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  1. No, for some reason in stock KSP2 the headlamp is currently not a real light source
  2. Click the "focus" option on the desired body and it will move to the centre of the screen
  3. Maybe there should be a text message in the torque line of the UI prompting you to enable the indicators if they're off
  4. Yeah, I know about this workaround, it's just frustrating to do all that for something that should've taken me two keystrokes
  5. That would be helpful, it can be annoying to have all those cores clogging up lines in the portraits UI
  6. There is currently no signal occlusion in the game, so the signal going through celestial bodies is correct gameplay-wise.
  7. Nice! Oh, and it looks like the time zone bug in CKAN is finally gone
  8. Can you upload the log files? You need Ksp2.log in the main KSP2 folder and Player.log in .../*username*/AppData/LocalLow/Intercept Games/Kerbal Space Program 2/
  9. Not sure if this is a know issue or not, but it seems like the scanning sometimes stops being registered when using very high time warp. So far I've only seen this over Minmus (on a roughly 600km orbit) on the highest available warp, so might be related to the low framerate due to the FOV thing? I'll see if I can reliably reproduce it.
  10. Hi, I think I've found a bug. So, in the VAB you can expand the staging menu and choose for which body the TWR and delta of your engines should be displayed, right? If you set the reference body to anything other than Kerbin, it messes with the TWR/delta info of MicE, basically the mod applies the TWR multiplier to whatever number is shown in the staging menu, even if it's already modified. For example, if you set the reference body to Dres in both menus, MicE will report the TWR as TWR_Kerbin*(Kerbin_gravity/Dres_gravity)^2 instead of the correct TWR_Kerbin*(Kerbin_gravity/Dres_gravity)^1. It's not exactly game-breaking since the solution is simply to only change the reference body in the MicE window, but it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. I'll try to pull up a screenshot tomorrow.
  11. That's not at all what is being said. Making a whole additional UI for the commnet isn't a priority *right now* as there are more pressing matters, doesn't mean it won't be implemented at all. You're talking about interstellar stuff, but that won't be relevant for a year at best, and it makes sense to tackle issues in order of their relevance to the current/soon-to-be state of the game, otherwise the dev team will simply drown in stuff to do.
  12. Is the Arkive automatically compatible with mods that add new experiments (e.g. Orbital Survey) or does that require a patch somewhere?
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