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  1. i have been using a mod called "NeistAir", and i would really like to know how i can make the cabins of this mod scalable, as i want to build a scale-accurate Boeing 707. what changes do i need to make in the parts cfg?
  2. I'm trying to make a simple add-on that just adds the supply resource to all crewed parts. OPT spaceplane parts already has this at a certain ratio of the resource to crew capacity in the part. I changed the ratio in the OPT config files to something I felt was more balanced (by default it's very low), which worked just fine. But for some reason even directly modifying a stock part config such as: @PART[mk2LanderCabin_v2] { MODULE { name = USI_ModuleResourceWarehouse } RESOURCE { name = Supplies amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } } this doesn't seem to work. Any help? Ideally I'd like to configure it simply to add 50 supplies per crew spot to all command/crewed parts. But I'm fine with manually configuring every crew part in my game.
  3. i want to have camera support on a cabin part, so if anyone has the monitors for rpm, they have a view of the cabin window, which is rotated to outside of the part. how can i achieve this? what do i need to change in cfgs?
  4. Hi, I'd like to edit the science lab in a .cfg to make it less OP. Few questions regarding ModuleScienceConverter : - " dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.5 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate " -> If I tweak this down, say to 0.1 will this make research slower ? - " scientistBonus = 0.25 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x " -> can I totally disable this feature ? And if yes, how... - " researchTime = 7 //Larger = slower. Exponential! " -> Is there an upper limit for this value ? Can I go above 10 for instance ? Thanks a lot !
  5. Hi, I would like to make a MMpacth so that all parts that have a SASservicemodule would be at max level. I've come with this : @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleSAS]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleSAS] { @SASServiceLevel = 3 } } But of course, it doesn't work... Any hints ? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I'd like to edit the science lab (thus ModuleScienceConverter in some kinda a final patch to catch possible mods) in a .cfg to make it less OP. Few questions regarding ModuleScienceConverter : - " dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.5 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate " -> If I tweak this down, say to 0.1 will this make research slower ? - " scientistBonus = 0.25 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x " -> can I totally disable this feature ? And if yes, how... - " researchTime = 7 //Larger = slower. Exponential! " -> Is there an upper limit for this value ? Can I go above 10 for instance ? Thanks a lot !
  7. I have tried changing the minimum and maximum drag but they dont seem to make any difference. I am playing 1.11
  8. Greetings again fellow kerbonauts! Hope you're all having a great day ^^, i just figured i'd ask where to put my .CFG (and by extension Normal/height map and texture files) within KSP's GameData folder, as i believe i have everything i require to get the planet working ^^, i have the CFG, the Normal/Height map (both are the same file, idk if that's not something i'm supposed to do or if that'll break anything, if not i'll make a separate height/normal map) and the texture, but i do not know where to place the files exactly, also, for some reason, when i get into KSP, Eeloo and Moho are mysteriously absent from the System, idk if this is because of a particular mod i have or not, but that seemed odd to me considering i never did anything myself to remove them, i know that's not relevant to this post but i figured i'd mention it just in case someone's got any kind of idea as to why this is happening. so yeah ^^", like i said, i just wanted to ask where do i put my files and in what folders do i place them into, i got Kopernicus working and when i put the files i made into the GameData folder, started KSP, and went to find the planet, it was nowhere to be found, alongside that missing planet glitch and a strange texture bug with Kerbin on the main menu screen, if anyone would be able to help me out that would be very much appreciated! ^^ Thanks for reading, stay safe and have a great day! Shadewhisker.
  9. Good day. Tell me what symbols are used for CFG editing. For example, I know that the symbol - @ - changes the meaning character -! - turns off, but I'm not sure since I haven't used it. What other symbols are used, where can I find information on this? I think I found what I was looking for in the section - https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Syntax
  10. I've been working on this for a while, so I thought that I would share, This is a notepad++ configuration file to add a new ksp language into the program Steps to use: download the file locally go to language in notepad++ click user defined import and point to the file load a config file and select ksp as language. --- EDIT: Dropbox stopped sharing, here's another link New Link : https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au_FusKqvwUWguRcaLxW9iAFa5veaA It formats cfg files so you can find errors easier. Let me know if you find it useful Ge.
  11. Hello everyone. I've been a big fan of the RealChute mod for a long time, and I consider it one of the absolutely essential mods to have on any of my KSP installs. One thing has always bothered me slightly, however, and that is that, specially when paired with DeadlyReentry, even the Kevlar drogue parachutes with very light loading will instantly fail above a certain altitude (above 10-15km~) on reentry, but the idea, and even technology, of "parachutes" rated for reentry does exist, as do flexible(~) materials stronger and/or more heat-resistant than Kevlar. For example: Silica can be processed and woven into fabrics rated for 1800°F (980°C), for example. Carbon fiber being woven into fabrics is already a thing too. And apparently carbon tensile strength actually peaks at 1500-2000 °C with 5,650 MPa/820,000 psi, and carbon fibers heated in the range of 2500-3000 °C exhibit a modulus of elasticity of 531 GPa, or 77,000,000 psi (!!!). (for comparison, Kevlar fibers only have 3,620 MPa, 525,380 psi) Oh yea, and last but not least, chutes could be made of multiple layers and/of composite materials. So yea, in my humble opinion, Kevlar might still come with an anchor tattoo, but it should very much NOT be the strongest material available! Our dreams of conquering and settling the whole of the Kerbol system and beyond should not be limited by a lackluster set of parachute materials! HOWEVER! I am not a material engineer. I'm not anywhere close to any scientific fields. In fact I even suck at math. So! Community! I need your help(s) to research and understand this stuff so I can implement these RealChute Material Extensions! (pah-dum-tss) Ways you can help me help you get some of that juicy juicy material booty: Research: Find viable parachute materials! As close as possible to the fabric of that material that can be found or somewhat reliably assumed/extrapolated/calculated with some accuracy, find: areaDensity dragCoefficient areaCost maxTemp specificHeat emissivity Speaking of that, I have no idea what the 'specificHeat' and 'emissivity' parameters are in the existing materials. Explanations welcome! (And again, sorry, outside of the everyday basics, I'm not a thermodynamics-savvy guy) What is thermodynamics? And will it scream if I poke it with a stick? What is material science (specially this tensile strength stuff that seems really important for parachutes)? And will it end the kuniverse through a big rip? Testing: For whatever materials that are currently included in the mod as fully implemented or WIP, play around and if you find issues of any kind, tell me! For suggestions of balance or realism, it's important that you justify the reasons for the suggestion, either with good arguments or with verifiable data. Preferably verifiable data. Materials implemented thus far: Fully implemented: None. WIP: Carbon Fabric. areaDensity: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.000072 by guesswork (same as RC's Kevlar). dragCoefficient: Unknown - Currently approximated to 1.25 by guesswork (same as RC's Kevlar). areaCost: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.16 by guesswork (2 times the cost of RC's Kevlar). maxTemp: Semi-unknown - Currently approximated to 2273.15 K (2,000 C) based on temperatures from the wiki page on Carbon Fibers. specificHeat: 795.492 - Based on specifications of commercial products. emissivity: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.5 by guesswork (rounded number close to the same as RC's Kevlar). Silica Fabric. areaDensity: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.000072 by guesswork (same as RC's Kevlar). dragCoefficient: Unknown - Currently approximated to 1.25 by guesswork (same as RC's Kevlar). areaCost: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.12 by guesswork (1.5 times the cost of RC's Kevlar). maxTemp: Semi-unknown - Currently approximated to 1273.15 K (1,000 C) based on specifications of commercial products; specially heat-resistant curtains/blankets for welding. specificHeat: Semi-unknown - Currently approximated to 1420 based on guesswork (same as RC's Kevlar) emissivity: Unknown - Currently approximated to 0.5 by guesswork (rounded number close to the same as RC's Kevlar) Download: SpaceDock NOTICE: I've changed the mod folder name (and the mod name in general) as of today (Version 0.1.2). This was done to remove the 'AlmightyR_' prefix from the name, since apparently that is not supported by ModuleManager and would need the underscore to be replaced by a '?' for user/sub-mod patches. As well as to improve grouping with the parent mod in searches and lists and stuff like that. If you have installed versions previous to 0.1.2, DELETE THE OLD MOD FOLDER ("AlmightyR_MaterialExtensionsForRealChute") before installing this version. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Summary: You are free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material Under the following terms: Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.
  12. Hello, I am playing with the parts cfg and came to the Multi Mode Engine. As far as I can see, there can only be 2 engine modes (primary and secondary). Is there any possibility to have a third (fourth, fifth...)? I can add more modules and they appear at the parts description in VAB, but I cannot switch to them.
  13. Hey! Beginner question here, I recently made my first custom part for ksp, an engine. While making the .cfg I noticed a field called "ratio" in the propellant section. Only answer I've found on google is from the documentation wiki which says it notes how much of a resource is used in 1s. Although, all engine .cfgs I've seen use 0.9 for the fuel and 1.1 for the oxidizer. So, what does that line do and how is it correlated to the overall workings of the part?
  14. I'm making some really big truss segments, but the procedural drag cube treats each part like it's clad in plastic. When falling through the atmosphere, it basically drifts down like a feather. I could just make the parts super heavy, but they're supposed to be made of lightweight materials. Anyone had a similar problem in the past? I could use the help
  15. I wanted to borrow a texture from Squad, so as not to violate copyright and IP, I tried using the following: MODEL { model = Eskandare_Heavy_Industries/Ground_Construction_Addon/Parts/WorkShop/WorkMid position = 0, 0, 0 scale = 1.25, 1.25, 1.25 texture = Squad/Parts/Resources/ISRU/Processor_Large } But it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong or does this just not work?
  16. I copied the micronode, it's cfg and it's .mu and dds to a separate nested directory in 'GameData' to experiment with and I haven't gotten off to a very good start. It appears I am not as capable as I thought. I have changed the name and I changed the title and description after the '=' sign. While the 'new' part shows up in my game along with the original, neither the title nor description has changed to the ones in edited cfg. What am I not seeing?
  17. I am trying to make a model of a Boeing 747, but the "fat 455 aeroplane main win" is too small for what I want. I found a forum that told me how to resize it, and i did, but the problem is that it still has the same amount of lift, and I have not been able to find ANY article of the forum even remotely talking about how to add lift to an object. please help me out.
  18. Making a small parts mod and for whatever reason KSP keeps looking for the IVA Model sub-directory that is not referenced in the IVA Cfg anywhere Cfg - Logs -
  19. Need some help, comrades! But first, sorry for my ugly english I making aircraft and my fuel tanks contains 6 units of L. fuel (30 kg) Wanna use this 6 units for 45 minutes flying at 100% thr. I copy-pasted this module from Firespitter engine and changed a bit. MODULE { name = FSengine thrustTransformName = thrustTransform maxThrust = 0.55 powerProduction = 40 engineBrake = 15 powerDrain = 10 velocityLimit = 0,1; 20,0.95; 25,0 fuelConsumption = 0,0.00001;1,0.002 atmosphericThrust = 0,0;0.9,1;1,1 resources = LiquidFuel,0.0025;IntakeAir,0.375 } But now fuel wasting too fast - enough only for 3-4 minutes. How can i fix it? What values i should use?
  20. I'm trying to get the ModuleResourceHarvester working for atmospheric CO2, but it doesn't show up on the part menu. Here's the cfg: PART { name = CO2Compressor module = Part author = Chirality mesh = compressor.mu scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 2.1 node_attach = 0.03, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1 TechRequired = precisionEngineering entryCost = 6400 cost = 20 category = Utility subcategory = 0 title = Surface Mount CO2 Compressor manufacturer = Chirality Technologies description = Filters CO2 out of the atmosphere and compresses it. Fuels CO2 thrusters! attachRules = 0,1,0,0,0 mass = 0.01 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 7 maxTemp = 2000 bulkheadProfiles = srf MODULE { name = ModuleResourceHarvester HarvestorType = 2 Efficiency = 0.15 ResourceName = CarbonDioxide ConverterName = CO2 Filtration StartActionName = Start Filtering CO2 StopActionName = StopFilteringCO2 AutoShutdown = true UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 10 } } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = CO2 Compressor StartActionName = Start Compressor StopActionName = Stop Compressor AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = CarbonDioxide Ratio = 1.0 FlowMode = ALL_VESSEL } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 20 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdCO2 Ratio = 0.1 DumpExcess = true FlowMode = ALL_VESSEL } } } The converter function works (or at least, it shows up). Any ideas?
  21. Hey all, i seriously need a second set of eyes to help me see where i'm going wrong here, or if what im doing is even possible (im assuming it is, it's just that im more of a modeller than programmer and i'm missing something utterly obvious.) To the quick! The problem. I'm trying to create a "Spacebus" a small 6 man shuttlepod to ferry kerbals around Kerbin/Mun/Minmus stations. Everything was going fine until i tried adding the engines and RCS. Now, i've done a good bit of modding before so i know the pitfalls here, and i tried to cover most of my bases. =I tried adding in RCS, and it worked fine. I tried adding the engines, and it all bust. =I tried adding in the engines, and it worked fine. I tried adding the RCS, and it all bust. =I tried using both sets of engines in one cfg without any effects at all included. Both work --perfectly-- without any effects being added. To make the point easy, here's a video. As i say, this isnt my first rodeo. I've made sure both RCS and the engines have different sets of transforms each, and none overlap or are incorrectly named (as the video proves). The problem boils down to the sodding EFFECTS module, or so i think. I first copy/pasted seperate effects modules, and that just breaks everything. I then tried to merge the two effects modules into one "EFFECTS" in the cfg, and it still buggers up. It's like the game is saying "You can have one set of effects on this part, but not two." Below ive included the main starting section of the CFG (incase ive overlooked something bloody obvious) here. And here are the two separate Effects modules that i cant seem to get to play nice together. Main Engines : And the RCS part I've tried using just fx_whatevers at the start of the cfg, but unless im adding them in wrong, they dont play nice with the RCS Effects module. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you've any helpful advice or can see where i've gone wrong i'll be so SO grateful (and make sure to mention you when i release my main mod, of course!)
  22. I did some searching around regarding AnimationCurve's, and found some good things. However, what I did not find, was anywhere that explains the easiest way to come from the keys in the cfg file someModule { someAnimationCurve { key = 0 320 key = 1 280 key = 6 0.001 } } reading that in C# (plugin) into an AnimationCurve object FloatCurve curve = new FloatCurve(); curve.add(0,320); curve.add(1,280) curve.add(6,0.001); So what is the most efficient way to populate AnimationCurve from the cfg file format we know in KSP? other related question reference: for answer see and
  23. Hello, I am developing a mod with Kopernicus. Everything seems to be in order...Except it isn't showing up. I Checked the logs with minimal Errors found. The only Errors were: (Body Log) (KSP Log): Note that these are the errors from the log, and I didn't put the entire log into the Spoiler as I saw it was unnecessary. Any Help?
  24. Crewed modules have an INTERNAL section like the following: INTERNAL { name = landerCabinInternals } Is it possible to offset the entire internal space? Failing that, can anyone direct me to the stock CFG for landerCabinInternals so that I can manually create an offset version? I'm welding a pod with other parts and need to correct the location where the internal cabin "part" gets attached to.
  25. So this is a really simple error: Somebody forgot to add the LIFTING_SURFACE module to this tank. Other adapters have the same mass as a fuel tank of their capacity does, and other Mk2 spaceplane parts have the same mass as a tank of their capacity + a wing of that lift rating would (1 lift per 0.1t), but the Mk2 - 2.5m adapter has the mass of the latter with no lift. I assume, therefore, it was intended to have a lift rating of 0.7.
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