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  1. Hello! I'm looking to get into modding, KSP2 obviously. I have a bit of experience with coding, but not as much with C# or Unity, but I'm confident I can learn more if I need to. How do I start? Are there any good tutorials, or should I just wing it? Thanks! - Phofers
  2. Tazooka


    I joined recently and made a few posts already, but figured I'd also make a greeting post. I'm Taz and I have played Kerbal Space Program since the early beginning, either in 2011 (as I remember the demo where the Mun was missing) or 2012 (where I have an invoice for buying the game). I've played hundreds of hours on KSP 1, where most of them were before it was added on Steam. I also have KSP 2, which I was looking forward to since the first announcement in 2019, but I haven't played it much because of its current state. This will hopefully change once the update with the fixes rolls out! ----- If you're familiar with the game "Raft" and joined the Official Discord, I am one of the moderators there (since 2018)! Hello and see you around the forum!
  3. Hi I'm Andrew the Astronaut and I bought KSP in 2019 and Now I'm old enough for the forums and YouTube channels. So check out my channel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpq8d7AqE7qG5PayYT13uA?app=desktop
  4. I have been playing KSP for years, then it dawned on me, there is a a KSP forum... I have still yet to land on Minmus or The Mun, and I am still watching tutorials with no progress...
  5. Greetings! My name is Andrii and I'm Italian. I discovered this fantastic game years ago and I'm happy to be here on this forum. To start I have a couple of questions: Where can I post an announcement here in the forum to introduce the new Italian community created by the players and make it known to my compatriots? When I get over 5 published posts I can finally put my profile picture up, right? :D
  6. Hello! I've been playing KSP for a while now, and making good use of the forums, but never got around to making an account. So here we are!
  7. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say hello since i am new to the forums! I'm sure i will have a great time sharing stuff i do in ksp with the community, since i am a fan of the game and love doing stuff like building rockets! Once again, i just wanted to say hi!
  8. Hello i want ww2 mods do you know where i can get some?
  9. Hello people, so I gotten Kerbal Space Program a few days ago after putting it off forever as I was really curious what it was like, and quite frankly haven't stopped playing since. So I figured I'd join the forum as well and see what it's like here.
  10. Since my childhood I've been a enthusiastic about aeronautics and space. I started to play this game the last year, but it's my first time in this forum. So, hello to everybody. Is there anybody else from Costa Rica?
  11. lexav

    Hi all

    Hi all, I'm new on that forum, but not on KSP I've been playing since .19, if I recall, with a little more than 1 000 hours of gameplay, and still counting. I'm a big fan of vanilla, and 95% of my play is stock only. The only mods I use are E.V.E. scatterer and planet shine. My passion : Grand Touring, so expect me to post some stuff about that I'm secretly in love with Val, but please don't tell her ! LeXav
  12. Hi guys. I've been playing KSP for a while now, and only a little recently have I joined the forums. I would say i'm not bad at KSP, but I could still learn some new things, like gravity assists and definitely mod help. I have had some experience with making mods, but it is very limited. I barely know how to make a cfg file for a part! Anyway, nice to be on the forums!
  13. Hello all, Writing my first post after lurking for a while. I bought the game shortly after 1.2 release and I've been enjoying it so much since then. I've done some tutorials, watched youtubers and still playing the same career game from the very start. I have visited Duna and Ike and now planning a second visit to Moho to further study it's anomalies and sinkholes. Some screenshots so far: Making a photo of a Kerbal standing on a rock is not that simple Science hopper able to produce fuel was used to farm science on both Mun and Minmus Happy team on Duna. They managed to land even though one leg was not added in VAB Sunshine on Moho I'm currently sending mining VTOL bus to Moho to support the second mission there: I am really amazed by the community that has grown around the game. I really hope Squad will be working on the game for a couple more years. Easy launches and safe landings!!
  14. 5052


    I have played KSP for quite a while now but just started in the forums. Does anybody know why when I try to access the Realism Overhaul thread it shows an error can not find? Also the link at the end of the topic is blocked saying I don't have permission when I'm signed in. Hello everybody though!
  15. Hello! Love the forums, decided I might lurk long enough to maybe help contribute to a mod or something. I own a brewery in Columbus, OH and love all things space.
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Nicole but I also go by Pabu. I'm new to KSP and am learning all the cool things to do within the game. I'm currently working on watching all the training videos and learning everything. I just wanted to say hello and see if anyone had any tips for a beginner like me! Also to make some fellow kerbonaut friends!!
  17. Hi! I'm new to KSP I have spent about 15 hours playing so far. I enjoy it a ton. I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for orbiting and getting to the Moons? Thanks!
  18. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! Space and science enthusiast here, been playing KSP for years and only registered on the forums just now. I visited a few times and always found it helpful. So why join now? Well, I'm an undergrad student and on my way to becoming an ESL teacher. Pretty far from orbit one might say, but I just love learning and teaching and I love KSP so I decided I'd like to mix both. Hence, I started making videos about KSP. Basically, I'd like your opinion, comments, feedback, suggestions and general appreciation for my KSP content on YouTube since I thought a lot of the stuff from the wiki (videos anyway) is getting rather old and a lot of YouTubers have moved on to heavily modded playthroughs. So you can find my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjzJXurqJJWQB9fNll2W_w Thanks for having me and see you all around!
  19. Hi everyone! I'm just passing by to introduce myself. I'm from México City, (so please excuse me if every now and then I write things the wrong way). I discovered KSP via youtube videos (Version 1.0 I think), and I was hooked up right away, I'ts an amazing game. Specially if becoming an astronaut and explore other planets has always been your most beloved dream. I don't have too much time to play games, but I use every minute available to do so. Took me about six months or so to discover the amazing mods that can be used in the game, And I'd like to thank everyone involved in the mod development. (And SQUAD too of course). The game is just twice as fun if you use mods ( and a headache sometimes). So, here I am, with some questions an hopefully some answers as well. let's have some fun rocketing around!
  20. Greetings fellow kerbomaniacs. Erm, im relatively new to KSP i have had the game for a short while and started a few career modes for 1.0.5 and now 1.2, I've made orbit and taken more than a few tourists up and once made a flyby of Mun. (this didnt go so well Jeb got stuck in orbit when i run out of fuel and with no access to docking modules his dead.. *funeral march plays...* Erm im reaching the point where i always get to ive done the basics on kerbin and really don't know what i should do once ive done the basic science around grassland/highlands/runway/launch pad/deepwater/upper and lower atmos. So yeah. I play with a few mods I have planetary base inc (not used yet), KIC, KAS, Alarm. KER and For Science as im a bit whoops and miss when i can run an experiment. but yeah. i hope to be a bit active here to get some hints and if i can ever get my career mode to the Mun i will be happy.
  21. Hello! My name is jbmPlaysGaming, a small YouTuber who is about to hit 20 subscribers, and a Twitch streamer. I just got KSP as well as a forum account. I am so excited to play, I have been wanting to for months now. And now I can. I'm livestreaming soon over on Twitch.TV, so come hop over there if you are interested in helping out with the game! I'm doing it modded, so next time I'll do it without mods, and then I will see which one is better. The mods I have installed are: [x] Science! 6 Crew Science Lab 6 Seat Mk3 Cockpit ABookCase Orbital Reference System Action Groups Extended Advanced Jet Engine Canadian Flags DarkMultiPlayer Ferram Aerospace Research Image viewer Kerbal Flight Data Kerbal Improved Save System Kerbal Inventory System ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager notes QuickMute QuickSearch QuickStart Solver Engines plugin Toolbar In total, there is 21 mods. So come hop over on Twitch, this is a Twitch exclusive! twitch.tv/jbmplaysgaming Hope to see you there! I hope you can help me on this wonderful LIVE journey. <3 ~jbmPlaysGaming "youtube.com/jbmplaysgaming" "twitch.tv/jbmplaysgaming"
  22. Slicer


    Why hello there, humble viewer. I see that you have stumbled upon my post; I guess I will introduce myself. All I really do is blow stuff up, play videogames, and climb up the mountain located 20 inches from my humble abode. (I really hate it when jeb steals my snacks) Thats all I have to say right now. I guess you should go. Please? .... Are you not going to leave already? ? Oh well. I might as well end this post. Oh no... The submit button is not working.... Oh. There. *clicks*
  23. Hello everyone! I am Joseph from India. I am looking forward to share and gain knowledge in this forum. Thanks
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