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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Kapynauts! It's been in the works for months but we're finally excited to share some news about the new direction we'll be taking KSP2. Due to overwhelming feedback, the team has decided to swap out a core fundamental piece of the gameplay experience with a new fuzzy one. Moving forward, Kerbals will no longer be the main characters of our game - and instead we'd like to introduce you to our new quadrupedal friends: KAPYBARAS! KSP2 will now be known as Kapybara Space Program 2. Detailed below are a host of new features and changes to the game that we're absolutely sure the community is going to love. Welcome to the rebranded world of Kapybara Space Program, where our favorite furry friends embark on an epic journey through the cosmos, driven by their unending obsession with cheese and melons. The Kapybara Space Program Universe In Kapybara Space Program, players take control of the Kapybara Space Agency, a group of ambitious rotund rodents determined to explore the Kapolar system and beyond in search of the finest cheese and sweetest melons. The game retains the core mechanics of the original Kerbal Space Program, such as building spacecraft, managing resources, and planning missions. However, the addition of Kapybaras and their culinary quests inject a delightful twist, adding a fresh layer of fun to our already engaging gameplay. Redesigned from the Ground Up Many features and parts in Kapybara Space Program have been redesigned to accommodate the furry rotund figure of the Kapybaras. Our artists and engineers have spent a lot of time rethinking everything from core pillars of gameplay to the smallest of features. Below is an early sketch and some final concept art which should be similar to what you finally see in game: Additional smaller changes: Please keep in mind that Kapybaras do not have opposable thumbs, so controls may be affected by these changes. Command Modules have been updated to accommodate four legged fuzzy bodies such as bucket seats and larger buttons and switches. Added refrigerated melon and cheese storage Added bathtubs Adjusted levers so you can only pull up Tightened up the graphics on level three. Changes to our Early Access Roadmap As you can see, our team has worked hard to revamp the entirety of KSP2 to include our new main characters. In fact, we've even looked ahead in Early Access as well: In addition to science resource gathering and tech tree progression, the Science Update will now allow you to dive deep into Kapybara Culinary Arts for assist you with the new KapyLife Support feature! By collecting fine delicacies and using our in-game UI to design the most exquisite charcuterie boards, you can ensure that your Kapybara crew has enough food to sustain them during their arduous journeys amongst the stars. The Colonies Update will now also feature colorful pipes for transversal across the colony for the fuzzy little kapys. Enjoy building colorful tunnel mazes and brightly designed colonies on any celestial body in the Kapolar system! Once we make the jump to the Interstellar Update, new challenges and milestones for players to conquer will be added. Completing these milestones rewards players with new technologies, materials, and resources, enabling them to build more advanced spacecraft and explore even deeper into the cosmos. The ultimate goal? To find the legendary Cosmic Cheese and Infinite Melon, believed to grant Kapybaras eternal happiness and satisfaction. Looking to dig deep into the Kapybaras' past though? The Exploration Update will allow you to turn your focus back to Kapybin with our new archaeology feature! New parts will allow you to build new excavation crafts so you can discover the mysteries below the surface of the Kapybara homeworld and beyond! Lastly, the Multiplayer Update will introduce something we're super excited about: hat-making. Stand out from the rest of your crew by giving your Kapybaras the most fabulous hats. This will tie back to Science and Archaeology as well, as you'll only be able to find the rarest hat patterns by finishing archaeology projects on non-Kerbin celestial bodies! Hat Rarities: Common - Ball Cap Rare - Fedora Epic - Chef Hat Legendary - Fez (they're cool) Kapybara Film We have yet to share details about our plans after the 1.0 release but we're happy to announce today that at that point a large portion of our team will be shifting focus to make a Kapybara Space Program movie featuring motion capture from our community managers, and squeaky voice-acting from our engineers. We don't have any other details to share at this time, but we're so excited to bring the Kapybaras to the silver-screen sometime in 2048! Kapybara Merch To support the development of Kapybara Space Program 2, we'll be bringing you all limited-time drops of Kapybara-focused merch including new flags, plushies, and more! Stay tuned for more information on these exciting new collectables! A New Challenge In anticipation of these sweeping changes, we challenge you to create your own Capybara Craft! Primary: Design and launch a capybara into orbit. Stretch: Design and launch a capybara and land on the Mun Keb Level: Design a capybara rover and take it for a spin Kal Level: Build a capybara with the Cosmic Cheese and Infinite Melon Conclusion Thank you all for joining us on this exciting new direction that we're taking KSP2. We hope you have enjoyed this insight into our future plans and we'll be sure to share more information as things are finalized. Hope you're all looking forward to guiding your Kapybara crew into the stars in search of the universe's most delicious treasures. <3 Intercept Games
  2. The most requested feature of KSP is not a delta-V readout, but fishing. Now you too can relax and catch some fish while you wait for the recovery team to come and pick you up from the other side of Kerbin. What was first featured on as Scott Manley's April Fool's Day 2016 joke on his channel is and always was a mod that you too can play! Download CKAN: Look for "Kerbal Sports" on CKAN. GitHub: Kerbal Sports can be downloaded from GitHub. Source The full source is available on GitHub. Change Log Special Thanks regex - For posting silly comments on the forums that inspired this mod. Scott Manley - For being an excellent sport and doing up a video for me right before he had to leave on vacation. Mad Rocket Scientist - For putting up an April Fool's Day Fishing Challenge. The "plant" team for posting disinformation on the forum and elsewhere to get people to believe this was in the KSP 1.1 public pre-release: AlphaAsh Avera9eJoe nobodyhasthis2 smjjames MrHappyFace for making Kerbal Animation Suite, which I used for the animations License Kerbal Sports is licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Like what you see? Consider donating to the coffee fund! It will not go directly to supporting this or other mods under my care, but it may keep my motivation up!
  3. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.popmech.ru%2Fdiy%2F12536-atomnyy-konstruktor-reaktor-na-stole%2F&edit-text= Key parameters/contents of the... ahem... 14+ toy set: Six zirconium-coated unrefined (80%) plutonium-239 fuel rods Lead-lined airtight fuel rod transport container Exterior reactor hull - tempered, chemically treated glass Interior reactor hull - stainless steel Reactor hull top with airtight control rod and steam line openings Reactor stand Boron carbide control rod Stirling engine with inductive electric generator (2 W) 1 Kg of boric acid neutron poison (aquarium sold separately) Two hazmat suits Gamma-spectrometer Helium neutron counter Thorium sulfide for experimental U-233 production Assembly sequence. Suit up Assemble reactor hot zone Fully insert the control rod Fill the reactor hot zone with distilled water (sold separately) Attach the Stirling engine Load the reactor into the boron-doped containment aquarium Start pulling the fuel rod out until neutron counter goes off Insert the fuel rod by 1 cm to maintain stable criticality Aside from the premise, was there anything those jesters got wrong?
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