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Found 9 results

  1. I tried the small hinge but did not work as well as this does! I tried autostrut every part of the wing to different values. Sadly nothing worked. When I do turns at 300m/s + it will bend like crazy. Do you guys have any suggestions how to strut the moving parts of the wing properly? THX in advance! I attached two pictures.
  2. So this an extension of my Origami Steel idea. So you follow that thread's instructions and just build and post HERE. Must fit in a mark 3 cargo bay and be airbreathing, but R.A.P.I.E.R.s, NERVs or CC engines are allowed if you have jets (or with R.A.P.I.E.R.s they can be in jet mode) onboard. Extra points for SSTOs! Please post the version created in as well as the name. Thank you! Mods are allowed provided they don't affect performances of crafts Fleet Planes: Fleet SSTOs P.S. Order isn't Chronological
  3. Browsing this forum before uploading my simple wing design, I was struck by how similar it is to @Cupcake... Vulture wing design. Whilst my offering is nowhere near as nimble as Cupcake's design, it is easy to fly and is, perhaps, of a slightly purer design. Flight demonstrates no untoward traits, except for perhaps a small amount of sideslip at low speeds, but it is only a small amount. Take off is simplicity itself - Turn on SAS and stage the engines, throttle up to max, and this wing will take off with no further input at around 70m/s. Action group key 3 can be used to toggle reverse thrust to slow down for landing. Download from KerbalX - https://kerbalx.com/Scarecrow88/Flying-Wing
  4. I am trying to make a model of a Boeing 747, but the "fat 455 aeroplane main win" is too small for what I want. I found a forum that told me how to resize it, and i did, but the problem is that it still has the same amount of lift, and I have not been able to find ANY article of the forum even remotely talking about how to add lift to an object. please help me out.
  5. I want create missile like this boat , use Booster and add wing edit fuel . But i dont know function of wing , when i launch it fall , it can't control , someone please give me tutorial about wing?? http://imgur.com/a/6TmUq
  6. I have recently been trying to create some mods in my spare time, and my friend told me I should make a foldable wing. I've followed the normal steps to create a regular object but I'm having trouble with the model. I created the model in Blender, exported it into Unity, exported it into the .mu and .mbm. After doing this I copied the config file of the Delta wing but encountered an issue. A regular config file has the mesh defined in the PART module, but the wings have a separate module called MODEL. I'm assuming this is the aerodynamic model for the wing, but I can't find anything anywhere about how to create a custom model for this. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm in 1.1.2
  7. hi, I need help with installing or setting up procedural wings. i'm running KSP x64 1.1 and have two mods installed (mechjeb and Engineering redux). and that was with ckan and they are up to date. I've tried installing the Procedural.Wings.v0.11 and then the B9_Aerospace_PP-040 but cannot get them to work. i can see the parts and clip them to my aircraft but i cannot configure them (using the T, G, B, keys and mouse or right clicking or using the "J" key) after attaching the wing to my air craft. I've followed the install steps in the readme.md and .txt's, rebooted and even reinstalled the game completely. Yet i'm still unable to edit the wings after attaching. please help!? thank you!
  8. For some reason when I drag and drop a pre-made wing into the box to save it, it now is only saving the base part and not the attached pieces, which makes the feature effectively useless. Anyone have any ideas what's causing it?
  9. If you are using triangular wings as decoration or part of the body, will they affect how well your Spaceplane flies? How does the game determine which direction is forwards if the design needs them turned 90 degrees or some wonky angle?
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