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  1. This looks absolutely amazing!! I wonder, are there any plans for potential landing gear leveling mechanism for the LM, as seen in the SheLab report? I understand if that is too complex however, just a interesting thought.
  2. I tried doing a space station in orbit to study samples. However it seems to study to a certain amount, then fill up the hard drive. Once it fills up it stops the laboratory from studying anymore, transmits the rest of the data, and doesn't restart. So I have to *manually* transit the data from my space station every single time it fills up. Since it only has 500 mb capacity and the samples are about 8gb, this is obviously bad. Does anyone have a fix?
  3. Earth looks really weird in my save with some strange glitches. Continents disappear everytime they rotate over this one place, its near where it turns dusk, and also it glows like the sun is rising even though it isn't up yet in the part prior to morning. Is this a KSRSS issue or scatterer/EVE/rescale/etc issue? In the spoiler you can see the issues, the daylight picture the entire America's is missing, you can see Japan on the left. And no it isn't just the Pacific Ocean
  4. Find it ironic that NASA ended up infatuated with hydro-lox technology, going so far to use them almost primarily alongside SRB's, and the fact that the DOD came to heavily rely on Centaur. But I suppose once it is realized how useful it is, why not switch! Also, unrelated, I absolutely love the S-IV stage with the S-V on top. Looks great! I am just sad I can't find a use for it in my sandbox game rp'ing as the USA, the S-IVB is just... TOO good lol
  5. OMG this looks so good!! I have some questions. What are those tiny engines on the bottom? And how do you add the awesome decals? It really makes it look so real...
  6. One thing I love about this mod is the new alternative history upper stages like the Shuttle/Centaur and Agena-SOT. If you were in charge of NASA, would you have chosen a reusable Agena-SOT as a interim Space Tug or an expendable Centaur as a high energy upper stage for the Space Shuttle? (If there were plans for a reusable Centaur, let me know!) Info for Agena: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/19740024172/downloads/19740024172.pdf Info for Centaur, or atleast the RL-10: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20150008246/downloads/20150008246.pdf?attachment=true
  7. Thanks! I restarted my mod list and got it working. Not sure what has broken it, but I probably wouldn't have restarted my mods if you hadn't recommended it, was close to giving up on the mod. Luckily I find installing mods rather relaxing so it works out Thanks again!
  8. Absolutely loving this so far, just caught up reading all the posts. I'm trying to copy your mod list now because it has a lot of good stuff!! I just had a quick question as well. How did you get Kerbal Konstructs working? I have KSRSS and Katniss Cape Canaveral, but Ctrl-K does nothing and all the buildings are in the default position. Honestly I have no idea what I am doing wrong... if you knew anything I would love to hear a fix, but otherwise keep up the good work! I am eagerly looking forward to the next entry.
  9. Thank you SO much for writing this up. I love thinking alternate space histories and play this game to live them and posts like these are my crack. I loved it. Really appreciate it!
  10. Launch vehicle aside (there were plenty of Saturn MLV proposals that could fit the bill for you so I don't get the criticism on that front, and in my opinion they would of moved to a direct ascent if the budget permitted it) probably not any landing specific parts but I do remember there being a J-2 engine with RL-10 vernier engines that was in development IIRC. I think that was proposed as a lander engine so you could use that, and mixed with fairings and radially attached fuel tanks get a good looking direct lander.
  11. Sorry if I was not clear on my post, I am aware I *can* make LDC hydrolox and with the engines that run on hydrolox it could work. I was just curious if that would be realistic, something they could do in reality, or would there not be much point.
  12. Sorry if this is a bit offtopic for the mod itself, but I was reading the unofficial mod wiki and read on the LDC page... I am greatly curious about alternate space history (and like to play them in KSP with this mod C: ), and was wondering if anyone knew what those heavier payloads might be? Larger space stations like Salyut? Or something else. Or maybe they just proposed the rocket without any idea of the payload, which is entirely possible ;P Also, does anyone think a Hydrolox LDC variant would be realistic, or would development be too much?
  13. I'm no developer but I can predict that it most likely will be; a Saturn MLV with 5 F-1A engines and 4 AJ260X solid rocket boosters attached is just a bonkers amount of thrust... I honestly can't see a reason for needing a bigger rocket! Not to mention the possibility of using the available space in the S-IC stage to increase fuel or even stretch it further, plus extending the upper stages to increase Delta-V further. You can get an insanely powerful rocket this way.
  14. Saturn MLV with uprated engines has enough power to be a Nova class craft, especially if you add the boosters, so custom parts for a Nova are not needed nor realistic IMO. IIRC it was merely a study of a type of craft but with the development of Saturn they realized they could just uprate the existing rocket line.
  15. Sorry to ask if this has been asked before, but are there any plans for the Saturn 1-D? I think a stage and a half Saturn would be really cool! I understand if not though, modelling and getting it to work would be a pain. Just curious! C:
  16. Hello again, sorry I did install the mod with CKAN then manually. But I feel stupid because the reason it isn't working is likely obvious: I am using KSRSS. I honestly forgot about that, somehow. But that is the likely reason. Sorry for wasting time.
  17. Sorry to bother, I have all the mods and dependancies but CTRL-K does nothing, even when I am a craft on the launchpad. When I go to the base menu in the VAB I only see the KSC launchpad and nothing else, and no other locations show up on the map. Pretty much nothing is changed. What is going wrong?
  18. I don't believe you can attach parts to extendable portions and have it work. You could try connecting it to a hydraulic piston, however.
  19. I do! That must be it. That is a really big shame, they are both such good mods. I will just not use that solar panel then. Thank you.
  20. Hello! I am having an issue that I have no way to describe, does anyone know what is going on here? I have all dependencies installed. Using other mods, if that may cause this strange issue.
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