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  1. The youtuber VAOS recently made a video about his experience building (and launching) a moon base in KSP 2, with many bugs he found and improvements he thought could be made included. I thought the devs might want to see this video because it includes many very valid criticisms of the game that many on this forum appear to also express.
  2. Note to mods: This may be the wrong topic to post this thread, and if so, move the thread to the correct topic. Welcome to the Orbiting Brick Kerbal Recovery Services! This is a challenge/mission idea, in the reverse direction! Anyone can submit a save that contains stranded Kerbals to be rescued, as well as any restrictions to make the mission more challenging. The rescue missions will be recorded and posted to this YouTube Channel. As well as the mission and save file being shown, the forum username of the person who submitted will be mentioned. Video with more information If you are interested in submitting, send me a private message on the forums. Rescued Kerbals: This section will list the Kerbals that have been rescued, and the user who submitted them.
  3. https://youtu.be/xg17hOZNPTE
  4. I experiment with the equivalent of orange tanks to find out.
  5. Hi I'm Andrew the Astronaut and I bought KSP in 2019 and Now I'm old enough for the forums and YouTube channels. So check out my channel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpq8d7AqE7qG5PayYT13uA?app=desktop
  6. I enjoy making these YouTube videos. Go like sub and comment! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpq8d7AqE7qG5PayYT13uA?app=desktop
  7. Working on a new video, which will go thru what it the hardest destinations in KSP, and how to do them. But I wanted to ask the general forum public what they think is the hardest destination in KSP? While you do your score, please consider the following: -Think of a destination as overall in difficulty -My rating system will be General deltaV requirements Difficulty in sending a probe Difficulty in doing a return crew mission Combining those together, you can get a good score. So please think your responses thru, results will be in KSP video!
  8. the story starts yesterday, when one @AccidentalColonies told me to make an interplanetary missile on discord since I just got a new computer. This video is the end result. I didn’t think I was going to make it into a forum thread then so unfortunately it’s just the crash, but I was hoping people would like it if I posted it here. I also guess it’s a rocket SSTO now. wowowow
  9. Hello, there! In this series of three videos, I will be recreating the NASA Perseverance Rover mission in KSP 1.11.1. This will not be recreated with full realism because I will be adding a Kerbal touch to the mission. Part 1: Building Perseverance has been released, with Parts 2 and 3 being released the weekend after Perseverance's landing. Hope you all enjoy! Part 1: Building Perseverance Part 2 and 3 coming soon! I wish good luck and safety to Perseverance as it prepares to embark on its Martian journey.
  10. Hello there! I want to make a KSP-focused youtube channel (which currently doesn't exist yet, will make it this weekend), but I want to know: 1. What do KSP players (All of you guys, I assume ) want to see? Rockets? Space Stations? Ludicrously sized behemoths? (I can't built ludicrously sized behemoths by the way). I want to create unique content, so yeah! 2. What are some things you guys expect from a KSP youtuber? Consistency? Quality videos? Thanks!
  11. It's all in the title already, so.... My top contenders are DaVinci Resolve 17, Shotcut and OpenShot. I want to record KSP videos, and I need a good editing software. What are the KSP community's recommendations? Note that I don't have a desktop. I am on laptop. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    The Youtube Illusion

    Also footnote: This isn't telling people how to play the game. This is me explaining my idea why many people get stuck early on in the game and just leave it or don't make progress. What is my theory: The Youtube Illusion is what happens when "a KSP player who is trying to progress in the game is limited to the designs of popular youtubers instead of attempting trial and failure" Basically when a KSP video comes out people will start to build their crafts based on the original video of someone's. What is the problem with this: So what if subscribers to these channels use the spacecrafts and rocket designs. Unfortunately it causes a problem where they get stuck in the game. Because of external things that the youtubers left out of their videos or mission choices that might not be actually the best or the use of mods. People sometimes ask for my help with KSP crafts and I can tell you a lot of the things that the troubling crafts all have in common is that they have a trait in the style of a youtuber. One time there was this person who didn't understand how to make an Eve lander and basically just copied Matt's design, made a few tweaks, and try to fly it thinking that since they built it they can fly it successfully. Now, if you ever have done an Eve Crew mission you would know that you would have to fly the craft in such a way to make it successful and your piloting skills are what matters at the end of the day. The problem is that without the creativity you can't learn rocket science or discover new ways to make a mission better. It's how the skilled ksp players are made. When you find your own style. the bigger problem is that while the producers of the content have gone through the design loop, the people building on top of it didn't. Causing frustration of "it should work because [insert name here] made it work." Probably the worst thing that comes out of this is that they don't build on personal experience and feed on others. Causing some questions that could have been answered just if they tested it, they would have found out. Most of the stuff I learned came from experiments I made and little tests. I cannot stress enough the best learning system is the testing system. Tutorials are great and all, but your best experience is gonna come out of you doing it yourself. Why do I bring this up: I am not trying to: - Cause fights - tell people how to play/enjoy the game - to not watch KSP videos - Or to shame people for asking questions What I am trying to say is: KSP videos are meant to be enjoyable/inspirational not for how-tos (unless stated as that.) And I want to share awareness that if you want to be good at making spacecraft and flying rockets, the best way how to do that is by personal experience.
  13. I'm sure we've already heard of the great Scott Manley, Shadow Zone, Matt Lowne, Hazard-ish, and Stratenblitz75. (You can also find them on the forums, @illectro, @ShadowZone, @Matt Lowne, @hazard-ish, and @Stratzenblitz75, don't tell anyone!) But yesterday, I found a new KSP channel that is simply amazing, the name is SpaceLab, and one of their recent videos, a Mars 2020 replication, is amazing. Which brings me to the question, what are some channels that you have found before, that did KSP in an amazing way?
  14. Hello everyone, I hope you like my builds, craft files will be up at a later date. Anyone here know how to make a reverse blimp? lemme know. I love U
  15. CHALLENGE Can you give me a challenge Idea? If you want a challenge, land 50 kerbals on the Dres Canyon. Send me a video if you want my challenge.
  16. What are the best recording and editing softwares for making KSP videos?
  17. So I've been thinking of this idea to have my channel (it doesn't have any content yet) be at least mostly of KSP stuff. But, I don't know what certain video type I should start out with.
  18. I recently started to make some Carreer Mode Playthrough/Let's Play Videos. I just wanted to record what I do and my Thoughts about it, even though I know most likely almost nobody is going to watch them. Anyway, I'm interested in Opinions about it; guess I still have to massively improve my speaking as it is highly unusual for me to speak without direct Audience (I am even reluctant to speak onto Phone Mailboxes). Oh yes, and my Accent is ridiculous So here's the Playlist:
  19. I created this poll just for everyone's general opinion. If one isn't in the poll, please say who it is in the comments as polls are restricted to 20 options.
  20. Hello there! Before you contact me for submitting an entry at [email protected] or go to my Discord DM's (Hojoz#3678) Please keep in mind that if there's enough interest I'm allowing 16 submissions total, and that I'm not trying to compete with other YouTube fighter competitions. You can discuss the competition on my public Discord server: (https://discordapp.com/invite/hq493Kz)
  21. This is the idea (I have not found a page like this) : to list the video (and playlist if it exists) gameplay series on youtube made by ksp players all at the same place : Title / Author / KSP ver + major mods / #episodes (avg lenght) / Date / Comments -------------------------------- In progress Series : KSP 1.7 Carrière [FR] / Kerbal Panda / 1.7.2 + USI/NF / 15 (~30m) / 22 May 2019 / No cut Carreer in 1.7.2 (French) RealismOverhaul RP-1 (Official Release) / grayduster / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 1.0 / 07 (~30m) / 5 April 2019 / Second Career Video Serie in Official RP-1 ! =) Glorious Soviet Space Program / NathanKell / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 11 (~1h) / 14 March 2019 / Soviet Space Program ! KSP 1.6 with Kerbalism / Raiz Space / 1.6 + Kerbalism / 23 (~35m) / 3 January 2019 / Kerbalism quick adventure KSP 1.3.1 with Realism Overhaul RP-1 / Raiz Space / 1.3.1+ RO/RSS/RP-1 1.0 / 30 (~35m) / 11 December 2018 / First Career Video Serie in Official RP-1 ! =) KSP RP-0 / Cosmonaut Crash / 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 543 (~25m) / 16 July 2016 / What a huge number of episodes ! (no persistent rotation) -------------------------------- Finished Series : RealismOverhaul RP-1 / grayduster / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 20 (~40m) / 12 February 2018 / RP-1 ! =) Rusty RP-1 / NathanKell / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 25 (~1h) / 30 January 2018 / Testing RP-1 Let's play KSP RSS / Hardcore Edward / 1.2.2+ RO/RSS/RP-0/MKS-USI/KBPS.... / 176 (~45m) / 27 December 2017 / Alternate history recreations Beyond History / Raiz Space / 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 48 (~40m) / 28 November 2017 / Continuation of his previous realism overhaul series. R3 / HedgeDog / 1.2.2 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 9 (~20m) / 7 June 2017 / quick, entertaining episodes showcasing how real the struggle really is. KSP Multiplanetary Species / Justin Bright / 1.2 to 1.3.1 + MKS/USI Collection / 103 (~30m) / 18 October 2016 / Comments RP-0 Tutorial Campain / NathanKell / 1.2.2 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 80 (~1h30m, no cuts) / 11 June 2016 / Long but cool to learn RO ! RO in 1.1.2 / Raiz Space / 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 80 (~40m) / 18 May 2016 / Realism overhaul series, prequel of Beyond History. Beginners Guide to KSP / NerdySpaceMan / 1.0.4 / 20 (~20m) / 21 September 2015 / Beginners Guide to KSP Serious Business / Scott Manley / 1.0.4 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 35 (~20m) / 24 August 2015 / Scott Manley live comments and humor Project Alexandria / Bob Fitch / 0.25 to 1.0.4 + RSS / 16 (~35m) / 22 November 2014 / History of spacefligh from 1957 to 1969 -------------------------------- I've done my best to make the presentation clear. Help me to make this catalogue bigger =) Feel free to reply and suggest your series !
  22. Hello, this will be quick. I'm working on a youtube video and I need as many of y'all as possible to take the poll above: whether or not you think that the EM Drive runs is valid. Thanks for taking this poll, really appreciate it. I'll post a link to video once its completed. Disclaimer, it was done on a 0$ budget by three guys without a lot of spare time and so the quality is pretty bad :/. You have been warned, but we do have a debate with valid reasons and statements. Happy Explosions!
  23. Hey folks, If interested, I've just uploaded a new KSP video on YouTube if you guys want to check it out. Would appreciate the feedback and pointers if you guys have em'. I wanted to make this for new players who are joining from playstation side and haven't gotten the chance to play Kerbal Space Program before (like myself!) Just want to say that I think Kerbal Space Program is a great example of an outstanding game. Great message and gameplay combined - I could go on for hours .. but then people think you're nuts. here's a video I made instead... Here's the link:
  24. I make a lot of space video using KSP - mostly real missions, but some other ones too. That latest is...
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