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  1. SpaceWarp 2.0: Help Us Shape the Future of Modding! Dear KSP 2 Modding Community, We're thrilled to have grown alongside you as the SpaceWarp modding API project evolved from its inception in version 0.1 as a simple mod loader, to a community-driven modding API in version 1.0, to where we are now. Your continuous support and feedback have been invaluable in making SpaceWarp better. As we look to the future, we're excited to announce that we are beginning work on SpaceWarp 2.0, a new chapter in our modding journey! Learning and Growing Together Our journey through 1.x has been filled with learning experiences. We've listened to many of your suggestions, and have recently introduced some significant updates, such as: specification versions - allowing for major changes while still keeping older mods compatible, codeless part mods - to empower non-programmers who want to make KSP 2 mods, Lua support - for simple scripting without the need to learn C# and .NET, experimental support for the official mod loader - to help us prepare for the future. Those are just a few of the new features that SpaceWarp has seen added during the 1.x development cycle. Your valuable feedback has helped shape SpaceWarp 1, and we're grateful for that. SpaceWarp 1.5 - A Smooth Transition Before we dive into the details of SpaceWarp 2.0, let's talk about SpaceWarp 1.5, the next transitional step, and the last update in the 1.x series. We are going to mark all APIs that will be removed or changed as deprecated, and introduce their replacements, giving you a sneak peek of the changes coming in 2.0. That way, while your existing 1.x mods will continue working in 1.5, you will have enough time to prepare them for the major update ahead. Preparing for the Future We hear you loud and clear – KSP 2 modding shouldn't have to be tied to an external mod loader when there’s an official one on the way. That's why we're working towards making SpaceWarp fully compatible with both BepInEx and the currently unreleased official mod loader. That way, your mods written for SpaceWarp 1.5 and later should require only minimal changes to support the official mod loader once it arrives. SpaceWarp 2.0 - Modularization and Flexibility One of the key architectural differences in SpaceWarp 2.0 is the shift towards modularization. As the library has grown over the past few months, it has gotten to a point where a single project containing all the very diverse APIs and features is simply not sustainable anymore. We want to make SpaceWarp more flexible, so it has enough room to grow in the future without unnecessary complexity, in both the development phase, and in the integration, testing and release phases. Here are just some examples of the module structure we're considering: SpaceWarp.Core – The core mod contract and everything necessary to make a simple mod load in-game. SpaceWarp.UI – Including app bar buttons, UI skins, and other UI-related functionalities. SpaceWarp.Game – Abstractions of game APIs, enabling seamless interactions with many parts of the game’s code without having to worry about game updates breaking your mods. SpaceWarp.Audio – For handling of audio-related features and functionalities. The Right Approach We are currently considering two different approaches to the modularization of SpaceWarp: Approach 1: The Modular Monolith: We would split the SpaceWarp modules into individual projects and .DLL files, while keeping them all part of a single mod, single version, and single release zip. This approach maintains the current setup for end users and modders, keeping SpaceWarp as a monolithic, but not as tightly coupled library that covers various functionalities. The separation of concerns into multiple projects within the SpaceWarp solution will enable easier code management for contributors. Approach 2: Modular to the Max: SpaceWarp would be divided into separate smaller mods, each with its own swinfo.json file, versioning, and independent releases. Modders and players can then selectively use only the modules they need, improving customization and reducing unnecessary bloat. Community contributions to specific parts of SpaceWarp become more streamlined, as contributors can focus on individual modules without affecting unrelated components, making it easier for multiple people to work on many distinct parts of SpaceWarp at the same time independently. *For the sake of transparency – this is the approach that we are currently leaning towards the most, but we want to hear your opinions! Simplifying Installation for Players We understand that ease of installation is crucial for players. While approach 2 (Modular to the Max) brings with it more complexity when it comes to user experience when installing SpaceWarp, we're exploring solutions to mitigate this, such as always providing an always updated all-in-one download option for those who prefer simplicity, or the possibility of only installing the core SpaceWarp mod as a lightweight entry point, which will then prompt you to either download the modules your mods depend on manually, or even download and install them for you. We Value Your Feedback! Your opinions matter to us! We're building SpaceWarp together, and your insights are integral to shaping its future. We'd love to hear what you think about the two approaches we've shared: Are you more inclined towards Approach 1 (The Modular Monolith) or Approach 2 (Modular to the Max), and why? How do you think we can enhance the installation experience for players? Do you have any other suggestions for what you’d like to see in SpaceWarp 1.5 and 2.0? Please share your feedback here, or in the KSP 2 Modding Society Discord server, where the development of SpaceWarp and most KSP 2 mods takes place, for a more real-time discussion! Join Us on This Exciting Journey! SpaceWarp 2.0 promises a more flexible and future-proof modding experience. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Your contributions and feedback help us make SpaceWarp better every day, and we hope that we can all help the KSP 2 modding community one day reach the inspiring heights of its predecessor. Let's shape the future of KSP 2 modding, together!
  2. Hello there! I'm working at KSP mod that allows a player to upgrade parts. How to increase engine thrust by 15% or set a new value? Same with electricity generator. At the same time, also reduce fuel flow by 10% or set a new value. Here's an example: Basic engine Improved engine Thrust (kN) 200 230 Fuel flow (u/s) 16 14.4 EC generation (u/s) 10 12 Hope this information will be enough. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  3. Planet Staus: A Concept, No ideas or textures. Just Started making, May be a name and texture. First Prototype. May be planet pictures. Pre-Release: I will leave a link to download the planet for peeps to test. I want some feedback if you were to test it. PLS This means the planet is complete and it will be downloadable in a planet pack when it is released. The Planets A Hot-Jool Planet at about half the orbit of Moho with alot of moons Moon 1: A lava moon. May have another small moon orbiting it Moon 2: A less Lava-y Moon. May have a big crack in it Moon 3: A very small red Asteroid moon Moon 4: Another moon may be a small moon or an asteroid one. This planet would have rings Fazo/Faza : An asteroid Moon of Moho Moho may be re-textured A third Kerbin Moon/Probably a asteroid Moon 2 water planets, 1 between Eve and Kerbin and one between Kerbin and Duna Get rid of Ike for 2 smaller duna moons. Sarna: A Gas Giant bewteen Duna and Jool Dres and Vall are moons Will Probably add more moons Jool will have many more Asteroid Moons and will probably. Goal 20 moons. Uarnus: Has a odd ring and many moons orbiting in weird inclinations Nedo : A Planet with a heavy atmosphere which gives it oceans Neiden : A Light Blue gas giant with not as many moons as Jool. Will have many weird and Interesting moons. Armedia: One of a few dwarf planets on the kerbol system outskirts Pluti : Another Dwarf Planet. Erno: A third Dwarf Planet Xi : A ROuge planet that entered the outskirts of the Kerbol System Stars: Sol: This star holds our home system. Alpha Centari Trappist:1 A couple rouge planets. Maybe a random pulsar. A made up 2nd solar system. Contents unknown This are my ideas so far. If you have any ideas or name suggestions pls comment them. I want more things and this is a ll i got
  4. G'day! It's early days for Kerbal Space Program 2, but I am wondering if there are any relevant resources regarding development for modifications for KSP2. Has there been any official/unofficial information or tools released? Are there any unofficial community forums or resource locations which could be of invaluable assistance? I have not developed any mods for KSP1 other than editing files here and there to my liking, but am looking to try my hand at some more involved tinkering. Cheers in advance, Bradyns
  5. Realistic aerodynamics is not only an essential topic for aerospace engineering, it is absolutely FASCINATING. I wanted to break the sound barrier with the Farrem Aerospace mod and the Realistic Progression mod tech tree. This led me to spend a whole 2 days researching aerodynamics, including watching the old Shell Oil film "High Speed Flight," which explained all the considerations of transonic and supersonic flight. This included elevator issues, thin wings, the area rule, sweeping wings behind the shock wave so they experience subsonic flow, etc. I spent 2 days excitedly researching, but I had also taken both incompressible and compressible flow courses. Think of all the fun I would have had if I were to discover those aerodynamic principles for the first time! If the developers want to make a game marketed as being a fun way to educate the next generation of engineers and scientists, they should go all the way and implement realistic aerodynamics so players can try to break the sound barrier and optimize the aerodynamic profile of their spaceplane for supersonic flight. Procedural nozzles could even be added just to experiment with optimizing engine efficiency for different atmospheric pressures (future update?). Make the game the ultimate sandbox of aerospace engineering! (The same goes for including realistic n-body gravitation like in the principia mod! But while it can and should be implemented I know it probably won't be...)
  6. Space Dust Configs for Beyond Home Download and Releases (GitHub) Source Code This is a set of Space Dust configs for @Gameslinx's Beyond Home Planet Pack. Also, if CryoTanks is installed, it adds resource distributions and the ability to prospect for Methane, and removes the ability to prospect for Liquid Fuel. Requirements KSP 1.12.x (It may work with older versions, but I do not know for sure) Space Dust Beyond Home Cryo Tanks (optional) Far Future Technologies (optional) Near Future Propulsion (optional) Feel free to let me know what you think (and if you have any issues), all feedback is appreciated! Special Thanks Squad for making the game @Nertea for making Space Dust @Gameslinx for making Beyond Home License GNU General Public License v3.0
  7. Welcome to: Eskandare Heavy Industries This thread is strictly for news, posts, mod discussion, and organization of my various mods stretched across the forums. Currently in development: CVX - Kerbal Carrier eXpansion [Ongoing Development] KSOS (Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter System) Eskandare Aerospace Recent Updates: Kerbin Side Remastered [ver. 1.0.1 for KSP 1.7.3] Currently Available for Download: Kerbin Side Remastered [ver. 1.0.1 for KSP 1.7.3] Thermonuclear [Ver. 1.0.12 for KSP 1.1.2] KRX - Kerbal Rotor eXpansion [Ver. 0.31.1 for KSP 1.1.3] CVX - Kerbal Carrier eXpansion [ver. 0.13.1 for KSP 1.3.1] Top Secret - Bases and Anomalies for Kerbal Konstructs [ver. 1.0.11 for KSP 1.1] Eskandare Aerospace [ver. BETA for KSP 1.7.3] Experimental Stuff: [WIP] O'Neill Space Cylinder [WIP] The Cities of Kerbin - Being merged with Supply and Demand [WIP] Supply and Demand [On Hold] Mods being Maintained by Eskandare: KSOS [New Page Coming Soon] Baha EPL Redrilled This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  8. First forum topic in a while, so I hope you will bear with me. I was perusing this sub-forum, and saw a topic that inspired me to create this poll. So, I am curious: how will you be approaching the new tutorial animations planned for KSP2? Personally, I am not a new player of KSP by any means, but I will likely be watching the animations for late game content, as well as to support the efforts that the devs put into them. I want to know how you guys feel! Also, mods, feel free to do what you need to this topic. Again, I am not exactly used to posting topics on the forums, so I apologize in advance for any errors I have made.
  9. I'm making configs for mods so that they can be used in Realism Overhaul. Configs for our favorite mods! Currently working on configs for: TBD Planned configs: Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares (SP, LV, and Neptune Camera support) Nertea's 'Near Future' mod suite, 'Cryo Engines' suite, and possibly 'Far Future Technology' KNES Endurance Restock and Restock+ Suggestions for more are welcomed! Unplanned/Won't Happen Configs: Tundra Exploration (Due to conflict with FAR. If this changes, I might consider) Benjee10's mods (S.O.C.K, reDIRECT, HabTech2, and Planetside) including Kertemis Program mod All configs are written with Kerbalism and Deadly Reentry in mind. If you prefer to use TAC Life Support, I am considering making a branch for you as changing the configs around to use TAC instead of Kerbalism is pretty easy. Download here: GITHUB Obviously, these configs are for Realism Overhaul Special thanks to: All mod authors, artists, and associated persons for all Mods listed above License:
  10. Welcome to KRVE, it is a visual overhaul for Kerbin (And maybe the rest of the KSP system eventually) that will add fancy clouds, aurora, and a nice atmosphere. I am VERY early into development so I apologize for a lack of info. All I can give for now are some screen shots. Currently it features; 43k Cloud Texture Custom Aurora Custom TUFX Profile 8K City Lights Cloud Shadows Dependencies: EVE REDUX Scatterer TUFX Module Manager (bundled) DOWNLOAD: GITHUB It is Currently In BETA, there is a Roadmap in the README Thanks to: @Astronomer @themaster401 @ballisticfox0 for the screenshots This mod is built off of AVP assets so I have to thank them for the kindness of letting me use them for my own pack Licenses: KRVE is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if for modelling and animating the gimballing of engines, is it (the animating) done in Blender (or any 3D modelling/animating software used to make the engine model), in Unity, while preparing to import the part into KSP, or does the game itself read the .cfg file and automatically add the correct amount of gimbal?
  12. Seems like a great reason to create a moon base, if the technology is actually possible. I'm not so sure a robot could create cells, lay them flat, and wire them. Then beaming the power to a receiver is a whole other challenge. In KSP2, the crawler cost, speed of cell production, cell efficiency, and micro-meteoroid impacts (which would require replacement of cells) would vary depending on each body. Would only be possible on certain bodies where the regolith can be made into solar cells.
  13. When doing a resupply mission, instead of just saying you've done it so now forget about it, make it so it always follows a "milestone mission." This would allow for these gameplay features: 1. Make repetitive missions as optional as the player wants, as planned by the developers 2. A way to set a cost to each automated mission so that they aren't simply ignored 3. Incentivize efficiency and creativity for all skill levels 4. Introduce almost endless compelling yet optional challenges for players of all skill levels, increasing replayability of KSP2. The uniqueness of each location would determine how fun optimizing these missions would be. They would be optional regardless, so it can't hurt the game for anyone, only improve it.
  14. The Kerbal news agencies report on all colony channels that Scott Kerman's vessel suffered critical failures, jeopardizing his mission. Some fear starts spreading through Kerbal society (along with causing a big distraction), reducing colony productivity somewhat (i.e. resource production, construction, science research). Later it is confirmed that Scott Kerman has gone MIA. For the Kerbals that know what this means, they become fearful of spaceflight, reducing population growth of the colonies, especially the one that Scott launched from as well as nearby colonies. Like an opposite "boom event" caused by player actions. This would be a difficulty setting to introduce consequences that require more safety features and margins for each mission. This would make the game more challenge and allow the developers more opportunities to make unique mission types and locations. Adding news reports would increase the player feeling of their actions being consequential to their Kerbal interstellar civilization, as well as allow for more humorous Kerbal reactions in the game. TLDR; Killing Kerbals is reported on Kerbal news, triggering an event making kerbals less likely to want to travel to new places in space for a while, reducing pop growth.
  15. In KSP, you can control one Kerbal at a time and when you time wrap they just standing there starting at nothing. Funny thing is that I once left Valentina on Minmus for two whole years in her suit standing still staring at nothing. It would be cool if you can set each Kerbal to do something, such as patrol around the base ( and maybe gain some science ) or command them to take cargo and store it in other cargo space. Cooler even if you can set it to repair anything in proximity and they just repair anything damaged. Overall, I want to see other Kerbals do something other than sitting inside the base and just standing still when you leave them.
  16. How were the Kerbals created? How was the Kerbol System created? How long did it take to release version 1.0?
  17. Developing a mod that allows external toggling of action groups etc. Everything works nicely until we get a unity crash. Upon inspection of the log file, it seems the error is caused by sounds for parts that create sound on toggling. This line is repeated, in different variations, throughout the logfile. Function class SoundHandleAPI *__cdecl SoundHandle::operator ->(void) const may only be called from main thread! Here is the log file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcnxc7ju0dzc6m2/Player.log?dl=0 We also had a bug where unity would crash if you activated a part that needed electric charge, while your ship has no electric charge. We were able to solve this on the arduino side however. Any help/advice is greately appreciated. Is there some kind of check we need to make before toggling a group within the mod? or somekind of method to override? Thanks
  18. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB Tank And F-1 Engine) Valentina Kerman Rocket Development and Test Facility Was Built In 1991, Used For Rocket Developmet And Testing Rocket's Itself, Renovated In 2012 Everything Happens In The Horizontal Facility, Rockets, Allot Of Rockets. Hello Everyone And Welcome To My First Add-On! Have Been Thinking Of What To Make And Then Kerbal Konstructs Pop Out So Here We Are! This Mod Adds Four New Launchpads In Game, Launchpad 1A, Launchpad 1B, Launchpad 2 And Launchpad 3. Frequently Asked Questions Q:When Is Release? - A: Currently In Development Phase, We Will Reach BETA Once In V1.0 Q:How Do You Make This Stuff? - A: Kerbal Konstructs Tutorial + Review Here: Q:When Are You Gonna Add More Launchpads? - A:Later Versions, There Are Currently Three Launchpad Since V0.4 Launchpad 3 Will Be Out Soon. Q: CKAN Supported? - A: No, Not Yet, I Might Change My Mind But, I Plan On Doing It When In BETA Or Out Of DEV Release. More Photo's (Slightly Outdated) Planned Features: Our Roadmap Is Now Here Known Issues: You May Now Report Issues At The Github Page. No Github Account? What A Shame. *MODS REQUIRED* Now Included With The ZIP File, No Need To Download. Thank You To @Omega482 And @damonvv For The Amazing Mod And Thanks To @Ger_space For Developing The Kerbal Konstructs Mod. *SUGGESTED* Interegated To This Mod *RECOMMNDED* Connects With The Tier 4 Vehicle Assembly Building Engine Mods That You Can Use: Thanks To @Nertea For Those Amazing Mods That I Mention, Cause i use them lol. There Are Allot More That You Can Find ======================DOWNLOAD==================== **Update Schedule** Mod has been discountinued. ********************** Note: Versions Are Tested And Compatible For KSP 1.8 And Above. Below 1.8 Is Not Tested And May Require Another Version Of Kerbals Konstruct , TSC And Omega's Stockalike Strcutures. Primary: Spacedock Secondary: Github Github Downloads: In Total: Changelog: Currently On SpaceDock And Github Now!, CurseForge Coming Soon! ======================DOWNLOAD==================== ==============LICENSE=============== This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ==============LICENSE=============== CKAN Not Supported.
  19. So like everyone else on the forum I shot out of my seat with excitement when I saw KSP 2 was announced. The trailer looks very nice, and what I've seen from gameplay so far it looks very promising aswell. However after the initial extacy of excitment had passed I did have a couple of concerns for the new game that I wanted to vent here to see what everyone thinks and maybe if some people have the same. 1. The release timeline. In the IGN interview with Nate it was stated that the release for KSP 2 would be sometime in spring 2020. Now that is less than a year away, and although I would be very excited to have it playable that early, I'm also a bit concerned. It seems to me that if KSP 2 were to live up to the status of the first game, whilst also expanding on its scope, 8 to 10 months of devlopment time would be to little to achieve that. Now I realise that the developers aren't starting at the same point as Squad did in 2012, but I still think this game needs at least a solid year and a half of development time from where its at right now to be a worthy successor. I'm afraid it might dumb down or even cut some of the more advanced features that are in KSP right now, in order to get things like interstellar travel in there on time for release. Personally I would be happy with a game that is the same size as the original KSP but with enhanced visuals and all the same features on release. And then have it slowly grow overtime like the original game. 2. Multiplayer I don't want to come across as someone who doubs the ability of the developers at Star Theory. From what I've gathered they are a group of very capable game designers. However I don't feel like they have a grasp on what makes KSP fun when they mentioned multiplayer. I am personally not sure wether KSP is the kind of game that even needs multiplayer. Not every type of game is improved by having multiplayer in it, and it feels more like a forced feature to boost hype and potential sales of KSP 2. KSP being the game that focusses more on the methodical, trial and error type of gameplay. That's usually a bit slower and not as well suited to multiple people playing as at once. I fear that it might not work out at all. I just don't feel like KSP needs multiplayer. Have a social element to it by all means, but multipalyer itself, I'm not feeling that. This concern is reinforced by the fact that it seems like the developers at Star Theory themselves don't seem to have and idea of how they want multiplayer to take shape in KSP 2 either. It is simply mentioned as a feature but there's not info on how its going to work or what we can expect. It comes back to the short release schedule aswell. If they are planning to finish this game in 10 months and they have no idea or prototype in place for multiplayer what is this going to mean for the rest of the development? It would be a shame to both have a half finished uninspired multiplayer component and a less than exciting singleplayer component. I'd rather have a solid game that I can play on my own. Those are my 2 major concerns I have for KSP 2 right now. I might update my post with more later, but for now those are the only ones that I can think of. Again I don't want to come across as negative or pessimistic. I think its fantastic that the KSP franchise has a future, especially since for me the first game had become a bit stale. And I am very excited for this. But I also want to see it succeed as well as the first game, and therefore I wanted to vent these concerns here. I'd love to know what you think, if you share some of these concerns or if you have your own. Let me know. Hopefully the dev's will read them.
  20. Not sure whether it's already been asked, but if it has, it's not got enough support. Kerbal Space Programme is super realistic! And since we've seen the previews to the planets (if your reading this in the future you've got them, lucky!) then you'll know it looks a bit stupid how rovers are going over ground and not leaving tyre marks! Not only that but for a while I've thought about how it's silly when Kerbals do a surface Eva and don't leave footprints, and one of the most iconic pictures of Human exploration is of Buzz Alderins boot print on the Lunar surface. I think to go with the 1.8 (I know this is stretching you to the limit if you guys did this) it would be a great asset to KSP and to stop making some of the textures looking so strange
  21. I personally really want a stock centrifuge habitat to be implemented into the newer ksp versions. I would like to see your ideas though too. @UomoCapra please consider doing this
  22. The addition of lock position, ie. Lock to horizon or lock to current facing position would be a good idea. This would help in rocket launching and not wearing out our fingers pressing 'A' and 'D' to correct bearing. It would also help to make space stations look even cooler, as they would now stay locked to the horizon or locked to another position. The addition of time warping to stop spinning is great but, not any good for pointing in the right direction. I think that this tiny change could make a large impact on KSP in new ways much like 1.5 but more on the mechanical side of better visuals rather than just the looks.
  23. Recently, @ShadowZone has released a video about the future of KSP, and as I personally agree with the points he has made, so I decided to spread the word. @UomoCapra and other developers, please hear me and him out:
  24. I am just asking about the MK2 Series and why there are no specified decouplers that look flush and it would help me very much with specified missions from carrying the plane out of orbit and into a new orbit that is my goal. P.S if i have missed anything please say so
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