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  1. VNDvolumetrics is patch for RSS-Reborn, gives extra detail into RSS-Reborn. Goal of this mod is to contribute and adds small detail to @ballisticfox0's RSS-Reborn such as: Cirrus Cloud City light Fogs Rain Aurora And outer world beyond Earth! Currently this mod works as a separate patch from Ballisticfox's one to provide more frequent updates, but eventually it will gradually be integrated into RSS-Reborn. Download: Google Drive MOD DEPENDENCIES: True Volumetric Clouds release 3 by @blackrack RSS-Reborn by @ballisticfox0 and its dependency Module Manager Stock Volumetric Clouds's IVA rain sound, duna textures due to license issues. you can erase other files. Current progress -Add GGE integration as placeholder(will be reworked to volumetric cloud later) -Venus rework Planned work -Gas Giants rework: -Aurora for Gas Giants -Volumetric clouds -Scatterer rework Known issue Loading time problem on few PC Lot's of syntax error, will be fixed very soon Patch note License:
  2. Download from Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/685/Real%20Solar%20System%20Expanded This mod REQUIRES: Real Solar System Kopernicus SigmaBinary This is me taking over @pozine mod, seeing as he has been offline since February. Most credit goes to him. (11/05/16) - Poll! http://www.strawpoll.me/10183143 (20/05/16) - Poll! http://www.strawpoll.me/10263601 This mod is the continuation of Pozine's RSS Planets & Moons Expanded Mod. It adds more stuff to RSS:In the current version (0.13.2): Retextures Saturn; Adds a heightmap for Iapetus; Does something to Uranus; Adds Asteroids (Asteroid Belt/Kuiper Belt/Elsewhere): Vesta; Juno; Ceres; Pallas; Ida; Dactyl; 67P (Where Rosetta went and Philae landed); Lutetia; Orcus; Vanth (its moon); Makemake; Chariklo; Halley; Sedna; Moons of Jupiter: Metis; Adrastea; Amalthea; Moons of Saturn: Pan; Daphnis; Hyperion; Pheobe; Pandora; Prometheus; Epimetheus; Janus; Moons of Uranus: Titania; Miranda; Ariel; Umbriel; Oberon; Moon of Neptune: Proetus; Moons of PlutoCharon: Styx; Nix; Kerberos; Hydra; All stuff I plan to do: Changelog: Credits: Me (imkSushi) for doing something pozine for making the mod in the first place NathanKell for Real Solar System ThomasP for Kopernicus (sorry about the axial tilt discussion) Sigma88 for SigmaBinary the ksp devs for KSP anyone who downloaded the mod for supporting the mod Old thread: This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  3. Simple RSS Patch RSS Patch (all KSP versions) download from SpaceDock latest version: v1.11 (11-04-2021) Unless Squad renames their engine modules, this patch will work with any KSP version. This patch is aimed at the stock KSP players, or lazy players like myself, that want an introduction to the huge scale of the Real Solar System (RSS) but who find extra mod packs like RO/Smurff too daunting for now. Simply install RSS, add this patch and you are good-to-go with the stock parts and other parts mods you have already installed. Fly around the massive Earth, explore the real planets and moons. A super simple patch that tunes engine thrust and ISP so that you can use stock parts in a bare install of Real Solar System without needing Realism Overhaul or other complicated setups. This does not re-scale your rockets to actual real-world size like RO does, but keeps all components as they are out of the box. Also comes with a patch to move the launch location to Alcântara in Brazil which is near the equator. Thanks to José Eduardo for the tip! note: SSTU, BDB or similar mods are highly recommended to get a wide variety of engines and modular fuel tanks that scale up to anything you could need in RSS. SSRSS Patch Download file [v1.2 13-06-2017] Unless Squad renames their engine modules, this patch will work with any KSP version. A simple patch for SSRSS to balance thrust/ISP so that you will need to build larger, more realistic, ships to do the things you would normally do. This will get rid of the short, chubby, gumby-looking ships in stock game play and requires you to use larger tanks and thus get more realistic looking rockets. Best used in combination with SSTU. Can be modified to run with stock system as well by removing the NEEDS[SSRSS] part.
  4. Realism Environmental Overhaul Version 0.3.2, For KSP 1.10.x - 1.12.x REO is a combination of RVE-64k, RSSVE, Astroniki's Sunflare for RSS, Astronomer's Visual Pack (all of which are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0), a few custom textures and configs all put together into one mod. I'm still working on it and it's still a wip but you all are free to check it out. Dependencies: KSP Version: 1.10.1 - 1.12.x E.V.E. Version: Scatterer Version: 0.0772 Scatterer Sunflare Version: 0.0772 Real Solar System Version: 18.4.0 Links: Download from Spacedock Download link for astronomer's visual pack Download link for RSSVE Download link for RVE-64k Download link for Astroniki's Sunflare for RSS Computer Requirements/Recommendations: this mod is designed to be run in DirectX 11, it has only been tested using DirectX 11, to enable: be prepared for very low frame rates if you don't have a high-quality GPU, this mod is as or more demanding than RVE I recommend you have 12-16 gigs of ram, but it should operate at 8 gigs Features: Earth city lights Earth clouds Earth aurorae Earth lightning Earth dust storms Venus aurorae Venus clouds Venus lightning Mars aurorae Mars clouds Mars lightning Mars dust storms Jupiter lightning Jupiter aurorae Jupiter clouds Jupiter rings Io aurorae Io volcanoes Europa geysers High-res Saturn rings Saturn clouds Saturn aurorae Saturn lightning Enceladus Geysers Uranus rings Uranus lightning Uranus aurorae Uranus clouds Neptune rings Neptune aurorae Neptune clouds Neptune lightning Titan clouds Titan lightning Scatterer Atmosphere configs for: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus and Neptune Scatterer Ocean configs for: Earth and Titan. Known issues: Any issues you have with this mod should be reported to me directly This mod is very temperamental, I don't recommend tweaking unless you want a headache and are willing to break it and have to re-download it several times. Organization isn't great, it worked when I started this mod but it's a little weird now. Cloud particles (especially in dust storms) can have... strange RGB values, I have no idea what's causing this or how to fix it -found out how to fix this, should be fixed by version 0.3.3 On Io, there's an EVE "cloud" layer to replace the lava oceans since they don't render in the tracking station, map view or at high altitudes, this does occasionally cause clipping but there's really no way to avoid this except to extend the PQS range on Io, if you wanna see how that went... Here's the module manager patch that takes out other EVE stuff... if this causes issues for you just delete RealismEnvironmentalOverhaul/EVE/RemoveVisualOverlap.cfg... Anyway, here's the code: -no longer a feature Images: these images were taken in the tracking station so they aren't the best quality sadly, they're also shifted to the side a bit because I cropped out the side panel. Link to images Changelog: June 24th, 2021: First release of Version 0.2 and the 0.2.1 update June 28th, 2021: Second release of Version 0.2 and the 0.2.1 update, LICENSE.txt had to be changed (look at the replies to this post for more info). August 20th, 2021: Update to this post, added section on computer requirements and recommendations December 27th, 2021: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3 and update to 1.10.1 January 1st, 2022: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3.1 (changes can be found in the changelog or in the changelog file in the mod) January 3rd, 2022: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3.2: Better TUFX profiles and profile organization January 20th, 2022: Update to this post Last updated: January 20rd, 2022
  5. I have TUFX, PlanetShine, Scatterer, EVE, RSSVE and GGE installed as visual mods. First of all, I had this problem with clouds not working so I first reinstalled Scatterer and EVE, after that it did not get fixed, but the shadows on all the gas giants were fine. Then I reinstalled RSSVE and the clouds were back and working, but now for some reason the shadows on all the gas giants are very sharp and doesn't look right. Please help! Images:
  6. Modular KSRSS/SSRSS What does this mod do? This mod splits up RSS / KSRSS and makes them stock size, for example: If you just want the Earth and Mun, you can! What planets do you plan on including? I plan on adding support for most RSS planets. Check the Road Map below for more information Is this mod hard to run? Yes and no. Because of the textures it can be pretty ram intensive, but since it's only one body being highly edited you should have more fps than usual RSS or KSRSS. Does it have clouds and scatterer support? Of course! Both are included. Where are the clouds from? Here Massive thank you to Adiri, Astronomer, Themaster401 and the KSRSS Team for helping me out. Please read the README for licenses and other things: cfgs are CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 while all textures are all rights reserved to the original owners provided in the README, thank you! MERCURY INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Mercury: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED VENUS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Venus: Here -Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE EARTH INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Earth: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download EVE: Here - Download Scatterer: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED AND ONLY SUPPORT 16K Earth and 43K clouds. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE MOON INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download The Moon: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED MARS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Mars: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE JUPITER INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Jupiter: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE SATURN INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Saturn: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE URANUS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Uranus: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE NEPTUNE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Neptune: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here - Download EVE: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE PLUTO INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: - Download Pluto: Here - Download Kopernicus: Here - Download Scatterer: Here TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. REQUIRES SCATTERER .831 OR ABOVE SPECIAL THANKS: ROADMAP: EARTH CHANGELOG: MOON CHANGELOG: VENUS CHANGELOG: MERCURY CHANGELOG: MARS CHANGELOG: JUPITER CHANGELOG: SATURN CHANGELOG:
  7. Originally released on github back in November/December 2021, I finally came around to making a KSP forum post for it! PRVE is a visual enhancement mod for Real Solar System. Components of the mod are derived from RVE64k, EVO, RSSVE, KSRSS, GGE, and much more. COMPONENTS: 32k Cloud texture with even higher quality detail 4k detail clouds texture 43k Earth city texture 64k Ground texture and shadows addon if desired Newest scatterer configs Wavy auroras GGE integration and optimization (Big thanks to @ballisticfox0) Custom TUFX and KS3P config (Use both for most optimal looks) MOD DEPENDENCIES: Scatterer (v0.0835) Environmental Visual Enhancements (v1.11.6.1) Real Solar System (v19.0.2.0) KSP (v1.12.3) PC REQUIREMENTS: This mod has been created with a computer rig of these specs running Windows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 32gb RAM (Maybe a bit excessive, unless you use the 64k addon) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Dual fans This pic uses a custom 16k color map for Earth's surface which may be available soon: Earth's Aurora: Sunset in Earth orbit: You may download this mod via CKAN or github Licensing:
  8. I have started playing ro/rp1 recent but cannot get consistent accent profile and performance ( especially inclination ). Mostly due to not launching from equatorial plane and tilt of the earth. I have tried launching from French Guiana but for some reason it even more inconsistent than from cape Canaveral What is the inclination for a easy TLI ?
  9. Hi, Im trying to install V1.0 Real Solar System with Kopernicus and ModuleManager. Below is the screenshot of my GameData but when I start KSP and I go to the solar system I can see the names and textures are the original Thank you
  10. Kerbal Konstructs space ports, bases and airfields for Real Solar System, based (sometimes loosely) on real life locations. NOTE: where necessary KSC Switcher launch site locations may be slightly relocated to avoid overlap. This is an alpha release! White Sands - Runways 2/20, 17/35 and 5/23. Requirements Real Solar System Kerbal Konstructs Omega's Stockalike Structures (OSSNTR) Tundra Space Center Optional supported mods NavUtilities - included runway definitions for landing guidance Download: GitHub Locations White Sands Space Harbor aka Northrup Strip - 32°56′35.67″N 106°25′10.31″W Runway 17/35 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 5/23 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 2/20 (small operational runway) Helipad and control tower near runways Relocate KSC Switcher White Sands to north of custom KK group Planned Additions White Sands Launch Complex 36 - 32°25′1″N 106°19′19″W V-2 Launching Site - 32°24′4″N 106°22′40″W Spaceport America (Virgin Galactic) - 32.9895472,-106.9694681 Runway 16/34 3658 x 61m @ 1401m altitude Edwards AFB Vandenberg AFB - 34°43′58″N 120°34′05″W Runway 12/30 (15km) Wallops - 37°56′19″N 75°27′26″W Kodiak Launch Complex - 57.435833°N 152.337778°W Guiana Space Centre - Kourou - 5°13′20″N 52°46′25″W RAAF Woomera Range Complex - 30°57′19″S 136°31′56″E Peenemünde - 54.143°N 13.794°E License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3
  11. Hey all. I haven't been around the forum for awhile, but per request I've started documenting my new RSS/RO/RP-1 career. The episodes should cover 1-2 years of launches, and be around 7 minutes long each. (now around half a year, 15 minutes long) Like the series? Support computer upgrades for future episodes! Latest episode: 25. First three:
  12. Extreme Visual Overhaul for Real Solar System Hello, This is EVO, a visual overhaul for Real Solar System aimed at providing stunning visuals while offering great performance. EVO is a spiritual successor to @pingopete's RVE 64k project, and is meant to offer a similar level of visual fidelity, while offering more performance oriented options as well. EVO will also be open to contributions, ideally remaining a never quite finished project for the next few years. I was inspired to make this pack after seeing great breakthroughs in visuals for stock and modded systems, as well as errors when using some of my old favorites (such as RVE 64k) in newer versions. ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― So far EVO adds the following: An almost no compromise combination of RVE64k and RSSVE 32k, 48k, and 64k Land Texture options, modified from RVE 64k New Ocean and Atmosphere configs for Earth New 32k 48k City Lights from Space Engine, with a new 8k City ground texture based on satellite imagery New Mars Textures Boot-prints for some celestial bodies A new Sunflare from @Avera9eJoe's beautiful Spectra Visual Compendium Scatterer 0.07 support, alongside Godrays and Wave Collisions An Optional TUFX Preset, based on RVE64k's legendary KS3P preset Fog to Venus and Titan Dust Storms to Mars Auroras to Jupiter Hexagon Storms to Saturn Geysers to Enceladus Lava on IO Much more... ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Troubleshooting/FAQ PLEASE READ: The Lights aren't showing up/ look off press alt+0, push the arrow in the EVE menu to go to textures and hit apply, go to city lights and hit apply, and if the terrain now looks off press alt+11 and map EVE clouds. The terrain is white/invisible! 99% of the time, this is due to an improper install, read the directions. Seriously. if that doesn't work, attempt the fix above as it often fixes that issue as well When is the next update coming? when it comes. I am in college, working a job, and streaming 2x per week alongside working on CH4 (soon) so be patient and enjoy the screenshots <3 ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Dependencies: Scatterer Environmental Visual Enhancement Real Solar System Incompatibilities: RSSVE, RVE64k WARNING: as of right now, Kopernicus Bleeding Edge is not meant to be used in Normal Play, it is no longer recommended for use with this mod. ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Licensing: EVO is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), so you are free to redistribute, modify and copy the contents of the mod so long as you attribute and credit the appropriate author(s), remain non-commercial and distribute it under the same license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) City Lights textures, and other textures labeled in the mod as space engine assets are NOT licensed under the above license and are being used at the permission of the space engine team DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Credits: @blackrack - Scatterer Adds better oceans and atmospheres to planets @JadeOfMaar -Sunflares of Maar Original author of the sunflare modified for use in @Avera9eJoe's Spectra @Waz - Environmental Visual Enhancements Adds tons of visual capabilities, far too many to list here @pingopete - RVE64K @tony48 - KSRSS(VE) Adds a whole lot of configs that mine are derived from, from snow to lava and much more @G'th -AD ASTRA I used their aurora textures and hexagon storm as they are easily the best I have ever seen @Theysen - RSSVE @Vabien - Kopernicus Expansion Continued-er Adds the ability for bootprints, alongside many, many other things @Shadowmage - TUFX Post Processing for KSP Special Thanks to: @jrodriguez for offering multiple textures, and input on the project @Jceratops for helping test the mod @pingopete for inspiring this project, and teaching me so much @Avera9eJoefor showing me cool things that EVE is capable of Download: Github Enjoy the mod, and feel free to offer contributions and suggestions,
  13. With the help of many RO content creators, and members of the RO community, I present a RSS/RO edition of the classic Build, Fly, Dream trailer! I hope you enjoy.
  14. I recently installed Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and other mods to the game because I wanted to try out some new and unique experiences. However, the game has been acting up ever since I downloaded these mods. When I start the game, it begins like normal, but when I load up my save file, I cannot click/enter on any of the buildings within the Space Center. To make matters worse, I am also unable to quit back to the main menu, forcing me to close the program via Task Manager. I have placed a link to access the log file of my game, and I would greatly appreciate it if there was a viable solution to these problems. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zhgb5l9ci3276ay/AABaJAqLXDQIRg_JMijqgsDPa?dl=0
  15. Quarter Size Real Solar System (2.5x Kerbin scale) Quarter Size RSS is a mod that uses the great work from @NathanKell and creates our Real Solar System in a smaller scale in KSP. At 1/4 the size of the Real Solar System, it is still 2.5 times larger than stock KSP and provides a huge challenge to players, but can be achieved with stock parts. It has been figured out by many people the 2.5x scale is the proper scale for KSP. With the way the engines and masses are configured, "realistically" sized rockets would exist in a 2.5x stock scale. Thus I present you with Quarter Size RSS. I am hoping that this is a good balance between stock sizes, Half Size RSS and full size RSS. You can play this with Stock Parts, but it will be best with some of the superb mods listed below. SPECIAL THANKS: @NathanKell and the entire Real Solar System group for creating almost everything that is released in this mod @CaptRobau for letting me use his planets Thatmo and Slate from the Outer Planets mod as two of the Dwarf Planets that we know almost nothing about @OhioBob for creating the atmospheres that are present in the mod The entire Kopernicus team for creating the mod that makes this all possible! @Thomas P. @NathanKell @KillAshley @Teknoman117, Bryce Schroeder @ImkSushi and @pozine for their work on Real Solar System Expanded that provided Ceres and Vesta DOWNLOAD: GITHUB: https://github.com/pap1723/Quarter-RSS/releases/ SPACEDOCK: Soon™ https://github.com/pap1723/ScaledRSS-Textures/releases - These are the textures that are necessary to download Included in the download: Quarter RSS Mod files Module Manager (by @sarbian, @swamp_ig, @ialdabaoth) See thread for details, license, and source: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55219 Kopernicus - See thread for details, license, and source: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/114649 A configuration for Custom Asteriods by Starstrider42. See thread for details, license, and source: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/80483 INSTALLATION: Extract to KSP/GameData. You should have one dll (Module Manager) in the root of GameData, and three new folders: QuarterRSS, Kopernicus and ModuleFlightIntegrator. However, you are NOT DONE YET!! TEXTURE INSTALLATION: Now, you must select a texture resolution. Download a pre-made pack (8192, 4096, or 2048) and then, if desired, selectively replace with different-resolution texutres. Note that 8192 is dangerous: you will almost assuredly run out of memory on 32-bit versions of the game. You can get the textures from: https://github.com/pap1723/ScaledRSS-Textures/releases Go to the releases page and grab one of the resolution packs, then (optionally) get replacements from the repo itself. The path of the folder will be KSP/GameData/RSS-Textures Make sure you download from here and not the other RSS versions. There are additional biomes as well as additional planets that are included with the ScaledRSS Textures. RECOMMENDED MODS: These mods are highly recommended as their sizes work perfectly with a 2.5x scale of stock. You should not need to make any adjustments to the values of any of the parts to be able to get them to function exactly how you want them to. Bluedog Design Bureau @CobaltWolf: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/122020-122-bluedog-design-bureau-stockalike-saturn-apollo-and-more-v11-razved-24feb2017/ Tantares / Tantares LV @Beale: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/73686-122-tantares-stockalike-soyuz-and-mir-4029042017tks/&page= These are my other mods, so I will always recommend them as well: Historical Progression Tech Tree: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/144295-122-historical-progression-tech-tree-v20-updated-02-22-2017/& Contract Pack: Historical Progression: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/143397-122-contract-pack-historical-progression-v15-4242017/ Contract Pack: Career Evolution (BETA): http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/157417-wip-122-career-evolution-contract-pack-beta-release-v03-updated-3-27-2017/& License: CC-BY-NC-SA
  16. I present to you, RSS launch sites, a mod that currently adds 4 different Places to launch from, currently adding 20+ new runways and luanchpads/landing pads to Real Solar System, it also massively expands the KSC, I will be adding weekly and monthly updates. My goal is to have 125+ launchsites by the end of development with fictional and real launchsites list of current launch sites KSC Jfk spaceport Boca chica Viper space center/Wallops placeholder New mexico spaceport cosmodrome Mojave air and space port Corn ranch blue origin launch site 1.2 Alpha list of upcoming launchsites and improvements: COMING AT THE END OF THE MONTH Quality improvements for all launchsites .adds new launchsites Antartica base Area 51 Vandeberg airfoce base Jfk airport Ficational space x launch center [Download link removed by moderator] Requires Real solar system https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealSolarSystem/releases/tag/v18.1.3 And RSS textues https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSS-Textures/releases/tag/v18.3 RSS EVO is highly recommended https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200373-evo-extreme-visual-overhaul-for-rss-beta-03-mostly-stable/ PICTURES Very large KSC addon, Adds 10+ launchsites, including 2 more runways Extended KSC Boca Chica, will be updated in next version, adds 2 launchpads, updated version will have 5 launchpads New Mexico Spaceport America, adds 1 runway and 3 launchpads Wallops, is sorta a placeholder for now until i update the design a bit Kennedy Spaceport, adds 3 runways ksc trees Mojave air and space port Corn launch site, blue origin launch site baikonur cosmodrome Spoiler for next update (1.2) in a few days
  17. Recently I have downloaded RSS, or Real Solar System. However no matter what I've tried I cant get it to work. I have downloaded via CKAN and was using KSP version 1.8.1, as told by my peers. I get the RSS loading screens and everything, but once the game loads up, its stock KSP. I do not know if I'm missing anything, but I was told all I had to do was Download the RSS mod and switch to 1.8.1, and it would be ready to go. So if anyone could let me know if I am missing something that would be much Appreciated, Thanks.
  18. This is a crewed mission to Mars, that I have worked on for almost a year. I used (and still use) KSP version 1.2.2 with Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul and Realistic Progression 0 mods (RP-0, not to be confused with the newer RP-1). The reason why I still use KSP 1.2.2 is because of my 4 year old RP-0 career save (created in January 2016) that is in the very advanced stage of progression. The year in that save is 2029 as of typing this post. It wasn't possible to transfer that save to KSP 1.3.1, because the evolution of RP-0 (called RP-1) that was released for KSP 1.3.1 changed too many things for my old save to be compatible. My long running RP-0 save is also the reason why completing my Mars mission took so long. It's not a 'single mission' save, there are many other missions in progress simultaneously, that need to be attended to from time to time (probe course corrections, moon/planet flybys, station crew rotations etc). More detail about my Mars mission and vehicles that took part in it, can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/6J8m9Iz - Mars Cargo Landers launches https://imgur.com/gallery/ArUGAnf - MTV assembly https://imgur.com/gallery/jfTB9sp - Departure to Mars https://imgur.com/gallery/DQkeCoQ - Arrival on Mars https://imgur.com/gallery/A965gZw - Departure from Mars
  19. Hey guys, There are already some mods on my list for a new RO-safe. I found some mods that are proved to be RO compatible (FASA, Raidernick's mods). But I wondered whether anybody has more specific information, about RO-compatible mods, because the section in the RO-thread for parts-mods has been removed and I can't find reliable Information in the wiki. Thanks in advance
  20. Hey, guys! For the last several months i've been working on my new KSP video. It would be action miniseries of 6 episodes, 20-25 minutes each. Here we go!
  21. So I'm trying to start up KSP, but it stops halfway through, specifically at the stock jet engine for some reason. Is there something wrong with this part? Are there any conflicting mods? Mods I'm using: Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System including their dependencies as seen on the GitHub page. (https://github.com/KSP-RO) Real Solar System Visual Enhancements including its dependencies.
  22. Hey, I'm looking to play the Real Solar System mod and I need some upgraded rocket parts to work with (getting to orbit with the stock parts is a pain in the ***). The Realism Overhaul Mod feels kind of overwhelming and I'm more looking for something like a rebalancing of the stock parts. Is there a nice mod for that? I'm open for other suggestions aswell.
  23. I don't have any experience in modding ksp and I am playing on 1.3.1 with realism overhaul and I want to create my own parts but with realistic stats who hard is that? And who can I do that? Thanks for helping
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