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  1. Wasn't it announced 2 weeks before the WARN? https://www.reuters.com/technology/take-two-interactive-cut-5-its-workforce-2024-04-16/
  2. I wouldn't read too much into that. They probably have a policy to agree to all takedown requests and allow the uploading party to counter-claim when appropriate. The notification that @techman83received specified how to file a counter-claim in such casees. Sure, our plan after the counter-claim is processed is to take these files down voluntarily. We don't need unnecessary conflict. Is that true? Can you show me those exceptions? I'm looking at the summary of this mod's license right now and I don't see any: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  3. If you run the numbers, they probably lost money. 70 people is not a small team, 5+ years is not a short time, and Seattle software developer salaries are not cheap.
  4. Nate finally mastered the ability to phase through normal matter and has been swinging back and forth from one side of Earth's gravity well to the other ever since. He was hoping to de-phase in his office and return to normal life the first time around, but unfortunately the planet had rotated in the meantime.
  5. From the format of the folder names, I'm guessing you downloaded the source archives instead of the properly built release files. That would generally not contain the DLLs, which would make those mods not work. Here's the relevant screenshot from the tutorial:
  6. Those look like incorrect manual installs. None of those mods include their version numbers in their GameData folders. OP, check out this tutorial to learn how to install mods:
  7. Some, but not all*, manually installed mods can be autodetected as installed by CKAN. If this happens, an "Update" column appears with checkboxes for each such mod: Checking those checkboxes (you can click "Update all" in the toolbar to check them all in one click) and then clicking Apply will cause CKAN to install those mods, overwriting the existing files. * The criterion for auto-detection is the presence of a DLL with a filename matching the identifier used for the mod in CKAN. Unfortunately, there are many mods which do not satisfy this, either due to not having any DLLs, or a mismatch between the DLL name and the identifier. You will have to find those in CKAN yourself.
  8. For me, the most unambiguously damning moment was later, when bugs started being removed from the "K.E.R.B" report due to lack of progress rather than being fixed. The point of such a public tracker is to reassure wary customers that things are being fixed, and especially that the things that bother them the most will be addressed soon. Retreating from that because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with their own code was just an awful sign.
  9. Hi, we have found out that this would apparently count as a strike against @techman83's archive.org account, which seems a bit unfair since the upload was done in compliance with the license, which allows mirroring. FYI that we may have to appeal the decision to minimize the risk of having some things shut down, and on its face the prospects look in our favor once the archive.org administrators see the license. In the future, could you please contact us instead of going to the archive.org admins? That way we could take care of it without all this unnecessary trouble.
  10. Yes, mods affect peformance. The exact impact varies by type of mod; plugins give the CPU more work to do, parts and planets can increase the load on GPU and consume more RAM. This mod, on the other hand, can improve performance by fixing certain coding problems in the core game:
  11. No. Restock Plus uses assets from Restock and will not work if the latter is removed.
  12. Yeah; one explanation for the business cycle is that when businesses close down, their remaining capital is sold off cheap, and new entrants to the market get an advantage by buying them. You could argue the same thing is being done now with game devs; mass layoffs, then re-hire a team made up of recently laid off devs desperate to work.
  13. TTWO's Master Control Program analyzed Nate and decided to repurpose him as an opera singer. Watch for his very special cameo in Grand Theft Auto 6.
  14. Looks like we are good for another three months!
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