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Found 2 results

  1. Kerbal Life-Support System (KLSS) Because your Kerbals need Snacks. Download: SpaceDock | GitHub Please report any other bug you encounter here, with reproduction steps if possible. Known issues: Life-support recyclers stop working properly at very high time-warp (>100 000x) Installation: It is highly recommended to use CKAN (Download Here) to install Kerbal Life-Support System! Dependencies: Community Resources Patch Manager SpaceWarp + BepInEx Features: Kerbals consume Food, Water & Oxygen, producing Waste, Waste Water & Carbon Dioxide All crewed parts come with a Water & Oxygen recycler (works at 75% efficiency i.e. can cover the needs of 3/4 of the total crew capacity) Life-support resources storage parts: S and M size inline parts, XS and M radial parts (Parts Gallery) M sized Greenhouse: produces enough food for 2 Kerbals when unfertilized and 4 when fertilized with Fertilizer made in a Composter Life-support planning & monitoring UI Planned Features: More storage parts (Larger inline & radial parts, ...) More greenhouses (Cupola, L size, truck rover form-factor, ...) More recyclers (Air filters, water electrolysis, ...) Changelog: Links: Source Code Parts Gallery License: MIT
  2. I am considering starting a colonization/base-building save. This would be a new game folder with its own mods starting with the full tech-tree unlocked but a limited amount of funds too keep things interesting. The objective would be to established manned bases with 10+ Kerbals on each of the land-able bodies in the stock Kerbol system. Core mods would be: for the base modules, for constructing bases on-site, and most likely or similar for roving around once at the base. I would also use KAS/KIS and some form of life support mod. I'm debating between Kerbalism and TAC-LS. Kerbalism sounds cool because it has resource use in background, and minimum housing space/comfort requirements, but I'm nervous because a lot of things seem to break when using it from what I've heard. TAC-LS would be a simpler system and not as likely to break other things but wouldn't be as realistic from a living space perspective. So now to the questions: Has anyone tried something similar, and if so, how did it turn out? Does Kerbalism play nice with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and long-term surface habitation? Is using life-support do-able with multiple colonies with or without in-situ life-support production? Am I insane for wanting to try this?
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