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Found 12 results

  1. Jacktical's TUFX Profiles These are my first set of custom TUFX configs which I hope you will enjoy using! Included in this pack is 3 TUFX Profiles: Atlantis - A vibrant config optimised for Earth Orbit. (Name credit goes to @Sanchez_1) Lemon - A warmer config for all-environment use, inspired by @lemon cup Transmission - A config created to replicate realistic lunar photography seen on the Apollo missions. TUFX Profiles Feel free to post images in this thread using these configs, I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Some more images:
  2. Steven's TUFX & Visual Setup Guide![Configs & Setup always WIP] I've been asked from the Moon and back questions such as 'TUFX Profile?' 'What mods are you using?' etc... I'm hoping this thread covers everything you need to make some really lovely screenshots. 1. TUFX Configurations I have 4 configurations that I switch between and that includes... Hassel (A warm configuration with chromatic abberation and slight grain) Hassel_Lesserbloom (Above config with less bloom ) Apollo (A config I created for Lunar surface environments, you will get artifacting on sunflares due to post exposure) Apollo_Lower Exposure ( Works better for LEO/LKO environments) Each config I use in different situations, if your not getting the desired results always switch profiles and give it a look! Experimenting with visuals is key to getting some beautiful shots! Installation Download TUFX & drag into your GameData folder Download the profiles provided below and drag them into your TUFX folder TUFX Profiles 2. Visual Mods These mods will enhance your visuals and will absolutely bring some beauty into Kerbal Space Program. Kerbal Sized Real Solar System (A Kerbalized version of the Solar System at Kerbal scale) Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux (Clouds & Aurora's with better performance than previous versions) Scatterer(Atmospheric scattering) TUFX (Post processing) Distant Object Enhancement ( Planets & distant vessel rendering with dynamic skybox dimming when looking at the sun) Planetshine (Ambient light & light near planets) Kopernicus ( Planetary system modifier which is a major dependancy) TINU ( Allows you to move the camera in any orientation) Waterfall (Changes the stock plumes into mesh based beautiful plumes) Poods Deep Star Skybox(Changes the Skybox to a more toned down one) These are core mods which work incredibly well together and are the foundation for a solid modded install. 3. Part Mods These are a list of part mods in which I find to be absolutley neccesary. Bluedog Design Bureau ( American Rocketry & Probes including Mercury Gemini & Apollo and even more ) Tantares, LV & SP ( Soviet Rocketry including any soviet spacecraft you can think of! ) Knes (ESA Rockets such as Ariane 5 and many more European concepts) EStreetRockets Mods (Rocket Motor Mengerie, Eisenhower-Aeronautics, Asbury-Western-Industries) Nertea's Suite ( Near Future Mods, Cryo Tanks, Far Future Technologies, System Heat ) Restock ( Overhauls the stock parts to have a consistent artstyle ) Universal Storage ( Adds new parts for creating service modules) Coatl Aerospace ( Adds parts based on probes such as Voyager & Cassini) And so much more!!! 4. Screenshot Tips Change your field of View! Field of view can make a dramatic difference in your screenshots. Mess with your visuals! Mods such as Planetshine and TUFX have values that you can tinker with go out and make your own configurations! Use the rule of three, try capture and compose the image to include different parts in different positions. Lighting is key in an image if you can't see anything then mess with ambient light or planetshine. Get Close! Bring out the detail in specific parts! Use V to switch between different camera modes. Holding the scrollwheel and moving your mouse moves your vessel off centre from the screen. Higher resolution will obviously get you better results, I play in 2560x1440, if you don't have a high resolution monitor you can supersample the image using BOSS or by editing the KSP config file. 5. Thank You Thank you to @Zorg@CobaltWolf@tony48@Vals_Aerospace@Zarbon44@EM23@Invaderchaos for your incredible talent and support.
  3. Realism Environmental Overhaul Version 0.3.2, For KSP 1.10.x - 1.12.x REO is a combination of RVE-64k, RSSVE, Astroniki's Sunflare for RSS, Astronomer's Visual Pack (all of which are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0), a few custom textures and configs all put together into one mod. I'm still working on it and it's still a wip but you all are free to check it out. Dependencies: KSP Version: 1.10.1 - 1.12.x E.V.E. Version: Scatterer Version: 0.0772 Scatterer Sunflare Version: 0.0772 Real Solar System Version: 18.4.0 Links: Download from Spacedock Download link for astronomer's visual pack Download link for RSSVE Download link for RVE-64k Download link for Astroniki's Sunflare for RSS Computer Requirements/Recommendations: this mod is designed to be run in DirectX 11, it has only been tested using DirectX 11, to enable: be prepared for very low frame rates if you don't have a high-quality GPU, this mod is as or more demanding than RVE I recommend you have 12-16 gigs of ram, but it should operate at 8 gigs Features: Earth city lights Earth clouds Earth aurorae Earth lightning Earth dust storms Venus aurorae Venus clouds Venus lightning Mars aurorae Mars clouds Mars lightning Mars dust storms Jupiter lightning Jupiter aurorae Jupiter clouds Jupiter rings Io aurorae Io volcanoes Europa geysers High-res Saturn rings Saturn clouds Saturn aurorae Saturn lightning Enceladus Geysers Uranus rings Uranus lightning Uranus aurorae Uranus clouds Neptune rings Neptune aurorae Neptune clouds Neptune lightning Titan clouds Titan lightning Scatterer Atmosphere configs for: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus and Neptune Scatterer Ocean configs for: Earth and Titan. Known issues: Any issues you have with this mod should be reported to me directly This mod is very temperamental, I don't recommend tweaking unless you want a headache and are willing to break it and have to re-download it several times. Organization isn't great, it worked when I started this mod but it's a little weird now. Cloud particles (especially in dust storms) can have... strange RGB values, I have no idea what's causing this or how to fix it -found out how to fix this, should be fixed by version 0.3.3 On Io, there's an EVE "cloud" layer to replace the lava oceans since they don't render in the tracking station, map view or at high altitudes, this does occasionally cause clipping but there's really no way to avoid this except to extend the PQS range on Io, if you wanna see how that went... Here's the module manager patch that takes out other EVE stuff... if this causes issues for you just delete RealismEnvironmentalOverhaul/EVE/RemoveVisualOverlap.cfg... Anyway, here's the code: -no longer a feature Images: these images were taken in the tracking station so they aren't the best quality sadly, they're also shifted to the side a bit because I cropped out the side panel. Link to images Changelog: June 24th, 2021: First release of Version 0.2 and the 0.2.1 update June 28th, 2021: Second release of Version 0.2 and the 0.2.1 update, LICENSE.txt had to be changed (look at the replies to this post for more info). August 20th, 2021: Update to this post, added section on computer requirements and recommendations December 27th, 2021: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3 and update to 1.10.1 January 1st, 2022: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3.1 (changes can be found in the changelog or in the changelog file in the mod) January 3rd, 2022: Update to this post, Release of Version 0.3.2: Better TUFX profiles and profile organization January 20th, 2022: Update to this post Last updated: January 20rd, 2022
  4. So a lot of the time I see someone playing ksp using nerv and the plumes are red what makes this?
  5. In the main menu I get ~300fps (with a 300Hz screen), and in "Space Center" view, I get ~140fps. When in a craft on Kerbin surface/flying trough Kerbin atmosphere I get ~30fps, and when in Kerbin orbit, with camera pointed away from Kerbin I get ~65fps, and when looking at Kerbin I get ~50fps When near Mun, I get 100fps when looking away/85fps when looking at the Mun, so I'm thinking it has to do something with either Scatterer or AVP's atmosphere components Near Eve it's 60fps looking away/~43fps looking at. Thing is, I'd be more than happy with these FPS' if I didn't get 100+ yesterday Specs: Ryzen 9 6900HX RTX 3070 Ti Mobile 16GB 4800Mhz RAM (Visual) Mods: AVP with 8k textures DE_IVA Extension EVE Redux (as AVP dependency) Parallax Scatterer TUFX (default profile) Waterfall Settings: Terrain detail: High; Terrain Scatters True; (Terrain) Scatterer Density: 100% Render Quality: Fantastic; Texture Quality: Full Res; Aerodynamic FX Quality: Normal; Reflection Refresh mode: Every frame; Reflection Texture resolution: 2048; Terrain Shader Quality: High Resolution: 1920x1080; Anti-Aliasing: 8x; V-sync: Every second V-blank; Frame Limit: Default (Changing it doesn't do anything); Pixel Light count: 64; Shadows Cascades: 4 Mod settings: Scatterer: High; Kopernicus: All default Again, I'd be happy with these FPS' if yesterday they weren't some 70fps higher
  6. I've tried installing some graphics mods with CKAN, but it doesn't work. I was installing AVP mod and then only the recomended. I am playing KSP on version 1.12.. Is it just incompatible with this version, or am I doing something wrong?
  7. [1.11.x]-Kerbin's Smol Rings Kerbin's Smol Rings adds slights rings around Kerbin. More Screenshots : Download (Spacedock) : https://spacedock.info/mod/2772/Kerbin's Smol Rings Dependencies : - Kopernicus (https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/) - Module Manager (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-110x-module-manager-414-july-7th-2020-locked-inside-edition/)
  8. Something I've always felt that's been missing from KSP since the implementation of Re-entry effects, is the lack blackening/scorching/discoloration resulting from re-entry heating. Seen here on the Apollo 11 capsule after splashdown: So I'm just wondering; is there a mod (WIP or otherwise) that provides that visual effect?
  9. This mod adds nice visuals to your stock KSP With High Res Clouds and City Lights! Credit to HafCoJoe for Spectra(Clouds). and WazWaz for BoulderCo (CityLights). Dependencies:EVE Redux,Scatterer,ModuleManager. Installation:Open the Zip file. then go into the GameData folder and copy KVE to your KSP GameData folder! Or install it on Ckan! Download Here:https://spacedock.info/mod/2688/Kerbin Visual Enhancements license: CC-BY-NC-SA
  10. NOTE: if you want rings for all the planets, not just Jool, check out the KSP Ringification Mod. Tired of boring old Jool? Add some rings to it! This mod offers six different ring variants, in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit (almost) everyone! Jupiter style - Grey and relatively faint, with one bright white ring. Based off of the real-life rings of Jupiter. Saturn style - Various shades of green and yellow, with seven distinct zones. Also includes a faint Phoebe ring beyond Tylo's orbit - see if you can spot it! Uranus style - Slim and grey, stretching out towards Tylo. Fainter and less "in yo face" than Saturn style, but more extensive than the Jupiter style. Neptune style - faint and blue. See if you can find them all! J1407b style - yellow and mind-bogglingly massive. X style - who says crossed rings aren't possible? Top tip: you can add rings to Neidon (in the Outer Planets Mod) by going into the config file, changing "Jool" to "Neidon", and changing "AFTER[Kopernicus]" to "AFTER[OPM]". Pictures: J1407b style rings J1407b style from KSC launch pad X style rings Neptune style (around Neidon) More pictures coming soon! Can be downloaded from Spacedock. Make sure you have the correct version of Kopernicus installed! This mod is released under an MIT license.
  11. == Background == The great Kerbal empire, having expanded out into the black, one day discovered a lonely little solar system in the unfashionable eastern arm of the Milky Way. Although they originally thought that it was mostly harmless, they soon discovered that some of it's planets had rings going around them. Enthralled by their beauty, the Kerbals decided they were going to have rings, and nothing was going to stop them! Unfortunately, some of the moons in their system wouldn't hold a ring system, no matter how hard they tried, but they managed to get brilliant and technicolour ring systems around most of their planets and moons. == Background (real) == After I made the Jool Rings Mod, I thought, "let's do that again, but all over the place." I consequently went on a spree of adding rings to every planet and moon in sight. Currently this is only a developmental version; I still have to optimise some of the rings. The mod also comes with an OPM extension, adding rings to the Outer Planets Mod moons, but it is only half-finished. Pictures will be added soon. This mod is released under an MIT licence. Download the KSP Ringification Mod from Spacedock
  12. Hello everyone! I've always wondered if there was a good visual mod, that makes the system beautiful, without taking a horrendous amount of processing power. I have EVE, and it works greats, but it's boring on places without atmospheres, and scatterer destroys my computer. Astronomer's visual pack turns my computer into lava, and pretty much there isn't a good visual mod that I can run well besides EVE. Stock looks fine, but it just isn't that beautiful compared to with visual mods. So is there a good visual mod that a mid-end computer can run well, that also provides a good amount of visuals?
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