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  1. All you need is a 3D model, textures, and to configure the part modules in Unity (stuff like setting the mass of the part, what category of part is it, etc.) and then you just click a button to export the mod. No need to code anything.
  2. The easiest way to install mods is using CKAN. You can download the ckan.exe file from the link, put it into your KSP2 folder and open it to install mods.
  3. The C# library should probably work for that, since they're both .NET languages.
  4. Not true, we already have ~100 mods for KSP2, and the number keeps growing steadily. The game is perfectly moddable as it is, and the addition of an official mod loader won't really change much, other than some of the boilerplate for the initialization of mods, which is abstracted away by the SpaceWarp modding API anyway (which supports both BepInEx and the WIP official mod loader already). Best thing to do if someone wants to request a mod or learn how to make one is to head to the KSP2 Modding Society Discord server.
  5. you might possibly be on version 2.0 of UITK for KSP2, if so, please update to 2.1, that bug should be (mostly) fixed there Edit: it seems like the issue persists even in 2.1 for multiple mods, so I'll do some more investigation and try to fix it
  6. Don't think there's any documentation for sound modding itself, but SpaceWarp does have an API for the loading of Wwise soundbanks, for more info, it's best to join the KSP2 modding server and ask around
  7. the API documentation itself is not on the wiki, but there's a project for that, too: https://schlosrat.github.io/ however, since we do not have access to the devs' documentation comments, it's really just a list of types and members, meant to allow anyone to contribute their knowledge of the code
  8. Yep, @Safarte has been working on that on the KSP2 modding server.
  9. all engines are surface attachable, so you don't need any nodes to attach them to the plate, that's a feature, not a bug, as far as I know
  10. Is this perhaps just copied over from 0.1.3 patch notes accidentally?
  11. I would just like to reiterate what I said above: As for this point, none of my mods needed any (patch-related) updates since the release of, and that's the case for most mods that have come out so far, I believe.
  12. You can search in the game's code for the uses of the "Unity.Jobs" and "Unity.Burst" namespaces and see that there are several uses, such as in the PQS system, and in the maneuver node solver for example.
  13. Saying that the game has "no" multithreading is a bit misleading, since this former KSP 2 developer says that they do use it for some parts of the game:
  14. Just to add on to this: since version 1.4, SpaceWarp supports using either BepInEx or the official mod loader as the backend for mod loading, and we're actively working on making it so that when the official mod loader gets finished, modders can very easily switch from the BepInEx backend to the official one with very little changes.
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