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Found 14 results

  1. Minmar Kerbin Rings 2.4.2 [1.12.x] [Kopernicus] (The screenshot below was taken using Astronomer's Visual Pack. Highly recommended!) Requires Kopernicus! DOWNLOAD HERE (Spacedock) This mod gives Kerbin rings, intended to be the remains of part of Minmus when it was captured hundreds of years ago. The mod now also moves Minmus inside the rings, tweaking science values to reduce the value of Minmus and transfer it to the Mun for balance. It even adds a new description and new science logs(With DMagic Orbital Science support), relating to Minmus' new position! I highly recommend landing on the Greater Flats. The view of Kerbin and her rings is nothing short of spectacular. PERFECT real estate for a mining base! The custom science logs additionally remove existing logs that contradict Minmus' new position- stock, DMagic, and Crowd Sourced Science. Now included are a few custom flags- based on the stock Kerbin Mun flag. This is the primary one, but two other(worse) options are available with the legacy versions included in the download. I hope people enjoy it! The original versions are still included in the download, as Classic, 'New' and Minmus Mover Alt versions- previews of which are spoilered below. Also, sorry, but I didn't bother updating the CKAN version. I just couldn't be bothered. If enough people ask for it, I will. Changelog MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Lithobraker Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  2. The Kronkus system - Kopernicus Planet Pack by MrChumley This mod adds a ringed gas giant with 4 moons. It is ready for career mode with full integration into the stock game. Completely new biomes with custom science, and new secrets to discover. Textures have been optimized for quick loading, and low memory use. Includes: 1 GAS GIANT Kronkus: Huge purple ringed gas giant orbiting between Dres and Jool 4 MOONS Eahpeh: The icy shepherd moon that weaves its way through the rings of Kronkus. Kersex: It's the "Almost Kerbin" home away from home. A whole new frontier with towering mountains, desolate deserts, and fjords that stretch as far as the eye can see. Meelo: Next, is Meelo. The middle moon. Orbits outside Kersex. It's monotone colors are home to the most "sensible" moon in the Kronkus system. Scool: The outermost, tidally-locked, dusty snowball moon of the Kronkian system. Known issues: Kerbin space center "looks weird": Using Kerbin template causes the sky to be incorrect in the space center view. It is, however, correct in the flight view and the flight map view. Kersex has extra ground station(s): The extra ground station is hard coded into the Kerbin template (Which Kersex relies on) and cannot be removed (as far as I know). After extensive testing, I have determined that the extra base has minimal impact on gameplay. During career mode the station cannot be upgraded so its range is extremely limited. Enabling extra ground stations is not recommended. DOWNLOADS Kronkus Releases Source ________________________________________ (Requires Kopernicus and Module Manager) Supports: Optional: "FarOut" Contract Pack requires Contract Configurator Galactic Neighborhood Distant object enhancement bis New Horizons compatible Environmental visual enhancements (adds clouds to Kersex) Research bodies ________________________ Add this optional config file to your Kronkus folder if you want to move Kerbin into orbit of Kronkus: MoveKerbin.cfg <~~~ Right click & Save as Enjoy!
  3. Now since it's orbiting Dres it's out of communication range so it has no control. I gave up on trying to get it to Dres orbit normally so I used Lazy Orbit by Halban on Spacedock. I did this since the purpose of this mission was to get a cool photo for my profile banner so I didn't mind. I hope you guys like the photo, until next time!
  4. Because for today in Dres ring are no collisions, I thought, how will they work in the future. There are so many oblects which must be uploaded while you fly in rings, and I think that uploading many data, like updating space rocks which is in craft's phys range right now, can cause perfomance decrease. Especially if in KSP2 will be gygantic protoplanet disks (I'm sure they will). I believe that rocks, which is not predicted to crash in your craft, won't be complete game objects with collision mesh in some kind I'm not unity game programer and my ideas can be wrong. I tried to visualise the concept of collision system for rings and how I understand this: In VAB you had craft parameters like lenght, width, height, I made a box with them around my craft. I have attached to craft normal vector, which sets orientation of this box. I add vector of craft relative speed, which is relative to speed of ring in its part, where is craft now. Using this vector I create collision space by creating a section of the box perpendicular to the vector of relative velocity, and lengthening it backwards so that the craft is in collision space space, and forwards by the length optimal for the calculation at a given relative speed. Forward lenght can be formula from relative speed or lenght can be equal to phys radius range. If rock enters collision space (like some of its mesh node enters this space or another method) you can make it an complete game object with collision mesh and physics and calculate interations with it I tried to solve problem to get rid from data of objects, which won't obviously collide with craft, like objects backwards and on left and right of craft. If you have suggestions or experience in some tech stuff, you can point out my mistakes and/or make a suggestion how to improve collisions in planet rings
  5. This mod has been abandoned. It should still work in its current state. Please contact me if you would like to take over the pack. Description This mod adds one small gas giant, the titular planet Helvica, and its moons to the space between the orbits of Duna and Dres. While it may not be as far from Kerbin as Jool or gas giants added by other mods, Helvica does have one trick up its sleeve: It orbits in a retrograde direction. Because of this, you will have to carefully plan your trip in order to get an encounter. It has a few other features as well, including large rings, three moons, one submoon, PlanetShine and DistantObjectEnhancement support, and multiple science biomes for each body. As for compatibility with other planet packs, as long as you don't use mods that add planets between the orbits of Duna and Dres, or that entirely replace the existing stock system (Beyond Home, Galileo's Planet Pack, etc.), you should be good to go. Note: Helvica is my first planet mod, and it is very much a work in progress. Do not expect to find zero bugs. Updates may or may not arrive periodically. Installation Instructions Recommended: Install using CKAN. CKAN will detect compatibility issues and install any missing dependencies if needed. Manual: 1. Download and install the dependencies if you don't already have them. 2. Extract the contents of Helvica_(vX.X).zip\GameData to your KSP GameData folder. 3. Enjoy! Download from SpaceDock Dependencies Kopernicus Stable Branch (1.12.x) Supported Mods PlanetShine DistantObjectEnhancement Q & A Q. Is Helvica compatible with other planet mods? A. Yes, as long as they do not replace the existing stock system, and do not add a planet between the orbits of Duna and Dres. Q. Is Helvica compatible with Principia? A. Helvica is not compatible with Principia. Q. Is Helvica compatible with Rescale or Sigma Dimensions? A. There is currently no support for Rescale or Sigma Dimensions. Q. Where do I report bugs? A. You can either reply to this forum post, or send me a public or private message on my forum profile. Remember to do a proper bug report (i.e., include your mod list and the steps to replicate the bug). I will try to find a fix during my free time. If the bug is caused by a separate mod with no stated compatibility, I may not be able to fix it. A. I no longer take responsibility for this mod. Q. Why does it orbit the wrong way? How do I get to it? A. One of Helvica's primary features is that it is in a retrograde orbit, unlike most other planets. This is intentional. You can either spend enough Δv (delta-v) to put yourself in a retrograde orbit around the Sun, or if you like taking risks, try to get an encounter with Helvica as it is coming towards Kerbin and either aerobrake or use gravity assists (very difficult). You can also raise your Sun apoapsis to a very high altitude,and use a combination of gravity assists and engine power to easily invert your orbit. This has the upside of requiring less delta-v, and the downside of taking many months or years. Q. Can I make suggestions? A. Of course! Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. I need all the help I can get. I might not take suggestions that ask to add X moon, although I will consider it if it is a good idea. A. Suggestions will not be responded to. Helvica System Blue = Complete Green = Released Red = Unreleased Changelog Known Issues Ruse may have strange terrain, particularly around its poles. Borders between biomes may not be well-defined on certain moons. Large file size due to the use of .png textures for Neus Nadavo. Licensing This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  6. Hello, I'm here to share the evolution of the space station building inside the rings of Dres. In this episode we build, launch and dock to the DRSS (Dres Rings Space Station) two new crafts that will expand the Station and bring the first crew to it. This was my first time sending a crew in interplanetary space in KSP2, quite milestone. I hope you may find the video enjoyable and maybe learn something from my rumbling about the manoeuvers required by the mission.
  7. [1.11.x]-Kerbin's Smol Rings Kerbin's Smol Rings adds slights rings around Kerbin. More Screenshots : Download (Spacedock) : https://spacedock.info/mod/2772/Kerbin's Smol Rings Dependencies : - Kopernicus (https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/) - Module Manager (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-110x-module-manager-414-july-7th-2020-locked-inside-edition/)
  8. Hello! Welcome to my second planet mod, Planet Dunope Revamped! Download it here: https://www.spacedock.info/mod/2093/Planet Dunope Revamped Planet Dunope Revamped is my second KSP planet mod which brings back the old Planet Dunope mod in a new and revamped form! Kopernicus is required for this mod to work correctly. Dunope is a small ringed planet located between kerbin and duna. Besides having a nice ring system, it hosts a small green moon orbiting close aswell. Explore this new world with many biomes, and custom scienceDefs! Enjoy a great view of Dunope from its small close orbiting green moon! LICENSE: CC BY-ND 4.0
  9. NOTE: if you want rings for all the planets, not just Jool, check out the KSP Ringification Mod. Tired of boring old Jool? Add some rings to it! This mod offers six different ring variants, in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit (almost) everyone! Jupiter style - Grey and relatively faint, with one bright white ring. Based off of the real-life rings of Jupiter. Saturn style - Various shades of green and yellow, with seven distinct zones. Also includes a faint Phoebe ring beyond Tylo's orbit - see if you can spot it! Uranus style - Slim and grey, stretching out towards Tylo. Fainter and less "in yo face" than Saturn style, but more extensive than the Jupiter style. Neptune style - faint and blue. See if you can find them all! J1407b style - yellow and mind-bogglingly massive. X style - who says crossed rings aren't possible? Top tip: you can add rings to Neidon (in the Outer Planets Mod) by going into the config file, changing "Jool" to "Neidon", and changing "AFTER[Kopernicus]" to "AFTER[OPM]". Pictures: J1407b style rings J1407b style from KSC launch pad X style rings Neptune style (around Neidon) More pictures coming soon! Can be downloaded from Spacedock. Make sure you have the correct version of Kopernicus installed! This mod is released under an MIT license.
  10. This mod adds rings for Kerbin. It was a challenge for myself to make detailed rings around Kerbin without using textures, and here we are. Download Minmus Pol Gilly The Mun
  11. This is xBEEFYSAUSAGEx on Xbox One X When I got my spacestation safe in the space orbit the Kerbin and spinning both rings then switch to Space Center to do others then I want check on my spacestation. As soon as I switch to spacestation, out of suddenly it got explosion and killed 276 Kerbians :_( You can check on my Spacestation Double Rings on my clip to see what it look like. Didnt have clip for Spacestation Double Rings explosion.
  12. == Background == The great Kerbal empire, having expanded out into the black, one day discovered a lonely little solar system in the unfashionable eastern arm of the Milky Way. Although they originally thought that it was mostly harmless, they soon discovered that some of it's planets had rings going around them. Enthralled by their beauty, the Kerbals decided they were going to have rings, and nothing was going to stop them! Unfortunately, some of the moons in their system wouldn't hold a ring system, no matter how hard they tried, but they managed to get brilliant and technicolour ring systems around most of their planets and moons. == Background (real) == After I made the Jool Rings Mod, I thought, "let's do that again, but all over the place." I consequently went on a spree of adding rings to every planet and moon in sight. Currently this is only a developmental version; I still have to optimise some of the rings. The mod also comes with an OPM extension, adding rings to the Outer Planets Mod moons, but it is only half-finished. Pictures will be added soon. This mod is released under an MIT licence. Download the KSP Ringification Mod from Spacedock
  13. Outer of My Ideas: Rings For Laythe One or Multipes Moonlets For Laythe a Flag For Laythe a New Continent (Called Brazilen) a New (unnamed)Mon for Jool a Empty Space Station(Easter Egg) Montains For Laythe and a Great Spot For Jool
  14. Many of you by know probably know what the Roche Limit is, if not, then here is a quick definition. The Roche Limit is the minimum distance from a parent body a satellite can orbit without being pulled apart by tidal forces. What this means is that if, for instance, the moon were to decay into an orbit within its Earth-Moon Roche Limit, it would be torn apart by Earth's gravity and be turned into rings (kinda like Saturn). For me, this is where the confusion starts. I've seen two different formulae regarding the Roche Limit and they are (in terms of mass): Rigid Satellite: d = 1.26Rm(MM/Mm)^1/3 Fluid Satellite: d ~= 2.44Rm(MM/Mm)^1/3 d = distance, Rm = radius of satellite, MM = mass of parent, Mm = mass of satellite Now, first of all, I realize that the Moon acts as a fluid satellite rather than a rigid one; no idea as to why though. The thing that interests me the most after running the numbers to discover that the Earth-Moon Roche Limit is ~18,500km is the question; what would the thickness of the ring be? My initial instinct would be that the inner limit of the ring would be defined by the first equation I provided while the outer limit would be defined by the second. Nevertheless,I'm sure that all you smarty-pants people will be able to figure this out, but also let me know if there is something that I'm missing or anything I got wrong. This is literally all I know about the Roche Limit .
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