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  1. The music fits too perfectly here
  2. Introduction I have owned KSP since v0.18 but never really sent crew past Minmus. I am not a fan of "tin can exploration" where the crew stays in a command capsule for months on end. So when Kerbalism came out it ticked off many boxes for game features the stock did not have, including life support, part failures, and crew stress. Coupled with Nertea's suite of Mods, it is a lot easier to make aesthetically pleasing crewed crafts. The JNSQ system's scale also feels a bit better for me, as the rockets are better proportioned and the increased challenge for reaching planets. I originally cut my teeth on Kerbalism and JNSQ on an earlier playthrough with BDB exploring some of the inner system (Duna, Ike, Dres, Gilly), but I wanted to try a fresh restart and attempt to design unique launch vehicles using restock/restock plus This mission report will solely focus on the crewed exploration aspect with detailing on the design approach for the mission architectures. The first few posts will be a bit retrospective as I have already completed the missions for the inner system. Career Goals and Mission Parameters This mission report begins after the Mun and Minmus have been mostly explored, and the tech tree has been unlocked enough to commit to a Duna/Ike mission Primary goal is to land a team of Kerbals on every body in the solar system and return to Kerbin. Science collection is factored into mission architecture for the inner system to maximize return and tech tree unlock, but will likely scale back for the outer system as the tech tree becomes complete Missions will be structured to explore all moons within the respective sphere of influence during the trip. Minimum crew of 3 for ground operations on planets/moons Jool and Lindor missions will be crewed by 6, and Nara will be a crew of 12 Cinematics are filmed from my career save without the use of quick save, so there will be bad landings and screwed up burns that require intervention to save the crew/mission. Game Settings and Self-Imposed Rules "Revert Flight" is disabled. Quicksave limited use for kraken attacks and "final descent simulation" for atmospheric bodies. Difficulty is a blend of Medium, Kerbalism obviously, and a modified Probes Before Crew install that scales back science returns. Pre-requisite of probe missions to all bodies to unlock K.R.A.S.H simulation tool for designing landers. Eve, Duna, Laythe, and Nara will require a pre-requisite probe to land on the surface and collect atmospheric Science. Mod List Full List in the spoiler but I am highlighting a few for major features that drive the mission designs: Kerbalism: Radiation, Life Support, Part Reliability, etc. Cryo Engines/Tanks: Cryogenic fuel and engines. Boil-off needs to be factored into designs Mandatory RCS: no more overpowered reaction wheels, RCS now a bit more important for maneuvering Prologue: Minmus Editing of the videos improves as the series will progress, but here the first video of a Minmus mission. The video gives a brief glimpse of how kerbalism changes the gameplay. Future videos will have more of a cinematic feel with less of the HUD in many of the clips.
  3. Because of his hat - the brim makes him flip over. 2 more posts 'til auto-approval. Enjoy, mods! (From patch
  4. Screenshots: It looks beautiful! And the music.. out of this world, very-very good soundtrack! The lighting and reflections are amazing. The jaggies, clouds and trees... they're beta. Would have liked to see how Kerbol reflects in the ocean. A few similar KSP1 images for comparison:
  5. Just finished my video for the world's fist KSC tower gap. If someone has done this before I am sorry for claiming this title and will edit it. Would love if people in the community took a peak. Take Care -Paelu {video snipped pending editing}
  6. KSP HORIZON es una serie sobre la exploración espacial, basada en el juego Kerbal Space Program; los kerbonautas del KSP, a las órdenes de Jebediah Kerman, buscarán nuevos horizontes mientras exploran el sistema de Kerbol. Más información en Universo Horizon TEMPORADA 1 - APRENDER A VOLAR KSP Horizon - Episodio 1 - Test de vuelo: En el primer episodio de KSP Horizon, Jebediah y su hermano Aaron ponen en marcha el Kerbal Space Center, y comienzan las pruebas con aviones, mientras se preparan para ir al espacio. KSP Horizon - Episodio 2 - Cita bajo el cielo: Continúan las pruebas con aviones, y se realizan los primeros lanzamientos suborbitales, al mismo tiempo que comienza una historia de amor. KSP Horizon - Episodio 3 - Ella es especial: El KSC decide colocar una estación de comunicaciones en lo alto de las montañas del oeste. Jeb es el encargado de llevarla hasta la cima. KSP Horizon - Episodio 4 - Volando sin S.A.S.: Es el momento de establecer una red de satélites de comunicaciones alrededor de Kerbin: la red KSAT. Mientras se lleva a cabo el lanzamiento de los satélites SAT-K, Val es enviada en secreto a una importante misión. KSP Horizon - Episodio 5 - Fuego Purificador: En el centro de investigación, Halberry hace un importante descubrimiento, mientras Jeb se enfrenta por fin al GPK. KSP Horizon - Episodio 6 - Orbiter 1: Mientras el KSC trabaja en el despliegue de una nueva estación de comunicaciones en el sur de Nora, un evento inesperado podría causar el fin de la carrera espacial. KSP Horizon - Episodio 7 - Nortika: La Señal de Halberry guiará a Jeb hacia un gran descubrimiento. KSP Horizon - Episodio 8 - Las Pirámides: Un descubrimiento llevado a cabo por Bob hará que Jeb envíe una expedición al desierto de Antika. KSP Horizon - Episodio 9 - Puesta en marcha: Parece que existe relación entre el artefacto encontrado por Jeb en Nortika y las pirámides de Antika, así que Jeb se une a la expedición en el desierto para descubrir qué secreto esconde la Gran Pirámide. KSP Horizon - Episodio 10 - El primer kerbonauta: A Jebediah se le acumulan los problemas: Alguien está filtrando información desde el KSC, el presidente de Nora está enfadado, y el enigma de las pirámides cada vez tiene más interrogantes, pero nada impedirá al KSC poner un kerbal en órbita. Lista de reproducción - Temporada 1 - Aprender a volar (Episodios 1-10) TEMPORADA 2 - SEGUIREMOS SUBIENDO KSP Horizon - Episodio 11 - El Show Debe Continuar: A pesar de lo ocurrido, la exploración especial es una prioridad. El KSC debe seguir investigando el monolito y luchando por seguir llegando cada vez más alto. KSP Horizon - Episodio 12 - El Monolito: Tras un tiempo retirado en su isla, Jeb se verá obligado a volver al KSC debido a un evento inesperado. KSP Horizon - Episodio 13 - Debo reunir a mi equipo: Para resolver el problema de Valentina, Jeb necesitará toda la ayuda posible, así que intenta reunir de nuevo a su equipo de confianza. KSP Horizon - Episodio 14 - Kosmos I: Los ússaros sospechan que la desaparición de la Kosmos I no fue un accidente, mientras Jeb intenta rescatar a Valentina.
  7. (I've performed the obligatory 10-minute search using KSP Forum Search... ) If anyone has made a tutorial on video capture for KSP, I'd surely love a pointer to it. I generally operate on Linux but I've switched for the moment because I don't think VLC captures audio on Linux (very easily). I'm actually quite close now to Total Success (and have the bruises on my forehead to show), but reading a tute by an expert would be great. (I've seen so many magnificent KSP videos!) And a very specific question: didn't we use to be able to switch in and out of full-screen mode in KSP in a (much) earlier version? I could be wrong about that. In order to get VLC to lock on to KSP, KSP needs to be already up and running and NOT minimized. That means it can't be full screen at the point you wish to trigger VLC. That means you have to go right out to the first menu Settings to fool with it. I can live with this but not if everyone else is using a better way and I can hear the snickering... Is there anyway to unbind the F11 key? (Edit a config file?) I'll listen to other suggestions but I prefer VLC because it seems to produce the smallest video output (file size), although I recall that was as an AVI and I'm not having luck with that at the moment. Any assistance will be wildly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Tell me some music that would be good for being in KSP videos. It can be cinematic, space-themed, or anything else that suits being in a video. Make sure to say the artist along with the title.
  9. the story starts yesterday, when one @AccidentalColonies told me to make an interplanetary missile on discord since I just got a new computer. This video is the end result. I didn’t think I was going to make it into a forum thread then so unfortunately it’s just the crash, but I was hoping people would like it if I posted it here. I also guess it’s a rocket SSTO now. wowowow
  10. I propose challenge: to get a gold medal in the game Flappy Bird. Everything you need can be downloaded from the link in description.
  11. Please, leave the like and commentaries on YouTube. Thank you. Download in description
  12. I've recently posted two videos to YouTube now. I think they're pretty good myself, but they're not without flaws. For one thing, twenty to thirty minutes long. I think the problem is that I want to add all the shots into the video that I've made. In the second one, I condensed each shot in an effort to try to shorten the video, though the problem is that I repeatedly put very similar scenes (e.g. the space tug reentering the atmosphere and landing) into it, still making it too long for a normal video. You can watch the videos here and give me some constructive criticism and advice so I can note it down for future videos.
  13. Tutorial covers the basics of the UI, how the timeline works, as well as examples & tips to make things far easier to work with. Breaking Ground - Robotics Tutorial on Youtube
  14. It's all in the title already, so.... My top contenders are DaVinci Resolve 17, Shotcut and OpenShot. I want to record KSP videos, and I need a good editing software. What are the KSP community's recommendations? Note that I don't have a desktop. I am on laptop. Thanks!
  15. Music:-On the Beach at Night (OST Starbound)-Planetarium (OST Starbound) KSP Version: 1.8.1 DLC: Breaking Ground, Making History Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13ovH28AFzN0n4Ew2dLqIsbJz2MYQg8wV?usp=sharing https://youtu.be/iiDYd3AJh0A
  16. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture Replacer. So forgive the appearance of the GUI, as this wasn't suppose to be "cinematic" originally. I tried to make it as amusing as I can. Hope you guys appreciate my nerdy humor.
  17. Kerbal Space Program Communty Rewind 2018 An unofficial representation of the modding community. I wanted to make a KSP video about some of the mods we've been playing this past year. Mods that changed the way we think, play and mods that will forever be in our GameData folder no matter what KSP version. I wanted to make a video to appreciate the modding community by making something that truly represents what we as modders can bring to a world full of little green men and women. I've asked your opinion! I wanted to know what your #1 mod is and why. So by the end of the year I had a video that represented the modding community. Because without them, KSP is not the same.
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