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  1. I can’t believe that private division won’t just give me the darn email. I’m trying to close my KSP account for personal reasons and this is how I’m supposed to do it? If anyone can link me there email that would be great.
  2. Hello, I would like some assistance on an issue that I can't quite resolve. Essentially, it says "Unfortunately TweakScale didn't found needed DLLs." bla bla bla, corrupt game stuff "Missing Class: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown." It tells me to click "OK" and it will download tweakscale from a trusted distribution channel, and KSP will close. When ever I do click OK, KSP closes but nothing else happens. Do you have an Idea of how to fixt this?
  3. The devs are actively ignoring support for me and many others in the Discord Server who cannot even create or load a save file because of a unity error that the game has. The developers deny responsibility based on specifications and not that it is their own Unity error. The images are Here.
  4. I'd like to try developing an add-on - dependent on texture replacer - that would replace the stock UI with a much cleaner one similar to that of KSP 2. However, I'm unsure of where to start in terms of finding the texture locations and editing them. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, recently I got a new PC so I decided to go get some better visual mods. This exact video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJCCDIBmrBI really caught my attention. Though, no matter what I do I can't seem to figure out how it looks so good and what mods he uses. I even followed the mod tutorial he did but it looked different than the video. Does anyone know what mods i could use or what he does/uses to make his game look so good? Thanks!
  6. Recently I saw many people had a darker/dim kinda forest green grass near the ksc which look really natural. Example: https://imgur.com/a/D9zLVue (Credit to @Zorg) Does anyone know how to make it look like that? It looks amazing. Thanks!
  7. KSP version: 1.12.4 I downloaded the latest version of the mod from the Spacedock website and using CKAN, but the mod still doesn't work. I downloaded all the dependencies too.
  8. KSP: 1.12.4 Windows_x64 Problem: After loading, KSP crashes without any message or display. Since I have some mods, I assumed one of them was causing the crash. To find the culprit, I halved my mod list, making sure to keep any dependencies, and tried again. Crash. I halved again: KSP works fine. So I loaded the other half: KSP works fine. What is going on? When I mix and match mods, sometimes KSP loads, sometimes it crashes, without any discernible pattern. The latest log was with around 3/4 of the original mod list. To summarize, KSP isn't crashing due to a specific mod, but a collection or group of many. Mods Installed: Reproduction steps: Launch KSP. Watch it crash at the end of the loading screen, without any message or pop-up window. KSP Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgtc12lpfxoxam1/KSP.log?dl=0 Player Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe4y6794iut93xy/Player.log?dl=0 Tada!! This is the first time I've done anything like this, if I've done anything wrong, please excuse me.
  9. Hi there, recently I have saw a mod called 'Spectra' and thought it looked really good. Especially one image really stood out to me. Basically whenever I install the mod and all the needed dependencies the clouds and some few other small things don't seem to be working even though it works for other players. I want to recreate this exact look https://imgur.com/a/GjOpQ3L (image). If anyone knows how to both make my game look like that and fix spectra to show clouds i would be really greatful. Another small thing is that KSC Extended isn't working properly but that is less important right now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V-EK49RnClrO8FA8l4KjR5ln9KRDVE1k/view?usp=sharing (KSP.log)
  10. So recently I have installed Spectra Now I have already asked a similar question but does anyone know how to make my game look like this? (The image) If anyone knows what mods/configs I need i would be happy.
  11. First, I just want to say I'm pretty new to KSP and modding the game So, I was opening KSP and thought about one of the loading screens and I always thought it looked really good. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make my game look like this? I really like the colors the lighting and the shaders. Just the whole look in general. If anyone knows how to make my game look like this I would be happy. And if I need any configs maybe someone knows them. https://imgur.com/a/xUAGlEG (The image) Thanks!
  12. I just wanna say that im pretty new both to KSP and modding So, I have seen people say chatterer is a really good mod and it works on the newest version of KSP. I tried to install it from ckan, from spacedock and from github and none of these worked. But for other people i see it works even on the newest version. Am i doing something wrong?
  13. so ive just installed GU and its loading fine but until it gets to mass transfer 7 where it crashes my ksp. Please help:/
  14. i want to have camera support on a cabin part, so if anyone has the monitors for rpm, they have a view of the cabin window, which is rotated to outside of the part. how can i achieve this? what do i need to change in cfgs?
  15. hi everyone, i try to install city lights with SVE for almost a week now and tried many different configs\textures but all the time the final result is a flickery mess i can't stand. i am not considering myself a modder and i'm probably lacking some knowledge so if anyone can shed me some light on what should i do to make it work properly i'd be hella happy;) also i think it's important to mention that i managed to get it to work a couple of times and even launch the game multiple times without this problem but the next day it's all the same. i am losing my sanity here
  16. Opened KSP today and can't click anywhere. If I click on smth it just canges color to a darker tone and nothing happens. if I clear on the Debug menu nothing happens. Restarting and Reinstalling doesn't work either.
  17. Recently I have downloaded RSS, or Real Solar System. However no matter what I've tried I cant get it to work. I have downloaded via CKAN and was using KSP version 1.8.1, as told by my peers. I get the RSS loading screens and everything, but once the game loads up, its stock KSP. I do not know if I'm missing anything, but I was told all I had to do was Download the RSS mod and switch to 1.8.1, and it would be ready to go. So if anyone could let me know if I am missing something that would be much Appreciated, Thanks.
  18. Im using Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit and other mods but it always shows an error. Player.log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vtpsir4uz72ns0/Player.log/file Reproduction Steps: There are none, it has only happened when i boot KSP up. Here is the image of it:
  19. I need help downloading Kerbal Foundries-I need the tracks to make crawler excavators, crawler cranes, tanks, etc. The only link I have found that is for the newest version (I have KSP 1.11.1, Technically KSP, but I don't now if that matters) is on GitHub, but at about 75% done it says network error, and then as I try to resume the download, it says "forbidden". It could have something to do with my download speed being 0.2 Mbps, but I think it is can get up to around 5 Mbps (Pretty slow, long story) Long-ish story short, before I make it too much more confusing, does anyone have a link to download the latest version of Kerbal Foundries that is not GitHub, or does anyone know why it would be saying forbidden?
  20. so every time i start the game it gives me this error message. this happens every time. all i did was add the station parts expansion redux mod (incudes the mod itself, module manager and near future props, and b9partswitch, i tried replacing the folder i already had with the one that came with the rar file but it still didn't work)this is everything in my folder. can you guys help me? this is on 1.9.1
  21. Hi its me DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE and i think we need black holes and Neutron Stars in KSP2. the problem is, we do not know if there will be Black Holes in KSP2 or not... So that's why we need your help! to support this addition to KSP2 so we can have an even better gameplay. All you have to do is either say that you agree to this or vote in the Poll above... i kinda recommend that you use the poll instead because it is MUCH and i mean MUCH easier to gather up the data and support than having to look through10 whole pages full of people who agree or disagree (although i highly doubt this Thread will EVER reach 10 pages) Anyways, feel free to drop in whenever ya want to... and make sure to use the poll so we can gather support.
  22. I had this issue for hours, I have done everything from verifying the files integrity via steam, reinstalling it, restarting my computer, and updating my graphics driver. Just everything
  23. Hi, this may be two separate issues however I'm not sure. I've been having trouble installing Kerbal Space Program on my mac for around a week now and have tried both the PKG file and the ZIP file format. Issue with PKG: Installer crashes when on the readme, I haven't tried another PKG file to see if this is an issue with the installer so it could possibly be that. I have tried going back to version 1.9.1 to see if that helps, it didn't. Issue with ZIP: Zip extracts as normal. I am unsure whether to extract the ksp_osx folder into applications or not. When opening the KSP launcher, the launcher indicates version -1 and the play button is greyed out. If I try to open KSP directly it shows a black screen with the loading bar half full and no witty tips. I have also tried going back to version 1.9.1 for this. Any help you'd be able to give would really be appreciated. Thank you!
  24. so i installed RSSVE yesterday and i was following the instructions i installed Eve and scatterer but it seems scatterer is the only one working i made sure i was using the right version i installed the mods on several other websites but eve still doesn't show clouds or city lights ksp version 1.8.1
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