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  1. NEWS!: Currently looking to see if we can get the "Grass" texture to operate with Parallax. I hope once this is done we can unify some of the textures on all the KK mods using MM patches. This is so that mods the use a compellation of KK mods to make a bigger KSC use the Parallax shader and the unpaved ground look all the same. Also once I get my development computer running again, I'll be able to release the updated stock alike structures for KSR.
  2. Archive compressed file > Mod container folder > GameData Folder > Mod Installation. This just happens when modders have an export folder and compress the archive from the container folder.
  3. If anyone is curious this mod is still in development, but it has been on pause as my development computer is still down. I hope I can get it working again soon. Weather in the SF Bay Area killed the MoBo and my video card. Since I now live in the desert this should be a thing of the past (as long as the AC keeps going).
  4. Wow, I've been away for some time. This is amazing! I look forward to the rewrite for @blackrack 's deferred lighting.
  5. @NathanKellThank you for picking this up, it is the life blood of KSR.
  6. Oh no, I'm keeping the runways as they are, if anything there will be a couple more runways added.
  7. Kerbin Side Remastered updates: Progress still continues on updating statics to current standards, new statics require rework and testing. Progress is slow at the moment.
  8. I'll be getting to it hopefully soon. I've been working a lot lately with my interim job (reads BS survival job) and trying to change fields back to aviation or computer information systems. I have been tinkering with the new models. they are just very complex to work with.
  9. CVX definitely needs an update. The carriers such a complex models that I typically do a little bit of at a time.
  10. Hello everyone! Yes! I'm still alive. I'm still working on upgrades to KSR and a few other things. Sorry for being away. I'm hoping to get my Mega Structures in Space project working.
  11. I need your permission to continue the KSO mod. 

    if I do not hear from you within 30 days I will assume this as “permission” to go ahead.



    1. Raptor22


      Keep me posted! I'd love to see this mod resurrected!

    2. Raptor22


      Any news in the past 11 months?

  12. Work on a 1.12 version of the KK plugin is in the works, to my knowledge. Also additional art and reworked art will be added to Kerbin Side Remastered At the other custom places? Um... this does... I'm thing that is what you're talking about. you can either unlock them in game, or enable them in settings.
  13. Offshore oil platform. This one is loosely based off the old Ocean Star Platform which is now a museum. From Left to Right: 1, 2) conventional fixed platforms; 3) compliant tower; 4, 5) vertically moored tension leg and mini-tension leg platform; 6) spar; 7, 8) semi-submersibles; 9) floating production, storage, and offloading facility; 10) sub-sea completion and tie-back to host facility. The one I made a conventional fixed platform. Ocean Odyssey used to be a semi-submersible oil exploration platform before being damaged by a blowout and there after getting converted to a mobile launch platform for the ESA.
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