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Found 25 results

  1. The title says it all. Couple of screenshots of both Laythe and Jool.
  2. Screenshots: It looks beautiful! And the music.. out of this world, very-very good soundtrack! The lighting and reflections are amazing. The jaggies, clouds and trees... they're beta. Would have liked to see how Kerbol reflects in the ocean. A few similar KSP1 images for comparison:
  3. KSRSS Adventures At the moment I've been feeling very unmotivated and every time I go to make a mission for my thread Space Station Liberty , I just procrastinate. This thread is a place for me to post any missions that are going on in my saves to try and gain some motivation again! This won't be weekly posts or anything, I'll just post whenever I feel inspired lol Hopefully this can kickstart Liberty and some other projects I'm thinking of Enjoy!
  4. 用到的MOD: Astronomer's Visual Pack (所有图片都用到该美化MOD) KS3P(部分图片用到该美化MOD)
  5. Misguided Kerbal's Closet *Ahem* Hello! Welcome to this place I call Misguided_Kerbal's closet. You probably got here by clicking on the link in my signature, or by mindlessly browsing the forums. Anyhow, you're probably wondering, what exactly is this place? Well, let me explain: Get it? No? Well, I stuff all my stuff in my closet... it's my world In all seriousness, though, this is the place where I throw most of my stuff. Usually, I post screenshots, sometimes I post crafts, and once in a blue moon, I post an update, such as the first release of my mod! Basically, you can compare this to other people's creative sheds and warehouses, but much less popular. Below, you'll find a directory to most of "my" stuff Directory My Crafts: https://kerbalx.com/Misguided_Kerbal My Mods: Valor is a second gas giant for the Kerbol System. Currently very WIP. My Mission Reports: (Complete) KASA is my primary sandbox save, where I mess around in a semi-realistic way. This is my new and current Mission Report Other Stuff: Join us in the Megathread as we try (and fail) to reach 10000 pages! Also, join my discord! https://discord.gg/NBjTwyhZsQ
  6. ORBITALPHOENIX'S SCREENSHOT SETTINGS & COLLECTION A few people have asked me about my visual settings after my latest screenshot round, so I thought I would make a thread to keep all my screenshots in one place to see, as well as provide information about how I create them. MODS VISUAL DESIGN CAMERA SETTINGS AND TRICKS That's it for the visual stuff, the only thing left to say is practice, practice, practice, and experiment Best of luck!
  7. KSPICS Simply a magazine with contributions by people such as: @Beale@Invaderchaos@Zorg@Pioneer_Steve@ElonMusket23@Fdkhio @Vals_Aerospace and more! !BE WARNED THEY ARE BIG AND HIGH RES! KSPICS #1 As a full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/6iFDpdJ KSPICS #2 Full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/0RLKPMo
  8. Share any modded KSP screenshots and get help on how to take amazing screenshots! Open to all.
  9. I will start. And let's give ourselves some constructive constructive criticism.
  10. Please help me celebrate the launch of my first mod created by me. T-MEME is jokingly called "the most essential mod ever" because, well... it's totally useless eye-candy. http://spacedock.info/mod/250/T-MEME%20%28The%20most%20essential%20mod%20ever%29
  11. This will likely be where I upload pictures of stuff that I've made in KSP! If you don't like it, blame it on @adsii1970, as he told me the community liked screenshots.
  12. THIS THREAD IS NOW DEFUNCT, PLEASE REDIRECT TO THE FOLLOWING THREAD HERE. Most of the art here came from the "Screenshots re-imagined" group, but since it seems dead, I think I'll post my personal works here and see if I have any takers for my stuff. Please, feel free to ask questions, leave feedback, commission a piece, etc. PERSONAL WORK: SCREENSHOTS RE-IMAGINED: Mission Patches: I am taking commissions of any screenshot you have. I am still learning tracing (all of the images above are just filters/simple brushes that I use on PS) Posters:
  13. Hello everybody, it's me, NotAgain, again. After gettoing somewhat of a positive reaction to quite a number of my pictures, I've decided to share a selection of the best with you. I probably won't update this as much as my mission report (check my signature for the link), but I'll try and keep it at least weekly. So, without further ado, have some pictures, you wonderful people. Grace - VII looks fantastic during launch on an Etoh Heavy. Korabl 14 witnesses a sunrise in orbit of Kerbin. The Sentinel Scientific Orbiter silhouetted against, you guessed it, Sentinel. A Munar arch. If you look closely at the base of the arch, you can make out the speck that is the Blue Anchor - Firedance VI Munar Roving Vehicle. Bill Kerman's standing on top of the arch. The crew of Oligarch 0D, Metkosmos' first crewed Munar mission, on EVA as they leave the Munar SOI, heading home.
  14. Let's share images of Jeb the fearless. Cuz why not???
  15. So what was your first ever screenshot? ill post mine later when I can (sorry if there is a thread like this just cannot be bothered to look)
  16. We've all been there, a kerbals falls out of their seat on a ship, and they can't move, and they rag doll on the ground as if paralyzed. Also, being able to walk around on planes and rovers would make for some easy repairs with KÄS / KIS and some really cool screenshots. So what do you all think?
  17. In this thread you post any fails or kraken attacks.Photos allowed. Here is mine.
  18. Hello The people of KSP! I love Fan art and awesome KSP screenshots, and I will try to get my own KSP art here if I figure it out without posting it online anywhere other than here. Also I have a poll to, so take a look at it! Note: I will always ask permission if I want to use a picture as a background for my PC.
  19. I like sketching, and while I usually do lifelikes, and portraits. I figured i'd try my hand at ksp screenshots. It should be fun and I have the extra time for awhile, So just post a cool Screen and i'll give it a go. here is an example of what I can do, this to this This should be fun :3
  20. Post any pics you want just make sure they are edited in some way Like any filters or drawings N-joy ?
  21. Hello, I just got KSP up on a new computer. I've been seeing a pop-up while KSP loads, saying: Press Win-G to take screenshots. You see this same pop-up on various games, even games off of Steam. I don't believe it even has anything to do with KSP. So I've been pressing Window key and G for a while in KSP, and it seems to take pictures, but I suddenly realized, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES GOING? They're of course not in the KSP screenshot folder, and I haven't even installed Steam yet. What folder do the screenshots go when you press Win-G?
  22. This is a WIP. It might be abandoned during development. Also I am not an Author so this might not be top quality but I hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. Delta History. Delta: "A letter from the Greek alphabet and used in mathematics to represent a difference between two values." The Prologue Part one The Prologue Part two More of a mission report in this part. Once we finish the prologue though, it will be much more of a story. I have good plans for this. But thanks for reading this. Fire
  23. Spekz' Random Cool Screenshot Edits! Hi! My name is SquaredSpekz, and here I'll be posting random edits I make to cool screenshots from my Saves. I may take requests, just link the image in the comments and maybe what you'd what me to do. Enjoy! Otter Exploring This is from the first test of my Otter ARV (Aqua Recon Vehicle) which is a Submersible. Parts are from Roverdude's Sub Pack :
  24. What is the greatest moment you have ever had in KSP? Was it landing on the Mun? Flying your first SSTO. Blowing up your complex? If you can think of the greatest moment you have ever had in KSP, TYPE AWAY!
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