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Found 2 results

  1. "Unwavering Ambitions" Intro: For about a month or two now, I've been researching and planning an alternate history of my own, and I've got to the point that I'm happy to start sharing it. It will focus on many space programmes of the world, but the most radically changed one will be Britain's. I also want to make the disclaimer that I'm mostly doing this for fun, so please don't take anything of this too seriously as it won't be the most realistic at times. Thanks to: @TalverdFor inspiration with Chasing Dreams @TruthfulGnomeFor inspiration with NSoD and giving me some very useful information on some of my stupid ideas @AmateurAstronaut1969 and Aaron for helping provide information on British spaceflight The many members of KC for providing plenty of helpful documents and encouragement Mercury-Atlas 6, on it's final orbit of the Earth. Mission List: Lore
  2. Freedom Before the International Space Station, there was Space Station Freedom and Space Station Mir 2. Freedom was the next proposed American space station, looking similar to the ISS but being purely American and partially European. Mir was the next proposed space station for Russia as well. But instead of these countries making their own stations, we collaborated and made what many call the International Space Station. You can learn a lot more about the station on it's Wikipedia page here. I will be recreating Space Station Freedom, in my own interpretation. My missions will be shared with the community via headings explaining the mission, screenshots with captions, dialog, among other ways. ____________________ I was inspired to make this because of these amazing people and threads: @Jay The Amazing Toaster's Kānāwai: Ares to Mars thread, showing what could have happened if the Constellation Program wasn't cancelled. @Kuiper_Belt's ISS Adventures thread; shows off nearly every flight for the ISS up to STS-115 I believe. @AmateurAstronaut1969's Space Station Freedom; a great Freedom thread from ETS. @Jacktical's Space Station Liberty; another great Freedom interpretation, which I was heavily inspired by to make the ROAVs. Essential Mods: Enjoy the thread!
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