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  1. I am currently using the RP-1 Legacy modpack that TheBeardyPedguin provided as its the only place I could find a Legacy Modpack, though I did not download many of the extra part mods, as I did not want them, however, this is a bug I have been having since around 2.0 came out. Perhaps before but I cant remember. Whenever I grab a new part, it will sometimes freeze and be unmovable from where it spawned in, but if i drag my mouse behind a menu, such as the MechJeb deltav readout, the part can be moved and placed, but not picked back up again, leaving the VAB does not fix it, switching save files does not fix it, only resetting the game fixes it, this makes the game basically unplayable, needing to restart it every few parts. I have looked and have not found any mention of this bug and am desperate for a fix. Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? The debugging menu doesnt say anything when it happens, and it's incredibly confusing.
  2. RVE2.0 is a continuation of both RVE64k by Pingopete and EVO by ItsJustLuci, featuring 64k multi layer clouds, 64k land textures, city day/night cycles, a custom TUFX config featuring eye-adaptation, bootprints on several celestial Bodies, atmospheres, aurorae, lightnings, custom sunflare etc. ONLY FOR HIGH-END SYSTEMS, EXTREMELY PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE! Features: -Zero compromise visual package for RSS -64k Multi layer clouds -64k Earth Terrain -64k City Light Mask -Aurorae -Bootprints on several celestial bodies -Gas giants from GGE -Custom TUFX configs (Special thanks to Ballisticfox0) featuring Eye-adaptation for Earths dark side. Install: -Download link(Github): https://github.com/Ceriousyt/RVE2.0/releases/tag/v.1.1 -Install the latest version of RSS, Scatterer and EVE Redux -Copy the contents of RVE2.0.v.1.1/Gamedata into your Gamedata folder. -Enjoy! Licensing: RVE 2.0 is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), you are free to redistribute, modify and copy the contents of the mod as long as you attribute and credit the appropriate author(s), remain non-commercial and distribute it under the same licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Credit: -C#erious(RVE2.0/TUFX cfg.) -Pingopete(RVE64k) -ItsJustLuci(EVO) -Vaughn/Astroniki(ASF) -Thomassino(Cepheus Sunflare) -Theysen/hebaruSan/siimav(RSSVE HR) -ballisticfox0(Gas Giants Enchanced/TUFX cfg.) Dependencies: -Scatterer -EVE Redux Recommended Mods: -RSS CanaveralHD -RSS Canaveralpads -Parallax -Realism Overhaul -Pood's Deep Star Map Skybox -Planetshine -DOE RSS cfg. -TUFX For use with RSS only! Tested on: I9-9940x RX6800xt 64gb ddr4 @3000mhz cl16 Special thanks to all people involved directly or indirectly in the creation of this visual package! Changelog: v.0.2: First Release! 28.01.2022 by C#erious v.0.4: Fixed clouds not appearing! 04.02.2022 by C#erious v.1.0: -Fixed Earth 64k terrain -Replaced and fixed Earth Aurorae -Fixed CityLights -RSSVE Mars Clouds -Integrated GGE -Lots of small bugfixes -Benchmarking -Tested compatibility with KSP 1.10.1 up to the latest. 16.02.2021 by C#erious v.1.1: -More or less fixed cloud desyncing -lowered aurorae brightness -New TUFX profile 22.03.2022 by C#erious
  3. CH-4: Changing History Iter Deinceps, In Perpetuum Moving forward, Perpetually ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Changing History (CH-4) we are a lategame addon to Realistic Progression One(RP-1) aiming to reimagine and redesign what is possible following your first moon landing! As an expansion to RP-1, and thus realism overhaul, realism and achievable technology is at our foundation. We aren't aiming to design warp drives or fusion energy, we simply want to enable the exploration humanity could be doing today, given enough interest... Who are we? We are a group of RP-1 and RP-0 players and developers, aimed towards making the next challenging chapter of your career mode save in RSS. What are we doing? Where did we come from? We started off as an extension to RO Engines, but have slowly become more skilled at modding, allowing us to branch out further. Currently our main goal is to develop timelines, allowing the player to chose a path they want their agency (and possibly others) to follow. The currently planned timelines are Lunar, Venusian, Martian, Terran, and the Exploration of the Outer Worlds... Note these may be subject to change. As an expansion, you can expect the following from us: New contracts, likely approaching or exceeding 100 within this first "update". None of these will conflict with RP-1's, instead they will override and build off of them. New parts, allowing for realistic, small to medium scale habitation of other celestial bodies, orbits, and much more. New mechanics, encouraging things such as reuse, exploration, and international cooperation. We still have a lot planned, including a wiki, a youtube channel, and further documentation. These things, like the mod itself, should be expected to come in time... Ultimately, we would like to open up development to the community following the first major release, CH4 v1.1, but we are expecting to release pre-releases on our github. Download, Installation & Liscensing You can download the latest release from our Github CKAN Support coming soon™ Installation (for now, atleast) comes with no special instructions. Simply drag and drop the CH4 folder into your KSP Gamedata directory; As long as you have RO, RP-1 and RSS installed that's it! You should now have access to a couple dozen new engines, and some new airlaunch tech! Currently using the license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, we are politely asking that you don't redistribute or modify our work, this will allow us to more easily develop towards our goal. I have become death, destroyer of framerates RD-270 As a closing note, most of us are pursuing education currently. We will try to release in as timely a manner as possible, but do give us time. A rushed mod is a broken mod.
  4. I've decided to dive straight into an RSS/RO/RP-1 run, for the first time. I have used some of the individual components before (RealFuels, Procedural Parts, Kerbal Construction Time), but not in a big package like this. I spent ~4 hours last night, and November 1954, I have completed the Downrange 3000km contract, and unlocked the level 2 60t launch pad. I shouldn't need to do a Corporal stacked on a V2 any more My thoughts on RO so far: Everything being procedural is very, very unfamiliar for me. It feels like I've spent double the time building a procedural rocket, versus quickly throwing BDB parts together. Everything feels fiddly, for some reason. KCT simulations are neat. How can I get it for my non-RP-1 installs? I am very slow (at least according to https://rp1careerlog.azurewebsites.net/), 11/1954 is pretty late. Apparently first orbit IRL is in 1957, so I am behind a bit. Kerbalism science is neat, auto-collect and auto transmit. I wish the BDB tanks and probe cores, at least, were available to make building rockets a little quicker. Lego building blocks and all that, versus the 3D-printing of Procedural Parts. I'll be uploading my career logs in a Gist: https://gist.github.com/bigyihsuan/1e59e64e7cb36f8759cf0b188b9f90a7 And to the RP1 Career Tracker: https://rp1careerlog.azurewebsites.net/?careerId=644846f1763150b279354eec https://imgur.com/a/Hb2UeHA
  5. BenjisHardwiredLogic Version: v1.2.2 Dependencies: ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll Download: Github - Spacedock - Sourcecode Installation: Simply drag the folder BenjisHardwiredLogic into your GameData folder. Description: A ksp mod to "hardwire"-logic into rocket designs. (At this point: decoupler-staging, fairing-separation and engine/rcs-ignition). Every engine, decoupler or fairing is now disabled by default and can be enabled/disabled by the push of a button in the editor's PAW. Decouplers and also Fairingbases can have a delay assigned (up to 30min 59.9sec). The same for Engines (solid and "liquid") and RCS thrusters. Procedural Fairings (only RO, not the squad basegame thingies) can have a height between 0 and 140 km assigned. Every other value will start counting down once the launchclamps are released. When reaching 0min 0.0s the decoupler will automatically decouple, the engine light up and the RCS become active. Fairings automatically separate at the set height (above sealevel). If the messaging system is activated, 3 pre messages at -10s, -5s and -2s will be shown on screen. Also a on screen message at the actual decoupling, ignition or fairing separation are shown. This will save a lot of space in the StagingList because the whole launcher can be put into 3 stages (or 2, if the 1st stage Engine is immidiatly at 100%, for example if you're using a SolidMotor). But maybe you should just leave your StagingList the way it always was. Else you mess up all the dV and burntime readouts (KER and MJ). The other upside is, you can always stage, decouple and separate fairings ahead of countdown (in case of engine failures). This mod does not prevent that. Example (of your standard launcher): Stages 0-4 un-automated payload-stuff, whatever you wanna put into space... Stage 5 2x radialDecouplers connected to the solidMotors (delayed for 30.5sec) 2ndStageEngine (2min burntime) (delayed for 1min 3.8sec) 2ndStageDecoupler between 1st and 2nd stage (delayed for 1min 4.8sec) payloadDecoupler between 2nd stage and payload (delayed for 2min 4.0sec) procFairing (set for 90km) Stage 6 launchClamps 2x solidMotors (30s burntime) Stage 7 1st stage engine (65s burntime) So, let's look at what will happen, shall we? First spacebar fires the main engine. Once that is spooled up, spacebar fires the solidMotors and releases the launchClamps. Now the countdowns will start. At 30.5s the solidMotors will decouple At 1min 3.8s the 2nd stage will fire. At 1min 4.8s the 1st stage will be decoupled, hopefully the 2nd stage is spooled up by now. At 90km the fairings will separate. 2 minutes 4 seconds after lift off: The payload will be decoupled from the 2nd stage. Changelog: v.1.2.2 - The "Correct me, if I'm wording things wrongly and please spin stabilize" release -Aded a rare 4th Stage and Spin-Motor Option for Igniting and Decoupling -Grammar update: - Editor: Igniting -> Ignite - Editor: Decoupling-> Decouple - Messaging: Jettison-> Jettisoning - RCS with its own correct grammar v.1.2.1 - The "SHUT-UP! I told you not to message me" release -CHANGELOG & README: - Added to the release zip -OnScreen messaging system: - All messages are now schown in the upper center - Messages can be turned off now, forgot to implement that earlier v.1.2.1 - The "SHUT-UP! I told you not to message me" release -CHANGELOG & README: - Added to the release zip -OnScreen messaging system: - All messages are now schown in the upper center - Messages can be turned off now, forgot to implement that earlier v1.2 - The "warn me before doing stuff automagically" release -OnScreen messaging system: - Can be turned off - Shows 3 pre messages before decoupling and igniting at -10s, -5s and -2s - Shows a message at decoupling, igniting and fairing separation v1.1.1 -The "humans want something nice to read" release -inflight PAW change: Circuits are: connected/disconnected instead of active?: true/false v1.1 - The "ON-OFF-Button" release -enable/disable button to disable funcionality instead of 0.0s/0km v1.0 - The "never available, 'cause I forgot to generate a zip file" release -initial release
  6. BenjisHardwiredLogic Version: 2.0.1 Dependencies: ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll Download: Github - Spacedock - Sourcecode Installation: Simply drag the folder BenjisHardwiredLogic into your GameData folder. Description: Benjis Hardwired Logic… ...is a set of four tools to predefine staging actions in your rocket. Fairings can automatically be jettisoned at a given altitude. RCS and Decoupler can be activated at a set time after launch or prior to reaching Apside. Engines can ignite at a set time after launch or prior to reaching Apside. An engine can also be cut when a set Apside is reached. An Apoogee Kick Motor can either Burn-Out, Circularize or Cut-Off at a set Apside. On-Screen appearing messages for all events can be turned on / off (in VAB and Flight). A picture says more than a hundred words, so check out the awesome flowchart in the pdf provided.
  7. I've installed Realism Overhaul for a couple of days.I found that the torque of 'small inline reaction wheel(0.625m)' is awfully small,which is only 0.0001. In comparison,the torque of 'advanced inline stabilizer(1.25m)' is 1,and the torque of 'advanced reaction wheel module,large(2.5m)' is 10 Checking others' post,I found that the torque of the 0.625m reaction wheel in RO should be 0.1. Is that a bug,or a intended torque setting?
  8. After a couple days of research and understanding the Real Solar System files, I've finally figured out how to change the date in RSS DateTimeFormatter. It's not too complicated and just takes a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is go into your Kerbal Space Program file (with your GameData and whatnot) and type into your file explorer's search bar, "persistent.sfs". Depending on how many saved games you already have, there will be the same number of these "persistent" files. Choose any because what this will do is going to affect all your saved games (if you don't want your other games to have a different date, take them out of the KSP saves folder). Once the .sfs file is opened, you need to scroll down until you see "UT" which itself is under "FLIGHTSTATE". Next to UT is a set of numbers. For those that don't understand what these numbers mean, they represent the number of seconds since the start of the game. This is what you need to change to have the save game set to a different date. Now you must figure out the number to replace the current one. Go to this website and, depending if your desired is before or after, put 1/1/1951 (the default date in Real Solar System) in Start Date or End Date. Then put the desired date in the opposite date section. For an example, I will use the beginning of 1942 as the replacement date. Click Calculate Duration and look for the large bolded text saying the number of days in between (3,287 days as per the example year). Now it's time for some quick maths. Multiply the number of days by 4 (as Kerbin days are 1/4 of an Earth day) then multiply that number by 6 and multiply again by 3,600 (found that out here). You now have your replacement number. Go back to your persistent.sfs file and delete the number already in UT and type in the new calculated number (of course not with commas). If your wanted date comes before 1/1/1951, then put a dash in front of it to make it a negative number. When done, save the file and close out of it. There you go. But before you go back in the game, there's one more thing you will need to do. What this is going to do will just make the planets and moons correctly aligned accurately according to the new date. Go into the Real Solar System file that you have in GameData and look for "RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg". Within it, scroll down (but not really because it's close to the top) until you see "Epoch". It will also have a set of numbers next to it. Epoch, in astronomical terms, is a fixed date that is relative to planetary/stellar measurements. The number you will see (-31542641.784) is the epoch for midnight, January 1, 1951. You need to replace this epoch with another that is accurate to your new in-game date. Use this website to find the epoch by typing in the date that you had replace the default earlier (just type in 12:00 A.M. for the time and keep it at GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as that it the time zone RSS uses) and clicking Human Date to Timestamp. Your epoch replacement (-883612800 for the 1942 example) will be next to Epoch Timestamp. Copy the number (if it has a dash to make it a negative number, keep this) and go back to RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg. Select the epoch number and then paste (Ctrl and V at the same time) to replace it while also deleting it at the same time. Save the .cfg file and close out of it. You've now fully completed the new in-game RSS DateTimeFormatter date. Go to your KSP save game that has the changed date and you can see now that the date is, in fact, changed. Head into the Tracking Station and look to see the different planet alignments. Unless you have a clever eye, and you probably won't be able to tell anyway, but the planets really have moved since you changed the epoch.
  9. "For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness. What new wonders undreamt of in our time, will we have wrought in another generation, and another? How far will our nomadic species have wandered, by the end of the next century, and the next millennium?" Chapter 1: An Accident, a Tragedy, a Triumph. It seems NASA is ready to start this evenings press briefing, here is a statement from Associate Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, James Webb It is with deep sorrow that I address you here this afternoon. As many of you know, at 9:55 this morning the Gemini VI-A spacecraft suffered an anomaly, and the space program experienced a national tragedy with the loss of the Gemini VI-A spacecraft and her crew. Two dedicated, well trained and experienced pilots were on board that spacecraft, and sadly neither survived. Approximately eight seconds into its flight, a dramatic loss of thrust was observed in the Titan booster-rocket. Following protocol, command pilot Walter Schirra pulled the ejection ring in an attempt to get himself, and his fellow crewmate Thomas Strafford safely out of the capsule. It is with a heavy heart that I say the protocol failed them both. We here at NASA have failed them both. All data reported indicates the startup sequence was performed normally and without error, and we are still looking at the potential causes of failure in the booster’s first stage. However, if this were the only problem, the astronauts would still be with us today; Something prevented their parachutes from deploying fully upon ejection, leading them to impact the ground roughly a mile from the launchpad. Recovery teams were sent immediately to begin the recovery of the astronauts, however without a parachute, a fall from that altitude is nearly certain to be a fatal one. I’m aware of the media broadcasting footage of the ejection, and I appreciate them cutting the cameras shortly after. We are not here to speculate, neither to the cause of the booster failure, nor the parachute failure. It will take all the data we have, extensive testing and investigation to draw any conclusion, and to provide a sense of closure to the families, and to the nation. A formal board looking into today's accident will be established this evening, and all subsequent reports as to the cause and our agency's findings will be published by this review board. Data collection has begun, as has the analysis of the conditions of the launch pad, ground support systems, and even the notes made by members of our pad staff and launch teams here at the cape. We will get to the bottom of this incident, so that nothing like it can ever happen again. We thank you for your patience, and we ask that you give the families the space and time needed for them to grieve. As Webb promised, the investigation into the causes of the Gemini 6A failure did begin that evening, however to the public it was known simply as The December 12th Committee. Their findings would shape NASA safety culture, launch schedules, and nearly all subsequent programs for decades to come. The weight of the entire space program, and by extension the space race, was resting on their shoulders. Changes to the Gemini would be somewhat hard to see, but that didn’t make them any less important; The improved safety offered was considered by many to be well worth the wait caused by retrofitting the remaining five Gemini spacecraft. While not the largest change, easily the most impactful was that of the nitrogen purge. Prior to liftoff, when the cabin’s pressure was at its highest, the capsule would be filled with a mixture of gaseous oxygen and nitrogen to prevent another violent fire. This atmospheric mixture would bleed out of the capsule as it ascended, being replaced with pure oxygen, albeit at a much lower and safer pressure. This yielded an equally safe, and well proven environment of pure oxygen held at a low pressure. Another hard to spot change would be the Astronaut Tethering Points (ATP) added to the base of the Gemini’s Docking Adapter. These points were mere metal hoops, meant to allow the astronaut to attach his carabiner to while wearing one of the two life support packs included in the Gemini Program. This would, if functional, allow the astronauts to separate themselves from the nose of the craft by up to 75 feet (23 meters) achieving unmatched distances and flexibility during EVA. Lastly, the capsules would see a complete overhaul in their launch abort capabilities, with their ejection seats traded for a more traditional couch-style seat. NASA would instead opt for a more traditional, thus proven system, the launch abort tower. The tower weighed more than the seats, however due to staging off of the spacecraft 15 seconds after second-stage ignition, this actually resulted in a trivial, yet measurable payload increase. However, the trading of the bulky launch abort seats did have further benefits. First and foremost was astronaut comfort, as the astronauts had substantially more legroom without the ejection mechanism. This legroom could, and would be utilized in upcoming flights to stow tools, house sample containers, and carry additional life support as needed. The final change would come to the Titan-II. The rocket would receive a small payload containment ring which the Gemini spacecraft would sit atop. This 10 inch tall ring would allow for small payloads to be mounted alongside the Gemini, for use in orbit. Umbilical cables connecting spacecraft to rocket would be routed through this ring, with stringers lining the insides. Ultimately, this modification would see minimal use, however it would be the first demonstration of a concept that had been around as long as man had dreamed of spaceflight. It would demonstrate the prospect of man riding alongside cargo into space. This capsule, with all of her substantial safety improvements was dubbed Gemini Block IB, and was given a new coat of paint, distinguishing her from her sisters. The changes resulting from the December 12th Committee would ripple outwards into other programs. Of these, the most impacted was NASA’s upcoming Project Apollo. North American had suggested a nitrox cabin environment in their original bid, but was shot down by NASA management who claimed “It wasn’t a problem, and it hadn’t caused issues on Mercury” words which would later come back to bite them, hard. Rather begrudgingly, NASA agreed to allow the redesign of the Apollo CSM and LM to allow for a mixed gas environment and a reduction in flammable materials, in both the spacecraft and the suits. The agency accepted that this meant yet another delay to Project Apollo, and that it likely meant the first manned flight couldn’t happen any sooner than the third quarter of 1967. Many at NASA’s manned spaceflight center objected to this decision; However ultimately it was considered less of a risk to schedules to wait for a redesign, than to push forward with a flawed one. And with that, Apollo Block IIA and III were born, and the Gemini program was on track for a return-to-flight in June of ‘66. The Committee had closed its final meeting, after 5 long months.
  10. when returned from a flight to space center It just get shifted I tried reloading but even on restarting the game it is still the same
  11. Community Real Agency Pack v1.1 for KSP v1.3.1 Intended for RealismOverhaul The Community Real Agency Pack (short CRAP^^) is a collection of real world agencies and companies and serves as a manufacturer-framework for modders who make replicas, but can't really decide which manufacturer a part should get, or simply don't bother with that. The mod started out as a small private learning project, the "Real Agencies Collection", which I have now 'transcended' into some sort of extended community project, since there was 'some' interest in having such a thingy. RAC and CRAP are essentially the same thing, RAC is just for KSP 1.2.2 and CRAP for 1.3.1 and has localization, and now a few MM patches for funky integration with DecalStickers... The pack contains large 255x160 .png logos for view in mission control, as well as downscaled 64x40 ones for the vehicle assembly building's manufacturer tabs. Almost all logos were taken from wikipedia, and carefully hand-scaled and resized to fit the KSP needs. And to round it up, it contains a neat selection of background info, in multiple languages, powered by wikipedia and the copypaste foundation, although I'm not really sure where all that info gets displayed, haven't see any of it pop up anywhere yet, hmm... *strokes beard (Translation/localization WIP) In a few words: CRAP is an agency framework, mostly intended for use with RealismOverhaul. Furthermore: The CRAP serves as well as reference for any modders, who make replicas, but aren't sure what exact manufacturer tag one should apply for having the parts in the proper manufacturer categories. The CRAP heap of agencies is (hopefully) regularily updated, by... heaping up more... agencies , or whenever someone has the needs to add manufacturers, that our poor eyes had eluded before. Currently available agencies: (For exact manufacturer tags, see "agents.cfg") Antonov Army Ballisic Missile Agency (ABMA) Aerojet Aerojet-Rocketdyne Airbus Airbus Defence & Space ArianeGroup Arianespace ATK BAE Systems Bell Aircraft Bendix Aviation Beriev Blue Origin Boeing Boeing IDS Bosch Bristol Siddeley California Institute of Technology (CalTech) Chrysler Convair Daimler-Benz Delco Electronics Douglas EADS EADS Astrium Embraer European Space Agency (ESA) Fokker General Electric Aviation General Electric Godrej Grumman Honeywell Hughes HVA Peenemünde IBM Ilyushin International Launch Services (ILS) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (ISSR) Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) KB Khimavtomatika KB KhimMash KB Yuzhnoye Khrunichev Krasmash L3 Electron Devices (L3 EDD) Lockheed Lockheed Martin Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Martin USA Martin Marietta Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Matra Marconi Space McDonnell McDonnell Douglas Mikoyan Gurevich Mitsubishi Mittelwerk GmbH Moog NASA North American Aviation (NAA) North American Rockwell Space Division (NAR) Northrop Grumman NPO Almaz NPO Energomash NPO Lavochkin NPO Mashinostroyeniya Orbital ATK Orbital Sciences PA Polyot PA Yuzhmash Pratt & Whitney Raytheon RKK Energia RocketLab Rocketdyne Rockwell International Rolls-Royce Roscosmos RUAG Space Safran Siemens Snecma Sukhoi SNTK Kuznetsov SpaceX Teledyne Technologies Thiokol TsSKB-Progress Tupolev United Launch Alliance (ULA) United Technologies U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Voronezh Mechanical Plant Yakovlev Requirements: ModuleManager, if you want CRAP integrate itself with blackheart612'S DecalStickers mod. Recommendations: Makes not much of sense if installed on a stock "Kerbalized" game, since only very few Kerbal-modders use actual manufacturers. Install yourselves a fully fledged RealismOverhaul suite CRAP integrates itself nicely with DecalStickers, you can boldly sticker-bomb you rockets like no man has sticker-bombed before^^ Installation: Standard procedures apply, first delete any old installments, if present. Extract the contents of "GameData" from the downloaded archive into your ".../KSP/Gamedata/..." folder, keeping subfolder structure. Voilá. Install DecalStickers and its dependencies (firespitter plugin) according to points one and two. Support: For any manufacturer update requests or bug report, please don't hesitate to open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/h0yer/CommunityRealAgencyPack Or post here in this thread. If you want to participate in any way, just poke me with an ad-equate poking stick, probably the type beeing used on Soyuz keyboards, I like those a lot^^ Credits: Original Creator: Jan Hoyer (KSP-Forums/GitHub: h0yer) The entire RealismOverhaul team, because reasons. TiktaalikDreaming (KSP-Forums) for providing the "North American Rockwell Space Division", "General Atomics" and "Electric Boat" logos and his continuous support. For credits on all other logos, see "CREDITS.TXT" inside the compressed archive or view: https://github.com/h0yer/CommunityRealAgencyPack/CREDITS.TXT DOWNLOAD: GitHub SpaceDock Source Changelog: v1.1 License: GPL-3.0
  12. Hi, I play RP-1 in ksp 1.10.1 and I have a problem. I want to disable testflight parts failure or minimize it because that's so annoying and RP-1 is enough challenging for that. The problem is that I don't find anything that can help me to do it, so if someone can help me that would be welcomed. ps: I have testflight
  13. Hey, First of all, apologies if I posted it in the wrong section in this forum. So, I was playing the game today after a successful install of RealSolarSystem, Realism Overhaul, and whole plethora of other mods. But when I try to make my own probe, I noticed that the 'stock' solar panels were bugged and were misbehaving? the panels were fully extended the moment I took the panels out from the part selector and won't close unless I pressed extend and retract. At first, i thought this was "Oh, it is just mods being mods." as I had known that some of my mods were Solar Panels or Electricity related mods, like Near Future Solar, etc. So I retracted the panels just in case if it got extended at flight, in which would destroy the panels if it got fully extended mid flight. But guess what? The panels were extended mid flight, soon after I left the VAB for the launchpad regardless of whether I retracted the panels in the VAB or not. Which surely resulted in my solar panel's destruction when I opened the fairing. I tested the panels on a probe and i noticed that it wasn't making any power, despite it was fully opened and the panels instantly closed itself when i pressed 'Extend panel' before the proper extending animation played out and the panels were 'trully' extended. I suspect that the game thinks the panels were fully retracted, but in reality, the panels were opened. I was quite frustrated as my options were limited to non-stock solar panels, which were extremely oversized for my probes. Is there any solutions to this before i resort to reinstalling all the mods? I have made a lot of changes to the RSS configs (I added some custom launch sites and ground stations for Real Antennas mod and that's probably all), and installed tonnes of mods. it would be tedious to re-apply those configs again if i were to reinstall all the mods. I have tried reinstalling Kopernicus and it fixes nothing. What could be the cause of this bug? Here is a brief video proof of the bug happening, feel free to let me know if need more videos of the bug happening : And here is the log of that particular session (The video file above were recorded and saved on 8:51:27 AM [08:51:27 - 24 hour format]) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pjUOpwUngeluZI8kb4ma5spKUL0mDoWm/view?usp=sharing My mod (GameData) folder : https://imgur.com/a/P6mMRJR Lastly, thanks for the attention. Apologies if there are grammatical errors in my topic, I'm not a native English speaker whatsoever.
  14. I'm making configs for mods so that they can be used in Realism Overhaul. Configs for our favorite mods! Currently working on configs for: TBD Planned configs: Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares (SP, LV, and Neptune Camera support) Nertea's 'Near Future' mod suite, 'Cryo Engines' suite, and possibly 'Far Future Technology' KNES Endurance Restock and Restock+ Suggestions for more are welcomed! Unplanned/Won't Happen Configs: Tundra Exploration (Due to conflict with FAR. If this changes, I might consider) Benjee10's mods (S.O.C.K, reDIRECT, HabTech2, and Planetside) including Kertemis Program mod All configs are written with Kerbalism and Deadly Reentry in mind. If you prefer to use TAC Life Support, I am considering making a branch for you as changing the configs around to use TAC instead of Kerbalism is pretty easy. Download here: GITHUB Obviously, these configs are for Realism Overhaul Special thanks to: All mod authors, artists, and associated persons for all Mods listed above License:
  15. Introduction I created this modpack because I didn't find anything like this. It contains a list of mods for more than 60 thousand patches that will make your computer sweat a lot during a relatively long main download. It is this list that reshapes the ksp to a fairly beautiful and realistic game where you can have fun in the sandbox, or test yourself in a rather difficult career, starting with a small solid-fuel rocket in 1951 and ending with a manned mission to the TRAPPIST-1 system in the distant future. A little story about creation... For a long time I played on the RSS RO build for 1.3.1, which, to my deepest regret, did not support REX and quite a large number of side mods that could not work properly in an unstable system. The Russian-language ksp forum did not have information on how to properly integrate this mod in 1.3.1. Moreover, there was no REX at all for this version. They also could not offer a build with REX running normally on an average PC on new versions, which led me to a sad conclusion: I had to create a new build myself. The new build turned out to be no less unstable, but at least it quenched my thirst for exoplanets and more than well. At least, I'm still continuing to adjust its work. Known bugs: 1) In some cases, your spacecraft may start to rotate spontaneously with low acceleration, even if they do not have a gyroscope or a reactive control system. This is easy to fix, but only for a while, if you just make a quick reboot of the session ( F5 then F9). This problem was encountered in early versions of the modpack, so it's not a fact that it still show itself. 2) Also, in some rare cases, timewarp can cause severe lags, which may be caused by the influence of a separate mod (which I have to discover) In order to protect yourself from this, try to increase the speed gradually. 3) In the tracking station, you will notice that the rays of other stars are shifted, and for all exoplanets except the Proxima system, the illuminated side does not correspond to reality. This is a bug that shows itself only in the tracking station and does not affect the game in any way. 4) Despite the presence of a mod to replace the textures of kerbals with a human skin color, it still remains green, but only for kerbals who participate in the mission. Link to the archive: [Download link removed by moderator, pending resolution of licensing issues] Enjoy :3
  16. Here is the craft I wish to fix the RCS on: Okay ignore the spoilers I don't know how to remove them https://gyazo.com/978b6b2df2341543c813a553d69eb7b1
  17. Hi, i´ve been trying to install realism overhaul and real solar sistem but it keeps saing Kopernicus and Real Fuels is not copatible with 1.10, can someone help me?
  18. hello, I'm running RO in ksp 1.8.1 thought to launch sputnik but RCS does not work (i have chosen nitrogen tank with nitrogen rcs ) but when i launch rcs never works it is really frustrating. plz help
  19. Hello, I just installed realism overhaul with rp1 in ksp 1.8.1 (according to github guide on ckan). Without any additional mods the game runs fine. But when i install additional mods such as eve,rssve, scatterer,procedural fairings the game just gets stuck at loading screen i even restarted but nothing happens. Please help...
  20. Hey guys, I changed now to RSS/RO and I like the realistic mechanic BUT I have some problems. First of all the rocketbuilding center. When I want to seset something with "ctrl" and "z" parts remove change their place and also hover in air.... and often the nodepoints disappear. Second I have installed RSSVE but the clouds and citylights are not there. The texture is red see picture: And third when I load a save data while I am in flight veeeeerrry strange things happen im not able to control anymore and the camera view is not avaible anymore. See also Picture the ship is there but in stage settings left many parts are gone..... I use for this Mod KPS version 1.8.1 I hope someone can help me or can somebody give me a good working package to download via drop box or sth else mabye also in a higher KSP version ? Best regards Muddyblack
  21. Race into Space 2020 is a new series of Race into Space (original thread here). Using the Race into Space mod by @soundnfury, Race into Space is an Asynchronous multiplayer mod for Realism Overhaul/Realistic Progression 1. Each player chooses their launch site, and must compete to set milestones as quickly possible, and then sync their games through the Race into Space mod. Submissions are closed, but further details on RiS and RO/RP-1 can be found in the RO Discord server here.
  22. I have Realism Overhaul installed with Remote Tech, and I can't seem to understand how to get an connection going. I added an antenna an it is activated but it does say no target? But to set a target I need a connection. Help pls. https://imgur.com/a/MmnmeDn
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