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  1. It has been a while, got out of a work rush, opened my modding projects and was "uh, wth was I working on in this" haha But anyway, I managed slooowly to make some bits of progress to my MAS Gemini-ish IVA, it's almost done... (No, that chair is absolutly not clipping in the Kerbal's head ^^) Today I advanced the overhead panel quite a bit, with some new MAS goodies, like like solar panel efficiency gauge, radiator utilization, etc Cheers
  2. Hi, yes I saw Cobalt's beautiful work on the X-15 and added it to my todo list (as I wanted to do a X-15 IVA at some point anyway) but, I'm sorely short on free time for KSP modding thses days, so no ETA on this. Feel free, or whoever to work on it. Maybe we can join forces later too Cheers
  3. I'm working on another IVA for the mk2 command pod, inspired by the Gemini layout.
  4. Haha no idea, but co op in mission control, or in a spacecraft would be pretty sick ^^ Hi and thanks, I'll look into it, shouldn't be hard. As for the errors, you can try reproducing it in a low mod count install, and if it still occurs, and can fill an issue on github. Hmm, maybe the KSP settings but anyway : C to enter/exit IVA mode, V to swicth between seats, middle mouse button to zoom. Cheers! Haha thanks a lot ! Yeah I'll release the KV2 at some point, I'm just finishing Gemini first. Also, that's your lucky day, almost nobody knows about this work, but Raidernick actually made beautiful and functionial IVAs in his Soviet Spacecraft mod (that I might refurbish one day, we'll see ^^) : ) Enjoy !
  5. No I didn't but that's a good idea indeed ! will include in next PCR retro release.
  6. Thank you very much !! And grats to others ! (Oh, spotted little typo hehe) : Cheers : )
  7. and @kspkat, see below Thank you OrbitalManeuvers, yeah I forgot to mention behavior on already existing crafts (I'll double check ingame, then update the first post), but as you mentionned, for a new craft, newly attached RCS should be disabled and their staging icon visible, which is the intended behavior. Cheers
  8. So I'm still in the rabbit hole of understanding MAS, and making a more immersive IVA experience, added ambient sounds, camera switches, a lot of custom props, still needs a bit (a lot lol) of work ^^ At least I'll be able to transfer this knowledge to other IVA projects ! (sound volume is low, turn it up to hear the ambient sounds ) Cheers
  9. Today, I tested my new PC with KSP, it's my first time having a fixed setup, been on laptop for years as I needed it for work... Having finally 60 frames in some heavy installs feels soo nice So to celebrate I flew around in RSS-Reborn, doing some Apollo shenanigans : (forgot to enable DOE here, but anyway the stars look nice and all ) I also had a minor launch tower accident, nobody was harmed, the crew was so confident they didn't even trigger the escape system, with the launch pad blowing up below them... true kerbals Cheers !
  10. Thanks a lot ! Happy you enjoy it. You're missing MirageDev props dependency for the maneuver planner, it's not throwing errors because it's KSP's behavior when props are missing, it just doesn't load them and doesn't complain : ) Cheers
  11. Today (and the past days : P), I spent time trying to get more familiar with MAS and ooh, I can't describe how cool it is, much more features than RPM, and also simplier to manage modding wise. I also added "glass" panels to most of the ASET props, to give them a more realistic look, and some depth to them. (now I can't stand any non-glassified props haha) For those who know how those props look without the glass textures, you'll see the difference (Don't look at mess, the IVA is WIP ^^) I made as well some fuse switch style props (those are actually inspired after the ones in the real mercury capsule), to control some cockpit (sub)systems ! Well it's just 2 pieces of beveled cubes and some simple textures, but heh, at my scale, still a proud little blender moment haha Oh, and Kerbal comfort in spaceships is always a first concern for the KSC and their kerbonauts (read the labels ) Cheers !
  12. Hi, I'm trying to make the MAS_ASET_DSKY be dependent on a fuse, however I'm having some troubles getting it to work with the various texture shift variables, which make MAS freak out in KSP (probably because of the interacting with the lua script), but I saw on the wiki that the MASmonitor could have a variable, is that implemented ? So I guess I could use that to switch the whole module ON and OFF with another prop, which would be very convenient in this case (and others too ) Thank you ! EDIT : figured out this isn't implemented yet indeed, though I was able to go around that by using color shifts with variables on the different screen objects. More hassle, but it worked
  13. If like me, you're tired of having 999+ images of RPM monitors screens in your KSP screenshot folder, this fixes it : @PROP[*]:HAS[@MODULE[RasterPropMonitor]]:FINAL { @MODULE[RasterPropMonitor] { %doScreenshots = false } }
  14. So I've searched for famous wind names and name of wind gods, here are a few proposals to get started, it's kinda rough, but heh : HELM : High-altitude Environmental Lateral Modifications (meh, the high altitude part isn't right but anyway) AURA (Titan goddess of the breeze) : Atmospheric Unique and Reliable Airflows ("Unique" might need a better alternative, idk "unleashed", other, Reliable could be "Rational", since your mod brings a new clear and consistent framework to the wind modding,...), my favorite solution so far. ZEPHIR sounds cool as well but I didn't find anything that made sense (yet) haha Cheers
  15. I've been working on this lately... It's inspired by Interstellar obviously, but not only... some Star Wars (Tantive corvette), Star Citizen (Port Olisar tribute), KSP 2 trailer wink (Jupiter station), 2001, ... In 2070, an expedition from Earth is sent to explore the inside of a Black Hole, accessible through a wormhole near Saturn... Best watched with headphones Cheers : )
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