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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings fellow kerbonauts! As my first post, i figured i would both announce a planet pack i'm working on, and ask for review/help with some code for planet construction within Kopernicus, (former is a consequence of this post as this is the first i've mentioned this, and the latter being the main focus of this post). So, as the title suggests, if anyone would be willing to help me out with some code i'm working on for my first planet pack, new worlds, it would be incredibly appreciated ^^, as i do not know if i'm on the right track or not in making one of the first Terrestrial planets (Spike), and i also do not fully know how to make height/color maps or textures for these bodies at this moment in time, at least, not to any substantial degree anyways, and to top all that off, there are still a lot of Kopernicus variables i still don't know how to use. regardless, like i said above, if anyone could help me out/guide me through the process i would greatly appreciate it ^^ also, if someone's got a legend or manual somewhere where it describes all of the variables and what they do, that'd be great as well, though it's not necessary as i could probably find them somewhere online. here's the code i got so far: [Spike's Current Config]: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { body { name = Spike cacheFile = Spike/Cache/Spike.bin Template { name = Kerbin removeAllPQSMods = true removeOcean = true } Properties { description = a dry, lifeless, lonely planet, not much is known about it. radius = 400000 geeASL = 0.5 isHomeWorld = false tidallyLocked = false rotationPeriod = 46800 timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 6000 7500 15000 50000 100000 300000 ScienceValues { landedDataValue = 7 splashedDataValue = 1 flyingLowDataValue = 1 flyingHighDataValue = 1 inSpaceLowDataValue = 5 inSpaceHighDataValue = 5 recoveryValue = 5.5 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 29000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 380000 } biomeMap = Spike/PluginData/Spike_biomes.dds Biomes { Biome { name = Midlands value = 1 color = 1,0,0,1 } Biome { name = Pits value = 1.2 color = 0,0,1,1 } Biome { name = Spires value = 2.2 color = 0,1,0,1 } Biome { name = Vast Crater value = 1.2 color = 1,0,1,1 } } } ScaledVersion { type = Vacuum Material { texture = Spike/PluginData/Spike_color.dds normals = Spike/PluginData/Spike_normal.dds } } Orbit { referenceBody = Sun semiMajorAxis = 50000000000 inclination = 2 eccentricity = 0.2 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 7 color = 0.4,0.4,0.4,1.0 } PQS { Mods { VertexHeightMap { map = Spike/PluginData/Spike_height.dds deformity = 3500 scaleDeformityByRadius = false offset = 0 enabled = true order = 8 } VertexHeightNoise { noiseType = RiggedMultifractal deformity = 3300 frequency = 7 persistence = 0.2 lacunarity = 2.5 octaves = 7 mode = low seed = 92745 enabled = true order = 25 } } } } } [end of config] I'm really looking forward to what this pack may become in the future, and i'm excited to start diving into the world of planet modding ^^. I'm still very new to KSP modding and i'd like to start a discussion about planet modding to further supplement my understanding of the required material and to just have a nice discussion about KSP modding in general ^^, i look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for reading and have a great day! Shadewhisker.
  2. Not really used to writing these; since for the most part i haven't been outside a few sites in a while. But yeah iv'e been playing KSP for the latter part of 6 months; picked it up after i had gotten curious when i had Scott Manley's "Interstellar" series on while studying for exams as background noise. Been to the Mun, Minmus, and sent probes to Duna and Eve. I have actually landed on Duna; but the little dudes got stranded there and my rescue mission was a spectacular failure after the kracken spun it end over end post-landing straight into the ground. So..i'm waiting for the next Xfer window to try again; and milling contracts to get the required funds in the meantime. Little background on me personally I'm in my early 20's and studying computer science; i'm a novice C++ programmer (Wanting to improve). I'm a gamer; played skyrim, TW3 etc. I love modding; dabbled in it a little myself but mostly use other people's work. That's me for the most part; at least what's relevent for KSP purposes. I apologise if this sounds more like a resume than a proper introduction
  3. Hi there, fellow KSP enthusiasts! I am AJDerpatron, a zany person who enjoys making other people laugh through random and silly YouTube videos I make involving gameplays, skits, and other videos. I often play Garry's Mod and Rocket League on my channel, as well as some FSX:SE sprinkled in here and there. I have also gotten back into KSP very recently from one of Matt Lowne's recent SSTO videos. Yes, I do have an old account on here where I did make some stuff for the KSP community(one of my old ship packs is farther down below), but I felt as if I If you have ever heard of Big Shaq, then you will definitely understand what I did here in my latest YouTube video. https://youtu.be/kT1B6CpPdS0 This video is really more of a silly take on how Big Shaq claims he is “never hot” and a HuffPost article I read about how NASA wanted to send Big Shaq to the sun to see if he can ever get “hot”. Whenever I can, I’ll post a link to a forum post where I’ll upload the craft file used in the video soon, and maybe another variation of it(probably with higher capability and function as opposed to the original craft). I’ll also probably include it in a future Ship Pack that I’ll make during Christmas In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this silly video of mine that I created. I hope to see more of the KSP community that I’ve never seen before and I hope to be able to contribute more to this amazing community that I found. See ya, AJDerpatron Old Ship Pack:
  4. Hello all, Writing my first post after lurking for a while. I bought the game shortly after 1.2 release and I've been enjoying it so much since then. I've done some tutorials, watched youtubers and still playing the same career game from the very start. I have visited Duna and Ike and now planning a second visit to Moho to further study it's anomalies and sinkholes. Some screenshots so far: Making a photo of a Kerbal standing on a rock is not that simple Science hopper able to produce fuel was used to farm science on both Mun and Minmus Happy team on Duna. They managed to land even though one leg was not added in VAB Sunshine on Moho I'm currently sending mining VTOL bus to Moho to support the second mission there: I am really amazed by the community that has grown around the game. I really hope Squad will be working on the game for a couple more years. Easy launches and safe landings!!
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post so if I majorly break the internet I'm deeply sorry. I'm trying to start my first modded 'series' (it's not going to be updated anywhere except the forums though) where I attempt to make a lot of colonization and stuff like that. I know a variety of mods that I would like(things such as near future and extraplanetary launch pads) but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also I will be taking names for colonists so if you want your name I'd be happy to help.
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