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Found 7 results

  1. I need help downloading Kerbal Foundries-I need the tracks to make crawler excavators, crawler cranes, tanks, etc. The only link I have found that is for the newest version (I have KSP 1.11.1, Technically KSP, but I don't now if that matters) is on GitHub, but at about 75% done it says network error, and then as I try to resume the download, it says "forbidden". It could have something to do with my download speed being 0.2 Mbps, but I think it is can get up to around 5 Mbps (Pretty slow, long story) Long-ish story short, before I make it too much more confusing, does anyone have a link to download the latest version of Kerbal Foundries that is not GitHub, or does anyone know why it would be saying forbidden?
  2. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB Tank And F-1 Engine) Valentina Kerman Rocket Development and Test Facility Was Built In 1991, Used For Rocket Developmet And Testing Rocket's Itself, Renovated In 2012 Everything Happens In The Horizontal Facility, Rockets, Allot Of Rockets. Hello Everyone And Welcome To My First Add-On! Have Been Thinking Of What To Make And Then Kerbal Konstructs Pop Out So Here We Are! This Mod Adds Four New Launchpads In Game, Launchpad 1A, Launchpad 1B, Launchpad 2 And Launchpad 3. Frequently Asked Questions Q:When Is Release? - A: Currently In Development Phase, We Will Reach BETA Once In V1.0 Q:How Do You Make This Stuff? - A: Kerbal Konstructs Tutorial + Review Here: Q:When Are You Gonna Add More Launchpads? - A:Later Versions, There Are Currently Three Launchpad Since V0.4 Launchpad 3 Will Be Out Soon. Q: CKAN Supported? - A: No, Not Yet, I Might Change My Mind But, I Plan On Doing It When In BETA Or Out Of DEV Release. More Photo's (Slightly Outdated) Planned Features: Our Roadmap Is Now Here Known Issues: You May Now Report Issues At The Github Page. No Github Account? What A Shame. *MODS REQUIRED* Now Included With The ZIP File, No Need To Download. Thank You To @Omega482 And @damonvv For The Amazing Mod And Thanks To @Ger_space For Developing The Kerbal Konstructs Mod. *SUGGESTED* Interegated To This Mod *RECOMMNDED* Connects With The Tier 4 Vehicle Assembly Building Engine Mods That You Can Use: Thanks To @Nertea For Those Amazing Mods That I Mention, Cause i use them lol. There Are Allot More That You Can Find ======================DOWNLOAD==================== **Update Schedule** Mod has been discountinued. ********************** Note: Versions Are Tested And Compatible For KSP 1.8 And Above. Below 1.8 Is Not Tested And May Require Another Version Of Kerbals Konstruct , TSC And Omega's Stockalike Strcutures. Primary: Spacedock Secondary: Github Github Downloads: In Total: Changelog: Currently On SpaceDock And Github Now!, CurseForge Coming Soon! ======================DOWNLOAD==================== ==============LICENSE=============== This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ==============LICENSE=============== CKAN Not Supported.
  3. Every single mod I look at, I find source. I've been playing since around 0.25, never joined the forums. But I did use the forums a lot. Mostly for mods and troubleshooting. But, WHAT IS SOURCE? Thanks.
  4. Is anyone else noticing that add-on projects managed on GitHub are having trouble with some site functionality? I'm noticing that I can't preview documents I edit, drag and drop batches of files into a project, display project graphs, or list contributors. I was surprised I could send a support request to them. Looks like they addressed it after I sent that request.
  5. I'm a relatively new hand at modding and have updated my first mod. How do I get it set up on GitHub? What do I need to do to set up the folders, etc?
  6. Greetings, esteemed and beloved modders. I'm trying to figure out how to do something with git, and I'm posting here because it's KSP-mod-related and because so many mods are on github that there must be a high degree of git expertise here; this may be a trivial question for some of you. I've been reading git tutorials and guides and so on, which so far has only made me feel like I have some sort of git-specific learning disability; I still have to rely on googling "how to do <svn command> in git" and praying that my situation is close enough to what the resulting blog post is doing. What I've done so far: Clone the KerbalEngineer github onto my local disk sometime around September 2015 (version according to the old ASSEMBLY_VERSION, though its changes are subsumed into in the latest changelog) Play around with it for a while locally (to add a US customary units option) without running any further git commands Let it sit for a while, so I ended up with uncommitted changes to an old version Finally create a github account within the last few weeks Fork the main KER repo onto my github account (so, ~9 months after my initial clone) Commit my changes to my local repository (I think? It shows up in git log, anyway) Change the remote of my local copy from the originally cloned main KER branch to my own forked branch (I think?) Possibly some other things; regrettably I did not take careful notes while researching and experimenting I don't think I stashed anything I'd like to bring my changes up to date and clean them up enough to submit a pull request (if that's how it works?). Current state: git diff --cached shows the changes that everyone else committed since September that don't conflict with my changes (which makes me think I must have staged those after a merge, if that's a thing) git diff shows BuildAdvanced.cs (whole file changed? but I don't remember what I did to it, so I'd like a better diff) and Units.cs (my core changes) git status says I've staged everything but those two files, so presumably I need to resolve conflicts on them: On branch master Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged, and have 1 and 38 different commits each, respectively. (use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours) You have unmerged paths. (fix conflicts and run "git commit") Some of my changes are in neither git diff nor git diff --cached, but are present in the working copy; I hypothesize that these are the things I changed that didn't have any conflicts. So they're already committed, even though they depend on changes that aren't committed yet? I don't think I want it to be in this state; I want to see my changes only in a diff, and all together in one diff only, with everyone else's changes already incorporated, as if I had made my changes originally on the current branch. Is that possible? If so, how do I get there from here? Am I supposed to "cherry pick" my local commit? If not, what's the better way? This has got to be a fairly common use case, if not the most common (clone/fork a project from github, commit/push changes, submit a pull request), so I feel like I'm missing something (scratch that, I'm sure I'm missing plenty in general about git). Also, how do I keep my github fork up to date in the meantime? I don't want to get out of sync and have to do this all over again. Thanks in advance for any help! I may have left out some relevant info, so please name any additional commands to run and I'll post the output. (A humble plea: Please don't refer me to yet another git tutorial unless it's about this exact specific question; as I've said, I've already been reading them and they just aren't helping.)
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