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Found 18 results

  1. Please could you explain me how to use Kerbal Konstructs and how to build bases with it. I have KK and Kerbin Side installed, but I don't know how to use them. @NHunter please help if you can too.
  2. Katniss'sCapeCanaveral for KSRSS This is a fork to @Katniss218's amazing Cape Canaveral mod massive thanks to them for allowing me to release this! Link to original mod: [1.8.1/1.10.1] Katniss's Cape Canaveral - RSS - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums Everything in this belongs to them! do not thank me for anything This adds the Cape and all of it's pads to the KSRSS system at the right scale Not Compatible with KSC Extended, rogers Cape Kanaveral, or any other KK Mod. Download Truthfulll/KatnisssCapeCanaveral-KSRSS: Katniss's Cape Canaveral for KSRSS Reborn (github.com) Dependencies: Tundra Space Center Kerbal-Konstructs KSRSS Reborn OSSNTR Aurora Space Center Recommended: Modular Launch Pads Variants: Retro: 60s - 90s era of Cape Canaveral Modern: 2010s - 2020s era of Cape Canaveral (Not Finished) Pics credit: @Talverd
  3. Hello! I am working on a simple kerbal konstructs add-on, I intend to place bases throughout the system however I am running into several problems. Ive combed through as much documentation as I can however there is alot I do not understand yet: For the StaticModule: DishAnimate: What is it referring to when it mentions transforms? are they in the model itself or defined elsewhere? my bumpmaps don't seem to be behaving properly, its as if they are scaled improperly, but the UV mapping in blender shows fine, both diffuse and normal textures are the same size I need these bases to be capable of holding a runway, launchpad and merchant type. I'm assuming i have to separate these into different parts but this once again leaves me wondering what the transforms are referring to (specifically DefaultLaunchPadTransform) last problem is window lighting, allowing them to turn on and off like the KSC lights do, i have yet to find any resources explaining those I will say ive gotten as far as collisions and the model itself showing up fine. Eventually my goal is to add a new button on the toolbar that brings up a trade window, one a bit nicer than the existing un-scalbale-no-search-having one, but ill cross that hurdle when I get to it. and if it matters these bases will be scattered throughout the Kcalbeloh System. Any and all tips tricks and advice is welcome when dealing with Kerbal Konstructs
  4. Supply and Demand A mod by Eskandare Heavy Industries What is Supply and Demand? Supply and Demand is a mod I am working on in active development that allows you to transport goods to various locations and earn funds. The idea is that you drive a truck to a location with a building, load at the loading dock, and haul cargo to a destination. Sometimes the destination is going to be far, far away and you'll need to build aircraft, boats, or even rockets to get there. The mod will have, at the start, 3 trucks with various cargo attachments for various payloads, industries and a couple of towns. This is an amalgamation of a couple of mods (Cities of Kerbin, Kerbal Trucks, Kerbin Shipping) that I've been silently working on. Current road map for the mod: Trucks! (Lorrys made in Kerbal scale) Buildings! Highways (Motorways) 2 cities, and addons to Kerbin City (Including that dastardly missing bridge between the airport and the city.) Compatibility with other mods Eye Candy and updates Coming Soon! Special Thanks and Additional Credit: To @Ger_space for taking the time to make additions to Kerbal Konstructs to make this happen. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  5. DOWNLOAD Actual Sites: Airports adds 600 real runway locations. These locations are defined as "Large Airports" from GIS data in the public domain. Each of those little gray boxes on the map is a runway you can launch from and fly to to. No need to switch KSC, you can fly amongst any number of landing strips. Adding all these showed no noticeable effect to performance on my machine. The dataset I used to build this project does not include number of runways or their orientation, so these are generic for now. If people are interested in contributing, I may come up with a form to submit better details for your favorite airports. Currently each airport only has a single runway, at a random heading. There are no other buildings I have built and tested this on KSP v 1.8.1. Required Dependencies Real Solar System (and its dependencies) (Seems to work with KSC Switcher) Kerbal Konstructs Recommended NavUtils Mechjeb TODO Fix graphics on runway Add some variety to airports, tower, hanger, etc. Add missing airports (?) Look into a more comprehensive data set that defines runway (not just "airports") so that all real runways are represented. Add ~3800 "medium" sized airports Add ~4200 "small" airports Use this bulk config generation method to add 100’s of airports on Kerbin, too. Add detailed version of real SPACEports. Generate configs for NavUtils Known issues: Elevations for high altitude locations are messed up. Fix coming soon... Changelog: 0.0.1 - Alpha 1.0.0 - All 600 "Large" airports around the world 1.0.1 - Fixed runway elevation/ground level mismatch (most noticeable at high altitude locations) - Added an empty facility. Currently users will have to turn on the merchant feature themselves, and select a fuel type when they arrive at each airport. Hope to get this working better soon.
  6. KSC Floodlights Mk2 (KSCFLT02) Yet another Floodlight/Lightning Arrester Tower for Kerbal Space Program & Kerbal Konstructs Originally created by forum user Divico. Updated for KSP v1.8.0+ by Stone Blue. Adds 3 Floodlight Towers to the KSC Launchpad. Requires Kerbal Konstructs MOD. Stone Blue's KSCFLT01 This Mod's KSCFLT02 Description Using the mesh file so generously supplied by Stone Blue, I have remixed yet another version of the lightning arrester / floodlight tower for the launch pad as KSC. Once installed alongside Kerbal Konstructs (and it's dependencies) it will create 3 towers around the launch pad with automatic dusk/dawn operation (originally added by Stone Blue). Each tower can also be manually toggled (with satisfying sound effects) by clicking on the tower it's self. Changes from previous versions It remains somewhat over-sized (my placements, like Stone Blue's, scales the towers to 0.7 of their original size), but I did make the following alterations: Resized / Re-meshed the lamp panel border. Added "struts" to support the lamp panel. Reduced range and altered power to provide a lower light level more in line with the lighting provided by the built in water tower spotlight (See NOTE below). Added sound effect (powered by built in KK functionality) Corrected delay in tower being "ready" to be clicked again after being clicked - tower can not be clicked again as soon as the light is fully on or off. Altered / Re-skinned to have a white/gray coloring and detailed extinguished lamps. Prototype Info In 2009, LC-39B saw the installation of three nearly 600' tall towers as part of a new "Lightning Protection System" at the historic launch pad. Previous uses for Apollo and the Space Shuttle did not have such comprehensive protection. These towers, meant to be a more attractive target for "Zeus", are by necessity significantly taller than the launch vehicles they protect. They are painted a light gray color from top to bottom and hold cables aloft to harmlessly redirect electrical discharges to the ground and away from launch vehicles. Further Reading @ NASA.gov https://www.nasa.gov/feature/lightning-towers-stand-tall-at-nasa-kennedy-s-launch-pad-39b NOTE: Set up was performed with [EVE](https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/), [Scatterer](https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/releases), [Parallax](https://github.com/Gameslinx/Tessellation/releases), and [Waterfall](https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/Waterfall/releases) MODs installed. If you do not have these MODs, YMMV. DOWNLOAD: MOD - https://github.com/TedThompson/KSC-Floodlights-02/releases Spacedock - https://spacedock.info/mod/3238/KSC Floodlights Mk2 Source - https://github.com/TedThompson/KSC-Floodlights-02
  7. Kerbal Konstructs space ports, bases and airfields for Real Solar System, based (sometimes loosely) on real life locations. NOTE: where necessary KSC Switcher launch site locations may be slightly relocated to avoid overlap. This is an alpha release! White Sands - Runways 2/20, 17/35 and 5/23. Requirements Real Solar System Kerbal Konstructs Omega's Stockalike Structures (OSSNTR) Tundra Space Center Optional supported mods NavUtilities - included runway definitions for landing guidance Download: GitHub Locations White Sands Space Harbor aka Northrup Strip - 32°56′35.67″N 106°25′10.31″W Runway 17/35 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 5/23 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 2/20 (small operational runway) Helipad and control tower near runways Relocate KSC Switcher White Sands to north of custom KK group Planned Additions White Sands Launch Complex 36 - 32°25′1″N 106°19′19″W V-2 Launching Site - 32°24′4″N 106°22′40″W Spaceport America (Virgin Galactic) - 32.9895472,-106.9694681 Runway 16/34 3658 x 61m @ 1401m altitude Edwards AFB Vandenberg AFB - 34°43′58″N 120°34′05″W Runway 12/30 (15km) Wallops - 37°56′19″N 75°27′26″W Kodiak Launch Complex - 57.435833°N 152.337778°W Guiana Space Centre - Kourou - 5°13′20″N 52°46′25″W RAAF Woomera Range Complex - 30°57′19″S 136°31′56″E Peenemünde - 54.143°N 13.794°E License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3
  8. Manhattan Airport Thank You For 1 Thousand Downloads! Ksp Latest: 1.11 Manhattan International Airport Was Built In 1961, It used to be A Military Base During The Kerbal Cold Race And Refitted To A International Airport In 1991, This is one of the oldest airport in Kerbin. Im Free For Suggestions For The Mod Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What Is This? A: This is A KK Static Mod, If You Dont Know What Kerbal Konstructs Are Its A Mod That Lets you make custom Launch Sites Q: Where is the airport Located You Can Use HyperEdit To Teleport There, Here Is The Coodinates : 5.7568 -62.2705 This Mod Uses AVC Mod Checker Its Highly Recommnded So That you Can Check Which Mod Has the latest Version And What KSP Version It Supports. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download: Were Also In CKAN! Changelog: License: Artwork / Image - All Rights Reserved Mod Itself - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Dependencies - On There License Thereself. Credit: KEP Dev discord Testing The Mod Would Be Helpful If You can spawn in the runway properly or the mod works Im looking forward to update this mod.
  9. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB Tank And F-1 Engine) Valentina Kerman Rocket Development and Test Facility Was Built In 1991, Used For Rocket Developmet And Testing Rocket's Itself, Renovated In 2012 Everything Happens In The Horizontal Facility, Rockets, Allot Of Rockets. Hello Everyone And Welcome To My First Add-On! Have Been Thinking Of What To Make And Then Kerbal Konstructs Pop Out So Here We Are! This Mod Adds Four New Launchpads In Game, Launchpad 1A, Launchpad 1B, Launchpad 2 And Launchpad 3. Frequently Asked Questions Q:When Is Release? - A: Currently In Development Phase, We Will Reach BETA Once In V1.0 Q:How Do You Make This Stuff? - A: Kerbal Konstructs Tutorial + Review Here: Q:When Are You Gonna Add More Launchpads? - A:Later Versions, There Are Currently Three Launchpad Since V0.4 Launchpad 3 Will Be Out Soon. Q: CKAN Supported? - A: No, Not Yet, I Might Change My Mind But, I Plan On Doing It When In BETA Or Out Of DEV Release. More Photo's (Slightly Outdated) Planned Features: Our Roadmap Is Now Here Known Issues: You May Now Report Issues At The Github Page. No Github Account? What A Shame. *MODS REQUIRED* Now Included With The ZIP File, No Need To Download. Thank You To @Omega482 And @damonvv For The Amazing Mod And Thanks To @Ger_space For Developing The Kerbal Konstructs Mod. *SUGGESTED* Interegated To This Mod *RECOMMNDED* Connects With The Tier 4 Vehicle Assembly Building Engine Mods That You Can Use: Thanks To @Nertea For Those Amazing Mods That I Mention, Cause i use them lol. There Are Allot More That You Can Find ======================DOWNLOAD==================== **Update Schedule** Mod has been discountinued. ********************** Note: Versions Are Tested And Compatible For KSP 1.8 And Above. Below 1.8 Is Not Tested And May Require Another Version Of Kerbals Konstruct , TSC And Omega's Stockalike Strcutures. Primary: Spacedock Secondary: Github Github Downloads: In Total: Changelog: Currently On SpaceDock And Github Now!, CurseForge Coming Soon! ======================DOWNLOAD==================== ==============LICENSE=============== This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ==============LICENSE=============== CKAN Not Supported.
  10. I am having Trouble with all Buildings except the VAB disappearing from the Baikerbanur Space Center. Kerbal Konstructs then uses the VAB Roof as Launch Pad, see the adjacent Video Clip. This first happend when I removed the KSC2 Files from the Kerbin Side Remastered Mod in order to get the stock Baikerbanur back but also happens randomly without Kerbin Side Remastered installed. Once the Buildings disappeared they don't come back. I am playing on Version 1.8.1 and can later provide my Game Data Folder and Log Files (am typing this on the go)
  11. Shhhh... You can procure it here... Have you wanted a base for landing huge planes? Are you running your own Kerbal Security Program? ...or do you just want to feel like a James Bond villain? Well, this series of bases are for you! Included in this release is 'The Block' a Top Secret base hidden on an unpopulated forgotten island somewhere in the southern hemisphere. The base's real name is unknown and if you ask anyone there what its name is they'll just stare at you blankly. Also included is 'Kilo-Sierra-Papa' Airbase. Here someone locked up an artifact in one of the hangers. No one is allowed in, or is allowed to know what is stored in there. No one but Jeb... This has been a little project in the making for over a year. I put it on the back burner until 1.1 was released. This release includes: 'The Block' 'Kilo-Sierra-Papa' 2 Types of Hangers (Click the Far Right Stripe to Open/Close the Doors) 2 Types of Control Towers Light Tower Radar Station Fuel Tanks Helipads also... very Top Secret extras. Coming Soon: Bulwark Air Station, KHAARP Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs you can get it here. Issues: Lift and Hanger door animations are a little broken due to changes in new animation code (KSP vs Kerbal Konstructs) hopefully there will be a solution soon. FIXED! Cameras get stuck on the top of the hangers if you zoom out too far, this is a trait dealing with statics in KSP. I made the hangers large enough to allow some room for the camera. Change Log: 1.0.11: Hot fix for the radar animation. 1.0.1: Fixed the lift and hanger door animations. Added fuel tanks, Kilo-Sierra-Papa Airbase, and a few more extras. 1.0: Initial release Credit: Special thank you goes to AlphaAsh for his help, support, his work on Kerbal Konstructs, and the shiney 'Top Secret' banner on the Kerbal Konstructs page. A thank you to Lack for letting me use his models as long as I gave him credit. Although, this was about a year ago, I hope he remembers. Wind sock and palm trees are by Lack, approach lights are based off of his original model. License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  12. Do you still remember the bunker in the Lvl. 1 launchpad? Do you want to bring it back? I sure do. Will someone make a mod where the Lvl. 1 bunker is right outside of the launchpad? I'd imagine it using Kerbal Konstructs. (I don't know computer programming. :-P) Best of luck to whoever tries to do this!
  13. Whenever I try to select a KSC facility, either the Runway or Launchpad, it defaults to Dull Spot. Please help.
  14. NOTE: I'm not a flat earther by any means, just a person who spent too much time on the Internet. I only intend to creat this mod for jest, nothing more. I have looked at proposals to create a flat Kerbin in the past, but they involved making kerbin physically flat. My idea involves making Kerbin giant with the actual Kerbin with the contients occupying a small part of it so it seems lime there is no curvature. Then, Kerbal Konstructs will be used to create the firmament(the flat earther posts I have seen involved firmaments) around the flat Kerbin. I so far havent had the time or motivation to do the Korpernicus work and have no idea how to do add konstructs.
  15. I was having an idea for a mod in mind which involves creating a new building, and a massive one at that(couple hundred kilometers radius). But I have no idea how to add new buildings into the game, and I couldn't find any resources related to the subject on-line. Help?
  16. Soviet Typical Architecture Work in Progress Panel House Project 1-335: Panel House Project 121-60-25: Panel House Project 1605:
  17. A while back I made a small 'mars yard' type static for Kerbtown. I never really updated it and to be honest kind of hoped somebody else would just run with the idea, but that didn't ever happen. Several versions later, I've decided to just go and do it myself. I have a few ideas of what to do, but suggestions and requests will help really complete things, I think. @SpannerMonkey(smce) was kind enough to convert the old model to work in 1.1 for me: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21315217/roveryard.zip Now, it doesn't exactly look very good; being a model I threw together as quickly as I could at the time. The new version of Unity was not exactly kind to the normal maps but it's pretty much serviceable if you don't mind looking at it. What I'd like to do is rework the whole thing with actual planning first, I'd like some input from the forums first. I'd like to make the whole thing a hex shape to fit with the rest of the KSC facilities, does anybody know about how big the hexes for the research facility and other things are? Depending on how big it ends up, there could be a whole lot of free space to put stuff in. I've got a very basic idea mapped out here: Does anybody know how to use the existing KSP textures? If those could be used for everything it would decrease the memory footprint by a whole lot.
  18. Can somebody make statics for Kerbal Konstructs for making some real life space centers like Kennedy Space Center(NASA), Guiana Space Center(Arianespace), Satish Dhawan Space Center(ISRO) and Kosmodrome(Roscosmos) and many more. I'm not good in modelling but can help in the texturing part. This addon can be a great boon to Kerbal Space Program's Engineers and Rocket scientists........ After all - Conquering the Space was Never this easy................... We need this type of well established Space Center, custom launchpads, lightning protection towers and many more.....
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