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  1. As RSS, KSRSS is a mod intended to transform the stock solar system into the real solar system, but at stock size, with the objective to let you explore the solar system without many mods necessary in a RSS save. Also, we worked hard to make every body of the system pretty and unique. For example, with KSRSS, you can find dust storms on Mars, geysers on Enceladus, snow at the pole of the Earth and many other things. New feature in 0.7 : Contract Pack ! A contract pack is now included in KSRSS. They replace the stock exploration contracts. You need Contract Configurator or the contracts won’t appear. A “Probe before kerbal” tech tree is highly recommended. Here are some of our recommendations : SIMPLEX Tech Tree TETRIX Tech Tree Kiwi Tech Tree Probes Before Crew Pics DragonFly on Titan by @Zarbon44: DV Map Size x1 (default) Size 2.5x Installation and Download Soon Recommended mods Kronometer - Fix the ingame clock so one year = one actual year. Also fixes the day definition in x2.5. CapeKanaveral - Adds Cape Canaveral in KSRSS. ONLY FOR x2.5 KSRSS. BetterTimeWarp - Warp faster Compatible mods KSRSS is compatible with: CRP RationalResources FAR Kerbalism KopernicusExpansion (footprints) DistantObjectEnhancement PlanetShine KSC-Switcher Kerbalism RemoteTech FinalFrontier ResearchBodies Scatterer EVE SigmaBinary KSCExtended FAQ Q: I want Pluto and Charon to be a binary system. A : Install Sigma Binary. Q: Is this a continuation of SSRSS? A: It’s not. The idea is the same, but SSRSS is a rescale of RSS. KSRSS is a completely independent mod. Q: Are you looking for translators? A: We are! Currently, KSRSS is available in English and in French. The Chinese translation is incomplete, and we are missing the other languages. If you want to help with translation, join our discord : https://discord.gg/DDENnkn Q: I found a bug, how do I report it? A: Post a message in this thread with: a screenshot of the problem (if applicable), a screenshot of your GameData folder, your KSP version and your KSP.log (you can find it in your KSP folder) Do not paste the KSP.log here, upload the file to a sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox, …) and send the link here. Make sure the link is public. KSRSS is made by : Tony48 Kierra Fitz Natsukira Invaderchaos With contributions by : Rezza CapCom KerbalSpaceChallenge XCM42-Orion Special Thanks : sDaZe and Galileo - For creating and maintaining SSRSS, the first mod to make a stock scaled real solar system in KSP, and what inspired us to make KSRSS. Gameslinx - For developing Parallax and helping us with the configs RTB, prestja, Thomas P and other Kopernicus contributors - For making planet modding possible NathanKell and the RSS Team - For making RSS and the textures we are using for KSRSS. License and legal stuff Source code : https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/tree/megapack
  2. Welcome back! Introduction: Almost two years ago, I began a thread titled "Chasing Dreams: A Kerbalized Shuttle Alt-history." I was proud of it at the time, but I put it on hiatus after about 6 months of work on it due to my subpar writing skills. I was also pretty bad at the game, all things considered. However, I believe at this time I am ready to restart work on CD - beginning fresh and with many new ideas and better builds to bring to the table. I've been promising and teasing this update for awhile on my twitter and here it finally is. I hope you enjoy the remake as much as you enjoyed the first one. Special Thanks: @AmateurAstronaut1969for inspiration with his Eye's Turned Skyward SSF thread. @Jackticalfor more inspiration with their Space Station Liberty thread. @Jay The Amazing Toasterfor their amazing Kānāwai: Ares to Mars @Antiperson & Marc for being huge sources of help for turning this alt-history into something I am proud of. @TruthfulGnome& @DG1for convincing me to do this originally, and thank you to Truthful especially for coming up with the name. The Space Shuttle Adventures thread & the ISS Adventures thread All of the mod developers that made this possible. Mission List:
  3. "Unwavering Ambitions" Intro: For about a month or two now, I've been researching and planning an alternate history of my own, and I've got to the point that I'm happy to start sharing it. It will focus on many space programmes of the world, but the most radically changed one will be Britain's. I also want to make the disclaimer that I'm mostly doing this for fun, so please don't take anything of this too seriously as it won't be the most realistic at times. Thanks to: @TalverdFor inspiration with Chasing Dreams @TruthfulGnomeFor inspiration with NSoD and giving me some very useful information on some of my stupid ideas @AmateurAstronaut1969 and Aaron for helping provide information on British spaceflight The many members of KC for providing plenty of helpful documents and encouragement Mercury-Atlas 6, on it's final orbit of the Earth. Mission List:
  4. Hi all, this is my first post on the forums but I'd like to bring to you something I have been working on for a while. This is One Giant Leap, an alternate history of not only the Space/Moon Race, but into the Shuttle era and Space Exploration as a whole. KSP is the medium through which I'm telling this so I felt putting it here was more suitable. I'll start at the beginning and try to keep this updated (hopefully). August 7th, 1964: The Giant Has Better Things To Do. By 3 votes, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is blocked in Congress, thousands of protestors had gathered on Capitol Hill to protest the fact that this bill had even made it this far. But their efforts were not in vain, President Johnson would not get the authority "to take any measures he believed were necessary to retaliate and to promote the maintenance of international peace and security in southeast Asia." In other words, the United States will not intervene in Vietnam, instead, the United States will look upwards, to the stars, peaceful exploration, for the good of mankind. Although the Soviets had a head-start, placing Yuri Gagarin into space on April 12th, 1961, the US was quick to respond, sending Alan Shepard into space not a month later on May 5th, 1961. Despite the delays and setbacks, NASA is hopeful the fledgling Gemini program will finally pull the US ahead of the Soviet Union, shifting the balance of power in the Space Race. But in the distance, Apollo looms, the late President Kennedy's goal has not been forgotten, the United States will put a man on The Moon before the end of the 1960s. Dawn of Gemini: The Titan II GLV launches the first Gemini spacecraft on Gemini 1, marking the beginning of NASA's new crewed spaceflight program.
  5. Freedom Hello, Kerbonauts! Before the International Space Station, there was Space Station Freedom and Space Station Mir 2. Freedom was the next proposed American space station, which was basically the ISS without the Russian Orbital Segment, with some key differences. Mir was the next proposed space station for Russia as well. But instead of these countries making their own stations, we collaborated and made the ISS instead. You can learn a lot more about the station on it's Wikipedia page here. I will be recreating Space Station Freedom, in my own interpretation. My missions will be shared with the community via headings explaining the mission, screenshots with captions, dialog, among other ways. I was inspired to make this because of these amazing people and threads: @Jay The Amazing Toaster's Kānāwai: Ares to Mars thread, showing what could have happened if the Constellation Program wasn't cancelled. @Kuiper_Belt's ISS Adventures thread; shows off nearly every flight for the ISS up to STS-115 I believe. @AmateurAstronaut1969's Space Station Freedom; a great Freedom thread from ETS. @Jacktical's Space Station Liberty; another great Freedom interpretation, which I was heavily inspired by to make the ROAVs. Essential Mods: Shuttle Stack/Freedom: Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit - Orbiter parts. O.R.A.N.G.E.S. - External Tank parts. PhotonCorp - 4 segment RSRB parts. Rocket Motor Menagerie - New RS-25 parts. Modular Launch Pads - Fixed Service Structure/Rotating Service Structure parts. HabTech2 - United States Orbital Segment of the International Space Station parts, with some parts for Freedom too. SOCK Recolored, SOCK Repainted - Makes the Orbiter look prettier, and gives the right paint for the different ones you use. Conformal Decals - Text and flags I place on the orbiters and ROAV 2. reDIRECT - External tanks + SSMEs used in older missions. Visuals/Miscellaneous: EVE, Scatterer, Waterfall/RSMP, TUFX - Clouds, atmospheric scattering, pretty engine plumes, and post-processing. Kerbal Sized Real Solar System - Replaces the stock Kerbol system with the Real Solar System, 1/4 of real scale (2.7x larger than stock). WIP download is on page 56. Katniss Cape Canaveral for KSRSS - Adds a realistic Cape Canaveral to the KSRSS planet pack. Restock/Restock+ - Seen on the ROAV; Revamps a HUGE chunk of and fills in many gaps in the stock parts. RocketSoundEnhancement - I know you can't notice this at all in my screenies, but I really still want it here for how incredibly fantastic of a mod it is. It overhauls nearly all sounds in the game, making them sound 20,000x cooler and more realistic. It even adds sounds that were not in the game before like parts scraping along the hull, wheels rubbing on the ground, rotors from the Breaking Ground DLC, among many others. One of my favorite KSP mods (if not, no doubt my favorite KSP mod) of all time. As of my latest mission, I am using a modified TUFX profile made by @Pioneer_Steve. Modifications include the addition of ambient occlusion, antialiasing, auto exposure, bloom, motion blur, and color tweaks. Older missions used a modified TUFX profile by @ballisticfox0; modifications included antialiasing, faster auto exposure, motion blur, color tweaks, etc. My TUFX profiles can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1o0LYjXPP0P2pRbT6JBXGH28WWFtivsaR?usp=sharing Just drag and drop the 'Toaster355 TUFX Profiles' file into your 'gamedata' folder. Enjoy my screenshots!
  6. Note: GGE and GGE-Moons are now integrated with KSRSS! Unlike most mods I can send a thousand screenshots and you still won't understand the beauty of this mod. So here's two videos! Still confused? This mod includes a variety of other features such as: -16k Textures with 6 bands for Jupiter. -16k Textures with 8 bands for Saturn. -10k Rings for Saturn. -4k Textures for Uranus with 4 bands. -8k Textures for Neptune with 5 bands. -All bands utilize UV Noise causing them to wiggle and move over time. -Tilt for Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. -New optional rings for Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. -Scatterer fixes for KSRSS's gas giants. -Fixes Titan in KSRSS. -Full revamps of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Gallery bellow Compatibility This mod is not standalone is designed to work with other visual packs. In other words this mod works with other visual packs. This mod is also designed to be compatible with both RSS and KSRSS with no additional patches needed. Download | LATEST RELEASE 0.6 Primary -https://github.com/ballisticfox/GasGiantsEnhanced/releases/tag/v0.6 Backup/CKAN - https://spacedock.info/mod/2969/Gas Giants Enhanced Notice & Licensing This mod is still very "tech-demoish". Gameplay friendliness is not completely guaranteed and you may have serious performance hits using this mod. This mod is license under CC-BY-NC-SA. You may use textures in this mod. Credit must be given. May not redistribute textures for commercial purposes. Must be under CC-BY-NC-SA. Credits files are provided in each texture set, if you want to use the textures, just throw the credits from the folder into your texture folder. Want more? The final plan of this mod is to completely remake all current gas giant moons and add more minor moons.
  7. Katniss'sCapeCanaveral for KSRSS This is a fork to @Katniss218's amazing Cape Canaveral mod massive thanks to them for allowing me to release this! Link to original mod: [1.8.1/1.10.1] Katniss's Cape Canaveral - RSS - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums Everything in this belongs to them! do not thank me for anything This adds the Cape and all of it's pads to the KSRSS system at the right scale Not Compatible with KSC Extended, rogers Cape Kanaveral, or any other KK Mod. Download Truthfulll/KatnisssCapeCanaveral-KSRSS: Katniss's Cape Canaveral for KSRSS Reborn (github.com) Dependencies: Tundra Space Center Kerbal-Konstructs KSRSS Reborn OSSNTR Aurora Space Center Recommended: Modular Launch Pads Variants: Retro: 60s - 90s era of Cape Canaveral Modern: 2010s - 2020s era of Cape Canaveral (Not Finished) Pics credit: @Talverd
  8. DOWNLOADS Spacedock | Github Require Mods: Kerbal Konstructs Omega's Stockalike Structures Tundra's Space Center Pics New Parts: Launch Pad 1
  9. KASA: REBORN Heya! I'm Apempathy, but you can call me Ap. This is KASA: Reborn, a community project created and hosted by myself, centered around an alternate history timeline that begins in the year 2014. However, KASA: Reborn is unlike other projects in that it is powered by its participants. In KASA: Reborn, each participant (besides myself) controls a private spaceflight corporation, and through the Discord server that serves as the "hub" of the project, can compete in launch and design contracts, build up and launch their own private projects, and contribute to the overarching storyline of the space agency KASA, which is controlled by yours truly. At the time of making this post, the KASA Discord server has over 130 members, and over a dozen active participants. Currently, we're in the year 2024 in the timeline, but that doesn't stop you from joining if you'd like! The link to the Discord should be at the bottom of this post (if I remember to put it there...), and you may feel free to join in on the fun at any time to spectate, or even become a participant yourself! Now, as for the purpose of this forum thread, I'm essentially going to be posting a "recap" of sorts of every year in the KASA: Reborn timeline, starting in 2014. That way, those of you who would like to just read through the storyline as if it was a typical alternate history story can do so. However, I will note that it is quite difficult for me to include everything that happens, as KASA: Reborn is a very eventful project. So, this thread will just have the most important/notable timeline events. To see everything, it's best to join the Discord server. And hey, who knows, maybe I'll stick some other KASA-related stuff in here eventually! Finally, before I get out of here, there's just a couple of other things I would like to mention: 1. KASA: Reborn, as the name suggests, is not the first iteration of KASA. It's actually the third, but it serves as a sort of spiritual "sequel" to what we call "KASA Season 1", which was the very first. KASA Season 1 was also created by yours truly, and lasted from December 2021 to July 2022. KASA: Reborn began in October 2022 and has lasted ever since. Season 1 followed a completely different alternate history timeline than Reborn, and I may actually end up making a similar thread for Season 1 someday, if there's enough interest! 2. I also have a YouTube channel, where I post some long-form cinematics relating to KASA! It would really mean the world to me if you checked it out, as I've worked quite hard on them and I'm still looking for ways to improve my skills. So if you're interested in that kind of stuff, the link to my channel will be alongside the Discord invite link. Alright, I think that just about covers it, but if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I will answer! So now, without further ado... Let the story begin. Discord: discord.gg/kasaksp YouTube: Apempathy MOST RECENT CINEMATIC:
  10. Abandoned for the new release
  11. Modular KSRSS/SSRSS What does this mod do? This mod splits up RSS / KSRSS and makes them stock size, for example: If you just want the Earth and Mun, you can! What planets do you plan on including? I plan on adding support for most RSS planets. Check the Road Map below for more information Is this mod hard to run? Yes and no. Because of the textures it can be pretty ram intensive, but since it's only one body being highly edited you should have more fps than usual RSS or KSRSS. Does it have clouds and scatterer support? Of course! Both are included. Where are the clouds from? Here Massive thank you to Adiri, Astronomer, Themaster401 and the KSRSS Team for helping me out. Please read the README for licenses and other things: cfgs are CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 while all textures are all rights reserved to the original owners provided in the README, thank you! MERCURY INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Mercury: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED VENUS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Venus: Here -Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE EARTH INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Earth: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download EVE: Here - Download Scatterer: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED AND ONLY SUPPORT 16K Earth and 43K clouds. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE MOON INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download The Moon: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED MARS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Mars: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE JUPITER INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Jupiter: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE SATURN INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Saturn: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE URANUS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Uranus: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE NEPTUNE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Neptune: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE PLUTO INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Pluto: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE SPECIAL THANKS: ROADMAP: EARTH CHANGELOG: MOON CHANGELOG: VENUS CHANGELOG: MERCURY CHANGELOG: MARS CHANGELOG: JUPITER CHANGELOG: SATURN CHANGELOG:
  12. Wherein we execute a fictitious Apollo mission. Most images are 2560 x 1440 when expanded. Mods used should be fairly obvious. Official type objectives and milestones Shelter launch Rover launch Crew launch Arrivals and landings Surface operations Departure Arrival Fin.
  13. ( This is my first thread BTW ) In this thread I'll post a mission in a while ( as exams are approaching ) , From the start of the space center , the first orbital launch , The moon , mars and beyond. Note : The names of the rockets are in Arabic but written in English , like : Qamar : Moon Marikh : Mars Timsah : Alligator ( It's a bit strange as my name bank is going bankrupt ) Al-nisr : The eagle Al-Zahif : The crawler Other names will be added once the mission planning start. All my rockets : Awake 1 ( super-fast satellite launcher ) , Awake 1 heavy ( slightly discontinued ) , Awake 2 ( this was a complete failure ) , Qamar 1 (moon rocket , failed for structural problem) , Qamar 2 , Qamar 2 ? There wasn't even a design about it There is now but it's still under contruction , Qamar 3 ( moon rocket , failed because the second stage engine was insufficient ) Qamar 4 ( moon rocket , pending launch ) Planned : Qamar 5 Crew block 1 , Qamar 5 crew block 2 , Qamar 5 crew block 3 , Qamar 5 cargo block 1 , Qamar 5 cargo block 2 , Marikh 1 ( a mars transport rocket , for rovers and stuff ) , Awake 1 crew
  14. I was wondering if there were other launch sites compatible with KSRSS or a pack like with RSS.
  15. Kratos The Successor to Ariane IV Kratos ahead of her maiden flight Kratos is the newest launch vehicle developed and operated by Arianespace for the European Space Agency (ESA). Kratos will begin operations in 1991, and replace the Ariane IV. The Kratos-S (Standard) variant can carry up to 21 Metric Tons to LEO. For more demanding missions to further out destinations, such as a probe, the variant Kratos-E (Expanded) is available. The Kratos-E features a 3rd stage called "Loki" Named after the God of power; Kratos represents the strength, might and power of ESA. With a new launch capabilty, ESA aims to become a strong force in the launch market. Both Launchers have a long and short fairing variant, identified by an 'S' or 'L' following the Kratos type. For example: 'Kratos-SS' A standard Kratos with a short fairing 'Kratos-EL' An expanded Kratos with a long fairing The system was designed as an expendable heavy-lift space launch vehicle. Standing 68m tall and 5.4m wide, it is comparable to Atlas V, Ariane 5 and Proton rocket. The system is powered by hydrogen and oxygen. Now for the stats: First Stage: 10 Vulcain 2 engines with a combined thrust of 13590kN and a burn time of 103s. Second Stage: 6 HM7B engines with a combined thrust of 373.2kN and a burn time of 361s. Third Stage (Loki): 1 HM7B engine with a thrust of 62.2kN and a burn time of 748 s. This new launch vehicle features a more modern look than the previous Ariane rockets. Sleek white with the classic blue ESA colour for accents. This new launch vehicle is soon to hit the market and the launch pad too. And for the first time, you the readers will have a say in its future career... You can book a flight to launch your own mission on Kratos. As long as the mission is 1) Based in the real world 2) possible and plausible, I will launch it for free and make its own post on this forum. This idea allows me to share the magic of good looking rockets and ksp images to people who maybe cannot do it themselves. It also gives me something to launch, I'm tired of ore tanks lol So send me your missions, I can't wait to make them! Book here! PS: By the way, I go to school so getting the missions out could be a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, just depends how busy i am. PS PS: Timeline of launches is not chronological, could jump from 1995 to 2012 Mission List
  16. From Ground To Sky By SixAndAHalfMen From Ground To Sky Is an Alternate History verging after the Apollo 17 Mission. Instead of the apollo program ending and skylab starting with George McGovern winning the 1972 election and shortly later increasing NASA's budget. After NASA's sizeable budget increase, the main objective is to put a sustained human presence on the moon. which brings us to... 1973 WIP
  17. MOD ABANDONED Hello and welcome to my thread of a visual Overhaul for ksrss mod this is intended to work and was not tested on 1.8.1 on the experimental dev build of ksrss and future 1.10x versions found here https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS download link below Download Link Here For release1 and many more you have to switch the branch to the name of the release Newest releases here: Kve High /64k cubemaps Kve Medium /48k cubemaps Kve Low /32K cubemaps For all KsRss players to enjoy! also this was mostly made on demand by a user i wont discuss Discord closed this mod requires scatterer and eve to work correctly Also some lag on the ground but when ksp starts to render orbit scene it goes to your normal performance Credit to @TruthfulGnome for getting the images Credits: ksrssve : @tony48 RVE64K : @pingopete EVO textures : @itsjust Kve adds atm : Rve64k scatterer effects rve64K clouds DownScaled 48K earth land cubemaps What Kve will add in the future : max 64K Terrain textures for everything possible higher quality terrains for all planets/moons possible Near-Real life visuals the best performance for quality promised with full mod in the future it could have 5 gb of data Follow development Here! https://trello.com/b/oxtsz6KC/kve-dev License : CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  18. The sun, like always, rises to the east of the Space Center on... Earth? This is not Kerbin, but instead its larger, wetter cousin. With only one moon and a higher atmosphere, it will more of a challenge to go to space today. But the Kerbals will persist, with boosters and courage and stupidity and boosters! Welcome to the... JNSQ KSRSS Space Race! Hi all! You may remember me from the original JNSQ Space Race, where after technical issues I played the Dressian National Rocketry Association. We're doing it again, but this time in a 2.5x scaled KSRSS, for added Flavour™. Rules are similar to last time: -Career Mode -Medium difficulty +Require Signal For Control -Mods encouraged, as long as they're not cheaty -Reverts and quicksaves Are permitted, but don't abuse them. This is mostly for fending off the Kraken, let your doomed machinations tumble to the ground! These rules will be updated as the race nears its beginning However, other rules such as progression and the scoring system, tech tree mods, contruction time, lifesupport etc. are yet to be decided, as I'd like to have you input on that first! The competitors are as follows: 1. The Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation The NDSF is an organisation founded by eccentric businesskerbs Nertia (not at all related to the excellent modder and KSP2 Dev of a similar name) and Eeloon Kerman. It began when the pair were out on what their agents call a 'Danger Trip' (I think some of them are still hyperventilating) in which they discovered the ruins of the old DNRA facility. There they found an old Imperial Dressian flag, bleached by the sun and torn from wind-strewn rubble and inquisitive wildlife. Judging from what remained of the facility around it, this flag was originally destined for the surface of the Moon, but it was a destiny that was never realised due to the demise of the DNRA... until now. Nertia and Eeloon knew that they needed to take the Kerbals to space once again... For realsies, this time! To this end, the Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation was formed. Similarly to the DNRA before it, it sported the national flag of the Dressian Confederacy, but as most of its funding came right out of Nertia's own Gluon Corporation, its logo was plastered front-and-center of the NDSF's flag. While it still recieved government subsidies, the NDSF was far less reliant on them than the DNRA, this hopefully meant it could take a few hits financially before it went under. 2. Space Agency of the Western Hemisphere (SAoWH) It's known for its long acronyms and lack of creativity in naming, and every rocket, spacecraft, kerbal, station and base will have long acronyms as their names. Despite its name, it's actually just a small country that forgot its own name throughout its history and is now called "Small country in the west of earth" with SCiWE as its acronym. The naming schemes in this country always cause troubles in international relations. Even though it is a very small and unimportant country, its space technology is surprisingly advanced. The race will begin when we have enough people, and once some of the above rules have been agreed upon. So go forth, and form your own space agencies!
  19. Hi, I just installed KSRSS and all the dependencies and stuff, and I used Sigma Dimensions for 2.5x rescale, but there was a bug on startup! I can't upload the KSP.log and Logs/Kopernicus file, and I couldn't find the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file in my KSP directory.
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