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  1. I'm excited for blueprint mode
  2. I can speak to this, @linuxgurugamer. I use this parts-pack routinely in KSP v1.9.1 and it functions flawlessly.
  3. Which is a big reason why I'm a fan of coaxial rotor designs.
  4. @blackheart612I've noticed that the leading edge slats don't line up quite right in mirror symmetry. The Krueger flaps line up just fine, but the leading-edge slats do this when I try to mirror them. If I adjust the one that's offset, to properly line up, then the centre-of-lift doesn't line up with the centre-of-mass.
  5. ehh, while a swashplate would be what most people think of, I would more prefer a control-gyro of the sort used by Lockheed in their hingeless "rigid" rotor system, which was so dramatically showcased in their XH-51 as seen here. Although it's often called a "rigid" rotor, the more accurate name is a hingeless rotor, because it omits the articulated rotor-head's lead/lag and flapping hinges, designing the blades themselves to be flexible enough to not need those hinges. The resulting hingeless rotor-head boasts better responsiveness to pilot control input, eliminating the lag that articulated rotor-head helicopters are often plagued with. The lack of hinges also reduces risk of so-called "mast-bumping" inherent in teetering and hinged rotor-head designs.
  6. So, attach it to the parent-part and NOT to the turboshaft engine? Good to know.
  7. Is there a way, using these parts, to implement coaxial lifting-rotors a-la Sikorsky S-97, or contra-rotating propellers like those on the Supermarine SeaFang?
  8. Will get screenshots momentarily. Just need to build it with the un-tweaked parts to show what I'm on about. Also: shouldn't the Communotron 42 & Communotron 04 antennas be combinable?
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