalike Orion Spacecraft & Space Launch System



Artemis Construction Kit contains parts inspired by NASA's Artemis program, specifically the Orion Spacecraft and Space Launch System Block 1, 1B & 2, as well as lunar lander parts based on the Lockheed single-stage lander proposal. 


Key features:

  • Highly detailed recreation of the Orion capsule & service module in a Kerbalized style
  • Space Launch System Core Stage, ICPS (courtesy of Bluedog Design Bureau), Boosters (courtesy of Photon Corp) & Main Engines (courtesy of Rocket Motor Menagerie) 
  • Exploration Upper Stage & other SLS Block 1B parts
  • SLS Block 2 advanced boosters (BOLE)
  • Modular abort system, including boost cover, abort motor, jettison motor and solid-fuelled attitude motor
  • Lockheed lander-inspired Kerbal Landing System
  • Full capsule interior
  • Highly customisable, including multiple colour variants for the capsule and length variants for service module
  • Adjustable sweep solar arrays with built-in 'selfie' cameras (requires Breaking Ground DLC)
  • Waterfall support
  • Neptune Camera support
  • Craft files provided
  • Adapters to standard sizes (2.5m, 3.125m and 3.75m)



Capsule available in white, black and reflective silver foil variants


Variable sweep solar arrays


Fully functional Abort system with waterfall plumes



Custom drogue and main parachutes - available both as combined parts to fit the capsule, and standalone parts for your own creations. Translucent shaders provided by Shaddy



Detailed custom IVA


Secondary Download (GitHub)


This mod has B9PartSwitch, Animated Decouplers, DeployableEngines, Community Resource Pack, Simple Adjustable Fairings and ModuleManager as dependencies, all of which are bundled with the mod. My mods Benjee10 Shared Assets and HabTechProps are also bundled - these contain the parts for the docking port/OMS engine and props for the IVA respectively.

Waterfall is fully supported, so if you have this installed you will get much nicer plumes all engines/RCS parts included! Configs were created by Rodg88 - the abort motor FX are particularly spectacular!

Shaddy and Shabby will give the parachutes much more realistic translucent shaders. 


While this mod is designed for KSP 1.12.3, it should be backwards compatible with previous versions, though I will not be providing official support for any issues prior to 1.12. If you are using a previous KSP version you will need to find version-appropriate downloads of the required dependencies. 

This mod uses parts from other mods, namely Bluedog Design Bureau, Photon Corp, and Rocket Motor Menagerie. If any of these mods are installed a MM patch will ensure compatibility and prevent conflicts. You can safely install and uninstall any of these mods, as well as pruning parts of this mod out. 

Recommended mods:

Conformal Decals for slapping that giant red worm logo down the side for some reason





^ amazing screenshots by @Pioneer_Steve - thank you <3 

Future plans:



  • Orion Spacecraft by Benjee10
  • SLS core stage & EUS by DylanSemrau & Benjee10
  • ICPS & RL-10 engine by CobaltWolf & Zorg
  • RS-25 Main Engine by EStreetRockets
  • Waterfall configs by Rodg88
  • Additional mesh work by InvaderChaos
  • Community Category Kit implementation by Lennon




All rights reserved. Dependencies bundled under their respective licenses. 

Edited by benjee10
Fixed image embeds
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6 hours ago, obnox twin said:

I played with the dev version finally the full release can't wait to try the release version. Does anyone know how to make IVAs with raster prop moniter/ASET stuff as I might try and create ASET/Raster version if its okay with Benjee

if you get the okay you should also do it for SOCK

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2 minutes ago, GoldForest said:

Hey! Timer traveler! You posted your picks 3 hours early! SLS hasn't launched yet!

lol, but seriously, that almost looks like a real photograph.

Haha! Cheers Gold, your pics are always a pleasure to look at.

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