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Found 7 results

  1. Steven's TUFX & Visual Setup Guide![Configs & Setup always WIP] I've been asked from the Moon and back questions such as 'TUFX Profile?' 'What mods are you using?' etc... I'm hoping this thread covers everything you need to make some really lovely screenshots. 1. TUFX Configurations I have 4 configurations that I switch between and that includes... Hassel (A warm configuration with chromatic abberation and slight grain) Hassel_Lesserbloom (Above config with less bloom ) Apollo (A config I created for Lunar surface environments, you will get artifacting on sunflares due to post exposure) Apollo_Lower Exposure ( Works better for LEO/LKO environments) Each config I use in different situations, if your not getting the desired results always switch profiles and give it a look! Experimenting with visuals is key to getting some beautiful shots! Installation Download TUFX & drag into your GameData folder Download the profiles provided below and drag them into your TUFX folder TUFX Profiles 2. Visual Mods These mods will enhance your visuals and will absolutely bring some beauty into Kerbal Space Program. Kerbal Sized Real Solar System (A Kerbalized version of the Solar System at Kerbal scale) Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux (Clouds & Aurora's with better performance than previous versions) Scatterer(Atmospheric scattering) TUFX (Post processing) Distant Object Enhancement ( Planets & distant vessel rendering with dynamic skybox dimming when looking at the sun) Planetshine (Ambient light & light near planets) Kopernicus ( Planetary system modifier which is a major dependancy) TINU ( Allows you to move the camera in any orientation) Waterfall (Changes the stock plumes into mesh based beautiful plumes) Poods Deep Star Skybox(Changes the Skybox to a more toned down one) These are core mods which work incredibly well together and are the foundation for a solid modded install. 3. Part Mods These are a list of part mods in which I find to be absolutley neccesary. Bluedog Design Bureau ( American Rocketry & Probes including Mercury Gemini & Apollo and even more ) Tantares, LV & SP ( Soviet Rocketry including any soviet spacecraft you can think of! ) Knes (ESA Rockets such as Ariane 5 and many more European concepts) EStreetRockets Mods (Rocket Motor Mengerie, Eisenhower-Aeronautics, Asbury-Western-Industries) Nertea's Suite ( Near Future Mods, Cryo Tanks, Far Future Technologies, System Heat ) Restock ( Overhauls the stock parts to have a consistent artstyle ) Universal Storage ( Adds new parts for creating service modules) Coatl Aerospace ( Adds parts based on probes such as Voyager & Cassini) And so much more!!! 4. Screenshot Tips Change your field of View! Field of view can make a dramatic difference in your screenshots. Mess with your visuals! Mods such as Planetshine and TUFX have values that you can tinker with go out and make your own configurations! Use the rule of three, try capture and compose the image to include different parts in different positions. Lighting is key in an image if you can't see anything then mess with ambient light or planetshine. Get Close! Bring out the detail in specific parts! Use V to switch between different camera modes. Holding the scrollwheel and moving your mouse moves your vessel off centre from the screen. Higher resolution will obviously get you better results, I play in 2560x1440, if you don't have a high resolution monitor you can supersample the image using BOSS or by editing the KSP config file. 5. Thank You Thank you to @Zorg@CobaltWolf@tony48@Vals_Aerospace@Zarbon44@EM23@Invaderchaos for your incredible talent and support.
  2. Shuttle Profiles Pack Enterprise Columbia Challenger Discovery Atlantis Endeavour Spacedock Licensed by Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International — CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  3. Jacktical's TUFX Profiles These are my first set of custom TUFX configs which I hope you will enjoy using! Included in this pack is 3 TUFX Profiles: Atlantis - A vibrant config optimised for Earth Orbit. (Name credit goes to @Sanchez_1) Lemon - A warmer config for all-environment use, inspired by @lemon cup Transmission - A config created to replicate realistic lunar photography seen on the Apollo missions. TUFX Profiles Feel free to post images in this thread using these configs, I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Some more images:
  4. Take your visuals to the next level. A set of TUFX profiles to enhance your visual experience. Make KSP look more realistic than ever before. PROFILES Four profiles are included, all with their own characteristics: REALISTIC My attempt at creating a profile as close to real life as possible. High contrast and sometimes quite bloomy. Works well during all times of day, in all situations. VINTAGE Similar in essence to the realistic profile, just with a warm, filmic and grainy look. NEUTRAL Also similar to realistic, but with a more familiar KSP look. For those who don't want anything over the top. B&W Black and white film look. Great for old-timey screenshots. INSTALLATION 1. Install TUFX. 2. Download the profile and drop it in the GameData folder. 3. Select the profile of your liking in the TUFX menu in-game. 4. Done! CHANGELOG v1.0 - Original release. v1.1 - New profile added: B&W. For optimal results, make sure you have other visual mods such as EVE, Scatterer and PlanetShine installed. Download the profiles
  5. All the bloom you will ever need. The Smush-a-noob TUFX Profile! Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) Before =After Downloads! Here! Post your pretty pictures as well!
  6. Editor99's TUFX Profile (Download at Github) Dependencies: TUFX and It's associated dependencies. (Recommend CKAN) INSTALLATION: 1. Copy Editor99'sTUFXProfile.cfg to /Gamedata/TUFX/Profiles 2. Have fun -MIT License Github: https://github.com/Gteditor99/Editor99-sTUFXPROFILE
  7. Disclaimer: The profiles I have posted here were NOT made by me. I found them on different websites, and am just storing them on one page, for the convenience of others. Cinematics: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k8tTg-yfG3VCmsVNHaUs8VCmgdBm9aE3/view?usp=sharing (I found it on YouTube) JustinSpace: https://spacedock.info/mod/2770/TUFX config file Midweeks config: https://spacedock.info/mod/2746/Midweeks tufx config#changelog QuazSpace Config: https://spacedock.info/mod/2764/QuazSpace TUFX Conf To install these profiles, install TUFX, and copy these files in the 'profiles' folder. If you have any other profile which you like, feel free to share it, and I might add it to this list. TUFX mod page:
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