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  1. hiya @DeltaDizzy I left you a github issue without knowing if you see github issues ...
  2. Hello, and thanks again for sharing this! I'm noticing this on my system and wanted to ask about it. In the first shot below, the telescope is the TST Deep Space Telescope looking at Neptune (ksrss). The target marker is smack dab in the middle of the frame. The 2nd picture is JWST also looking at Neptune, but as you can see the target is off-center. The greater the magnification, the greater the drift off to the right. Both of these images were taken once the camera had stabilized. Any idea what could cause this? Happy to provide all the gory install details if you want.
  3. Just in case you find yourself missing Benjee's re-config of the stock Vector, this is all you need to keep to still have it.
  4. Enquiring minds want to know if you solved the riddle of how to actually use that lab to process science
  5. I never noticed this either ... but check this out, here's ReentryParticleEffectRenewed:
  6. moi? idk nuttin. there's this in your crash log: >> 91% physical memory in use. You do have every mod installed. Massive part mods, multiple star systems. BDB contains lots of new parts depending on what you're upgrading from. I think you're just out of memory. Your ksp.log just ends while loading textures. Hopefully someone with some actual facts will swing by.
  7. Works for me, should work for you. I'm not using RSS but I don't see why that would matter. Without seeing your ksp.log there's not much more to say - but seems like it's gotta be an installation issue.
  8. Yes, confusingly, it shows on the utilities dialog too, but it's literally the same option from the Ascent dialog so still an ascent setting. (try opening both Ascent and Utilities and clicking options, you'll see them change in both places since they're the same internal option)
  9. Huh, that absolutely does not happen for me. Left click shows the dialog, and right click does nothing. In fact, when you click the Show Trajectory option (when the dialog is open) the icon swaps to a colored one. Right click doesn't enable the option nor swap the icon. I have confirmed this in 2 separate installs. *shrugs* In any event, this whole conversation started because this DOES work in your new version, so I'll be updating all my installs to your new build anyway Thanks again for your work on this mod!
  10. In my testing, that option doesn't affect landing, it still turns off the engines if you're too high for any throttle at all. Afaict it's just for Q and throttle limiting during ascent. I'd be interested if anyone had a different experience though!
  11. just gonna buttinski here ... in your shoes, i would first ditch ConfigurableContainers since it messes with tanks. Next I'd reconsider what's in this folder: PropConfig-1.2.3 because that doesn't look right, and if your propellant is getting config'd then it's probably also suspect I'd get rid of your extra GameData folder inside GameData to make sure there's nothing in there Also, how does your Cape Canaveral look? Because the folder "Retro" (if it's what I think it is) is in a weird place. Also, KSRSS-64k has essentially been replaced by ballisticfox's map the earth mod, I think. either way, it's a ton of memory and you have roughly 14.6 billion mods loading.
  12. I'll throw in a gotcha about MJ landing: if you're using EngineIgnitor or something else that respects engine ignition counts, MJ will happily throttle down your engine too far and there goes your mission. I don't use it to land the LEM for this reason ... you only get 1 boo-boo with the LMDE. Aside from that, like all MJ "auto" features, it can work well if you set it up for success, and put your craft in the best possible starting configuration before enabling the MJ feature. For Surveyor on KSRSS, assuming a normal minimal energy transfer to the Moon, I ignite the SRM and the landing engines between 80-75k. Once the SRM burns out I eject it and then enable MJ landing guidance. It typically does the rest of the landing at around 60-70% throttle, which feels like an OK safety buffer to me.
  13. oooh, now I'm more confused ... In 2.4.3, right click does nothing for me. The "toggle the option" functionality is new as far as I can tell from the old one.
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