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  1. This is the right file, the updates are made in the "dev" branch and then later merged into the "main" branch. You can change branch at the top left of the list of files in Github. Hmm I'll need to think about whether this fits into the scope of KLSS but it is an interesting idea!
  2. The dry masses have been chosen quite arbitrarily and are still WIP, thank you for your feedback I'll look into rebalancing this. I have received similar reports, I'll look into it. Thanks for the translation, it will be added in the next version of the mod.
  3. Nice to hear you were able to go around the issue, but yeah if possible I'd like to pinpoint the core of the issue so people who encounter the issue down the line have a chance of not having to destroy all their vessels so I'd be glad to have access to the broken savefile.
  4. Could you send me the file for your savegame? Either using something like dropbox or DM it to me on Discord (@safarte)
  5. You can find some examples of V-SwiFT patches with resource container switching here if you want: https://github.com/Safarte/KerbalLifeSupportSystem/blob/main/plugin_template/patches/part_variants.patch
  6. Yes the Kerbal goes back to work when resupplied.
  7. Version 0.7.0 released! Added: Non-lethal life-support system: Enable this mode by setting the "Kerbals Die" option in the Mod Settings to false. When running out of supplies, a Kerbal will stop working and go on strike instead of dying. When on strike, Kerbals cannot control vessels or perform experiments. On strike Kerbals in EVA can still move to enable rescue missions (but they cannot perform experiments). Enhancement: Food/Water/Oxygen storage parts for each size have been merged into single parts with variants selectable in PAM thanks to the great V-SwiFT part switching mod.
  8. Yeah it is a known issue that life-support recyclers break down at very high time-warp. I'm still looking into how to fix that but I suspect weird stuff is happening in the stock systems.
  9. This shouldn't happen. Do you have all dependencies installed and up-to date? If you're using CKAN are you using the latest version of CKAN? Also could you send me the Player.log file found in "App data/Localow/Intercept Games/Kerbal Space Program2"?
  10. Do you have the latest version of CKAN? (newer KSP2 mods require the latest CKAN version)
  11. This is a pretty interesting idea, I need to go over my mod and think about what it brings in terms of real gameplay loops at some point. I'll be sure to take this idea for "habitat" / "living space" into account in my deliberations, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Version 0.6.0 released! Added: New and improved Life-Support monitor UI visuals. Current / max crew supplies duration have been merged into a single line per vessel with a button to switch between the two. Added: Ability to filter only Vessels/Kerbals in LS monitor. Added: Search bar for vessel names in LS monitor. Added: Options to show/hide empty vessels and show active vessel on top in LS monitor. Added: Ability to pin vessels to top in LS monitor. Added: In-game notifications when a vessel runs out of a supply and when a Kerbal dies due to lack of a supply. Bugfix: Kerbals in EVA are new properly destroyed when running out of supplies. Other: Added French localization. Other: Added Chinese (Simplified) localization by @fengyuan0529.
  13. Thanks for the report, I'll investigate the issue and try to find a fix for it for the next version of the mod.
  14. Able to reproduce, investigating. Do you have log files available of the moment the modded parts disappeared?
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