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  1. What's this rambling about? Having Colonies locked behind Tier 4 seems like it isn't the right way KSP2 should be played. It would feel too step-by-step I feel. So, introducing it early as in Tier 2 will make the game progression smoother for the colonies. Maybe this would mean lower tech colony parts? And why's that? Colonies are highly anticipated and would change so much to the way we play the game, launching rockets, storing resources, building complex nice looking outposts, this is what would change the gameplay in an interesting way. In KSP1, the way you build stations was nice, but with the addition of colonies, it could be made much easier and user-friendly. And would also make the features get shown to the player much more smoothly, by showing them the concept midway through their beginning phase. What would you do? Now, what I wish from this is simple colony parts in, let's say, Tier 2, to make a Mun Gateway Station, or a small Duna outpost to launch small rockets from. Then, as we progress through the tech tree, have more complex and bigger colony parts to expand our existing ones maybe. Like how in the real world a simple outpost from the 1700s turned into a huge metropolis by the 2000s. Closing thoughts... I think that KSP2 would work on a colony and crafts separated thing, where the crafts are only a mean of transport, whilst colonies are the backbone of the Program by aiding said crafts. Of course, vessels would need to launch a sort of Colony core of some kind... Hopefully the idea is clear, and I hope we would all be able to experience the benefits of colonies even in early game- Limited, but helpful, and expandable in the long run!-
  2. The AngleCan QUARTIX TechTree 3.7 is now available. A new TechTree designed for a limited number of mods! DOWNLOAD QUARTIX TechTree from SpaceDock Details and Mods support for QUARTIX The AngleCan TETRIX TechTree 2.23 is now available. Featuring support for, Near Future and Far Future mods, Restock, KSPIE, Kerbalism, and many many more! DOWNLOAD TETRIX TechTree from SpaceDock Details and Mods support for TETRIX The AngleCan SIMPLEX TechTree 1.33 is now available. Suitable for lightly modded saves. All nodes utilised with Kerbalism and ReStockPlus! DOWNLOAD SIMPLEX TechTree from SpaceDock Details and Mods support for SIMPLEX Requires Module Manager (not included). Licence is as for HPTech Tree = CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Known possible issues: Do not use with other TechTrees. CTT, ETT, HPTechTree, etc. It will cause all sorts of problems. Also, only have SIMPLEX OR TETRIX OR QUARTIX installed. Finally, the SIMPLEX or TETRIX or QUARTIX must be installed inside the AngleCanMods folder. Peace.
  3. Overview The Better with Science mod is intended to overhaul the Kerbal Space Program progression, reducing grind and increasing the overall difficulty. It is, however, a work in progress and it is recommended to play it in Science Mode rather than Career. In its current state, Better with Science has three components: 1) A new tech tree, made to extend the mid-to-late game while staying close to stock; 2) a science overhaul, with changes to experiment values, biomes, and data transmission; and 3) an electrics re-balance, intended to make electricity an important factor in the design and flight of a mission. The fourth part is still in progress, and will greatly increase the challenge of the game. The new tech tree in action Features Tech Tree The technology tree has been changed to a vertical format, and many cross-dependencies have been removed (e.g. Flight Control and Survivability). Now the only way to get a technology is to research its direct antecedents, rather than some unrelated node that happened to be nearby. - Unmanned Tech and Adv. Unmanned Tech have been hidden, and their parts moved to Electronics and Automation. - Ditto Command Modules and Adv. Exploration - Ditto Advanced Metalworks and Composites To increase difficulty in the late game, the costs of tech nodes have been increased from 45–90–160–300–550–1000 to 50–100–250–500–1000–2500. The complete tech tree costs a total 29063 science to unlock, 72% more than stock (16918 science). Many parts have been rearranged: Basic plane parts have been moved to Stability, fuel cells are now accessible from Basic Science, the retractable solar panels and the Gigantor have been moved up by a tier, the Lander Cans can now be found in the Landing category, the gravimeter has been moved to Automation, and large mining parts have been moved up a tier. FULL LIST OF CHANGES: Science All experiments have had repeat science removed, because it was pointlessly small and incredibly annoying to never get the full value. This is done the hard way (setting the max science to equal the base). The biome masks for Crew and EVA reports have been switched, and Gravity Scans now only work in space. Atmosphere Studies are no longer biome-dependent, and neither are Pressure Scans. If playing with either Kopernicus or ScienceParamModifier, Kerbin ground science is reduced to 0. (ScienceParamModifer is included by default, but is not necessary if Kopernicus is installed.) Transmission has been changed: Sensors and the Infrared Telescope now have 100% data transmission (material experiments have 25%, same as the surface sample), all experiments have had their data size rebalanced, and antennae will now transmit incomplete by default. FULL LIST OF CHANGES: Electrics All probe cores have had their energy consumptions rebalanced. Large solar panels are now more than decoration, and the outer system is a substantial challenge. The values for stock probe cores are as follows: QBE: 3.6/min (0.06/sec) OKTO: 3.9/min (0.065/sec) HECS: 4.2/min (0.07/sec) Stayputnik: 4.5/min (0.075/sec) OKTO2: 4.8/min (0.08/sec) RoveMate: 6.0/min (0.1/sec) HECS2/RC-001S/MK2 Drone Core: 7.2/min (0.12/sec) RC-LO1: 10.8/min (0.18/sec) The nuclear engine has had its heat production increased, so as to necessitate radiators. Crewed command modules now cannot function without some EC, though they still do not consume it. The energy consumption of reaction wheels has been increased fivefold, and all command modules and probe cores have been given a minimum of 50 EC storage. (These last two in combination result in the Mk.1 Pod being unaffected, so fear not for your early-game missions) Download Download on SpaceDock (Requires ModuleManager) Better with Science has been written to work for every version of KSP from 1.0 to 1.9. The 1.9 version of ScienceParamModifier is included, but when playing on an older version, you should instead install Kopernicus. Better with Science should be compatible with any mod so long as it does not modify experiments or the tech tree, and is additionally compatible with Making History and Breaking Ground. All parts mods should be supported out of the box, as this mod only moves stock tech nodes rather than creating new ones. Thanks to @DMagic for his ScienceParamModifer, and thanks again for its MIT license.
  4. We need more reasons to send rockets to space for progression in game. What if we add telescopes! If we add a science instrument to be able to detect other worlds and other solar systems and bodies. It would add to the game. Imagine, the only thing in the solar system is Kerbin, Mun, and the Sun. We want to explore! We send a telescope to low orbit and we discover a new moon, a new planet to explore and then we would have that accomplishment in finding new celestial bodies that we can visit!
  5. Hello im trying to make my own tech tree.i have idea of how code system of ksp works but i had problems: 1-yongetech plugin does not delete orginal tech tree so my tree conflicts with stock tree 2-i can t set a start node 3-im using KSPtechtreeEditor for setting places for nodes and it just works fine like i say only problem is i can t set start for tree and orginal tech tree doesn't dissappear. (sorry for my bad english i hope you got it) Thanks
  6. Hello! I'm Watermel00n and I have been working on this tech tree mod for about 4 months now. PRERELEASE Needs Module Manager GOALS: 1. Have a more customizable tech tree. This includes adding more nodes. 2. Having a unkerballed start and planes before space tech tree. 3. Adding new fuels, adding new depth to the game 4. QOL patches 5. Making monopropellant more used. Compatibility Dependencies will be added! MOTTO: "This makes sense"
  7. Improved Tree Engine Placement // v1.4.0 License: CC BY-NC 4.0 The scope of this mod is to improve the order in which you unlock engines in the community tech tree. It does this by splitting the rocketry line into a lifter line and an efficient propulsion line, into which go booster engines and vacuum-optimized engines respectively. Nuclear and fusion propulsion lines are shifted up a row. Inspiration has come from the recently released BetterEarlyTree mod, which I quite enjoyed, as well as Unkerballed Start, where I liked the separation of rocketry lines. The logic behind the ordering is that you unlock engines following their diameter, i.e. you get 1.25m ones before 1.875 and so on. That logic fails though as you get into mods that add very similar engines, taking the mainsail and the mastodon as an example. Therefore, they have been ordered following a rough comparison in deltav and thrust. As of v1.4, most of the 0.625m parts have been moved around for a more sensible progression, since they always felt in the wrong place, and would suffer from underuse. However I am still unsure of the exact ordering that should be kept. No pics no clicks, so here we go: Since this is my first official mod, feedback is very welcome, especially on my module manager patches, but also on general balance or further mod implementation. Notes: The icons are based on the Terrier, the Harrier and Tharsis engines, the latter two being from cryogenic engines. Supported: Stock ReStock+ CryoEngines Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Spacecraft Dependencies: (not bundled) Community Tech Tree Module Manager Optional (recommended): Better Early Tree Dowload: SpaceDock GitHub
  8. Unkerballed Start by SpinkAkron and theonegalen This is an unmanned start mod inspired by Yemo’s SETI, Unmanned Before Manned. It is structured around early probes and aircraft. Manned capsules become available as later tech. License is Creative Commons, so it can be continued if I go MIA. Download link is at bottom of this post. Overview Starting with the Stayputnik probe core, lack of control is the first challenge to overcome. The QBE is available at Stability (T3) and the OKTO at Flight Control (T4). RCS has been moved to earlier in the tech tree. Only .625m engines are available at start. More powerful engines have been moved up the tech tree. Multi-engine stages are essential. Making History's engine plates are made available earlier to facilitate this. Revamped tech tree - The tech tree has been de-squished, de-tangled, and rationalized. Orphan lines such as Nuclear Power and Colonization have been fully integrated. Additional nodes have been added to flesh out the early tree and where needed at various other points. The Precision Rocketry line has been expanded to cover additional tiers, splitting Rocketry into a Power/Boosters line and a Specialty line. This further slows rocketry advancement. NOTE: All inputs to a node are now required to unlock, not just one like stock. Links that didn't make sense have been removed. Just like the Community Tech Tree, on which this is based, most of the later nodes will have no parts in them unless mods using them are also installed. See the CTT thread for a mod list. To balance the delayed availability of powerful engines, many other parts such as docking clamps and station hubs have been moved up allowing for earlier station development. The intent is that the player spend more time developing the Kerbin SOI before heading out to the planets. Special thanks to @Pand5461 for the concept of later engine availability. That was the key that made the whole project come together. Early aviation with extensive mod support generously provided by UBM Extended's @theonegalen. Thanks! The Soviet-style Reentry Pods now have their own tech line. They are simple and cheap, but ultimately a dead end. In a low-income playthrough they become a real option. Only the tech tree node placement of parts is effected. No parts or resources are changed, reducing compatibility issues. Three new .625m engines have been added. The LV-T05 and LV-T10 are re-scaled versions of the LV-30 and LV-45. The RT1 SRB is a re-scaled version of the RT-10. They are removed when a mod with equivalent parts is installed. Added .625m Fairing generously provided by @PocketBrotector from his Extended Antenna Progression Mod. Thanks! OPTIONAL - Small parts means more parts so the upgrade costs for VAB/Launchpad and SPH/Runway have been swapped via Custom Barn Kit. This allows for earlier VAB upgrading. To activate this change rename CustomBarnKit.cfg.disabled to CustomBarnKit.cfg Spreadsheet showing what parts are in what node: UnKerballed Start Tech Tree Spreadsheet (google docs link) Screenshot (click for full size) Compatibility The only mods that are incompatible are other tech tree mods. All parts added by mods will work as designed but their position in the tech tree may not be consistent with the changes made by this mod. If you’d like a mod adapted, I’d be happy to make a config for it. Custom configs are provided for the following mods so far: Recommended Mods Making History - Official Expansion Missing History - Adds the parts that Making History missed Restock Plus - You're already using this, right? No? Go get it! Contracts - Having a good set of contracts that compliment the tech tree is crucial. The stock contracts assume the stock tech tree. For the career, I use SETI Contract Pack made by @Yemo, UKS's spiritual godfather . As an alternative, Exploration Plus is very good for those who prefer a less guided career. @theonegalen recommends Career Evolution Contract Pack I don't care for the stock contracts, so I use Stock No Contracts. I fill out the contracts with these contract packs Clever Sats Field Research Kerbal Academy Bases and Stations Reborn Remote Tech Contracts - currently not working. Unofficial fix HERE Rover Missions Redux Tourism Plus Giving Aircraft a Purpose Strategia - replaces stock strategy system Above all, use what gives you the greatest enjoyment. Make the game your own. There is no wrong way to play! mod list for my Let's Play Using UKS (YouTube playlist) UPDATES 1.1.0 Update for KSP 1.8. Added config for Breaking Ground DLC suggested by kcs123 Disabled RT-1, replaced by stock engine. Fixes to tech tree suggested by FreeThinker Fixes to Intersteller suggested by FreeThinker Change to Custom Barn Kit suggested by kcs123 Change to DMagic Orbital science suggested by kcs123 Added config for Infernal Robitcs Next suggested by kcs123 Added config for PEBKAC Launch Escape System suggested by oOScarfacEOo Added icons by Tonas1997 1.0.7 Added the rest of the changed parts for 1.7. Derp. Reduced cost of Custom Fuel Tanks node 1.0.6 Fix misplaced .75m Waste HexCan for TAC Life Support. 1.0.5 Re-disabled the CustomBarnKit.cfg. In previous versions, I had mistakenly included the non-disabled version. Added compatability for 1.7 1.0.4 Fixed the fix for LV10 attachment nodes that I failed to fix. 1.0.3 Incorporated ModZero's fix for LV05 and LV10 attachment nodes when Restock is installed and Missing History is not. 1.0.2 Fixed Real Plume configs to eliminate MM warnings. 1.0.1 Fixed tier 13 costs Added RealPlume configs Added theonegalen's configs for AirplanesPlus, MAD, Mk3Airliner, ReStockPlus, KAX, TAC Self Destruct 1.0.0 Added theonegale's aero configs Adjustment of the starting parts suggested by MaltYebisu Standardized engine placement More mod configs added. Added Tier markers and wings nodes 0.9.1 Unscrewed up the engines. 0.9.0 Balancing. Added Config for Custom Barn Kit. Uploaded to Spacedock. 0.8.1 Fix for Antenna not showing at start Fix nodes for the new LF engines when Missing History is not present BARIS config added 0.8.0 Initial Beta release Required mods: Community Tech Tree Module Manager Custom Barn Kit - OPTIONAL for VAB/Launchpad & SPH/Runway upgrade cost swap. To activate this change rename CustomBarnKit.cfg.disabled to CustomBarnKit.cfg Installation Instructions: 1. Uninstall any previous version of the mod when upgrading to the latest version. 2. Copy the UnKerballedStart folder into GameData. Download: UnKerballed Start on SPACEDOCK This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  9. In other threads, some folks have voiced justifiable concerns about the presence of certain engine types in the game. I posted some ideas which I thought might be acceptable compromises for all involved. One of these ideas was that the game should include a tech progression editor, a tool used at the creation of a game to decide where, when, and whether the player unlocks certain parts, classes of technology, etc. This is essentially just turning a toggle for X propulsion system into a system for greater personalization. For example, one could remove all fusion drives, or make Vectors available early in the progression. Tweaks to the progression could push players to build SSTOs or reusable rockets earlier in the game by making other tech unavailable, or increasing cost, or whatever. The pros are that one does not have to use mods to alter the progression, one can easily remove unwanted tech from the game, and also more customization. The con, I believe, is that the community could lose a sense of a common gameplay progression. Although, this doesn't seem so negative, considering that any misconceptions could be resolved by a simple explanation to another player. "I'm playing with torch drives moved up to mid-game, and Orion drives removed" or something. So, I've got the poll for you guys. If you like parts of the idea, but not others, tell me down below. I expect someone will find whatever cons I overlooked, as well.
  10. Sensible Tech Tree Version 1.0 Sensible Tech Tree is a mod similar to things like Historical Progression, and Unmanned before manned. The purpose of this mod is to completely rebuild the stock tech tree into something more sensible. Things such as planes from the start, probes before manned, and other such things that just flat make sense. Features - A whole new, more sensible tech tree has been built to replace the stock. - Most plane parts can be used from the start of a save, as before touching rocketry, we had planes for a long time. - Sounding rockets, are the first bit of rocketry you obtain, with probes as the only control option. - Survivability parts are unlocked, and tested before manned is even an option. - And many other re-arrangements of parts, and the tiers at which you unlock them. Supported Part Mods - None at the moment. Future Plans Past the first full release, I plan on working on support for mods such as KIS, KAS, Infernal Robotics, and many more, which will lead into the second version of the mod. After the Initial integration with some of the base mods that are planned, I plan to implement support for career's that require you to purchase parts from the unlocked nodes, though this is a lesser priority at the moment. Further down the line than even the part buying, is a contract pack. I plan on putting something together for contracts that will fit this mod better than stock in the future. Download Module Manager IS required for this mod to work. Version 1.0 - Spacedock Change Log License CC-BY-NC-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/) Special Thanks @Pap1723, for helping with the initial bugs that i ran into CSA Community, for helping my motivation to complete the mod.
  11. Hi there, I'm writing a new ModuleManager.techtree file, and I'm trying to figure out how the icons in "icon = RDicon_filename" are loaded because that line doesn't always match the filenames of the .png files its referring to. So far I've only figured out how to set the node icon to any of the R&D_node_icon_ files in GameData/Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/. Is there a way to link to any of the other .png files either in that folder or anywhere else?
  12. HI, I installed the new interstellar update for 1.3 and also the new community tech tree for 1.3. However, at the beginning of the game, I don't get the option to choose the new tech tree. Any advice? Does anyone know the proper path to the new tech tree maybe I can just rewrite my saves? Thanks for help
  13. So i have 398 Research points and no idea what to spend it on. Any suggestions? Here is an image of my techtree as it currently stands. Everything to the right has not been researched and everything to the left has been.
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