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  1. Do you have the latest version of CKAN? (newer KSP2 mods require the latest CKAN version)
  2. This is a pretty interesting idea, I need to go over my mod and think about what it brings in terms of real gameplay loops at some point. I'll be sure to take this idea for "habitat" / "living space" into account in my deliberations, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Version 0.6.0 released! Added: New and improved Life-Support monitor UI visuals. Current / max crew supplies duration have been merged into a single line per vessel with a button to switch between the two. Added: Ability to filter only Vessels/Kerbals in LS monitor. Added: Search bar for vessel names in LS monitor. Added: Options to show/hide empty vessels and show active vessel on top in LS monitor. Added: Ability to pin vessels to top in LS monitor. Added: In-game notifications when a vessel runs out of a supply and when a Kerbal dies due to lack of a supply. Bugfix: Kerbals in EVA are new properly destroyed when running out of supplies. Other: Added French localization. Other: Added Chinese (Simplified) localization by @fengyuan0529.
  4. Thanks for the report, I'll investigate the issue and try to find a fix for it for the next version of the mod.
  5. Able to reproduce, investigating. Do you have log files available of the moment the modded parts disappeared?
  6. This is very weird behavior, how did you install mods?
  7. Version 0.5.6 released! Bugfix: Added drag to KLSS parts.
  8. This is not supposed to happen, a save file as well as the Player.log file would be very helpful to try and find the issue if possible! Hmmm I didn't hear about this issue before, I'll investigate. What do you mean by "new account"?
  9. How did you install the mod? If you did it using CKAN are you using the latest version of CKAN?
  10. This bug has been fixed in the latest update for Patch Manager (0.9.2)
  11. Hmm that is weird, let me look into it. Edit: able to reproduce, trying to find a fix.
  12. What versions of Community Resources and Patch Manager are you using?
  13. Version 0.5.3 released! Added: Reentry meshes to KLSS parts Added: Support for Where's My Crew Capsule (@cheese3660) Bugfix: Fixed Kerbals dying with supplies left at high time warp and in other situations Other: Removed life-support supplies from the orbital & aquatic labs Known issues: The reentry effects look a bit weird, the flame colors are not correctly visible on the parts KLSS parts have no drag
  14. The compatibility will be added in the next release of KLSS! (released on 01-06-2024!)
  15. I don't know how much here is caused by KLSS and how much is due to stock bugs, I'll investigate further. Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling all mods and see if the error persists?
  16. Huh, this sounds very weird, will investigate ASAP
  17. Version 0.4.3 released! Enhancement: Moved around the orientation of various indicators in the Docking instrument to make it more intuitive to use (thanks to @DaveLChgo for the feedback on this).
  18. Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely look into my calculations of crafts orientations as soon as possible.
  19. Thanks for enjoying the mod! And yes, non-lethal consequences is one of the top items on my TODO-list for KLSS.
  20. You can look at how I did the patches to integrate KLSS into the stock tech tree as a reference if you want: https://github.com/Safarte/KerbalLifeSupportSystem/blob/main/plugin_template/patches/stock_tech_tree.patch
  21. You can open the instrument by clicking the relevant button in the application tray in the "app.bar" menu at the bottom right of the flight UI.
  22. I haven't heard about this issue until now, does this happen with all life-support parts or only the greenhouse & composter?
  23. Version 0.5.2 released! Other: Support for Patch Manager version 0.7.0 Thanks to @cheese3660 for the code & release build of this update. Note: If you're using CKAN to install the update, please be patient, there's a bug in the current CKAN version which has to do with time zones, meaning it may take an hour after release before you can successfully download the zip.
  24. I don't think it should, I won't be able to fix the mod if it has issues until after the 30th of December. In the meantime, could you try uninstalling and reinstalling all mods as well as verifying game files in Steam (if you use Steam) just to be sure nothing else is causing the issue?
  25. How did you install the mod? What other mods do you have installed? What Operating System are you using (Windows, Linux, ...)?
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