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Found 8 results

  1. K2-D2 is better than ever : v1.0 !!! The philosophy of this mod is "simple but accurate". No cheat here, we are just using direct control on Thrusts, Maneuver, SAS and direction. Current Pilots are : Auto Execute Node. Landing : do all the brake work to Land in full security. Lift : a precise ascent profile edition and execution. Drone : A funny tool to navigate on planets. Very costly in fuel. (Will be back soon) Attitude : for Planes Docking Pilot added a link with FlightPlan Mod to create cirularize nodes Open it with Alt+O or using the AppBar Link to space dock : https://spacedock.info/mod/3325/K2-D2 Git Hub : https://github.com/cfloutier/k2d2 Full Documentation : https://github.com/cfloutier/k2d2/wiki Licence : CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.
  2. I want to know how to Make SAS available without a pilot or a probe core in Science mode. It's ok if it is considered a cheat.
  3. Doing my first Mun MIssion in a new game, I designed my Rocket put Valentina in the pilots seat and went to bed. Reloaded the game this morning and launched and half way to space I notice that Jeb has replaced Valentina. I prefer to use Valentina for everything over Jeb. No real reason other than I like her better. How can I promote Valentina over Jeb permanently, so that she's the default Kerbal crew member. I realise I can simply turn off Kerbal respawning and fire Jeb into the sun but I'd rather not do that. Game file modding is fine by me.
  4. Hi, I've got a vessel stuck in low Kerbin orbit which desperately needs a Level 1 or better pilot to re-enter safely. The re-entry module was badly designed and it wants to tip over the wrong way (heat shield up, Mk1 command pod down) in the atmosphere; I've tried (many times) and failed to re-enter it manually without hitting the ground too hard. However, when I fly the same craft with Jebediah Kerman (who's currently at Level 1) on board, he can keep it stable all the way down with the "hold retrograde" SAS option. :-) The stranded vessel has three tourists on board, so all it has is an OKTO probe's SAS, which doesn't support "hold retrograde". The usual rescue options are precluded because 1) it doesn't have a docking port, 2) tourists can't EVA, and 3) there are no empty seats for me to EVA a pilot into. So I had an idea "what if I could use Remote Pilot Assist to transfer a Level 1 pilot's skills to it". I'm having some trouble getting this to work, though. As a preliminary test, I built a simple craft which has a Mk1-2 (3 man) command pod, two HG-5 (relay) antennas, a stack of batteries on top, and a token engine (not enough to get it off the ground) so that I can "launch" the thing and get the MET clock going without actually moving it anywhere. I then attempted to use it to control an unmanned probe (OKTO-based) which I already have up in keosynchronous orbit with visibility of the launch pad. However, it's not working. Even with two level 1 pilots on board the ground craft, both craft's antennas extended (they are both equipped with HG-5's), the orbiting probe still has only the OKTO's basic SAS (stability assist only) and the status bar at the top of the screen indicates it's being controlled from KSC, not the remote craft. In map view on the ground control pod, when I set it to "vessel links" it shows a faint green line from the ground control pod to the orbiting probe, so they do have a line-of-sight link. But still...the piloting skills are not being transferred. Am I missing something? Some requirement that's not met one one or other of the craft? Some button I need to press to activate the Remote Pilot Assist? Or does Remote Pilot Assist only kick in when the "normal" DSN link to KSC is occluded/too weak? Or does it not like the fact that the control craft is landed on Kerbin? (Should that even matter, since I did "launch" the thing and the mission clock is counting up like it should?) Thanks...any ideas are appreciated. :-)
  5. Hi, So I made this game where you rate the person above you from the dV from a certain trip. You can rank from 0 to 10 depending on how much dV they have spent on a certain trip. I Start: Mun and back: 6800m/s Minmus and Back: 5700m/s Duna and Back: 7350m/s
  6. I want to see how hard it is to fly my reusable rockets. Try to fly it, and tell me dv you get on the orbit! Craft Files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/13b2rchjw8hioeh/AAC6VwTb2nF4ZC4MUb5P_Ioba?dl=0 Flight Instructions> Rules> - No cheating. - Don't change the payload. - Don't crossfeed fuel through the decoupler. - Post screenshots of gravity turn, separation, circularization and recovery of each stage. - Allowed mods: KER, V.O.I.D, Visual mods. No StageRecovery / FMRS. Score> Dv you got on the orbit. Entries> - Reusable ll2: - Reusable L1: - Reusable L1,5: Note: 1. I fly these in daily basis, so yes it's certainly practical. I can post my entry if you request it. 2. These enables 350~400/t to LKO in relatively early career.
  7. Maybe this is bug... Given that the SAS skills are tied to the pilot to me it would make sense that they should remember which SAS mode was active last time it was turned on. Well at least for 10 minutes or so.
  8. Hi everybody. I am not familiar with modding but I've got an idea to improve the gameplay in career mode and I would like to share it with you. If some of you find it relevant and think it can be modded, I would be glad to help as much as I can. My idea is to remove the mechjeb part and include the mechjeb functions in both pilots aptitudes and probe caracteristics. To make it fun, the number of functionalities available should raise with: the Xp-level of the pilot / the tech-level of the probe. I started to think at the balance adjustments with 6 steps : # Pilot lvl PROBE FUNCTIONALITIES unlocked 1 0 Stayputnik Mk1 SAS / Delta-V stats 2 1 Probodobodyne OKTO Smart A.S.S. / RCS balancer / Smart RCS 3 2 Probodobodyne HECS Maneuver planner / Node editor 4 3 Probodobodyne QBE CH-J3 fly-by-wire Translatron / Rover Autopilot 5 4 Probodobodyne OKTO 2 Ascent / landing & spaceplane guidance 6 5 RC-001S / Mk2 Drone / RC-L01 Rendez-vous & docking guidance The idea is to include the following function by default in all modules & probes: Vessel info Utilities Warp helper Surface info Orbit info In addition, the tech tree position of the probe could be modified to have earlier access to it, for example: Probe Tech prereq Stayputnik Mk1 Stability Probodobodyne OKTO Flight control Probodobodyne HECS Advanced flight control Probodobodyne QBE Precision engineering I let you comment my idea, let me know if you like it, if you think it's realisable, how to do it ... etc Sorry if someone already posted a similar idea somewhere else on the forum, i just didn't find a similar thread.
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