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  1. Well, Lux posted the teaser because he was working on them and wanted to share a progress update, and shortly after he kinda went MIA.
  2. You don't, because they were never implemented in any released engine mod (and I think they never actually worked in the game, only inside Unity)
  3. That's right, this is basically a library for other mods to use to be able to create plumes for their engines
  4. I'm wondering why the old fuel switch patches were removed, I really liked the option to switch the tanks, RCS, vents and mainly engines between LFO and methalox. Also, with the new patches, when I have both Community Resource Pack and Configurable Containers installed, the fuel tanks are all set to LFO (which you can't switch to methalox in CC without having a custom patch for that), and engines keep using methalox, so the mod becomes basically unusable at that point, where it worked just fine before with the same set of other mods. Am I missing something?
  5. Pretty sure it's confirmed that the funds system from KSP1 is not coming back, instead, parts will cost resources that you will need to gather in your colonies and then ship around.
  6. This mod scales the stock UI (using UGUI system), while Micro Engineer uses the UITK system (only used by mods), they are completely separate and as such, even their scale is controlled separately. Both the UITK for KSP2 mod and this mod have their own slider in the settings.
  7. This mod is for flight camera, not for the VAB.
  8. MicroEngineer does almost the same thing as KER.
  9. Just make a small constellation around Kerbin (3-4 sats) so that one of them is always in range of the KSC and can the others can link to it
  10. That is a stock game bug, almost certainly not caused by this mod. If you want a workaround, the Community Fixes mod should get rid of that bug.
  11. My guess would be mostly using procedural wings to create decals, like @The Space Peacock's competition-winning Vulcan recreation: https://kspbuilds.com/build/Vulcan-Centaur-&-Peregrine-Lander
  12. It's not a block, seems like they completely deleted their account again.
  13. The latest update should fix that, yes
  14. v0.13.0 New fixes Time Warp Thrust Fix by @Sun_Serega - Fixes the bug where thrust under time warp was sometimes not working despite draining fuel.
  15. From the latest release on SpaceDock, the mod no longer bundles Patch Manager 0.9 and instead depends on the latest version, so you're good to try it out
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