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  1. sorry about the late reply. yes you can get the data from them planets, the Newtonsoft lib is included in the patch class so you could convert the Data into json and then log it into the log.sl [Target(Mun)] [Module(CelestialBodyComponent)] [Data(CelestialBodyProperties)] logger.Log(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(Data))
  2. Cheat Menu 1.2.0 update: Added: Updated: compatibility with Removed: Dependency on Spacewarp some cheats that now use a new cheat system (will be added back in 1.3.0) Notes: UI background is a bit funky with the size. will be fixed in 1.3.0
  3. sorry about shadowlib. It had a file leftover from when spacewarp was required. I will push an update to fix that issue soon. And yes filename.konfig can go in any folder within the plugins folder. for the vector 3 part you can do this. new Vector3d(0.5,0.5,0.5)
  4. Yes the games api wiki can help you with that https://ksp2community.github.io/api/KSP.Sim.Definitions.CelestialBodyData.html
  5. all of that is in the link. + its not needed now as its all done by the game now.
  6. ME: Creates tool to help people with the registry since some people wont want to touch it. Some random guy:
  7. the game pulls the settings from a file on the disk. everything in the ksp2 tree is generated by the game from the file the game makes. no section for ksp2 tools like ksp1 has. and no need for it to run all the time only once every 1 - 3 months.
  8. heres a temporary fix for the bug, run once every so often (like once a month).
  9. fix for the registry bug https://github.com/Bit-Studios/fixksp2/releases/tag/1.1
  10. for number 3 please don't make the fix be a physics range or simplification of the physics when out of a set range.
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